10 Best Network Cable Tester of 2021 – Reviews By An Expert!

Are you tired of dealing with tangled big balls of strings when doing network troubleshooting? If you are, then the best network cable tester is what you need.

A network tester can be a combination of protocol analyzer, TDR, voltmeter, and many more. By having the best one and knowing how to use this effectively, you can quickly and efficiently deal with cable network issues.

Top 5 Best Network Cable Tester: Editor Recommended

However, with plenty of the best cable tester options available in the market, finding the best one can be challenging. But, no need to worry. We have compiled a comprehensive review of the top 10 products in the market to help you out. Continue reading this article to get more information about these products.

Product Guide

The requirements for cable infrastructure has been rapidly evolving along with network systems. As a result, new guidelines for cabling standards for both tech users and cabling professionals when certifying, installing, troubleshooting, and testing either fiber or copper networks are introduced.

This is why the best network testing tools are necessary. These testers will help you quickly identify whether your cables are working properly and whether they are up to the standards set by local authorities.

The best network cable tester varies in features and application. However, it is mainly classified into these three hierarchical groups:

i) Cable Certification Testers

Cabling professionals typically use cable certification tester devices. It helps assess whether the cabling system complies with the industry standards. This device indicates whether the cabling system “pass” or “fail. This can of testing ensures that newly installed cable links will support the transmission speed you intend to have.

 ii) Cable Qualification Testers

These best cable tester indicate whether an existing cabling link can support particular technologies or network speeds. Many cabling professionals also use these types of testers to identify existing cables that can support the requirements for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Gigabit Ethernet, or Fast Ethernet.

iii) Cable Verification Testers

The main function of these types of testers is to verify whether the cabling system is properly connected. It performs basic continuity functions and ensures that all the wires are properly connected to the appropriate termination points.

The 10 Best Network Cable Tester Reviews:

1. ELEGIANT Network LAN Cable Tester Wire Tracker

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The ELEGIANT cable tester is excellent for both weekend-warriors and cabling professionals alike who are looking for a budget-friendly option.

When you buy this product, you will be getting a unit of the emitter, one receiver, one RJ11 with a clip adapter cable, and one RJ45 adapter cable. This cable tester is relatively affordable compared to other well-known brands in the market.

However, it does have distinct features and performance that might satisfy you. This device has a fitted speaker on its probe. It creates a loud sound indicating that it has found the port of your loose cable. This can be quite helpful if you are working in a busy and loud environment.

It also has a jack where you can connect your earphone if the environment is too noisy that you cannot easily identify the signal from the tester. Another notable feature of this tester is its LED flashlight. This will help you navigate dark rooms where cables are without needing an additional illumination device.

However, it does not come with a free battery, so you have to purchase that yourself. Also, the durability of this cable tester is not the best. Many users also claim that the power switch on this one gets loose easily. Then again, you are only paying a fraction of the higher-end models’ cost, so it is a reasonable drawback.

Key Features:

  • 9V battery powered
  • RJ11 and RJ45 compatible
  • Built-in LED flashlight and speaker
  • IP40 anti-explosion rating


  • Loud speaker
  • Easy to use interface
  • With built-in LED flashlight
  • Very affordable


  • Not long-lasting
  • The power switch tends to get loose easily

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2. iMBAPrice LAN Network Cable Tester

iMBAPrice Cable Tester
  • Automatically runs all tests and checks for continuity, open, shorted and crossed wire pairs. Visible LED status display.
  • Cable state testing (2-wire): Line DC detecting, anode and cathode determination,Ringing signal detecting open, short and cross circuit testing
  • Cable Type: RJ11 Telephone cable and RJ45 LAN cable
  • Connectors: Ethernet Cat 5, Ethernet Cat 5e, Ethernet Cat 6, Ethernet Cat 7, RJ11 6P and RJ45 8P
  • Power Source: DC9V Battery Required (not included)

Next on the list is the iMBAPrice RJ45/RJ11 wire continuity tester. It automatically tests and checks wires for crossed, shorted, open, and continuity pairs. It supports not only RJ45 or RJ11 wires but also CAT5, CAT6, and CAT7.

Users find this tester to be an easy to use device. It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, and the LED lights and sound indicators are also easy to identify.

In terms of design, this one is pretty straightforward. It is small and lightweight, so you can bring it anywhere with you without a hassle. Unfortunately, it does not come with a free battery, so you need to purchase one ahead of time to be able to use this immediately.

This is the cable tester for you if you are looking for an affordable device that is easy to use for home or small business applications. However, if you are a cabling professional, this one might fall short of your expectation in terms of durability and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with RJ45, RJ11, CAT5, CAT 6, and CAT 7
  • 9V battery powered
  • LED lights and sound indicators
  • Error-free operation


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use interface
  • Accurate
  • Comprehensive instruction manual


  • Limited functionality

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3. Tonor ™ CAT 6 Network Cable Tester

Tonor ™ Cable Tester
  • Keep your network running smoothly by testing your cables to uncover problematic shorts, open
  • Use for testing your homemade Ethernet patch cables to make sure they are in working order prior to
  • Tests RJ45 cables, RJ11 telephone cables and network cables
  • Easy to read LED display indicates problems.Hand-held for portability.
  • Requires one 9-volt battery (not included)

Here’s another affordable best ethernet cable tester that you might want to consider. The cable tester can be separated from the master controller and the remote component. This will enable you to test both ends co-located. It also allows you to test cable installed and located in-situ.

Many users claim that this cable tester has excellent accuracy. However, they notice that one major downside of this one is that some of the lights will not turn on overtime. The device’s performance can be significantly affected by this because the lights are the ones used as indicators for the test result.

However, since this is a cheap network cable tester, expecting it is durable is asking too much. This makes this cable tester only ideal if you are only checking cables from time to time.

Key Features:

  • Detects abnormal connections
  • 1 unit includes a remote tester and main tester
  • LED light indicators
  • Detachable remote and main component


  • Works as advertised
  • Accurate reading
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • The lights indicators are not durable

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4. HDE CAT 5 Network Cable Tester

The HDE cable tester is another affordable testing tool that works well on spot-checking ethernet cables in offices and homes. It can test straight, twisted pairs and Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6/UTP wires with RJ 54 or RJ 11 connectors.

The interface on this cable tester is fairly easy to read, and navigating it is self-explanatory. It has a LED indicator that tips you off potential gaps in your wire’s signal transfer. It can check whether your internet is diverted to the right channels or whether you need ethernet cord replacement.

What many users appreciate most about this model is its detachable portion. It will enable you to test cables that are very long or end in a different location.

A 9-Volt battery powers this device, and all you need to do is to plug in the battery, and it’s ready for use. The device itself is also very small, making it portable so that you can carry it around anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with RJ45 and RJ11
  • Powered by 9V batteries
  • Detects whether cables are properly connected
  • Detachable components


  • Affordable price tag
  • Durable construction
  • Detachable portion for long wires
  • Easy to use


  • The sequencer does not reset to the first pin after every test run

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5. Zoostlis Network Cable Tester Tool

Zoostlis Cable Tester
  • Keep your network running smoothly by testing your cables to uncover problematic shorts, open wires, crossing pairs and other wiring mishaps
  • Use for testing your homemade Ethernet patch cables to make sure they are in working order prior to connecting to your devices
  • Tests RJ45 cables, RJ11 telephone cables and network cables. Requires one 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Easy to read LED display indicates problems.Hand-held for portability.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you face any problems

The Zoostliss cable tester is one most affordable option on this list. It can help you uncover wiring mishaps, crossing pairs, open wires, and problematic shorts. This cable tester can be used for RJ45 or RJ11 cables for both telephones and networks. It also works for Cat 6 cables.

What users love about this device is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is power it with a 9V battery and attach the scanner on the end of the RJ45 cable and plug in the remote module on the other end of the cable. Once you do that, you are good to go.

However, this cable tester is not ideal for testing the voltage on a live circuit. If used for that, the device will be fried no matter how low the voltage is. Also, the instruction manual on this one is not that comprehensive, particularly for the RJ 11 cables. If you are a beginner, you are sure to have difficulty figuring out the meaning of the illuminating lights and sounds.

Furthermore, among the other products on this list, this one is among the few that offer a 30-days return warranty. It also has a 60 days replacement coverage.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with RJ45 and RJ11 cables for telephones and networks
  • Powered by 9V batteries
  • LED display
  • 30 days return warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Work as advertise
  • Can Identify cross-connected wires, shorts, and opens


  • The instruction manual could be better

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6. Klein Tools Network Cable Tester

Klein Tools Cable Tester
  • Cable tester for twisted pair, data cables terminated with RJ45 connectors
  • Displays wire map
  • Easy to use, compact tool saves time and money on the job
  • Dual function button- operates test functions and tone generator
  • Large display for easy identification

The Klein tools cable tester supports the continuity testing of a twisted pair data cable connection. It also tests voice, data, and video cable. This particular model has an integrated tone generator. This supports multiple tones and controls the pins carrying the tone.

Many users like this one because of its self-storing remote and large display, which can be worth the extra price for some people. Also, it has a comprehensive instruction manual making it very easy to use.

However, the batteries on this device are quite difficult to replace. It uses an LR44 button cell battery instead of the usual 9V batteries on other models. But, other than that, there are no other major complaints coming from previous users.

Key Features:

  • Supports continuity testing of RJ45 cables
  • Dual function button
  • Large display
  • Wire map display


  • Large display
  • Comes with free batteries
  • Accurate performance
  • Easy to use


  • Battery replacement is difficult to find

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7. TRENDnet Network Cable Tester TC NT2

TRENDnet Cable Tester
  • ACCURATELY CHECK CABLES & PORTS: The comprehensive cable tester for network professionals allows you to accurately check pin configurations for Ethernet cables, USB cables (with TC-NTUF sold separately), BNC cables, and patch panel ports.
  • CABLE TESTING DISTANCE: Tests over cables lengths of up to 300 meters (984 ft.)
  • PIN TESTING: The network cable testers identifies proper, severed, short circuit, and cross connected pins.
  • LOCAL & REMOTE TESTING: A transmitter unit facilitates loop testing and a receiver unit allows for cable testing in locations away from the transmitter unit
  • TRANSMITTER INTERFACE: 2 x test ports, Manual test button, Auto test button, Power/tone switch, LED indicators.

If you are looking for a comprehensive cable tester, this one might be what you are looking for. It can do pin, local and remote testing for cables over 300 meters long, making this particular model ideal for professional use.

This network cable tester also has a transmitter interface with LED indicators, power or tone switch, auto test button, and manual test button. Meanwhile, its receiver interface has LED indicators and a test port. The nice thing about this model is that it has a continuous scan feature. It can accommodate testing cable ends that are in different locations.

However, just like any other device, this particular model has several drawbacks, according to users. The first one is that it does not have an RJ 11 alligator clip, and the second one is that you will need to press down the trace button for the TC-TP1 continually.

Key Features:

  • Can test cables over 300m long
  • Supports pin testing
  • Able to scan continuously
  • Compatible with patch panel ports, BNC, USB, and Ethernet cables


  • Comes with toning/testing BNC cable adapters
  • Self-explanatory operation
  • Works as advertised
  • Durable physical construction


  • Some adapters are not included
  • 90s button design

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8. Fluke Network Cable Tester

Fluke Networks MS2-100 MicroScanner Cable Verifier
  • Copper cable verifier for testing voice/data/video with integrated RJ11, RJ45, and coax cable, test ports support low voltage testing with no need for adapters, ensures high quality installations and expedites cable problem resolution in active network environments
  • Includes MicroScanner2 cable verifier with detachable wire map adapter, user guide, (2) AA alkaline batteries, carry pouch, 1 year warranty
  • Oversized backlit LCD screen displays clear results in bright light or complete dark with intuitive icons, shows 4 test modes at once: Graphical wire map, pair lengths, distance to fault with TDR, cable ID, and far end device, detects 10/100/1000 Ethernet, POTS, and PoE
  • Cable Tests include Length (460 meter or 1500 feet with resolution to 0.3 meter or 1 feet), wire map to TIA 568A/B standards, remote ID locators. Coax F connector for 75 ohm, 50 ohm, 93 ohm cables; PoE detection: Solicits and detects the presence of 802.3af compatible PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices to rule out power as source of problems
  • Rugged housing with integrated rubber easy grip holster and magnetic strap, locates virtually any cable or wire pair with Intellitone digital and analog toning, probe sold separately

Many users will agree that this model is a premium network cable connector. It is compatible with copper cable video, data, voice testing with its RJ 45, RJ 11, and coax cable test ports. On top of that, it can support low voltage testing, which will typically fry the other models on this list.

Another exciting thing about this model is its oversized backlit LCD screen that has intuitive icons showing 4 test modes simultaneously. These modes are detecting far end devices, distance, graphical wire maps, and pair lengths.

However, because of all those features, this model comes at a hefty price tag, which is almost 10 times more than the mid-end choice on this list. But, if you are looking for a durable and multi-functional device, you will not regret its price.

Key Features:

  • Supports video, data, and voice testing
  • Compatible with test ports, coax cable, RJ45, and RJ11
  • Includes a MicroScanner cable verifier
  • Large LCD screen with backlight
  • Can test cables up to 460 meters


  • Excellent display quality
  • Supports low voltage testing
  • Multiple functions
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • Easy to use


  • Price is very expensive

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9. NOYAFA-NF-488 PoE Network Cable Continuity Tester

  • .Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af t standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity and mode.
  • · Identify the supply voltage, power supply polarity and mode of non-standard PoE devices.
  • · Check the short circuit, crossover and open circuit status in the network cable.
  • · Test the current, voltage and power consumed by DC appliances.
  • . The loop-back test function of the switch.

If you are looking for a network cable tester specifically for PoE power testing, then this might just be for you. It can test the power, voltage, and current between the adapter and the powdered device without getting fried. It can also be used for cable continuity testing. There are three main modes on this device, PoE mode, analog mode, an AC filter, which is considered a diverse mix of functions that you will hardly find on other models.

What users love about this model is its accuracy in measuring cable length. It is also compatible with Cat5 and Cat6 wires making it a multi-featured tester. They also love the modern interface. However, this is not ideal if you intend to check for pair lengths, so it is quite limited in terms of functionality.

Key Features:

  • Supports power, current, and voltage testing
  • Has loop-back test function
  • Larger LCD screen
  • Has POE testing function


  • Ideal for testing long cables
  • Durable construction
  • Accurate Results
  • Ideal for PoE


  • Instructions for some functions are limited

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10. NetAlly LR-G2 LinkRunner Network Connectivity Tester

Last but certainly not least is the NetAlly LinkRunner Network Tester. This is the most expensive option in this list, but it has the most comprehensive functions and features. Its first notable feature that you will certainly not find in many other testers is its AutoTest. This provides a pass or fail indication of the network connectivity with a matter of seconds. With this device, you also get access to free apps for NetAlly. It can also validate loaded PoE using its TruePower test.

This device also has a large display that shows important information such as switch IP address, switch name and model, switch chassis, signal strength, and many more. Unlike other models, this one is powered by a rechargeable battery. It also comes with an excellent quality charging cable.

However, one major issue users claim on this one is that it requires a paid subscription to upgrade the firmware. This would have been okay if this model is a little more affordable, but unfortunately, it is at the highest end of the price spectrum.

Key Features:

  • Customizable AutoTest function
  • Wifi or Bluetooth ready
  • Detects location, Wiremap, and cable length
  • Comes with an Android app


● Multi-featured
● Multi-functional
● Excellent build quality
● Nice display


● Price is expensive
● Requires subscription for firmware upgrade

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Network Cable Tester

Network Cable Tester

We have listed the top 10 best network tester in the market. The question now is, which one is the best option for you? To prevent confusions, here are some essential factors that will help you determine what product you should buy:

a) Type of Testing

As mentioned above, there are several types of cable network testing; hence network testers also vary in function. The first thing that you have to figure out when buying your very own network cable tester is to identify what type of specific testing you intend to perform.

These different types of testing can either be checking proper connectivity, locating cable port location, pin testing, measuring cable length, voltage checking, or doing continuity check.

Suppose you are an amateur user who simply wants to ensure that your home cables are working properly. In that case, you can just pick testers that have cable length measuring, connectivity checking, and locating cable port location functions.

However, if you are a professional, you would want your tester to have multiple functions since you will need to do different types of testing from time to time. And we need to know how to use a network cable tester.

Also, note that if you intend to do PoE testing, make sure that the device you will use will not be fried by the cable or port’s voltage.

b) Cable Compatibility

Knowing that each network line tester is designed for a particular type of wire or cable is crucial. This is why you must know what type of wires you have in your networking panel. These wires can either be twisted pair cables, optical fiber cables, or coaxial cables. After you figure out the type of wires that you will be testing, it is easy for you to find which LAN cable tester to choose from.

If you are a cabling professional, you will want your cable tester to support almost all types of wires out there because you will be testing different varieties of wires at different job sites.

However, these types of testers can be a little bit more expensive because they have more functions. To be safe, ensure that you have a network cable tester that is compatible with coaxial cables because that is the most common type of wire used in the industry.

c) Tester Display

Standard networking testers only show results by using sounds or light indicators. These types of network testers tend to be very affordable.

However, the downside is that if you are in a noisy environment or are not well-versed with the meaning of the sounds and light indicator, you might struggle to read the results, which can affect your efficiency and accuracy.

On the other hand, higher-end network cable testers mostly have display screens. These displays are either small LCD or LED monitors that indicate the result of each test that you run. These are more foolproof compared to light and sound indicators.

Furthermore, if you intend to be doing voltage testing or identify the length of a cable, you should definitely opt for network cable testers with LCD or LED displays.

However, since cable testers with LCD or LED displays have more features, functions, and convenience, expect it to be more expensive compared to standard cable testers. But, if you are a cabling professional, you will definitely get the highest benefits when you invest in a higher-end model.

d) Warranty

When you buy an electronic gadget, it is good to opt for a manufacturer who offers some sort of warranty for their product. This shows you that the company is confident in their product, and they have after-sales accountability.

Furthermore, by opting for a company that offers a warranty, the money you invest in the device can be protected if you experience any problem or malfunction. However, it is important to pay close attention to the stipulation of the company’s warranty.

e) Price

Another important consideration when buying a network cable tester is the price. You need to pick one that has value for money and fits your needs and requirements.

When assessing whether a network cable tester has value for money, the rule of thumb is to look at its features and functions relative to its price. The more features and functions there are, the higher the price will be.

If you are a cabling professional, it is a fair trade-off to pay for more money, given that you will get more features and functions because you will be utilizing them almost every day for your job.

However, suppose you are a homeowner who simply wants to troubleshoot or double-check whether the cables on your home network are functioning well. In that case, the basic models that do the job will give you the best value.

Final Words

There are indeed plenty of great options for the best network cable tester in the market today. However, to make it easy for you to pick the best, always go for what you can afford that fits your needs and requirements.

The product mentioned above provides various options for different levels of needs, so you will surely find one that fits your requirements. Besides, if you have some doubts, just refer to the buying guide in this article to get the information you need.


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