10 Best Voltage Tester of 2023 – Reviews By An Expert!

“Avoid electricity hazards so you can live”

Before getting close to electricity, safety is always the first thing you think of right? Prevention is better than cure. Any simple mistakes may lead to accidents.

Top 5 Best Voltage Tester: Editor Recommended

The best voltage tester will not just save you some time, it will also give you the assurance that your electricity rate is normal. The best voltage detector pen works on a wide voltage range and should be able to give an audible and audio feedback when it detects voltage. The best ones will signify when they don’t work.

This puts you at rest that you acquired the best voltage detector. Your toolbox of electrical equipment isn’t complete without a voltage detector. Working with electrical appliances and circuits isn’t a good idea without the use of a volt tester pen or it may result to a series of electric shocks.


Normally, a voltage detector comes with sensors that show lights which indicates if current is passing through the electric wires. Just with the push of a button, the best voltage detector can detect the level of voltage from a live wire. There is a switch that allows current to flow through the electrical cables and it must be ON before using the device.

Although, it is impossible to detect voltage through metal sheaths and conduits. When doing maintenance check, it is possible to detect wires with 1000 volts without coming in contact with it. With the design in consideration, the best voltage tester pen shows a series of colored lights or light sounds to detect a live wire.

Normally, a voltage detector comes with sensors that show lights which indicates if current is passing through the electric wires.


There are several types of voltage testers that have been designed to detect the range of voltage that passes through an electrical appliance. The best voltage tester is made with self testing features and a clip for your pockets. These voltage testers are generally safe to make use of because of the plastic materials they are made of which acts as an insulator. They have a capacity for a range of voltage. Asides wires, you can also test lamp holders and sockets for voltage presence.

Because these fluke voltage detector pens have tipped noses, they can easily detect any form of magnetic field close to any conductor. The built-in sensors of these devices have been specially tested to detect any slight voltage that goes through the insulated conductor. They also come with automatic power off functions to preserve the battery life.

These sorts of non-contact voltage analyzers are flexible. On the off chance that you need these instruments for DIY or expert applications, it’s smarter to know the range of voltage you have to test. In any case, these are a few highlights of very much planned models of non-contact voltage detectors that can meet the necessities of your electrical ventures.

Proficient electricians utilize several types of detectors to check a wide scope of electrical capacities in private and business electrical wiring, and DIY home owners will likewise discover a portion of these instruments valuable. Figuring out how to recognize these detectors, understanding their capacities, and figuring out how to utilize them will extraordinarily grow your aptitude with regards to taking a shot at electrical wiring.

A few voltage detectors are multi-function gadgets that can perform most, if not all, of the normal electrical testing obligations, while others are single-work gadgets that test for a solitary capacity. Different electrical detectors can be utilized to check voltage levels in both AC and DC circuits, to test for amperage, progression, short circuits and open circuits, extremity and then some.

A portion of these terms are new to most house owners, however generally significant for a DIYer who intends to deal with home wiring is realizing how to test for the presence of live voltage. A few of the gadgets depicted underneath satisfy that work.

Non-Contact Voltage Testers (Inductance Testers)

Non-contact voltage detectors (otherwise called inductance detectors) are presumably the most secure voltage detectors around, and they’re surely the simplest to utilize. A non-contact voltage detector permits you to check for voltage in wires or gadgets without you contacting any wires or parts.

The gadget resembles a scaled down wand with a little tip on the end that detects voltage in such things as electrical wiring, sources, circuit breakers, light lines, light attachments, and switches. You can get results of reading just by putting the tip of the detector into a source space or in any event, contacting the outside of a wire or electrical link.

This is a detector that most house owners should claim. In spite of the fact that it serves just one capacity—to identify and generally measure voltage—this is the main test for house owners.

Neon Voltage Testers

Neon Voltage Tester

Neon voltage detectors, or neon circuit detectors, are ridiculously basic. They have a little body with a neon light inside and two short wire leads with a metal test on each end. Neon voltage detectors reveal to you just if a voltage is available; they don’t disclose to you how much voltage is in a circuit.

Not at all like the non-contact voltage detector, this tool expects you to contact the circuit wires, screw terminals, or source openings with the wire tests. This gadget doesn’t utilize a battery, making it a truly reliable device.

The 10 Best Voltage Tester Reviews:

There are several types of voltage testers or detectors. They all have several functions made to assist you in solving your electrical problems. Below is a list of our review on some of the best voltage tester for your electrical appliances.

1. Klein Tools Ncvt-2 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Klein Tools Ncvt-2
  • Voltage Tester automatically detects and indicates low voltage (12-48V AC) and standard voltage (48-1000V AC) allowing broad application
  • Non-contact detection of standard voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires
  • Non-contact detection of low voltage in security, entertainment, communications, environmental control, and irrigation systems
  • High intensity, bright green LED indicates the tester is operational and aids in illuminating the workspace
  • Dual Range testing, select 12-1000V AC or 48-1000V AC

The Klein NCVT 2 voltage tester tool is not just loved because of its great safety performance but because it works broadly. What does this mean? It means it can detect both normal voltage and low voltage items. The standard job of a voltage detector is to detect both normal and low voltage.

This Klein NCVT tool has a unique feature which lets it test for standard and low voltage. Checking for current on both standard and low voltage is its job. Its an amazing thing that this device does not only detect a 12-10000 voltage range but also a range of 48 – 1000 voltage AC (Alternative Current). Great stuff, right? It also has a long-lasting battery feature with an automatic shut down to avoid use of unnecessary power.

Highlighted features

  • Ability to detect both low and standard voltage electrical systems like thermostats, doorbells and other applications.
  • Indicator for battery life
  • A led bar graphs
  • An automatic shutdown features
  • Two-range testing

2. FLK2AC/90-1000V Fluke Voltage Detector Pen

Fluke Volt alert Non-Contact Voltage- Best Fluck Non-Contact Voltage
  • Product Type: Voltage detectors
  • Max Voltage: 90 to 1000 VAC
  • Dimensions: 5.75 in L x 0.75 in DIA
  • Qty/ea: 1
  • Brand: Fluke

The Fluke voltage is on of the best voltage detector pen perfect for homeowners and pro electricians who are searching for a way to quickly test the voltage of the circuits. This tester has got you covered. This voltage tester is easy to operate. All you have to do is to press the tip and terminal strip.

A heavyweight voltage indicator makes it very unsafe to work, particularly in the event that it is a handheld instrument. This volt alert voltage detector isn’t just small but it’s additionally lightweight to build the viability of the client controls.

To finish its simple operations is the expanded battery life. However, even before that, it has power-sparing feature. When in use it shows a red light with a light beeping sound to let you know the voltage current.

Highlighted features

  • It has a volt beat technology
  • Comes in a portable size
  • Beep sounds and glowing tip when voltage is detected
  • Makes use of 2 AAA batteries
  • Detects voltage in the range of 90vac – 600vac
  • A touch sensored operation
  • Lightweight

3. Neoteck Non-Contact Voltage Tester 12-1000V AC Voltage Detector Pen

Neoteck- Best Non-Contact Electrical Tester
  • 【Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Wide Testing Range】 This Non-Contact Voltage Tester Voltage within 12-1000V AC, All Electric Appliances in Your Family can be Tested by it( Note Please:Not Suitable for Christmas Light Testing)
  • 【Safe and Convenient】 The Voltage Pen Tester Detectes Voltage in a Non-Contact Way, So Do Not Worry about There Could be any Possibility of being Shocked by the Electricity
  • 【High Efficiency】 As Long As Voltage is Detected, the Led in the Tester Pen will Shine
  • 【Multifunction, Easy to Use】 It Also Acts as an Emergency Flashlight which can Illuminate the Working Area, You can Use the Non Contact Voltage Detector in Circuit Breakers, Lighting Fixtures, Switches, Outlets, Wires and Anywhere You Need it
  • 【CE CAT III600V RoHS Certificate】 A Professional Tester, It is Perfectly Suitable also for DIY'ers, Hobbyists and Home Owners, It Helps You Make the First and the Most Important Safety Check

In any case, this voltage tester with a led detector doesn’t just give the best safety features, it additionally eliminates constraints on the kind of voltage applications that can be tested.

This developed AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen has a wide distinguishing scope of 12-1000v ac, accordingly conceivable to test voltage on every single home gadget. if you’re searching for a non-contact voltage analyzer that portrays effectiveness, this non-contact voltage detector has everything. Why? It has the best location powers.

Consequently, on top of distinguishing both standard voltage and low voltage, it will recognize extremely obvious voltages. sounds unreal right? however it is the real deal. This non-contact voltage detector isn’t just a voltage analyzer yet can likewise be utilized as a torchlight which can be used to brighten the work area when work in dim conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • It can take on multiple functions
  • Easy to operate
  • 20mm battery compartment
  • It has a wide voltage reading range
  • Lightweight
  • Bright led for indication

4. Meterk Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen with Alarm Mode

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This is another of the best voltage detectors that isn’t simply devoted to high functionalities yet it is easy to make use of. In reality, it is a computerized gadget whose receptivity is on a high level when contrasted with different models in a similar pricing range. This voltage detector takes flexibility to another level.

Want to know how? This is it; regardless of its high receptivity, it has flexible receptive settings. There’s no need to worry about an inadequately developed battery. The mertek battery is very solid and far superior. It has a programmed power-off framework.

Consequently, the gadget controls go off after three minutes of inaction. You may feel a bit bothered when you need to mind the battery limit while utilizing this gadget; News streak! This non-contact voltage detector has a ringer caution and a bright light to alarm you when the battery should be charged.

Furthermore, here comes the best part. Thinking about its bright led torchlight, you will admit that it isn’t known as the best non-contact voltage finder for just any reason. As a matter of fact, it will even brighten the working zone when needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • Double voltage range detector
  • A test range of 12 – 1000v and 48 – 1000v
  • Indicator for low battery
  • It is easy to operate
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5. Tack life- Best Voltage Detector

No products found.

There are times you get worried when you want to check your voltage current. You’re probably tired of ineffective voltage detectors and will want to avoid taking any risks. This is why this voltage detector is among the best voltage tester.

What makes this voltage detector recommendable is its customizable sensitivity. It will identify just the electric field voltage. On its productivity, first is the double range voltage indicator settings, which subsequently expands its importance.

What makes this product amazing is the fast operation of the buttons which turns it on in two seconds. with this device you don’t have to stress about forgetting to put it off. it has an automatic shutdown system which turns it off after three minutes of inaction.

Highlighted Features

  • Double voltage range tester
  • A great water resistant IP67
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • An indicator for low battery
  • It comes with a button operation
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted
  • It can detect a null and live wire.
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6. NCVT-3 Klein Tools Voltage Tester

Non-Contact Volt Tester Flashlight
  • Voltage tester provides non-contact detection of AC voltage
  • Volt pen detects 12 to 1000V AC with simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators
  • Bright flashlight illuminates work area and may be used independent of voltage detection function
  • Visual LED bar graph indicates the presence of voltage - the higher the voltage sensed, or the closer to the voltage source, the more LEDs light up
  • Bar graph visual voltage indicator utilizes up to five vibrant LEDs for easy interpretation/viewing

The Klein Tools NCVT-3 Non-contact Voltage Tester is another one of the best voltage detector pens that comes with an integrated torchlight. This voltage sensor is able to make a detection of 12 – 1000v AC and can tell the current of voltage in electric appliances like cords, switches, cables, light fixtures, wires and outlets and circuit breakers.

It is also able to detect AC voltage in irrigation systems, doorbells, low voltage lightnings and thermostats. This voltage detecting device comes with both audible and visual indicators. The NCVT- 3 is good enough for any work site.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67
  • A visual led bar graph to indicate voltage
  • Detection of 12 – 1000 AC voltage presence
  • A bright torchlight to brighten dim working areas
  • Battery cap made with screw thread and O-rings
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic shutdown button to preserve battery life

7. Voltage Test Monitor, Drok

Voltage Test Monitor, Drok
  • Wide Measuring Range: DROK plug-in voltage monitor measuring voltage range is AC 80-300V(110V, 220V), with a low consumption of less than 1W (about every 1200 hours consume 1 kilowatt-hour).
  • Adjustable Potentiometer: There’s an Interior Potentiometer inside the meter for accuracy adjustment. Just use screwdriver to open the outer case and adjust the potentiometer with small size screw driver. Adjust the potentiometer counter-clockwise when it’s excessive voltage; if the displayed voltage is too low, adjust the potentiometer clockwise.
  • Flat Plug: Designed as a flat plug, this volt tester can immediately detect and measure the current voltage by connecting to the switch plug or other kind of wall socket, simple and easy to use, it allows you to check on power health of devices for preventing the low voltage damage to your valuable household appliances.
  • LCD Display: Built in Premium LCD digital display with blue backlight, this voltage monitor is convenient for you to view the data on it even in dim night. Moreover, it can be used as a voltage meter as well as a night light.
  • Wide Applications: It is ideally applicable to measuring the AC voltage in family, office space, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. (Please keep the children away from the product & do not use the product in a damp environment.)

The DROK Voltage Monitor can be broadly applied in AC 80-300V main estimation, for example, office, production line, lab, family unit, etc. You can utilize this device in RV as an approach to see voltage to forestall issues with machines.

You can also make use of this device to screen the voltage of different machines; when this volt measure shows too high or too low voltage, you can specifically kill your appliances or supplies to preserve the life of your machines.

On the off chance that the showed voltage is excessively high, if you don’t mind change the potentiometer counter-clockwise; If the showed voltage is excessively low, it would be ideal if you change the potentiometer clockwise.

Highlighted Features

  • A blue LCD display backlight to view voltage current even in dim areas
  • It comes with an adjustable potentiometer
  • It has a wide measuring range of 80 – 300v
  • Easy to operate and lightweight
  • Can be used to measure wide range of appliances in large areas

8. Klein Tools ET40 Voltage Tester

Klein Tools Et40 Voltage Tester
  • Voltage Tester for AC voltages from 12V to 240V AC at four useful levels aligned with commonly used residential voltages
  • Tests DC voltages from 1.5V to greater than 17 to 24V at four useful levels aligned with commonly used DC voltages
  • Bright LEDs illuminate to indicate the type and level of voltage detected
  • Built to withstand a 9.8-Foot (3 m) drop
  • Indicates polarity when measuring DC voltages

When talking about the best voltage meters, that’s where the Klein Tools ET40 Voltage Tester comes in. this device is an AC/DC voltage detector.

It includes features that indicates both the positive and negative DC polarity and also able to detect DC voltage current as low as 1.5v. it detects an AC voltage of 12 – 240vac. This best voltage meter is great for checking out regular electric wiring in doorbells, outlets, light fixtures and others. It runs on 2 x AAA battery.

Highlighted features

  • Makes use of 2 x AAA battery
  • An indicator for low battery
  • Detects voltage from 12v – 240v
  • Detects polarity in measurements of a DC voltage
  • Dustproof and water resistant IP41

9. Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen, Rock seed Voltage Detector

This is an inductive voltage tester. With this device, testing can be accomplished without actual contact for its NCV Inductive Probe; Insulation activity guarantees the wellbeing of testing; In testing AC voltage, it can consequently distinguish the live wire or invalid wire and greatly recognize Electric Field;

In the region of the voltage to be detected, the pen will give a beeping sound. Customizable sensitivity makes its estimation more delicate and flexible. The voltage detector Pen has several detecting ranges, you can change the sensitivity as indicated by your needs (High or Middle); this device automatically recognizes the intensity of a voltage.

You can likewise utilize Low sensitivity to separate between the zero line and live line. In utilizing, the NVC sensor of test can naturally distinguish the voltage and show it on the LCD screen, basic and clear.

Highlighted features

  • It comes with an indication for low battery
  • It has an automatic switch off feature
  • Multiple range testing and adjustments of the sensitivity
  • Comes with an alarm and LED light
  • Feature to automatically detect live and null wire

10 Maker hawk USB Power Meter Tester

Maker hawk USB Power Meter Tester
  • Supports Type-C interface full transmission compatible with PD protocol and Qualcomm QC3.0/4.0 protocol: One table is compatible with multiple protocols for fast charging, supporting multiple protocols such as PD QC2.0 QC3.0/4.0 MTK. Supports 360-degree arbitrary rotation of the screen to meet any angle reading.
  • Notebook Charging Measurement: When the notebook is powered, prepare two Type-C cables, one for connecting the power supply to the watch, and one for connecting the watch to the computer to measure the charging data of the notebook. The notebook can be used to measure high-power notebooks and monitor the aging of the battery. Laptop fast charge effect.Multi-screen interface design, and full help menu, no need to read the instructions.
  • Voltage, current curve - online mobile phone, computer: automatically change the range within 0.00A-3.00A measurement range, real-time display of fluctuations. In addition, you can press the "Next Page" button to switch to the voltage measurement waveform diagram, automatically change the range within the range of 4.5V-24V measurement, real-time display of voltage fluctuations.
  • Note: 1. For Android APP: A: APP only support android 5.0 and above. B: Allow APP to do in the background, not be cleaned. C: Allow APP self-starting. D: Allow APP stay after screen locked, not be cleaned. 2. PC software support PC window(Win 7 and above).
  • When the Type-c PD protocol is not connected to a fast charging input device, the product cannot be displayed when plugged in alone. It needs to be matched with a mobile phone. A 24pin CC cable needs to be prepared. If a 6pin CC cable is used on one side, fast charging can be transmitted on one side.

This is one of the most reliable best voltage meters. It is bult with a lot of features to help you check the current of your voltage for all your electrical appliances.

Highlighted features

  • It gives support to a type-C interface
  • A Bluetooth compatible device
  • It operates with multifunctional buttons
  • Comes with a micro USB interface
  • A male and female interface

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Buying Guide: What TO Consider When Choosing The Voltage Tester

There are a lot of things to consider when buying voltage testers. To choose the best one, you have to state your requirements; know the type you’re looking for. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing the best voltage tester.

a) The quality of the build

The nature of plastic housing for non-contact testers shows their degree of effect obstruction. In the event that you need strong detectors, think about the quality of their shells.

While IP67 rating demonstrates the degree of your non-contact detector’s water-obstruction, a dustproof lodging withstands requesting conditions. Models with strong lodging materials are financially savvy. The nature of each element of these voltage-recognizing instruments decides their usefulness.

b) Level of sensitivity

The adjustable receptiveness of these detectors allows you to test voltage presence a lot faster. The variety of these detectors are mostly reliable because of the level of their receptiveness.

Alongside the self-testing modern technology, you don’t need to have second guesses on the effectiveness of the built-in sensors. It is often preferable to get a voltage detector that is able to detect signals and is great for your works.

Normally, some of these testers don’t have the dual voltage range modes. If you are searching for pro applications go for one that gives you value for your money.

c) The Battery Life

Battery life is an important feature to consider when buying the best voltage tester for your work. a lot of these handheld testers work with batteries. They also come with alarms, flashlights or torchlights and LED systems.

Most of these devices have automatic power off systems to help preserve your battery. So, the battery life should be an important criterion when choosing the best voltage tester.

d) Pricing

No one would want to purchase a device that would break their bank accounts. Asides considering the functions of the voltage detector, the cost of the item is also something to consider.

These devices differ in price. For example, the multi-functional dual range detectors are more costly than the normal detectors. Its possible to not need the sophisticated devices for your home so just go with detectors that meet your budgets and requirements.


When it comes to electricity and checking of the voltage range for our electric appliances, you would think of safety-first right? To ensure this safety, we make use of the best voltage tester. The best voltage meters or the best voltage detector pens come with a lot of features that have been designed to guarantee your safety and help you check your voltage range. It is important to note the uses of each voltage detector so you are able to get the right one that is fit for your electrical work.


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