12 Best USB Testers of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

With technological advancements in this era, experts have invented several gadgets that protect other electrical components from mishaps. USB testers being in the list of inventories in the new era, these devices measure all electrical parameters in USBs.

They measure USB current, charging speed, voltage, discharge capacity, power, and many others. Moreover, technicians also use these devices for low and high current protection.

Top 5 Best USB Testers : Editor Recommended

However, since several manufacturing industries are sprouting globally, we have several USB testers models. They all serve the purpose of measuring electrical parameters in USBs.

Since manufacturers are competing for space in their industries, we can see several USB devices designed with different techs. Selecting the best one of all becomes a challenge, especially to individuals lacking an idea about them.

However, our best USB tester review provides buyers with a hint of where to spend their money.

The 12 Best USB Testers Reviews:

After comparing several USB tester models in the market, we settled on a list of view options worth the value. These are options with techs that will help you to solve all USB problems in your house.

Our review provides detailed information about top market models and expert factors to employ when shopping for these gadgets. Read through our top USB tester models in the market.

1. Eversame 2 in 1 USB Charger Tester

Eversame 2 in 1 Type C USB Tester

We settled for Ever same 2 in 1 USB Testers as top models due to their capability to measure multiple parameters. Ever same 2 in 1 USB Testers function excellently for both the c-enabled and USB enabled devices.

Specially designed for detecting the charging status of USBs, but they can also test the charge quality of a USB. Apart from these functions, they can also measure various charging cables and solar panel chargers.

Moreover, they find the electrical energy and test capacity of power banks. What makes them unmatched in the professional safety they provide to USBs. Ever same 2 in 1 USB Testers boast over current and overvoltage protection features.

Consequently, they boast low energy, under-voltage, and alarm system features for USBs’ optimal protection. With these features, there is easy detection for problems to protect appliances from possible damages. Ever same 2 in 1 USB Testers automatically cuts off the output when the power goes suddenly and sounds an alarm for a checkup.

Another thing that places them ahead is their multiple screen display color modes. Newer versions have eight-screen color display modes, and users can switch between them by a press on the key.

Such a feature make the USB voltage and current tester ideal for measuring current, power, capacity, load impedance, voltage, electric quantity, and other USB parameters.

Furthermore, the PD protocol measurement technology enables the USB to charge devices faster. In addition, Ever same 2 in 1 USB Testers supports different versions of devices, including the iPhone X phones. They also support Chrome Book Pixel, Galaxy S10/Note 10+, and S9.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent display
  • Provide optimal safety to USBs
  • Used for wide range of applications


  • Lacking in sensitivity
  • Poor packaging

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2. PowerJive USB Power Tester

PowerJive USB Voltage/Amps Power Meter Tester
  • Displays Current (Amps), voltage...
  • Perfect for testing how fast a USB...
  • Can handle charging speeds up to...

Here come another excellent USB tester in the market worth their price tag. Power Jive USB Voltage/Amps best USB power meter makes perfect options for measuring how fast an aspect of a USB adapter or cable.

They test the speed your charger charges a device; unlike options measuring several parameters, these models measure voltage, current and capacity only.

Power Jive USB Voltage/Amps Power Meters handle charge speeds of up to 3v-7v and 3.5A. Nevertheless, they have storage memories where they store data for future analysis.

Moreover, they flash to send users an alert of issues of high or low voltages. Power Jive USB Voltage/Amps Power Meters tests USB chargers, Micro USB cable, and battery power banks.


  • An excellent value
  • Easy to use model
  • Have storage memories
  • Offers optimal protection to devices


  • Doesn’t support fast charging
  • Dim screen

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3. MakerHawk USB Current Tester

Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Tester
  • Guide Video: Testers are widely...
  • The AT34 uses a 0.96-inch IPS...
  • Power-off storage, data is...

Accurate measurement provides an idea of the level of safety a particular model offers. Maker Hawk testers took due to their IPS high definition LCD that helps users view readings at a glance.

They measure several electrical parameters, including energy, equivalent impedance, voltage, temperature, current, and capacity. Another greatness with these testers is their high brightness and wide viewing angle.

Like other leaders, Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Testers have a fast charge identification protocol to alert users on the state of charge.

Moreover, Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Testers combats with several devices, including QC3.0 and QC2.0. Also, they combat with Android DCP and iPhone 2.4A/1A/2.1A/0.5A.

Furthermore, they have powered off storage memory to store data whenever there is a sudden power cut. Power-off functions also make them convenient testers for measuring energy and capacity parameters.

Consequently, they stand out due to their 4-bit measuring accuracy. Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Testers provide accurate load equivalent impedance measurement and power.

Also, they have a thermometer function for measuring temperature. Another parameter they measure is the charger’s quality to ensure devices get sufficient and required amount of power.


  • Shows or pinpoints cable problems
  • Comes with metal housings
  • Used for wide range of applications
  • Optimal accuracy


  • Manual employs just Chinese language
  • Cuts out at 3.95V

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4. Eversame USB Speed Tester

USB-C Power Meter Tester

People looking for multifunctional USB testers should give these options much consideration. USB-C Power Meter Tester, Ever same USB supports testing of data wire resistance and quick charger recognition.

Another greatness they have is their capability to recognize USB charge cables and the performance of other best USB charger tester. Like other models, they also test high current in wireless chargers, electric energy, and power banks’ capacity.

Consequently, users can employ them for a wide range of applications. You can use them for quality inspection, testing various equipment, and charger ratings. A few of the equipment they test are power banks, car chargers, desktops, mobile phones, discharge load, and cables.

Another thing they feature is a bright display interface. Their rotating screen display function, connection ports, and operating buttons help them to work effectively.

Moreover, the Gold plated contact and plug robust coat protect them from possible strain and scratches when in use. Nevertheless, screen lights go off after a certain period to save on energy.


  • Good fit and finish
  • Easy to read display
  • Multi-purpose options
  • Affordable models


  • They fail easily
  • Poor packaging

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5. Deegoo-FPV USB Voltage And Current Tester

USB Tester UM25C USB Meter Tester
  • Via Bluetooth connection, you can...
  • Parameter / Useage: USB 2.0 / 1.44...
  • Support Micro USB or Type C...

We are in the new millennium where technology is growing root all day long. USB Tester UM25C USB Meter Testers have modern techs that make them more efficient and convenient.

You can use connect the gadgets via Bluetooth and operate them using a mobile app anywhere and anytime. What makes them ahead is their support for over 14 languages, including English, Russia, Chinese, and many others.

USB Tester UM25C USB Meter Testers feature 5-digit high resolution and precision. Moreover, they have 64 background and foreground color options users choose their preferable.

Having both male and female ports, they measure several parameters, including power, current, voltage, energy, and capacity. Also, they feature an automatic screen shut off function that enables it to shut off after 30s inactive state to save energy.

Consequently, USB Tester UM25C USB Meter Testers supports both the Micro USBs and all other C connectors. In addition, they can detect Android DCP, QC 2.0/3.0, and Apple devices.

As an excellent model, the manufacturer designs them with Gold plated USB contacts that prevent stains and damage forms. Lastly, you can employ them to test various equipment, including Laptops, power banks, discharge load, and cables.


  • Excellent housing for storage and transportation
  • Easy to read display
  • Offers optimal accuracy
  • Supports up to 14 languages


  • Massive manual problems
  • Cannot resize Android App scale

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6. GUSB-3300 USB Voltage Tester

GUSB-3300 USB Voltage Tester
  • Check and detect for the presence...
  • Verify correct polarity
  • Includes pocket clip

A review without Gardner Bender USB tester is not a review but just a shallow piece of information. Most people prefer these models since they are the easiest models to use.

Also, reading and interpreting data from these models is easy. They form excellent options for detecting AC/DC voltage presence. Moreover, Gardner Bender GUSB-3300 USB testers help to verify popularity.

Another thing that makes them unmatched in their high impact casing. Moreover, manufacturers design these USB testers with quality material that makes serves buyers for an extended period.

Furthermore, packages of these testers include pocket clips to help buyers easy to carry around.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Durable housing
  • Portable
  • Offers optimal safety to devices


  • Improve the light brightness
  • Poor customer services

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7. Gerioie Voltage and Current Meter

Voltage and Current Meter
  • They are great tools for...
  • UT658 measures output voltage,...
  • This series is designed to be...

Here comes a fantastic USB tester for electronics that monitors charging effectively and efficiently. They form ideal options for home appliances, providing the optimum protection from electrical mishaps.

In the market, they fall in the list of accurate and reliable USB tester we have. In addition, these USB testers are stable as well as portable to carry around.

As part of the industry’s excellent competitors, they form great options for various applications, including engineering testing. Also, they emerge as ideal USB testers for production verification and DIY electrical projects.

Consequently, they are also ideal gadgets for measuring output voltage, capacitance, current, circuit resistance, and energy. Second generation testers of these models can inspect portable power sources, USB charges, and other charging devices.


  • Employed for a wide range of applications
  • Provide appliances optimal safety
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Easy to use


  • Poor packaging
  • Fast charge not supported

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8. Jacobs USB Current Voltage Tester

Jacobs Parts USB Type-C Power Tester Voltage Current
  • Measure USB charging voltage,...
  • Check the performance of USB...
  • Fast-charger compatible, works up...

With the maximum current of 5A and 4-30V voltage range, Jacobs Parts testers form excellent devices for a variety of electric parameters. This best USB voltage tester is great for measuring the charging voltage and current of type-C USB.

Moreover, they also measure the discharge capacity of USBs. Manufacturers design them specially to check the performance of wall chargers, laptop chargers, USB cables, power banks, and car chargers.

Jacobs Parts USB Type-C Power Testers supports up to 30V without interfering with charging processes. Consequently, these models combats both the QC and PD protocols. In addition, they display voltage data lines to enable users to monitor the QC negotiation.


  • Measures a variety of parameters
  • Excellent display
  • Simple to operate
  • Optimal safety to devices


  • Improve on customer services
  • Poor packaging

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9. Musou USB Safety Tester

Musou USB Digital Power Meter Tester
  • UILT-IN MORE SAFETY: Real-time...
  • PREMIUM LCD DISPLAY: to monitor the...

Ease of use is an excellent aspect you should consider when purchasing USB testers of all the market options. Musou USB Safety Testers emerge as top sellers since they are simple to operate.

Manufacturers design them to carry out a wide range of testing. They detect current, electric charge quantity, voltage, power, discharge capacity, and many other parameters.

Moreover, the testers support Apple iPhone 2.4A, QC2.0/3.0, and other chargers and cellphone quick charging style protocols. Another excellent thing about these models is their superior built-in safety.

They have an automatic power cut-off function that switches the tester off when a device gets fully charged. Also, there is real-time charge data monitoring that offers devices optimum protection.

Consequently, Musou USB Safety Testers also features a premium LCD. You can read and record parameters displayed on the screen at a glance.

Three display modes they come with enables users to identify issues easily. Manufacturers ship a package containing a USB multi meter tester backed with a one-year warranty.


  • Offers superior safety
  • Simple to operate
  • Used for a variety of applications
  • Excellent display


  • Poor brightness and contrast
  • Ships used USB tester

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10. StarTech.com USB Amp-Meter & Tester Voltage/Current Display

StarTech.com USB Voltage and Current Tester Kit
  • Monitor how well your phone and...
  • USB Voltage Tester / USB Fast...
  • Test the voltage and current...

When we consider the warranty provided by the manufacture, these options take a stride over others. StarTech.com manufacture back their USB testers with two years warranty as a sign of quality to their products.

They measure the voltage and current consumptions of devices as well as monitor them while charging. Consequently, they make ideal options for Android and Apple devices. StarTech.com USB testers detect voltage, current, and charge speeds.

Their LCD is bright to enable users to read and record readings at a glance. Moreover, they form fast chargers to smartphones and tablets from laptop and computer ports.


  • Bright display
  • Backed with two-years warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Offers optimal accuracy


  • Confusing results
  • Manual doesn’t provide a good calibration method

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11. UCTRONICS Electronic USB Load Tester

UCTRONICS Electronic USB Load Tester
  • Multifunction: Not only an...
  • Connection Ports: USB, Micro USB,...
  • Rated Operational Voltage: DC...

Several USB port tester manufacturers are busy designing their products with excellent and modern techs to lure customers. Not only do these models test electronic load, but they also test fast charge protocol QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/AFC.

They feature various connection ports, including the USB, type C, Micro USB, and other external wiring ports. UCTRONICS Electronic testers boast several safety protection features, including anti-reverse protection, over current, and voltage features.

Moreover, they feature low-voltage, overpower, and temperature features to protect devices from possible damages. Furthermore, they suit several applications, including electronic load, charging cable, power banks, test charger, and many other devices and equipment.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Excellent display


  • Lacks storage memory
  • Doesn’t store mAh after shutting off

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12. DLG DI-120B Clamp-On Ground Earth Resistance and TRUE

DLG DI-120B Clamp-On Ground Earth Resistance and TRUE
  • USB Connection for Data Uploading...
  • Ground resistance measurements from...
  • True RMS AC leakage current...

Lastly, we decided to place DLG DI-120B in the list due to their capability to measure True RMS AC leakage current. With a resolution power of 0.05mA, they measure AC leakage from 0.05mA to 30A. Also, they measure ground resistance from 0.01Ohm to 1000 Ohm.

You can load data into a PC through a USB connection. Software used to upload data only combats with Windows 2000, Windows Vista/ XP, and Windows 7. Instead of using a round jaw when handling larger ground rods, you can employ a 55×32 mm jaw size.


  • Measure True RMS AC leakage
  • Can test ground resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent display


  • Cuts off at about 3V
  • Poor packaging

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Top Overall

Our review has touched deep into the top USB tester models’ features and specifications in the market. But then, which is the top model overall? After considering several aspects, we settled for Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Tester as the best overall.

What makes them stand out is their high level of accuracy. Their 4-bit measuring accuracy standards guarantee users accurate measurement of electric parameters.

Moreover, these models form ideal options for various applications and combats with many device protocols. Maker Hawk USB 3.0 Testers are excellent market models worth your money.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Best USB Testers

After discussing the best USB testers, let’s now look at essential factors to help you make an informed buying decision. All testers discussed above offer the best services, but you need to understand that they feature different specifications.

USB Testers

Such specifications are the ones that you must understand helping you choose the one that will fully satisfy your needs. Let’s learn some features that the best USB tester should have below.

Resolution Rate

Different USB testers come with varying resolution rates. You should note this aspect because a good resolution will allow you to read accurate results from various USB parameters. Ensure you choose that device that offers the best resolution rate.

Protection Functions

Apart from measuring various USB parameters, your USB testers can protect your device’s functioning through automatic detection when your device reaches full charge.

However, not all of them come with such capabilities. Hence, you should always check if it offers protection before you purchase. A multifunctional USB tester will be best USB current meter for you because they ensure that you feel your money’s worth.

Maximum Output Power

Another essential aspect that you should consider is the output power that your USB power tester. Compare the maximum output power you want with that the USB tester has and choose that which coincides with your needs.


Nobody wants to see his new product malfunctioning prematurely while they need them the most. That is why you should confirm whether your USB tester stands a chance of serving you relatively longer.

Ensure you check on the quality of materials that manufacturers use to make it. Quality materials is a proof of a more extended service.

Another factor that can help you determine your device’s durability is the type of USB voltage you buy. There are those reputable types that symbolize longer durability than others.


Before purchasing your USB tester, you should determine the size that is best for you. You will encounter various USB testers with different sizes and, you need to decide the appropriate size for you.

What will determine the size of your USB tester is where you are going to use it. Another essential thing that will guide you in selecting the best size for you is the customer’s responses about the best dimensions.


Anything that is deemed best must undergo a material test alongside other factors. To get the best USB tester, you need to check whether the manufacturer used quality material to construct it. Determining how and where you will use your USB tester is vital for knowing the best material type to choose.

Customer Reviews

Check on the ratings that previous users gave the product that you are about to buy. Customer ratings are the best parameters that you can use to identify the best product.

You will get all the advantages and disadvantages that your USB tester has and weigh them to come up with the best product.

Sometimes it becomes hard to predict the USB tester’s performance before you buy one. That is why such USB tester Review are reliable factors to consider before you make a buying decision.


Most USB tester manufacturers have given their products a warranty for customers to enjoy. However, every manufacturer offers varying warranty periods. Ensure you take note of this aspect before you buy your USB tester.

Check and compare various types from which you will choose that with the most appealing warranty for you. A good warranty will make you feel the worth of your money.


Although this factor came last, you can’t avoid it because it is very important. You can only get fair pricing if the product you buy is in line with its value. Ensure you do extensive research on the prices of different USB tester before you buy.

Some products are worth your money while others are not. Look at the online reviews, and you will get a USB tester that is in line with its value.


Our USB tester Review has provided the limelight on the best USB tester models in the market. They form the best solutions for home and industrial electronic components and devices.

They have different features, and their prices vary from one model to the other, depending on the specs. However, before you decide the best one to suit your needs, carry out research about their efficiency level. After that, consider an affordable option that provides excellent results as well.

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