12 Best USB Testers of 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Best USB Testers

With technological advancements in this era, experts have invented several gadgets that protect other electrical components from mishaps. USB testers being in the list of inventories in the new era, these devices measure all electrical parameters in USBs. They measure USB current, charging speed, voltage, discharge capacity, power, and many others. Moreover, technicians also use … Read more

12 Best Digital Micrometers of 2023- Review and Buying Guide

best digital micrometers

Most engineers and technicians in the past employed standard rules taking measurements. However, with advancements in technology, things have greatly changed. We have inventions that we can employ to get accurate results. Digital micrometers emerge as the newest tools in the market engineers, and technicians use in their daily activities. Unlike the traditional tools, digital … Read more

Looking for Capacitance Tester Recommendations

Looking for Capacitance Tester Recommendations

Capacitance testers are indispensable for professional electricians. In fact, every electrician knows not to skip this crucial device when they pack their work bag. With its ability to accurately determine the capacitance of a discrete capacitor, such a meter provides information crucial to the stability and proper operation of electrical circuitry. Looking for capacitance tester … Read more

What is the Difference Between Multimeter and LCR Meter?

What is the Difference Between Multimeter and LCR Meter

For field service work and troubleshooting faults, two common pieces of instruments used are a multimeter and LCR meter. Some beginning workers might confuse the two, and this can cause problems during work. So what is the difference between multimeter and LCR meter? Although both are measuring instruments, they have several key differences. This article … Read more

What Does ESR Stand For In Capacitor?

What Does ESR Stand For In Capacitor

Capacitors are an essential electrical component in the design of many electrical devices. What Does ESR Stand For In Capacitor? For devices like microprocessors, capacitors must be carefully selected to ensure the best performance. Choosing the right capacitor for the design requires electrical designers to know about ESR. The best ESR meter is an important … Read more

How to Use LCR Meter?

How to Use LCR Meter

In different laboratories and industries where it’s important to determine whether electronic components are suitable or not, LCR meters are widely used. How to Use LCR Meter? These are electrical devices that allow us to measure the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of an electronic component. There are a variety of LCR meters on the market. … Read more

How to Use A Frequency Counter?

How to Use A Frequency Counter

If you’re a technician, then a frequency toner is one of the best equipment to work with. How to Use A Frequency Counter? It is super easy to use, and it provides the best readings. Usually, the frequency of a signal refers to the rate at which a signal occurs over a definite period of … Read more

How to Calibrate a Frequency Counter?

How to Calibrate a Frequency Counter

In the world of science, frequency counters play a very heavy-duty role. For a signal analyst, being able to use a best frequency counter is imperative. Not only that, using this device, you can also measure the voltage, power, and numerous other kinds of stuff. Apart from science, there are other areas where you can … Read more

How to Test a Capacitor with a Multimeter?

How to Test a Capacitor with a Multimeter

You can use different methods to check a capacitor with a digital/analog multimeter. For the vacuum tube as well as the transistor power supplies, the electrolytic model is used, while the non-electrolytic type is used to control DC surges. The form of electrolytic may be impaired by discharging additional current due to dropping short. The … Read more