How Long do Hearing Aid Batteries Last

Hearing aid batteries emerge as essential accessories to people who look forward to shopping for a pair of hearing aids. However, every person needs long service from a purchase that takes out a substantial amount of money. When purchasing these batteries, you need to have a broad idea of how long they last. Moreover, get enlightened about the activities that can affect battery life. These and more other aspects will make you understand how long you expect from your purchase. But how long do hearing aid batteries last? In this discussion, you will get an in-depth idea about the period you expect service from your best hearing aid batteries

How Long do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

how long do hearing aid batteries

When shopping for hearing aid batteries, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. How long will the batteries last? What activities will affect the life of these batteries? What brands make the batteries that will last long? All these are essential questions you need to ask yourself to help you make a good selection. 

Scientists have long researches about this issue, but they haven’t gotten an exact answer about it. However, they have a hint about the aspects that affect the life of a hearing aid battery. Some factors creating an effect include the battery size, battery brand, hearing aid style, and many others. But, how long do hearing aid batteries last?

This question has no exact solution or answer. However, experts have outlined aspects that provide a rough estimate of hearing aid batteries’ expected life. Typically, hearing aid batteries last between three and twenty days. However, if you use your hearing aid for about fifteen-hour a day, they’ll last between five and seven days. 

Most manufacturers produce hearing aid batteries with a shelf life of about three years. However, other factors like the amount of use, battery capacity, and type of hearing aid mean a lot. Herein is a discussion of influencers of the life of hearing aid batteries.

Hearing Loss Level

hearing loss level

Your extent of hearing loss means a lot to the time your hearing batteries will serve you. People with profound or severe hearing loss will need to employ their hearing aid most times. Usage of the aids for long will cause the batteries to get depleted faster than those with moderate problems

Changing batteries, at times, becomes a big challenge to other people. You can get it easy by considering hearing aids that you can recharge and use. Rechargeable hearing aids allow users 24 hours usage timeline on a single charge. Recharging them also doesn’t take such an extended period. A recharge period of about three hours gets the battery fully charged for providing a 24 hours service. However, people in hurries can recharge the batteries for half an hour to use for about six hours.

The Function of Your Hearing Aid

What your device will do and how long you use it will affect the period the batteries will serve you. People whose condition is severe employ these aids almost the whole day. Prolonged usage of the aids translates to the rate at which they will drain. However, if you employ the aid a few hours, expect a long service before the battery becomes depleted. 

Experts suggest longer usage of hearing aids to get adjusted to them. However, after getting adjusted to them, you can minimize usage if there is no reason to use them. That way, you will use the aid for long before batteries get depleted. 

Other means of using the hearing aid can also affect the life of the battery in different ways. For instance, people using their aids for wireless streaming of movies and music expect fast drainage of your battery. Connecting your aid to the internet also drains the battery even as fast.

Storage of Batteries

Where and how you store your batteries also has an impact on their life. Experts recommend storing hearing aid batteries at room temperatures of between 50 and 80 degrees F. Times back, experts advised people to store batteries in refrigerators to increase their life. However, with advancements in technology, such an act today ruins them.

Moreover, don’t store batteries in extreme temperatures or freezers. Furthermore, storing them in low and high humid environments also ruins them. Storing batteries in low humid areas leads them to dry faster. High humidity, on the other hand, makes them leak loses energy more quickly.

Batteries Seal

Hearing aid batteries are unique in a way. Maintaining them sealed is a way of keeping them fresh to provide a long service before getting depleted.

Zinc-air batteries are an example of batteries that starts discharging when you remove their stickers. Manufacturers recommend removing stickers when ready to use the batteries. 

Battery Size

Most people don’t really believe how this factor affects batteries of hearing aids. Batteries used to power up hearing aids come in different color codes and sizes. Various battery sizes have different battery life. For instance, size ten batteries last for between three and seven days. Of the four sizes, the largest batteries are of size 675, and they last for between nine and twenty days. 

Once you have this idea, you need to shop for a battery that will serve you best. If you intend to use the aid for quite a long, consider a bigger-sized battery. Consider a small battery for people with mild conditions and intend to use the hearing aid for a short period.

What Size Hearing Aid Battery Do I Need?

Most hearing aid users employ size 312 batteries. These sizes became popular since they balance life and size. Moreover, compared to the largest batteries, they are less bulky and can provide prolonged service.

Tips to Prolong Your Battery Life

Everybody needs batteries that will stay longer to get service from their devices. All batteries get depleted after usage. However, there are different ways you can prolong their life. Below are tips to help you stretch your hearing aid battery life. 

  • Ensure you clean your hands before you change your hearing aid battery. 
  • Always check the sell-by date of your battery before purchasing. That way, you will get a battery that will serve you longer before getting depleted.
  • Experts recommend opening the battery door whenever the hearing aid is not in use. Such a habit will minimize battery drainage.
  • Consider purchasing batteries from a reputable manufacturer. Get a brand that works best for an extended period.
  • Rechargeable batteries are the best over others. However, ensure you confirm whether it works in your aid before purchasing.


Hearing aids are essential devices used to amplify speech. People commonly employ them with hearing-impaired problems. It would be best to shop for batteries that serve you long before they get depleted for prolonged usage of these devices. Consider shopping from reputable manufacturers who are proved to produce batteries that have a long shelf life. Moreover, some tips can help you to prolong the life of your battery. Employ them to get a long service before replacing or recharging your battery. Enjoy the best experience from your hearing aid using a long-lasting battery.



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