Portable Power Quality Analyzer

Power analyzers also referred to as power monitors are multifunctional devices used in many applications for home and industrial use. Technicians employ them to determine the power quality of an electrical system in a certain facility.

But then, what do we refer to power quality? This is the ability of a machine or electrical equipment to consume the electrical power it receives or supplied. There are several causes of poor power quality in electrical systems.

A few of the causes include poor power factor, electrical harmonics, voltage instability and many others. In this discussion, we shall learn about the applications of best power quality analyzers and tips to purchase the best model.

Applications of Portable Power Quality Analyzers

In the recent past, usage of electronic appliances has gone up. Due to increased sensitivity in these items, measurement of power quality has emerged an important thing at large. With the invention power quality analyzers, we have a solution at hand. Below are a few applications of these electrical devices.

  • They have a software they employ to carry out standby power analysis
  • Screening of possible issues in an electrical system
  • Measuring the power quality of LED drivers
  • Determining and recording electrical consumption rate and costs
  • Control unnecessary power usage

There are several electrical distribution networks in different stations and substations. There are also various machines in electrical power industries like generators and transformers as such.

All these electrical systems need regular and close monitoring to maintain them functioning well throughout. Power quality analyzers are solutions to close monitoring and troubleshooting electrical systems to provide optimal performance.

Technicians will connect the device in the electrical system and view the data results either graphically or numerically. They record displayed data to help them carry more analysis.

Effects of Poor Power Quality

Management of energy is of great deal in households and businesses. Power quality assessment is part of energy management strategy people should never forget. Ignoring to monitor and troubleshoot problems in electrical systems leads us to several consequences. Some include;

  • Malfunctioning of equipment and machines
  • High energy consumption that translates to high costs
  • Instability of equipment

Buying Guide of the Best Portable Power Quality Analyzer

There are several electrical appliances and equipment both at home and business sites. These items are prone to huge extent of damage especially when a power outage occurs.

Whichever the extent of damage, they become totally fail or instable. Power analyzers provide solution to electrical issues to maintain equipment running effectively throughout.





However, with many options online and in the market for sale, selecting the best one is trickier. Most of the models in the market have almost similar features, and they perform similar duties.

A difference between them lies on their durability and extra specs they have to provide optimal performance. Let’s learn a few aspects to consider when planning to shop for a portable power quality analyzer.

Accuracy of an Analyzer

Measuring power parameters needs extreme accuracy. When shopping for a power analyzer, you should drive down all possible uncertainties that will provide poor or inaccurate results.

Considering an accurate power quality analyzer will help you to get improved values. Accurate measurements help to make informed decision when fixing problems.

But, how will you determine a particular power analyzer is accurate? Most of these devices have their base power indicated on them. Choosing an accurate model is a long-term investment worth the time and money.

Type of Inputs

Various power analyzers have a different number of channels. For instance the common market options cover about three to twenty power channels.

These options have around six torque transducers, and they are best for four-wheel-drive measurements. When shopping for these tools, ensure you choose a model that expands with additional input channels.

Moreover, the power analyzer you intend to buy should expand to other signal acquisition versions or modules. Mind the future and get a product that can do well even with technological advancements that might take place in the future.

Power Measurements

We have both the dynamic and steady-state systems. In the market, most power analyzers does best in analyzing the steady-state systems. You can at times need to measure power changes in dynamic systems, what will you do? The steady-state systems cannot work in such situations.

Moreover, measuring power changes in dynamic systems is complicated and it needs an accurate device if you need accurate results. When you shop an analyzer for a dynamic system, ensure you choose an option designed for such a task.

Analysis and Data Storage

Power quality analyzers use to measure different electrical systems parameters and store data for future reference. Storing data is also of importance if you need to get into the control algorithms or audit measurements. Shopping for an analyzer with enough storage will relieve you from purchasing additional storage hardware.

Moreover, you need a power quality analyzer with a real time analysis of DQO transformation. All these help in the verification of control algorithms. Get an analyzer that saves both time and effort when you involve yourself in rerunning tests.

Consider the Real-time Results

Most people get satisfied with the standard read-out after taking measurements. However, to technicians who need to do more analysis, the standard read-out is never enough.

Technicians will use data they record to make in-depth analysis of electrical system. They will visualize data, generate real-time results and other important custom calculations. In the market, some analyzers includes a standard calculation library.

Other manufacturers have designed their products allowing them key in their formulas to help them carry out fast calculations. Shoppers get advised to buy power quality analyzers with automated systems with full data transfer and refresh rates.

Choose from a Reliable Brand

Several experts have made steps to make produce power analyzers to compete with other producers. However, due to increased demand of these devices, there are other producers have resorted to making poor quality products.

For this reason, buyers get advised to shop from only the reputable manufacturers. But, how can you determine reputable brand? You can get a hint about different brands from relatives and friends who have used similar products before.

Moreover, you can read customer reviews and testimonials online about different brands in the market. That way, you will get a durable and quality analyzer for use for an extended period.


When shopping for anything, budget holds a role in determining the product to purchase. Various power analyzers have different price tags. Prices of power analyzers gets attributed by their specs and how long they can serve.

When shopping for the best analyzers, you need to make a list of possible models worth to consider. Analyze their features and remain with the top priorities of all.

Lastly, choose an affordable analyzer from the options in the list and the one that will serve you the best. Pay for a power quality analyzer that guarantees best results for an extended period.


Portable single phase power quality analyzers are essential electrical tools that helps to measure parameters in electrical systems. Measured parameters provide a hint whether everything is working the best way in the entire electrical system. Whenever a problem occurs, experts advice swift fixation before developing into a big issue. Employ power quality analyzers to achieve a continuous workflow and increased production.


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