10 Best Power Quality Analyzer of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Engineers and technicians in the electrical, generation and distribution stations rely on the best power quality analyzer and many tools that help them ensure the quality and regularity of the electric current.

Electrical meters have many important features that an engineer is interested in. In particular, power Quality Analyzer is a very accurate and highly equipped tool, which is not a cheap device. It is evident that its cost is higher than a multimeter or voltmeter or the like.

Top 5 Best Power Quality Analyzer: Editor Recommended

Usually, they have a touch screen that makes their use more comfortable and easy. It also provides the ability to connect a mouse and keyboard to work more efficiently and quickly. It has USB and PS / 2 ports, and the latest models work with Windows OS.
This device contains many functions, but among the most famous and most important functions used is:

Early detection of problems: identifying the distortions and errors on the network and carrying out a remedy for them before the development of the situation and the damage to the network

Power quality analysis: Quality analysis is used in network problems such as power outages and transient harmonics.

Measure effective value: the device can find a difference in potential or Voltage that a direct current circuit would have compared to the alternating current circuit on which the measurement is being made.

Flicker detection: Detects frequent and continuous rapid fluctuations in stress to protect the network.

Determine power and power factor: The device allows measuring the power factor, which enables us to identify the amount of Energy drawn from it to the sources of wasted or unused Energy.

Examine harmonic fluctuations: The device analyzes the distortion of waves that can occur due to non-linear energy devices’ entry on the network.

We will now get to know the Best Power Quality Analyzer available on the Amazon platform in terms of user’s opinions to help you decide which device you want to buy.

The 10 Best Power Quality Analyzer Reviews:

1. Fluke 435 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer

Fluke 435 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer
  • Power inverter efficiency:...
  • PowerWave data capture: Capture...
  • Energy loss calculator: Classic...

Fluke Corporation introduces one of the Best Energy Quality Analyzer with many features and cutting edge technology. The Analyzer measures electronic systems’ power inverter efficiency by measuring optional DC input power and AC output power using a DC clamp.

The device can measure and test half-cycle and waveforms when starting to get PowerWave data, as well as measure lost Energy in the network to calculate financial losses in network energy. The cursors and zoom tools can measure and analyze trends to detect the error and work to fix it.

The device also has an enhanced thin flex design to fit into the tightest places to measure three phases and neutral as well as Power inverter efficiency measurement. The Analyzer includes Wireless download and Fluke Connect App. It can also be used in Shipboard and avionics power- 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz.

The upgrade can be used as an option if it uses Motor efficiency measurements (mech) – Load, torque, efficiency, speed, and its primary use for three-phase power – Voltage current power and power factor.


  • The device is light and weighs 2.2 pounds
  • It has a distinctive lithium-ion battery with an average life of 5 years
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Comes with: Testlead Alligator set, Clips & regional decals, 8 GB SD card, PowerLog CD, Flexible current probes
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • The device is distinctive in design and has a fairly large screen, and is lightweight. You can rely on it to analyze electrical systems and do not worry about running out of battery.

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2. Fluke 43B/003 Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke 43B/003 Power Quality Analyzer
  • Your unit is calibrated prior to...
  • The NIST calibration provides you...
  • Calculates 3-phase power on...

This Analyzer is the Best Power Quality Analyzer because it monitors electrical systems, tracking problems, and power system performance. The device calculates 3-phase power on balanced loads efficiently from a single-phase measurement with a distinct and suitable design.

The device accurately measures Trends voltage, current, frequency and can be used 43B for 220V systems and detects power harmonics and captures voltage sags, transients, and inrush current. The 43B is reliable in circuits up to 600 volts above ground.

The device can work with various power system components, but 43B will not work with the i430. The Flex-24 of the i3000s will be a better flexible solution assuming you don’t need to measure more than 3000 amps. It can handle voltages in excess of 220.

The pre-set performs power systems maintenance and equipment fault diagnostics and measures resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity, and the millimeter and scope can be combined between the most useful capabilities of the Best Portable Energy Analyzer. The Analyzer designs are suitable to meet the needs of the intended measurement task and measuring capacitance.


  • Fluke Power Quality Analyzer include ‘gap-less’ measurement
  • The weight of the device is 10 pounds
  • The device contains a Fluke BP120MH NiMH battery pack
  • It works for 220 volt systems
  • 6.5 hours extended playtime
  • Records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days
  • FlukeView Software can log harmonics and all other readings
  • It can store data
  • Three years warranty for the analyst and one year for accessories


  • You can take advantage of this specific device to get readings of all the department elements using the attachments attached to it.

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3. GOWE Graphic Power Quality Analyzer

GOWE Graphic Power Quality Analyzer
  • Graphic Power Quality Analyzer;...
  • Harmonic Analysis (V and I) to 50th...
  • Real-time Output of Waveform, Power...

GOWE Graphic Power Quality Analyzer is Best Energy Quality Analyzer. It analyzes for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system and measures Energy in different units (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH); Analyzer Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform.

The device can analyze and draw Harmonic Analysis (V and I) to 50th Order and calculate Maximum Demand (MD in W, KW, MW) with a programmable period. This device can distinguish Capture 128 Transient Events (Time + Cycles + Faults) with Programmable Threshold (%), On optically isolated RS-232C interface.

The best professional energy analyzer performs analysis and calculation Programmable PT (1 to 3000) Ratios plus Active Power (K, KW, MW, GW) measurement, Power Factor (PF), And Power Factor (PF). It is impressive and practical, with an Accuracy rating (> 20 V and> 20 A), and has 50,000 Records with Programmable Interval (1 to 6000 seconds).

Reporting the Accuracy of Reading; 4.0 – 600, and one of its main advantages is Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (% THD-F), as well as Real-time Output of Waveform alongside Power Parameters and Harmonics at Command.


  • Maximum Demand Large with programmable Period
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Smart Datalogging to save Battery
  • Built-in Calendar Clock for Data
  • 0.5% 5 dgts
  • Harmonics of AC Current in Percentage and Magnitude (1 to 50th Order)


  • It is recommended to use 3 stages of power quality analyzer on large networks. It is suitable for narrow places and for current and voltage measurements on wires directly.

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4. Lutron 3 Phase Power Analyzer DW-6093

Lutron 3 Phase Power Analyzer DW-6093
  • Analysis for 3 phase multi-power...
  • Voltage & Current are the True RMS...
  • True Power ( KW、MW、GW )...

Lutron offers one of the most important and best Portable Energy Analyzers in the market for measuring and analyzing electrical systems. The device performs Analysis for a three-phase multi-power system in multiple forms, including 1P / 2W, 1P / 3W, 3P / 3W, 3P / 4W, as it measures Voltage and current. Are the true RMS value.

Energy Analyzer measures real power (KW, MW GW), apparent strength (KVA MVA GVA) and Reactive power measurement (KVAR MVAR 、 GVAR), as well as power factor (PF) and phase angle (Φ).

This device is the best professional energy analyzer because Meter can cooperate with a universal current probe, in addition to a memory to store measurements and the possibility of transferring them to a computer with the Computer data output, can cooperate with USB-01 RS232 / UPCB-02 cable/cable and data acquisition software, SW-U811-WIN.


  • Built-in clock and calendar
  • Real-time data recording with SD memory card
  • Set sampling time from 2 to 7200 seconds
  • Download all measured value with time information directly to Excel
  • 4 pcs test leads, 4 crocodile clips
  • 3 clip probe (CP-1201)
  • 9V AC to DC adapter
  • 2G SD memory card and carrying case


  • The device is suitable for storing data for a long time and transferring it to a separate memory. It is suitable for current and voltage measurements and Analysis of large values.

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5. Extech 382100 1200A 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger

Extech 382100 1200A 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger
  • Datalogging power analyzer (up to...
  • Single phase, 3-phase/3-wire or...
  • Large backlighting LCD displays 35...

This device is one of the Best Energy Quality Analyzer in the system analysis with high efficiency from Extech company, the Analyzer is used in electrical systems with 3-phase / 3-wire or 3-phase / 4-wire systems, in addition to the ability to measure high currents up to 1200A and measure Voltage Up to 600V.

The device has an ABS body, and it is characterized by the ease of transferring measurements via an SD card in Excel format to quickly transfer them to a computer for Analysis, in addition to measuring the current Voltage in all its forms and evaluating the quality of AC power in addition to Energy Audits, Motor / Generator Installation, and finally AC Power Quality Evaluation.

Power Analyzer / Datalogger performs accurate systems analysis with up to 35 parameters including:
• V (phase-to-phase)
• V (phase-to-ground)
• A (phase-to-ground)

The device features a screen that displays 35 parameters simultaneously (MW, kVAR, MVA, PF plus the Voltage and current of the 3 phases), and it can measure active power (kW), active power (kW), in addition to active power (kW). And finally, the power factor.


  • Product dimensions are 2.76 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.704 ounces
  • Three current clamps
  • Four Voltage leads with alligator clips.
  • Eight AA batteries
  • SD memory card
  • Universal AC adapter (100 to 240V)
  • AC adapter
  • 4 voltage wires with alligator clips


  • The device is wonderful and powerful. It can be used for multiple purposes. Its size and weight are suitable for carrying and narrow places.

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6. JZCreater Watt Meter Power Analyzer

JZCreater Watt Meter Power Analyzer
  • Digital LCD Screen: Easy to read...
  • Provides 8 Electrical Readings:...
  • High Precision: Measures 0-130...

JZCreater produces one of Best Electrical Energy Analyzer, easy to use and suitable for electrical systems and can measure current, voltage, power, ampere-hour and watt-hour, also can Verifies sufficient operating voltage under load, and can Detect receivers and actual operating current so as to make sure whether a UBEC is needed,…. etc.

This device contains a digital LCD screen that has many advantages:
• Provides clear readings of numbers
• A clear and bright blue background
• And easy-to-read with continuous display screens

In addition to The Watt Meter will continuously provide real-time readings, the Analyzer is designed with gauges up to 60 volts and 130 amperes, and the watt meter is indispensable for analyzing, testing, and powering, all at a working voltage of 0 to 60 volts.

The device is the ideal troubleshooting tool in electrical system analysis and prevents peak currents from damaging the battery. You can ensure the battery charger’s correct operation by connecting the battery to the charger and Individual cell balancing.


  • Product Dimensions 3.2 x 1 x 1.8 inches
  • Working Voltage: 0 to 60 Volt
  • Item Weight: 3 ounces
  • It does not need any kind of programming.
  • It has a digital LCD screen that is easy to read and has clear numbers.
  • The device does not have batteries.
  • Watt Meter gives instantaneous readings for Volts, Amps, and Voltage


  • The device is beneficial, and you can dispense with more than one device for measuring Voltage and current, and it works at a very low voltage. The device is simple, compact, and easy to use.

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7. Watt Meter Power Analyzer – Greatlong 150A Power Analyzer

Watt Meter Power Analyzer - Greatlong 150A Power Analyzer
  • Digital LCD Screen Display: Easy to...
  • Provides 8 Electrical Readings:...
  • High Precision: Measures 0-150...

Best Power Quality Analyzer you can get, because it provides 8 multiple electrical readings such as Voltage, current, power, Peak Amps (Ap), Minimum Volts (Vm), and the device is used in the Prevent peak current from damaging batteries, as well as Detect the receiver and the actual operating current to determine whether UBEC.

Made by Greatlong, the device features a suitable ABS design with the ability to set the cut-off Voltage, accurately measure, check the battery capacity, and the wattmeter will provide the real-time reading of amperes. The device does not have batteries and does not need them.


  • Product dimensions are 3.2 x 1.8 x 1 in
  • Item Weight 4.2 ounces
  • High measuring accuracy, 0.01A accuracy
  • The possibility of exchanging or returning the product and refunding the money within 30 days of purchase


  • This device is recommended if you care about accurate measurements and suitable design in confined spaces.

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8. Watt Meter Analyzer High Precision with Backlight Digital LCD Screen

Watt Meter Analyzer High Precision with Backlight Digital LCD Screen
  • [Digital LCD Screen Display]: easy...
  • [Provides 10 Electrical Readings]:...
  • [High Precision]: Measures 0-200...

The High Precision Watt Meter Analyzer is one of the best Energy Quality Analyzer available in the market from IFLYRC, the device has a digital LCD display like its pair, but it features a real-time wattmeter reading of amperes, volts, and watts after connection.

The device can be used for many functions, the most important of which is that it checks the presence of sufficient working Voltage under load and Verify correct battery charger operation (connect your battery and charger) in addition to. Prevent peak current from damaging batteries

Ready takes 2 seconds as data queue sequence time, Operation Current is 7 mA, circuit resistance of 0.001 Ohms, and The auxiliary power voltage is 4.0V ~ 60V and the measurement refresh period is 400ms. Packing including 0-60V 200A Watt Meter and single phase Power Analyzer,


  • Size: 8.3cm x 4.7cm x 2cm
  • Item Weight 4.3 oz
  • Operating Voltage 0 to 60 volts.
  • Easy to use and does not require any configuration or programming
  • The easy-to-read LCD screen provides a clear readout of numbers.
  • The Watt Meter continuously provides real-time readings of amps, volts, and watts after plugging in.
  • All gauge screen values are updated every 0.4 seconds.
  • The device does not require batteries.


  • You can benefit from the Analyzer and enjoy its many features. The device is easy to use and features high accuracy.

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9. DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer Tester Real-time Data logger

DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer Tester Real-time Data logger
  • The lead time is about 5 days. DHL...
  • If any questions, please contact us...
  • For more details, please contact...

The device is one of the Best Power Quality Analyzer because it analyzes for 3 phase multi-power system with its different types 1P / 2W, 1P / 3W, 3P / 3W, 3P / 4W, and it is characterized by the ability to measure and analyze the current input signal voltage of the probe from 200 mV to 3 V, and CT programmable ratio (1 to 600) and PT ratio (1 to 1000).

All measured values with time information can be saved and downloaded to Excel directly. The user can perform further data analysis by themselves using Analyzer, which has a built-in clock and calendar, and ACV input impedance is 10 Mega ohms.

The instrument can measure Power Factor (PF) AND Phase Angle (Φ), as well as Real Power, Apparent Power, and Reactive Power. Included in the package are an instruction manual, Test Leads, Alligator clips (TL88-4AC), Clamp Probe (CP-1201), AC to DC 9V adapter, plus SD card (2G).

It also comes with the Analyzer 2000 Amp current probe, 200 Amp current probe, and Flexible 3000 Amp current probe.


  • Item weight 2.20 pounds
  • The Voltage is 9.00 volts
  • The possibility of storing measurements and transferring them to the computer


  • Through Power Quality Analyzer Review, it can be said that this Analyzer is suitable for most systems and processes for its ease of use as well as its multiple tasks.

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10. Extech PQ3450-12 1200A 3-Phase Power Analyzer and Data Logger Kit

Extech PQ3450-12 1200A 3-Phase Power Analyzer and Data Logger Kit
  • Large dot-matrix, sun-readable,...
  • Full system analysis with up to 35...
  • Log up to 30,000 reading on a...

Now, we come to a device that I consider to be the Best Energy Quality Analyzer because it contains many important properties in analyzing electrical systems and solving expected problems. The device has a wide sampling rate range that extends from two seconds to two hours a Built-in Clock and Calendar.

The 1200A Datalogging Power Analyzer features Full system analysis with up to 35 parameters, plus up to 30,000 measurements can be recorded and transferred via an SD memory card to a sheet of Excel by a computer.

Analyzer contains a wonderful screen consisting of a large, readable. Backlit dot matrix, in addition to an easy-to-use menu on the screen, the device contains distinctive batteries for operation. The body of the device is made of ABS. Datalogging Portable Power Analyzer analyzes the following systems:

• V (phase-to-phase)
• V (phase-to-ground).
• A (phase-to-ground).


  • Product dimensions are 8.9 x 4.9 x 2.5 inches
  • Item weight 2.2 pounds
  • 8 AA batteries included
  • Attached to the device: Optional 200A Current Clamps or 3000A Flexible Current Probes


  • The device is characterized by its multiple uses, and I recommend it because of the multiplicity of electrical systems that can be analyzed and the ability to keep measurements on a separate memory.

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Power Quality Analyzer is using one of the most important tools that can help electrical engineers and technicians to discover faults in advance, work to fix them, and overcome current and Voltage problems within the network while determining the cause of the distortion in waves.

Now in your hands are many types of Power Quality Analyzer that you can rely on, especially as it has many advantages in design and efficiency. You can easily get any model that fits your business tasks through the link for each product on Amazon.


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