10 Best Manometer of 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

A manometer is a tool that has been around since forever, and it has remained a reliable fluid pressure measuring method even to this day. Mostly attributed to their simplicity and accuracy, manometers can also test air and gas pressure efficiently.

Top 5 Best Manometer: Editor Recommended

With hundreds of options available, it’s only natural if you wonder which is the best manometer. During this article, we’ll help you find an answer to that question by reviewing the most capable manometers out there.

For our reviews, we’ve considered features like the manometer’s simplicity, accuracy, and user-friendly features, among others.

Want to find out more? Then let’s begin!

The 10 Best Manometer Reviews:

The following products are the top ten manometers that excelled in different applications.

1. Hti-XintaiDual Digital Manometer

As you search for the right manometer, you’ll end up finding a lot of high-end, expensive devices.

This one, on the other hand, comes as one of the most reliable choices available for a relatively low price. From the first impression, the product already looks incredible, and it only gets better after you try it out.

With 11 units of measurements included, this manometer puts up a highly accurate performance while measuring the pressure within the +2 PSI range or its equivalent. You can check each measurement on the screen, which provides a lot of useful data about it as well.

After picking up the pressure value, you can use the data hold function to freeze the reading currently on display. Here, the recording button is also useful, as it allows users to access minimum, max, and average recording modes.

For a better experience using the device, the size of this manometer makes it a portable tool and comes with a large backlit LCD screen. If it goes 20 minutes of no use, the system automatically shuts down, preserving the battery life.

What’s the one thing we didn’t like about this product? The instructions included, by far. They’re just not good and could be even more confusing for users with less experience. If that’s your case, consider getting information from another source to enjoy the many benefits of this tool.


  • Comes with a high-resolution LCD screen for easy readings
  • Convenient size makes the device compact and allows one-hand operations
  • Provides remarkable accuracy for HVAC, pneumatic controls, gas appliances, and more
  • Shuts down automatically after 20 minutes of no use to save battery life


  • The instructions included are not good

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2. RISEPRO Digital Gas Manometer

RISEPRO Digital Air Pressure Meter & Differential Pressure Manometer
  • SMART DUAL INPUT – RISEPRO® manometer can easily measure the differential pressure with its dual input probes.
  • RANGE & RESOLUTION – Measures +/- 2.000psi (0.001 resolution) with accuracy +/-0.3% in full scale
  • MAX PRESSURE – 10psi (Can resist up to 10psi but may not show readings when over 2psi)
  • 11 SELECTABLE MEASURE UNITS – InH2O, Psi, Mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, ozin2, FtH2O, cmH2O, KGCM2, Bar
  • BACKLIT, DATA HOLD, AUTO OFF – Tailor-made with all of these useful features for your work requirements!

This manometer is a handheld, digital device that offers Smart Dual input, efficiently allowing users to do differential pressure measurements.

The device can measure the pressure at 2,000PSI with outstanding accuracy of 0.3% while in full scale, making this product an excellent choice for many applications.

For instance, you can use this tool for pneumatic controls, gas appliances, laboratory experiments, installation of gas appliances, and more.

For any of these tasks, the 11 selectable units offered by the device ensure that users can adjust the manometer for their needs, accurately receiving information in PSI, inH2O, and mBar, among many others.

Other features users will like are the backlit screen, the data hold function, and the auto shut-off system.

The purchase also includes a couple of tubing, the manual, a pouch for easy carrying, and the Barb Access Fitting. All of these accessories allow us to understand and operate the manometer perfectly.

For the most part, this digital device does a wonderful job in almost any application. We can’t say the same when it comes to HVAC testing, though. In this case, the results weren’t as accurate.

Still, everything else about this product easily makes it the best digital manometer for hobbyists and professionals alike. The manometer is efficient, accurate, and easy to use.


  • Features Smart Dual Input for efficient differential pressure measurement
  • Offers eleven selectable measure units, including PSI, mBar, mmHg, and more
  • Digital device and handheld design make the manometer easy to use
  • Comes with a backlit screen, data hold function, and auto-off system


  • Not the most accurate tool for HVAC

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3. Radon Away 50017 Easy Read Manometer

Radon Away 50017 Easy Read Manometer
  • Reads 0-4.5" WC
  • Non-toxic fluid
  • Adjustable zero
  • Molded scale curved to fit system pipe
  • Includes: Easy Read u-tube manometer (with tubing and 2 self-tap screws), Installation instructions, System and component labels, System information brochure, Clear plastic bag with twist tie for hanging information on system

Due to the instructions included, using this manometer is a pretty simple task. Not only that, but once set up, it can provide instant results via a readable scale, efficiently making this product a long-lasting tool that’s worth its price.

This manometer is an u-tube tool that comes with a molded scale curved design that fits most pipe systems. It features a non-toxic fluid, and it can read from 0 to 4.5-inch water column. For easier use, the instrument has an adjustable zero function useful under many circumstances.

So far, this manometer works surprisingly well. It can provide constant readings to keep track of the negative pressure produced by our fan, effectively making this gauge ideal as a troubleshooting tool.

Though it looks simple, this product features tubing and two self-tap screws that create a reliable manometer. Other items included in the purchase are the instructions and a clear plastic bag.

Before going for this product, keep in mind that the fluid included may be too low sometimes. Multiple customers reported that the manometer doesn’t really measure despite being functional in those situations.

The good news is that the fluid issue doesn’t happen regularly. Besides, if it happens to you, a quick call to the manufacturer should get it fixed in no time.


  • Pleasantly easy to use
  • Provides consistent measurement readings
  • Simple yet durable build with high-quality parts
  • Reliable


  • The fluid included may not be enough in some cases

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4. Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual-Port Manometer

Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual-Port Manometer
  • Dual-Port Manomete
  • 2 3/16-Inch tubes with brass fittings.Measure duct pressures to balance air flow.-60.0" WC to 60.0" WC range
  • 2 3/16-Inch to 5/16-Inch tube adapters - RMA316. Resolution down to 0.01" WC for static pressure measurement
  • 9-Volt battery (installed)
  • Operator's manual

Here, we have a sturdy, useful dual-port manometer designed for HVAC/R field professionals. Besides measuring static pressure, this digital device works with differential and gas pressure.

The device’s design allows users to operate it with just one hand. On the front, the manometer has a convenient set of buttons to control each one of its functions, including zero adjustments, data hold, and one for on/off.

Additionally, the manometer includes a magnet at the rear for the better hanging of the device while operating. While active, you can use it to measure pressure from 60inWC to 60inWC and from 150.0 to 150.0mBar.

Another useful feature of this device is that it can measure the pressure of two points to calculate the difference between point A and point B.

Included in this purchase, customers also receive a compact adapter as an extra accessory. Upon testing it, the adapter did well while measuring inlet and outlet gas pressures.

One big missed opportunity for the makers of this product is the backlit feature on the manometer’s screen, which doesn’t come included. If you’re using the device in workspaces with low visibility, chances are you’ll have trouble reading the measurements.

So, don’t let it catch you by surprise, and take a flashlight with the rest of your tools!


  • Compact, handheld digital device easy to use with one-hand operation
  • Provides accurate readings for static, differential, and gas pressure
  • Includes an adapter to measure inlet and outlet gas pressure
  • Comes with auto-off function to save energy


  • Doesn’t include a backlit screen

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5. Dwyer Mark II Liquid Filled Wall Mount Manometer

This product is probably not what you’d expect while searching for modern manometers. Still, after testing it, we can corroborate that the Mark II can easily be the best liquid manometer out there.

First, the interface is simple and easy to understand. This manometer has a wall mount design, featuring a styrene-acrylonitrile housing for improved durability. The scales, the ABS zero adjustment knob, the indicating tube, and the fluid wells also deliver outstanding resistance for regular use.

Plus, due to the uniquely expanded 0 to 3 scale, taking readings is much easier.

After setting it up at the designated place, the manometer measures above and below atmospheric pressure while also offering the option to take differential pressure readings.

Another feature worth mentioning is the zero lever included, which provides linear recalibration.

Despite being a wall mount device, this manometer can turn into a portable tool with the addition of the A-612 stand and tubing. Sadly, this benefit isn’t easy to access, as the purchase doesn’t include the stand. For that, you’d have to buy it separately.


  • Super affordable price makes the unit accessible for hobbyists that need a capable manometer
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Durable housing with plenty of resistant materials
  • Expanded scale allows users to take readings easily


  • Customers must purchase the stand separately

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6. JL3KM2 Fieldpiece Manometer

Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Job Link Dual Manometer Kit
  • Job Link Dual Manometer Kit (Case+2xJL3MN)
  • Reliable Pressure Regardless of Location
  • Measure Real-time Pressure Drops
  • Find Inlet and Outlet Gas Pressures
  • Switchable P1 - P2 Indicator

This tool comes as a versatile alternative due to its reliable performance. It offers precise and reliable pressure measurements from anywhere.

Once the manometer picks up the results, you can check them via a smart device up to 350 feet away, all thanks to the long-range Wi-Fi operation mode.

Besides being efficient at what it does, the device is also quite flexible. Since it has a dual-port design, you can use it to check static, gas, as well as draft pressure measurements. In any of these tasks, the untethered build guarantees accurate placement on the job site.

When it comes to accuracy, the manometer surpassed the expectations. It can produce precise and stable measurements with 1.5% FS accuracy overall. Plus, the device offers a one-button function that zeros in the system.

The manometer can also measure between zones, thus improving its performance with more versatility to tackle potential limitations. Additionally, the device includes switchable P1-P2 indicators for individual readouts if needed.

This purchase, other than including the manometer, includes a carrying bag that comes in handy to keep the tool properly stored. If we consider the materials used to create the manometer pieces aren’t that durable, the addition of this bag allows us to protect our instruments.


  • Provides reliable and accurate pressure measure regardless of the location
  • Offers switchable indicators
  • Capable of finding inlet and outlet gas pressure
  • Includes a carrying bag to keep the manometer safe


  • The build material isn’t durable, meaning you have to be careful while using the manometer

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7. UEi EM201B Differential Manometer

UEi Test Instruments EM201B Test
  • Dual input measures up to 40 Inch of water gauge. NOTE .001wg resolution below 9.999 Inch. Ruggedized with sturdy metal fittings
  • Scales include Added Pascal's as a measurement scale, Wag, mbar and PSI. Dynamic Min/Max that can be reset at any time
  • Data hold, Auto power-off and Back-lit display

Designed as a differential type of manometer, this tool is perfect for measuring pressure drops, especially in sealed systems. Since it’s pretty easy to use, the EM201B picks up and displays the readings quickly, making it the preferred choice for many professionals.

Other than the purpose mentioned above, this item is also suitable for gas and draft pressure testing. You can do either of these testing in both residential or commercial locations.

The versatility of this tool is top-notch. Not only does it measure static pressure, but it also provides readings in in WC, mBar, PSI, or Pa. Depending on which metric you prefer, the manometer quickly adapts to your demands.

While using this manometer, users won’t have to worry about uneven surfaces either. By featuring an integral magnet, the tool sticks to metal surfaces for continuous operation.

Then, using the manometer is both easy and quick. There’s a button for almost every function, which will allow users to do things like clear all readings, set up the preferred scale to measure pressure, and the power button, to name a few.

Speaking of the last one, the power button, we do have to point out that it feels too sensitive at times. Users must be cautious while operating the manometer to prevent any issues with this basic function.

As long as you keep that under control, then this tool could easily be your ideal digital manometer.


  • High-resolution, backlit screen for easy readings
  • The magnets included keep the tool attached over ferrous surfaces
  • Clear, easy-to-understand buttons for each function
  • Compact size, easy to carry


  • The power button can be too sensitive at times

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8. Yellow Jacket 78075 Water Manometer

Yellow Jacket 78075 Water Manometer
  • Economical water type manometer
  • Features easy to read markings
  • Comes with tube and fitting
  • Country of Origin: United States

While this tool won’t be the most suitable for professionals, it remains one of the best choices for DIYers; it is affordable, effective, and works well for a variety of applications.

Classified as a water manometer, this tool is perfect for simple purposes.

The strong magnet included resembles those seen in more expensive manometers, and it allows this tool to remain in an upright position over ferrous surfaces. Because of this convenient design, users can take readings without complications.

Once set up, this instrument measures pressure up to 2″ per W.C (water column). Still, the manometer offers a maximum capacity of 15inWC for optimal readings. Another useful purpose of this product is that it allows users to set pressure for either natural or L.P gas.

For the price, this product surely does meet most expectations and far surpasses them by offering satisfying results. It is a cost-effective tool that helps you save a lot of money you’d spend hiring professionals to do the job for you.

Truly, the only disadvantage of this product is that the purchase doesn’t include a case. Since the manometer and its components are fragile, losing or breaking them is a high risk you’d face. If you go for this pick, separately buying a case for protection would be a good idea.


  • Effectively measures pressure and provides clear readings
  • Allows users to set natural or L.P gas pressure
  • Affordable, simple, and easy to use for more convenience
  • Comes with a strong magnet to remain in an upright position over ferrous surfaces


  • Doesn’t include a storage case

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9. Dwyer Series 475 Pressure Manometer

Dwyer Series 475 Mark III Handheld Digital Manometer
  • Intrinsically-safe digital manometer for field calibration, monitoring or troubleshooting HVAC systems, performing clean room inspections, air velocity monitoring, and natural gas appliance-line testing
  • FM-approved intrinsically safe for Class 1, Div. 1, Group A, B, C, D, T4 hazardous locations
  • Accuracy is + or - 0.5% of full scale at 60 to 78 degrees F, and + or - 1.5% full scale at 32 to 60 and 78 to 104 degrees F
  • Dual push pads on the front panel control on-off, auto zero, and pressure unit selection between U.S. and metric units
  • Standard connections accept 1/8" or 3/16" inside diameter (ID) vinyl or rubber tubing

This digital manometer is a perfect choice for your field calibration activities. It also works well for monitoring or troubleshooting HVAC systems by providing accurate readings of their performance.

Some of the functions offered by the device make it ideal for monitoring air velocity and test natural gas lines, among other tasks.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use device, then it doesn’t get any better than this one. It features dual push pads at the front to help users control the on/off, set automatic zeroing, and choose the unit pressure between metric units and others.

The screen on the front, though not as large as other manometers, is the proper size to give you a clear vision of the In WC measurements. Both the buttons and the display make it almost impossible for people to have a hard time operating this tool.

Furthermore, the manometer’s compact size allows users to keep the device with them anywhere they go. It’s a convenient, portable, and reliable tool with plenty of benefits to offer.

The only thing missing in this purchase is a proper case to keep the manometer properly stored and safe from impacts. As mentioned above, the device is compact due to its small size, but it can also be fragile.


  • Suitable for field calibration, HVAC systems, air velocity monitoring, and more applications
  • The front panel is intuitive and easy to use for everyone
  • Compact, portable design makes the device convenient
  • High accuracy in measurement readings


  • Lacks a case to keep the manometer protected

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10. Testo Digital Manometer

Testo 510 Digital Manometer I Dual-Port Differential Pressure Meter
  • Versatile: The testo 510 measures differential pressure, total external static pressure, manifold pressure and duct velocities, making it ideal for HVAC/R field servicing technicians
  • Precise measurements: Thanks to the temperature and air density compensated pressure sensor, the air pressure meter delivers accurate data for ten different measurement units
  • Always ready: The backlist display, in conjunction with its intuitive design and magnets on the back, allow for a convenient application of the compact digital pressure gauge
  • Durable: Equipped with a particularly rugged housing, including a protective cap and a battery life of 50 hours, the gas pressure meter offers a reliable performance
  • Easy operation: The compact, lightweight pressure measurement device comes with a belt pouch, two hoses and a wrist strap and thus can easily be taken to any job site

What better way than closing our reviews with a reliable manufacturer?

With many decades in the market, Testo consistently creates high-quality instruments for DIYers and professionals, and this product is no different. This manometer is compact and precise, two ideal traits that we always want for our tools.

The device is a digital manometer, meaning that using it won’t be a hassle for anyone. It can take readings efficiently, which then it displays on an easy-to-read screen visible in light and dark due to its backlit display.

While active, the manometer works for a variety of applications by offering the capacity to test from 0 to 100mbar. Additionally, the unit can take measures in PSI, mmH2O, mmHg, and ms, as well as fpm.

Plus, the pilot tube improves the manometer’s versatility by allowing users to measure the ventilation duct with a capacity of up to 100m/s.

This device also operates with air pressure and temperature, guaranteeing spot-on readings in any case. The accuracy of these readings is high, displayed in +/0.03mbar and +/0.05mbar.

In terms of performance, this manometer is excellent. However, the compact size makes the unit somewhat fragile. If the user drops it by accident, chances are the device will break easily. Luckily, the purchase includes a belt pouch that should prevent potential impacts.


  • Compact, easy to carry, and functional
  • A versatile tool that measures differential pressure efficiently
  • Built-in magnets give us a hand-free operated device
  • Comes with a protective cap and pouch for protection


  • The housing of this manometer isn’t durable

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Manometer


Even if we consider we’ve found the best closed-end manometer, there’s a set of features we should consider to know whether or not that manometer would meet our demands. These elements don’t only apply to closed-end manometers but to all of them too.

a) Build and Design

First and foremost, we must understand that manometers are available in different sizes, shapes, and they also work differently.

As seen during our manometer review article, we covered a variety of models like the u-tube manometers, water manometers, and the open end manometer, to name a few.

Before picking your ideal manometer, make sure its type is the most suitable for your activities.

b) Features

Whether you’re looking for a simple manometer or just the best manometer, there are a set of features your ideal pick must provide. Most prominently, you have to focus on the type of manometer, the indicator liquid, the power source, and memory, among other aspects.

c) Analog or Digital

The analog manometer has been around for decades. Often made with sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this type of manometer offers precise pressure measurement while testing gases and liquids. Still, you have to do a lot of calculations afterward, which isn’t fun.

That’s when the digital manometers come into play. These can calculate differences in the pressure automatically, among other tasks. When compared to analog, digital devices are far more efficient.

d) Hold Function

An underrated function of manometers in the data hold function, which freezes the screen to save readings in the memory of the device. Though not every manometer offers this option, digital handheld devices must have it.

Regardless of your purpose, having this function could help your efficiency significantly.

e) Accessories

One useful accessory that you may want to consider purchasing is a protective case to keep your manometer perfectly stored.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you measure with a manometer?

You can use the manometer to measure absolute pressure in inches of water columns. Alternatively, this tool can determine the force gas or liquid exerts on another fluid, thanks to gravity.

2. How to read a manometer?

It depends on the type of manometer. If you’re working with a digital tool, then reading it is as simple as looking at the values on the screen.

Other manometers may require you to figure the difference between the left and right tubes’ heights, which you can later use to calculate the pressure. In these cases, you’d have to put in a lot more effort, patience, and you may even need a manometer diagram to fully understand how it works.

3. Which one to buy between analog and digital manometers?

Though it depends on the preferences of each individual, digital manometers are the superior choice for a lot of people. They’re convenient, easier to use, and require less work on your part.

4. Are manometers accurate to measure pressure?

Yes, the manometer is a reliable tool that efficiently allows you to measure pressure.

5. Manometer mercury vs. water, what’s the difference?

As opposed to water, mercury does not evaporate. Plus, since it has a lower freezing point, Mercury won’t freeze at 0 C. Reasons to consider mercury over water manometers are due to their visibility and stability.

Final Words

Found your best manometer yet? As long as you keep in mind the information discussed here, you should be ready to go and get one of these tools for pressure measurement. Remember to consider the type, the features offered, and the accuracy of the manometer.

If you do, then you’ll narrow down the list from ten to a single product that efficiently meets your expectations.

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