How to Use EMF Meter?

If you’re an electrician, then you’re already familiar with an EMF motor. It is one of the essential tools that are necessary for finding out if an electrical appliance will be safe for your home or not.

It is also an excellent choice for identifying land fit for residence. Therefore, we can safely say that this product is something everyone should own.

A tool like this might seem primitive compared to everyday household appliances. Therefore, many of you may feel daunted when trying to operate it. Well, today, we will inform you on how to use EMF meter. Keep on reading, and you will find out how convenient and straightforward the process is.

What Is an EMF Meter?

An EMF meter is a device used to measure energy levels of various kinds in an area. It looks like a primitive palmtop device with a total of three buttons.

Furthermore, it comes in multiple editions and variations, with each of them having different capacities. Among them, the most prominent ones specialize in magnetic field testing.

Other than magnetic field testing, it also focuses on electrical field testing, which is a bonus for home appliance safety. Nowadays, the newer versions are coming with a modern look and advanced options like LCD screens and security measures.

How to Use EMF Meter?

Using an EMF meter is rudimentarily simple. Below mentioned are the following steps that will show you how to operate one.

a) Making it Operational

Before you can get down to measuring your land’s energy levels, you need to power up the EMF motor. Ideally, you will find the power button right in the middle of the device.

Once you switch it on, the center monitor will jump start automatically. It might be the case that the item does not come with batteries. So be sure to check and buy them separately if necessary.

Many EMF motors cannot gain power from batteries. The older models need wire connectivity to be operational. In that case, make sure a reliable power source is nearby. Newer models give you the benefit of connecting it to another device with the help of a USB cable to store and record data.

b) Activating the Sensor

EMF meters have a unique sensor for measuring energy levels. The monitor works as a display to show the readings of the device. So, ensure that your sensor is on par before applying it to other tools and appliances.

Its sole purpose is it instructs you on how to find out the right energy level. Finally, make sure you educate yourself on sensor orientation.

c) Utilizing the Sensor

Next comes the central part of the best EMF meter, reading the electromagnetic levels. Since the sensor will be doing all the work here, you will need to put it as close to the area as possible.

Ideally, you can find this component on the front of the device, so point it accordingly to the field. The sensor will automatically start showing measurements.

It’s best to fixate the sensor on the field for a little time. The readings will fluctuate initially. If you’re using an older model, you will need to identify the average reading and count it as the most authentic measurement.

In the case of the newer versions, the device will stabilize over time. Once the measurement is completed, freeze the readings on the screen.

Be sure to hold the EMF meter at arm’s length when using it to get a readout of the field. The closer it is to the field, the easier it will be to conclude on the correct reading.

Also, be sure to keep your arm steady at all times during the measurements, as it might affect the reading. Finally, transfer the readings as soon as possible as these devices don’t have memory.

d) Understanding the Reading

Reading EMF Mester

Ideally, the readings of the EMF meter will come in three different colors. They indicate if the level is in a good, normal, or bad stage. Ideally, the RF strength will showcase normal; in case it flashes a warning, you need to take immediate actions to remedy the situation.

e) Accessing the Menu

Although the EMF motor might seem like a primitive device, it has a lot of features. To utilize them, you will need to learn how to go to the menu. Ideally, this button is located right in the middle of the tool.

After pressing it, you will find the main menu displayed on the screen. It has different options like adjusting the sound, brightness, and measurement units.


Well, there you have it! Now you know how to use EMF meter, and that too like a pro! You won’t ever have to worry about getting inaccurate or exaggerated measurements ever again.

Finally, you can say goodbye to the additional costs that come with hiring an electrician. Now, you are more than capable of conducting safety checks around the house yourself!

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