When Buying a Power Quality Analyzer?

Regular monitoring and troubleshooting of the electrical system answer the proper performance of equipment for increased production. Whether you are the head of a manufacturing facility or industrial plant, power quality analyzers are of great importance.

They serve the purpose of capturing energy data and maintaining the quality levels required to maintain your equipment’s performance. Best power quality analyzers measure data that enable technicians to solve problems before they affect the entire electrical system.

In the discussion today, we shall learn the consequences of low power quality. We shall also move a step to look at measures to see when purchasing a power analyzer to use.

Importance of Using a Power Quality Analyzer

Manufacturing plants employ machines and equipment that require proper maintenance for continuous performance. However, since most people don’t adhere to the regular maintenance schedules, they usually get hit by reduced production consequences. Some consequences that hit people due to low power quality include;

  • Development of problems in electronic communication
  • Malfunctioning or complete failure of equipment and machines
  • Breakdown or damage to the sensitive equipment like computers
  • Possibilities of an increased rate of losses in business
  • Reducing the useful life of machines due to cases of overheating of machines

Several other consequences emerge from low power quality in manufacturing and industrial plants. People who need to experience high production should have a hint of the possible causes of low power quality.

Once the causes are found, then look for an amicable solution to prevent the issue from happening. Power quality analyzers help monitor electrical systems to determine whether the energy supplied is sufficient for proper performance.

What are the Measures to See When Buying a Power Quality Analyzer?

Since several manufacturers have resorted to manufacturing power quality analyzers, determining the best to purchase is quite hard. Others have gone to the extent of making their products with high tech features to attract customers. The selection process becomes even more challenging for beginners who lack an idea about these devices.

However, adhering to specific measures will help shoppers makes a good choice worth their hard-earned money. Below are a few measures that will guide you when selecting a single phase power quality analyzer.

Ease of Use

How to use a power quality analyzer, you should consider the ease of use factor. Most of the power analyzers in the market are straightforward to use. They also come with a user manual that guides customers on how to set them and use them. There is nothing complicated; users only require plugging in into a power source and start recording results.

However, with technological advancements, few models are a little complicated. These options are best left to technicians with an idea of how to operate them. When you shop for a power analyzer, ensure you pay for a model you can easily use.

Quality of Power Analyzer

Quality of Power Analyzer

When shopping for a power monitor or analyzer, the quality factor plays an important role. However, since there are several brand manufacturers in the space, determining a quality option is a big challenge. There are a lot of aspects that can tell the quality of a product.

Warranties, for instance, is proof of how quality the power analyzer is. Another quality determinant of a product is the reputability of the selling company. Most power quality analyzers metering come with one-year warranty. However, if you get a brand offering a warranty higher than that will mean the product is proved quality.

Moreover, you can get a hint from online reviews about certain brands about a particular brand. That way, you can get a quality power analyzer that can serve you longer.


A look at the features and specifications will help you settle on a good portable power quality analyzer. Most manufacturers have added extra features to their products to get optimal performance.

However, some features make the usage process harder as such. For buyers who deem to get the best from their power analyzers, get options with features that offer the best results. But then, considering the experience you have, choose a chance with the specification you can control.

Energy Consumption

Another measure to consider when shopping for these products is their energy consumption rate. Most power qualities design their models to use both batteries and electricity as their source of power.

Buyers always expect a long term service from their devices before they shut turn due to low power status. However, the consumption rate of power analyzers depends on how you plan to use them and their features.

If you switch on other features like Bluetooth, for instance, expect the batteries to deplete at a fast rate. Long term usage of power analyzers also leads to high consumption of power. Depending on your intended use, select a power analyzer that consumes low power but provides excellent results.

Accuracy of the Power Quality Analyzer

Accurate analyzers are great investments worth the money and time. Electrical matters need utmost accuracy to prevent failure or accidents that might develop. Experts advise buyers to be keen when shopping for power analyzers since market brands have varying accuracy levels.

The model you choose will determine the amount of accuracy you need from your daily inspection tasks. Always consider an accurate power analyzer to get the best measurement results.


Most people have in the recent past frequently interrelated power quality issues. Since these issues bring several challenges, there is a need to solve them before they cause problems. There are usually several power quality problems in an electrical system. Technicians recommend fixing all problems once since leaving even a single one un-tackled can give birth to big problems.

Using a power quality analyzer, you would have solved a large part of your entire electrical system. These devices enable technicians to identify the causes of low power quality and fix problems before they affect all essential components.


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