10 Best Pipe Cutter of 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

In most cases, the leaking small copper pipes are cut and mend by the plumbers. Cutting through sturdy pipes is not easy, but because of copper tuber cutters, the plumbers can feel relief when working with leaking pipes. These cutters deliver clean cuts, work fast, and provide the convenience that is needed and traditional equipment does not provide.

Top 5 Best Pipe Cutter: Editor Recommended

Read on to find out our reviews of some of the best pipe cutters available. Check on the pros and cons to ensure you get the real deal.

How Do You Use Pipe Cutter?

Most plumber cutting a copper tube using a pipe cutter, is like a mere child’s play. But for those who want to fix their pipe back at home, you should follow the following steps:

  • Make measurements of the parts you wish to cut.
  • Use a high-quality tube cutter and ensure that the cutter’s blade and the mark you highlighted on the pipe are aligned.
  • Try moving the blade closer to the mark as possible. Through this, the load teeth are allowed to grab the tube firmly. You can then tighten the dial to ensure that the cutter is tightly positioned on the tube to be cut.
  • The cutter will produce a snug tension, and this tension is enough for the blade to move and make a cut on the mark.
  • Ensure the blade rotates around the mark on the copper pipe. This ensures that the blade makes the right cut around the mark on the pipe. It removes the process of threading the copper pipe before cutting.
  • When your first groove is set, it is advisable to tighten the blade to obtain a quicker outcome. While doing this, the tension will not be released when the cutting process is ongoing.
  • Continue with this process until you feel the blade is cutting through the pipe. Reduce the speed once the blade is dissecting the copper pipe. This will produce even and clean cut.

The 10 Best Pipe Cutters Reviews:

1. RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter

RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter.
  • CLOSE QUARTERS TUBING CUTTER: Makes clean and precise cuts on small diameter copper, brass, aluminum, and plastic tubing with a capacity of 1/8 in. to 5/8 in.
  • EFFICIENT COMPACT DESIGN: Specifically built for use in restricted spaces to make tight cutting jobs significantly easier and more manageable
  • CONVENIENT AND POWERFUL: Features a strong yet lightweight slide and wheel housing for ease of operation and long-lasting durability
  • OPTIMAL CONTROL: Large knurled feed screw knob provides users with ultimate cutting pressure control to produce superior clean cuts
  • MAXIMUM ACCURACY: Constructed with a high-quality steel cutting wheel for a long life and a spare wheel stored in the knob

RIDGID model 103 permits the plumber to get access to tubes and pipes located at narrow spots because of its length of 1-1/2 inches that provides you a cut cap of 1/8 to 5/8 inches. Moreover, the tool also comes with a grooved roller that aids clean, up against the flare cuts.


  • This metal pipe cutter comes with a knurled feed knob that enables you to put on weight more simply.
  • The wheel housing and strong slide guarantee your exact cuts and excellent general sturdiness, and this pipe cutter is best for metal, aluminum, copper, and it is also the best PVC cutter as it is good with plastic.
  • The tool is exclusively useful equipment that assists plumber in building support and welding, plumbing, development, pipe fitting, and electrical.


  • Cut both soft and hard copper, brass, aluminum, and plastic pipes
  • Exclusively designed to be used on small diameter piping in difficult spots
  • Lightweight slide, strong and large knob feed screw, and wheel housing that allows easy Use.
  • Saves cutting time
  • Cuts sharply and quickly


  • Some plumbers and users have pinpointed that the wheel that cuts loosen with time.

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2.GOCHANGE Mini Tube Cutter Slice 3-22mm 1/8inch-7/8inch

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If you require a high-end best copper pipe cutter, mini metal pipe cutter, the GOCHANGE mini compact pipe cutter is a fascinating fit. This tool comes with a versatile design, a cost-efficient price, and a simple mechanism to use all these features wrapped up in one equipment.

The GOCHANGE tube cutter offers increased versatility when you talk about material management for aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and provides unique addition in terms of market.


  • Design of stainless steel: For those seeking reliability and durability, the mini-compact pipe cutter is of stainless steel. This feature aids in maintaining the shape of the cutter as it presses against hard materials.
  • Potential of wide cutting range: Depending on what you need the cutting angle to be, you can adjust it between 3 mm to 28 mm. you can use this tool on different cutting purposes without thinking for a new solution. This tool’s adjustable setting makes it to be all in one choice that will get your job done.
  • Compact design: The name of the mini pipe cutter suggests a lot about the product. Because of its diminutive size, you can easily work and use this tool in tight spaces. The user will not face hard times figuring out where and how it will be used and placed when using this steel pipe cutting tool.
  • Easy to use: This tool can easily flip between settings. The GOCHANGE can be adjusted between various angles via simple adjustments making it among the best tubing cutter available on the market options.


  • Ideal for commercial and residential projects
  • Versatile design with many applications that will suit your project needs
  • Manufactured to last with the construction of industry grade
  • Best for cutting different materials


  • Moves around when small pressure is applied on the tube.
  • While working with difficult metal, you will need a different hacksaw.

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3. Rolson Copper Pipe Cutter

Rolson Copper Pipe Cutter
  • Rotary action 15mm pipe cutter
  • Ideal for cutting 15mm copper pipe in close quarters
  • Supplied with spare cutting blade

The Rolson tube cutter is recognized among the all in one option. This solution is the best copper pipe cutter as it offers seamless cutting and effective results.

This product is carefully designed, and it comes with amazing quality sets that make is a revered choice amidst DIY enthusiasts. Rolson features comprehensive simplicity, top-notch rotary action, and refined build; it provides a wonderful blend of modern project qualities.


  • Refine Rotary Cutting: The user can seamlessly cut difficult tubes due to the rotary action. Rather than struggling to cut through taught materials, it appears simple as soon as the cutting process starts. You will need a few seconds to cut through copper tubes, and your cut will be as clean as you need it to be. The rotary action is an added advantage while working with challenging spaces or angles.
  • Ergonomic Design: The design is easy on the hand as it is lightweight; this makes it a necessary addition to a DIY project. It delivers exceptional results and easy to learn how to operate. The tool is the finest available when usability is considered.
  • Angled cutting: It is common to be trapped against the wall and having less room for maneuvering. Rolson is the best tubing cutter. It operates well in tight corners and attains overall consistency when the cutter is on Use.


  • Provide comprehensive outcome while dealing with 15 mm tubing
  • Gentle on hands and appropriate for DIY projects
  • Designed to last, i.e., build with hardened steel
  • Consistent while cutting various materials


  • Consume a lot of time to learn the correct amount of pressure to apply.

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  • METAL TUBING COMPACT CUTTER: Makes it quicker and easier to cut copper, brass, and aluminum tubing with a capacity of 1/4 in. to 1-1/8 in. in tight spaces that restrict rotation by hand
  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: Allows the innovative cutter to be used alone or with the included easily attachable ratchet handle for superior flexibility and mobility
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Rugged, compact, and lightweight and attaches to the cutter to operate in ratchet steps as small as 10 degrees, allowing for fine indexing in tight areas
  • CONVENIENT AND EFFICIENT: Features a high-quality steel constructed long-life cutter wheel with a spare wheel stored in the knob
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: Football-shaped knob is easy to turn and only requires tightening once while the spring-loaded cutter wheel makes cuts automatically for ease of use and labor in hard-to-reach areas

This product is the best copper pipe cutter as it is designed to allow easy operation in restricted spaces. This pipe cutter also easily cut tubing with small diameter; the RIDGID eases tight cutting work and even ease the operation.


  • The tool comes with a strong wheel housing and lightweight slide, and vast knurled knob that ensure clean cuts through easy regulation of the cutting pressure.
  • The RIGID 118 model features a type of special knob that is used to tighten the feed screw.
  • The 118 models feature an AUTOFEED, self-feeding cutter wheel that cuts automatically after the knob is tightened once.
  • This copper small pipe cutter has a cutting capacity that ranges from 1/8 to 5/8 inch and effectively cuts aluminum, soft, and had copper, plastic, and brass.


  • This product is the best tubing cutter for small tubes.
  • Cuts quickly and sharp
  • The replacement of the cutting wheel can be done in seconds
  • Saves cutting time
  • It can be used in cutting pipes with small diameters in restricted areas.


  • Some plumbers and uses have complained about the durability of the cutting wheel
  • The rigid copper cutter cannot be used in cutting pipes with bigger diameters.

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5. Silverline Quick Cut Pipe Cutter

Silverline Quick Cut Pipe Cutter
  • Heavy duty zinc die-cast body
  • Hardened and tempered steel cutting wheel
  • Performs quick, neat cuts in copper pipe
  • Useful in tight spaces
  • Replacement cutting wheel available (661561)

This tool is an exclusive market addition as it as quality, world-class build, and intricate features. This best piper cutter is manufactured to ensure simple pipe cutting without any time wastage.

Much take has been consumed while several features are integrated into the Silverline transforming this tool into an all-in-one solution. This plumber pipe cutter is easy to use, efficient, and comes with all the quality you may need to cut through hard tubing.


  • Design of Heavy-Duty zinc: The main factor to consider among all these pipe cutters is the build quality. This heavy-duty pipe cutter is manufactured using industry-grade zinc; hence, it can withstand any pipe thrown on its way. The hardened build makes the cutting process breeze.
  • Seamless cutting: This tube cutter is a joy to utilize and provide seamless cuts when in Use, due to its hardened finish. Due to its undeleted overall quality, this product is a must-have for all your tube cutting activities as time goes by. The tool can slide cutting through the copper pipes, thus making your work easier within seconds.
  • Quick: As soon as the operation start, the cutting of hard tubes only takes a few seconds. The heavy-duty pipe cutter is designed to work last while used on different materials without struggling or breaking down. Through this, DIY projects can be easily managed without the consumption of too much time. Simply set up the Silverline cutter and wait for your results.


  • Simple to utilize for the consistent outcome while cutting through hardened tubing.
  • Appropriate for challenging corners and tight spaces
  • Provides an ergonomic and durable build
  • Offers a sharp cut while working with hard materials


  • Cause difficulties when cutting near the top of a tube
  • Come with fewer instructions

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6. LENOX Tools Tubing Cutters Set for Tight Spaces

LENOX Tool Tubing Cutter
  • Less Burr. More Cuts - Optimized blade geometry of shock-resistant steel
  • Compact Design for Tight Spots - Non-slip grooved cast aluminum body only needs 1/2" clearance to cut
  • No Rusting - Stainless steel rollers protect the cutter from corrosion
  • Quick Identification - Color coding for easy tool recognition and cutting direction
  • Kit Includes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Tight Space Tubing Cutters

The LENOX TIGHT SPACE pipe cutter kit comes with a pipe cutter designed with shock -resistance steel. The blades of this product are optimized geometrical to offer more cuts with less burr.


  • The design is finished with stainless steel making it to be rust-resistant.
  • Each pipe cutter comes with a non-slip cast body that is grooved. The body needs about ½ inch cut clearance.
  • The tool is protected from rust and corrosion with the stainless-steel rollers.


  • Rust-resistant due to the stainless-steel rollers
  • Offer more cut with less burr as a result of the optimized geometry blades
  • Suitable design for tight workspace
  • Easy identification- appropriate color-coding that helps in easy recognition of the tool and cutting direction


  • Not suitable for copper pipes with larger diameters as the kit comes with 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch.

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7. Rothenberger Pipeslice Tube Cutter

Rothenberger Pipeslice Cutter
  • Single handed cutting action
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Accurate cutting
  • Replacement wheels available

When looking for the best pipe cutter, we consider dependability, efficiency, and, most importantly, overall quality.

The Rothenberger tube cutter is respected due to its power-packed specifications and maintain among the best PVC cutter options in the market today. It is exclusively designed, easy, and steady on the hands when in Use.


  • Single-handed Use: the unique feature in this best pipe cutter is its grip. The solution is designed to operate on single-hand, making it simple and easy to access difficult spots without many struggles. Provided that the tube cutter is in hand, you can easily access those spots and work on the copper tubing without problems
  • Pinpoint Precision: This tube cutter is impressively associated with precision, and this is one of the main reasons you will enjoy the services the tool offers. It is perfect when dealing with copper piping and does not break down when pressure is applied. Thus, it is easier while dealing with specific measurements. This tool is a remarkable pipe cutter when it comes to precision.
  • Reliable Build: Nothing compares to a reliable solution that is designed to last. With this in mind, the Rothenberger pipe cutter is listed among the business’s top as this tool is sturdy and rugged. When the pressure is applied, the pipe cutter is not going to bend. Instead, this rigid copper cutter can withstand various situations and deliver results that are outstanding at the same time.


  • Fantastic grip for reliable operation while dealing with large projects
  • Offer cutting accuracy while operating in difficult spots
  • Dependable, high-quality build resulting in improved outcome
  • Wheel replacement is easy to find


  • Can be cumbersome to manage while dealing with small pieces
  • The packaging does not come with meaningful instructions

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8. TOOLTOO Tube Cutter 1/4″-1 34″ – Heavy 5mm -50mm

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This tool helps you cut through copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastic tubing. It is perfect for a wide range of plumbing purposes. The pipe is held in place by the turning clamp while the superior-high-quality blade secures smooth and clean cuts.

The best PVC cutter goes for Tooltoo Pipe Tube Cutter because it is designed with alloy steel that ensures heavy-duty work. It has a cutting wheel that facilitates the cutting process easily and quickly. Compared to other best pipe cutters available in the market, Tooltoo is heavy; this tool is easy to use and handle, which is why you need to buy this best copper pipe cutter.


  • This tool is the design of alloy steel, thus strong for all cutting jobs in the plumbing industry
  • The adjustable knob and ultra-sharp wheel allow easy and quick tube cutting
  • Comes with an adjustable cutting capacity of 5 to 50 mm
  • The cutter can be exchanged easily
  • The adjustable knob moves without sliding when in Use.
  • The equipment is available in silver and blue colors
  • Can be used to cut aluminum, copper, brass, and steel


  • Durable and versatile
  • Cut through a wide range of piping materials
  • Design of durable alloy steel to last for long
  • It provides clean edges
  • Affordable price


  • Claimed have been raised about the blade not being sharp enough to cut through materials made of steel.

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9. Mater Plumber Large Pipe Tube Cutter

Mater Plumber Tube Cutter
  • Cuts larger tubing
  • Use to cut 5/8" to 2-1/8" outer diameter tubing
  • Long lasting construction

This product is the best tubing cutter as it has a large cutting diameter; it can be used to cut 5/8 inches to 2/8 inches. The structure of this tool can be described as a lengthy, persevering one. Master plumber can be used for both business and private plumbing applications as it can be adequately opened up to cut materials measuring 2-1/8″.


  • It comes with a vast diameter pipe cutter that can cut through 5/8 to 2/8 inches outside width pipe. What is more, it has a high, great progression, cuts more outstanding tubing viably.
  • The master plumber comes with all the instruments that you require for pipe cutter. An important factor is that it is adequately wide to cut through any pipe finely and viable. This metal pipe cutter is an excellent office that can be used in cutting channel as indicated by your effortlessness and slant.


  • The tool comes with all you may require in a pipe cutter instrument
  • The appropriate grasp help prevent the tool from damages.
  • Master Plumber astonishing features ensure its usability as it increases the safety of using this tool, thus preventing injuries that might occur.


  • Master Plumber is heavy as compared to another small pipe cutter
  • Its large size makes it difficult to maintain.

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10. Bahco Tube Cutter

Bahco Tube Cutter
  • Capable of cutting diameters from 8mm to 35mm
  • The heavy knob allows a fast adjustment from one diameter to another
  • Can cut copper, bronze, aluminium and steel tubes

While looking for a well-rounded solution for your DIY project, you should consider buying a Bahco tube cutter. This tool is the best tubing cutter as it does wonders in difficult situations.

Whether the pipe is thick or thin, the tool adjustment mechanism is simple to use, and this popular plumber pipe cutter gets to business instantly. Having items as seamless and refined as this is vital when dealing with hardened piping from unique materials.


  • Cuts different materials: This small pipe cutter is excellent as it operates well with various materials, including copper, aluminum, bronze, and steel. You do not have started looking for other alternatives pipe cutters so long as you have this tool with you.
  • Quick adjustments: Most people would not like to deal with waiting around to do adjustments as this process is challenging. The aim is based on a solution that is straightforward and takes a few seconds to complete. In this respect, this compact pipe cutter is designed well and works following what you hope for. This implies that whether it is 35 or 8 mm, the adjustment management will be easy. While looking for a high-end quality metal cutter, you should focus on the product’s simplicity aspect.
  • Wide Variety of Cutting Angles: When utilizing a brand-new pipe cutter, the important factor you need to consider is the cutting angle. While using the Bahco tube: the best pipe cutter, you should not worry about how well the tool will perform as it can adjust to meet your needs. Meaning that you can play around with the tube cutter and change it from 35 mm to 8 mm.


  • Appropriate for various materials while managing large projects
  • Simple to use in tight spaces
  • Provide clean cutting for different sizes
  • High quality and durable build to last for ages


  • Replacement for cutting wheels are hard to find
  • Can spiral in some circumstances depending on the pressure applied

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Pipe Cutter

Features to inspect in a pipe cutter equipment

You should possess a copper pipe cutter when you tackle small plumbing issues yourself most of the time. The following features should be available in all the best pipe cutters:

a) Thumb-type

 This feature is mainly suitable when you are operating in a limited space. In case you are dealing with thin tubes, but the cut you need is to be done at an angle, do not thinks while buying a thumb-type pipe cutter. They can aid in cutting pipes of small diameter lie 1 inch effectively.

b) Body and handle

Pipe Cutter

 Your focus should be on a bigger body, and your plumbing work will be dealing with larger pipes. You will be able to rotate your cutter around the pipe effectively. The majority of the standard pipe cutters are designed with reams built, thus delivering a smooth and clean cut.

You may want to solder or fit the tube later. Utilizing a big pipe cutter will offer the perfect finish that you desire as it also makes the process of soldering easy.

c) Auto Cutter

 Besides have the manual pipe cutter, you should also have one that is an auto-cutter. You will have an easy time will operating in tighter conditions. You will not be tightening the equipment after every rotation; this is because the solution will automatically do everything.

The pipe cutter you choose depends majorly on the purpose that it will be performing. Try investing in a branded pipe cutter that will last for years without replacement and repairs.

d) Quality

 Before buying a pipe cutter, ensure that you have the best pipe. You can be assured about the quality of your tube cutter when you buy it from a top manufacturer as they test their products before selling them.

e) Flexibility

 An excellent copper pipe cutter should be flexible. The materials used in manufacturing the equipment are of high quality that provides durable services. The blade is the most important of the tool. It should be versatile. Before buying for your solution, test it to have the experience of how the tool is to serve you.

f) Weight

 When planning to purchase a pipe cutter, you should consider the weight of the equipment as lightweight cutters are easy to carry around and to work with; hence, they make your plumbing job easy. Besides, a light, compact pipe cutter enables you to work for a long time without getting tired; this is the opposite of a heavy pipe cutter.

 g) Budget

The type of pipe cutter you buy will be determined by the budget you have. You should not be spending a fortune to purchase a pipe cutter. Nonetheless, investing a bit more on your cutter can help you save cash in the future because there is no need to repair high- quality pipe cutter as compared to the low quality that will cost you less, but the repair is frequently done.

h) Brand

 Pipe cutters are of different brands, and others are more recommendable and reputable than others. Before purchasing a pipe cutter of any brand, check reviews from different webpages so that you are enriched with first-hand information about the brand you want.

Things You Need to Bear in Mind while Using Pipe Cutter

Before you start using the pipe cutter that you newly bought, there are a few things you need to do to ensure an effective cutting experience. The following are the things you need to confirm before you start your operation.

  • Check the blades to ensure that they are sharp enough to cut the pipes. When you use a blunt blade, you will produce the uneven cut.
  • Ensure to use the right size of the pipe cutter to cut the correct size of the pipe. The diameter of your pipe should correspond to that of your pipe cutter.


You can purchase any of the pipe cutters we have reviewed in this article and accomplish your cutting task. However, keep in mind the type of cutter you purchase is determined by the user project, cutting needs, and the pipe size you wish to cut.

Be aware that the quality is not based on the price of the pipe cutter. So do not save money and compromise the quality of your pipe cutter. The priority should be the safety and quality of the copper pipe cutter.

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