10 Best LCR Meter of 2023 – Reviews By An Expert!

A decent alternative for a reliable LCR meter can’t be found. An LCR meter can measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance using the most straightforward unit. But LCR meters may provide precise details about impedance, dissipation factor, efficiency factor, step angle, and sometimes equivalent series resistance, depending on your range. All rely on what you have to know.

Are you hunting for the best LCR meter? We have been studying to figure out which LCR meter is the best commercially available. The LCR meter is an advanced device used to measure passive electronic component variables.

Top 5 Best LCR Metter: Editor Recommended

It can measure a resistor, a capacitor, or an inductor and comes with numerous features and offers details such as mode of measuring, measurement frequency, and component type.

In different segments, which may entail the education sector and the electronics sector, LCR meters are commonly used.

Nevertheless, this meter’s uses are not restricted to these fields, and one must carefully select one of the top LCR meters from the options available when there is a need for an LCR meter.


If any electronic system were manufactured in the very same way, that would be simple. However, since that’s not the norm because many different form factors are used for various electrical components, you will eventually require additional leads or fixtures to connect to a best LCR meter. More choices than others would be offered by some meters. Let us see these features that are contained in an LCR Meter so it would give you an insight on what you should be looking for;

1. Measurement Precision

Precision is all about selecting between analog and digital for LCR meters. Analog components tend to be less expensive, but they tend to have much higher accuracy than digital parts.

To measure frequencies between 100 to 10,000 Hz, electricians might use an LCR meter. You can find tools that work with less than a 1 percent difference in accuracy for most applications. But if you do not require perfect accuracy, by going for an accurate instrument within a few hundred, you can save many bucks.

2. Data Interface

There will be some kind of onboard data storage with several of the best LCR meter. And just how many data points are there to store? Do you only retain simple readings, or do you use the results to maintain your research? How about transferring the data to a PC and off the instrument? Most instruments come with PC applications installed, but it is not always simple to use, and not still compliant with any operating system.

3. Throughput

How much do you use an instrument? Some specifics become less relevant when you are just taking the brief measurement. Drilling through menus, for example, to find a function you use daily? If you only use the meter from time to time, that’s not so terrible.

Although searching through menus can be tedious and wasteful while you are using the LCR meter daily. For people who plan to have frequent contact with their meter, apparently tiny information like that can become a big concern.

4. Build Quality

It is worth taking a moment to think about sustainability every time you’re dealing with a handheld instrument, mainly if there are batteries involved. Since individuals tend to drop things, what arises when a fall on solid concrete is reported by your LCR meter? Does the device have any handles to help minimize the odds of that occurring?

How does LCR Meter Work?

How does LCR Meter Work

Measuring instruments that quantify a physical property known as impedance are LCR meters. The impedance indicates resistance to an AC’s flow expressed using the quantifier Z. It can be measured around the terminals of the target from the current I that flows to the calculation target and the voltage V.

Because impedance is represented on a complex plane as a vector, LCR meters calculate the proportion of RMS values of current and voltage and the phase difference between Multimeter and LCR Meter.

The 10 Best LCR Meter Reviews:

Are you searching for a meter with an LCR, and are you uncertain about which one to obtain? Do not fear; with this article, we have you updated. Here are the LCR Meter which you can use,

1. Proster LCR Meter

Proster LCR Meter
  • Proster LCR Meter: inductance, capacitance and resistance measuring meter,it is a special digital instrument which is easy to be operated, the reading accuracydegree is higher with liquid crystal display 3 1/2.
  • High Accuracy : (Inductance) Measuring accuracy up to ±(2%+5); (Capacitance) Measuring accuracy up to ±(2%+5)Forward voltage drop of diode:Displaty forward voltage drop of diode;Forward voltage of DC:Approx.1mA;Reverse DC voltage:Approx.2.8V
  • Rotable LCD Display : Multi angle adjustment for easy reading.There is no need to hold tester while measuring, more convenient operation.
  • Multi-function: Auto power off; Data Hold function; Low Power Indication; ZERO ADJ for Capacitance.
  • New Version Test Leads: Comes with crocodile clip/ Test Loads/ mini Alligator Clip; The black pen is connected to the negative pole and the red test lead is connected to the positive pole

The Proster LCR Meter is a single LCR meter that can be used efficiently for capacitance inductance analysis. It will return a more precise reading of the calculation with the liquid crystal display. The meter’s precision level feature allows us to achieve better outcomes with any activity.

The Proster LCR meter also adds an adjustable reading screen to the monitor for quick reading. The meter is convenient and easy to use and may be used for resistance, capacitance, and inductance readings, and It can instruct the consumer whether the battery is low or not. For better calculation, it comes with a double integral and A/D conversion measuring system.

When measuring small inductors and capacitors, the Poster LCR meter can produce useful results and operates with various calculation principles, giving rise to different measurement results.

Key Features

  • Instant power off and data hold Function
  • Several convenient functions
  • Multi-function flexibility with an option for tilt view
  • Supports multiple frequencies for calculation
  • A higher degree of reading precision


  • Customizable screen
  • Compact bag
  • Cheap
  • Easy to Use


  • Has no Overload Voltage Security

2. Signstek MESR-100 V2 LCR ESR Meter

Signstek MESR-100 V2 Auto Ranging in Circuit ESR LCR Meter
  • Using true 100 KHz sine wave to measure the ESR value, which is equal to the testing method of capacitor manufacturer.
  • Dual terminal, for fast and easy inspect general capacitor or resistor, a printed ESR table for fast check.
  • Measuring range from 0.001 to 100.0R, support IN CIRCUIT Testing.
  • Auto-ranging capacitor ESR and Low Ohm Meter.
  • Wide Measurement Range

The Signstek LCR Meter is a smart LCR meter that utilizes a sine wave to calculate the ESR value and enhances a dual terminal that assists in locating a resistor or capacitor value, which is quick and fast.

The meter has a creative ESR table written on it, making it easy to measure. This is a meter that embraces the measurement of in-circuits.

Its auto-ranging capacitor gives a broad measurement range. Signstek LCR is a device that can produce a result equal to the testing process of the capacitor manufacturer, which uses 100 kHz power, helping to minimize impedance.

It is simple to calculate the series resistance value when the impedance is minimal. It is also possible to measure whether the capacitor is weakened or still in perfect shape with this meter.

Key Features

  • Better resolution up to 0.001 ohm
  • Efficient and longer battery lifespan
  • Broader display of the value
  • Curve shape for comfortable handling
  • Double terminal for fast and straightforward examination
  • Scale of measurement from 0.001 to 100.0R


  • Better resolution
  • Outstanding display
  • Precise testing
  • Easy to Measure


  • Small measurements

3. DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter

DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter
  • This LCR Meter is a 19999/ 9999 counts dual display, high accuracy LCR meter, which could measure Inductance/ Capacitance/ Resistance with secondary parameters including dissipation factor (D), quality factor (Q), phase angle , equivalent series/ parallel resistance (ESR or Rp).
  • This LCR Meter is fully auto ranging operation for AC impedance & DC resistance measurement. The user could measure the L/C/R components directly in “AUTO-LCR “ smart mode without selecting the function key.
  • Components could be measured in serial or parallel mode according to the DUT (device under test) impedance automatically.User could select the desired test frequencies of 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz /100kHz.
  • The "Sorting"mode could help the user to make a quick sort for a bunch of components.
  • Standard Accessories: English PDF manual, DC9V Battery, Alligator test lead case(TL-21), SMD Tweezers case(TL-22), Guard Line(TL-23),,,,, Option: IR to USB cace *It isn't included.

The DE-5000 LCR Meter is a high-precision LCR meter, counted with the 19999/9999 dual-display. It can make inductance and capacitance calculations. It can also calculate the dissipation factor, efficiency factor, and phase angle with this. It comes with a tremendous auto-ranging mechanism.

For the DC resistance and AC impedance calculation, this LCR meter is appropriate. It helps you calculate the components of the L/R/C, has intelligent and straightforward function keys that make measuring a relaxing activity and comes with a sorting mode that provides its users with many functions.

Fast and advanced, the DE-5000 LCR meter helps you to test parallel or serial mode elements. It allows the user to pick the test frequencies and an English PDF manual with guidelines for this LCR.

Measuring 3.7 x 7.4 x 2.1 inches, the DE-5000 weighs a little under one pound. It would help if you stuck a 9V battery inside to run it. The chassis is mostly dark gray, except the front, which uses a yellow faceplate to help provide high contrast for each analog button to be labeled.

The faceplate is the right touch for an instrument that doesn’t have wireless controls or something glamorous like that. The rest of the analog interface is straightforward to learn. The power button will turn the DE-5000 on or off the sorting button, activate the sorting mechanism, and so on. This gives you plenty of time to reflect on the display.

Key Features

  • A meter with high precision
  • Greater test frequencies (120Hz/100Hz/1 kHz/10kHz/100kHz)
  • English PDF instruction
  • Completely automatic operation range


  • Large frequency spectrum
  • Large application
  • Excellent screen view
  • Easy-to-use Function keys


  • Missing digital buttons
  • Non-included power adapter

4. LCR-T4 Mega328 Digital Transistor Tester

LCR-T4 Mega328 Digital Transistor Tester
  • Test ranges:Inductors, capacitors , diodes, dual diode , mos, transistor, SCR , the regulator, LED tube, ESR, Resistance, Adjustable potentiometer
  • Can detect the transistor, MOSFET protection diode amplification coefficient and the base to determine the emitter transistor forward biased voltage.
  • High test speed, valid component test: 2 seconds (except in the larger capacitor of large capacitance measurement also takes a long time, the measured time of one minute is normal)
  • 128*64 big Backlight LCD display,only 2mA when stand by.
  • Auto power off function to avoid unnecessary waste, saving battery power, improved battery life

The LCR tester measures inductors and capacitors. Dual diodes, triode, MOS, transistor, SCR, regulator, LED tube, ESR, and resistance are provided. The transistor is detectable. The Adjustable potentiometer comes with this. It has the coefficient of MOSFET protection diode amplification and the base for determining the emitter transistor’s forward-biased voltage.

LCR Diode Triode has a fast test speed. The valid part test is 2 seconds (except that large capacitance measurements often take a long time in the more excellent capacitor, the estimated time of one minute is standard). When on standby, the 128*64 wide Backlight LCD is just 2mA.

To prevent excessive wasting, conserve battery power, and boost battery life, it comes with an auto power-off feature.

Key Features

  • Support Feature for Boot Voltage Analysis
  • The screen uses an LCD 12864 (128 * 64 characters)
  • One button operation, test for power-on.
  • Measure the voltage of the gate threshold and gate capacitance MOSFET
  • Shutdown Mode for Power Consumption: Just under 20 mA


  • Adjustable potentiometer
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic power off feature (When it is on for long without usage)
  • Has both Diode and Triode

5. Smart Tweezers ST5-S Professional LCR Meter

Smart Tweezers ST5-S Professional LCR Meter
  • Precision LCR Meter, 0.1% Accuracy, ideal for SMD, calibrated, certificate included
  • Automated component identification. Automatic and manual C, R, L, Z, ESR modes
  • ClearValue OLED Display, Swiss 24K Gold-plated Test Leads, Built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Amazon Special: Portable and clam shell cases, spare premium test leads included
  • 2 Years Warranty and Lifetime support. Supplied directly from Advance Devices, Inc.


Smart Tweezers is an LCR meter with practical calculation readings that can be used. It is an incredibly simple, handheld electronic instrument that can be trusted with a unique ergonomic layout and high-speed measurements and accuracy.

The LCR meter calculates the capacitance, resistance, and inductance of the electronic device. It is easy to handle the small and lightweight instrument. It has standardized test diodes that can calculate both the impedance Z and the ESR of the capacitor.

A clutter-free, easy-to-read interface aims to provide simple measurement outcomes and performance test conditions and promotes signal frequency for calculations with optimum precision. These are smart tweezers that can detect the component type instantly by choosing the correct range.

Key Features

  • Detection of automated modules
  • Compact and ergonomic style
  • OLED display with high visibility
  • An ideal option for better testing
  • Can operate in complicated electronic systems


  • Ergonomic structure
  • Portable
  • Excellent skills for testing
  • High speed measurements


  • Only fits small items
  • Expensive

6. PEAK Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter

PEAK Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter
  • Fluid LCR and Impedence measurements with hold function, Automatic or manual component type.
  • Automatic or manual test frequency, DC, 1kHz, 15kHz or 200kHz.
  • Enhanced measurement resolution: 0.2uH, 0.2pF and 0.2 Ohms.
  • Easy menu system for user settings.
  • Full 1 year Manufacturers Warrenty

The meter is convenient to use and is a portable meter that assures exact outcomes. Inductance, capacitance, resistance, and impedance can be measured, and it is convenient to use because it comes with interchangeable test leads and test buttons that are easy to press. Its sophisticated modules have rich calculation capabilities. The Peak Atlas meter keeps testing and continually shows it for improved outcomes.

There is no question that it is an instrument that can be modified as needed. The meter may also help define the variable’s parameters, its entry, and its magnitude.

It comes in auto and manual modes, and one can be chosen by the user as needed, and better test frequency is supported.

Key Features

  • Quick measurements of fluids
  • Better hold feature
  • Simple usage of the meter
  • More excellent range of resistance and capacitance


  • Simple usage: Just add the universal test to the part and push the button for the test. The LCR45 will define the device type (Inductor, Capacitor, or Resistor) in seconds, along with the value of the component. Readings are taken continuously, giving you the perfect method for acceptable changes to be made.
  • Better outcomes with advanced components
  • Has both automatic and manual modes
  • Good precision of test frequency

7. LCR Research Pro1 Plus – 100KHz LCR Meter

LCR Research Pro1 Plus - 100KHz LCR Meter
  • Basic accuracy – R: 0.1%, L: 0.2%, C: 0.2% (see user manual for details)
  • 5 test frequencies – 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz with 3 test voltage - 0.2Vrms, 0.5Vrms, 1.0Vrms
  • Wide measurement range – R: 20mΩ to 10MΩ, C: 0.1pF to 10mF, L: 10nH to 1H
  • Additional diode and LED testing function
  • One year warranty, lifetime support

The new LCR meter from the reliable LCR Research Agency is the Pro 1 Plus. This latest model, as planned, comes packed with features and is an upgrade to the previous models. It comes in a tweezer-like pen-size style that is strikingly cute.

Pro 1 Plus tests higher frequencies than any other product on our list, which partially explains its high price tag. On research, it also offers accurate readouts and enjoys an impressive screen, auto mode, among other outstanding features.

Key Features

  • Ultra-precise guides: Allow you to quickly and accurately pick up and weigh small parts. You should collect items that are as little as 0.4 by 0.2mm to examine them. Without touching others, the shape enables you to choose unique electrical components.
  • PC functionality: You can concurrently charge the battery and make calculations while the device is attached to a monitor. You also get visual information on what you are weighing on your PC.
  • LED monitoring: Lights up when polarity, current flow, and voltage are observed.
  • OLED display: To encourage visual clarity, it comes with a bright screen resolution.
  • 5-test frequency: Enables frequency analysis at 100 Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, and 100KHz.


  • Lifetime assistance
  • Great precision
  • PC-friendly
  • Gives accurate readings


  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t come in manual modes


  • LCR Meter is Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance, Continuity Test And Diodes Measuring Meter, A Special Digital Instrument , Easy to Operat, Reading Accuracy Degree is Higher with LCD Display 1999 (3 1/2).
  • Adopted Double Integral A/D Converter Core and A Large-Scale Integrated Circuits, Make The LCR Meter Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance Tester an Excellent Performance Instrument for Users.
  • Wide Measuring Range 200pF to 2000uF, Accuracy ±(2.5%+5), 200uH Tto 20H,Accuracy ±(2%+5), 200Ω to 200MΩ, Accuracy ±(0.8%+2).
  • Multi-function : Auto Power Off, Data Hold function, Low Power Indication, ZERO ADJ for Capacitance , Large Screen Can be Flipped , Sampling rate is 3 times per Second.
  • Accessory : 1x Instruction Manual, 1xCertificate, A pair of crocodile clip , 1x 9V Battery, Designed to Safely and Accurately Troubleshoot A Variety of Automotive and Household Electrical Problems.

The LCR Meter LCD Capacitance is a measuring meter for inductivity, capacitance, and resistance. It is a unique digital LCR meter that is simple to operate.

With liquid crystal display 3 1/2, the reading precision degree is better. Double integral A/D converter core and large-scale integrated circuits were introduced. This makes the meter an exceptional efficiency aid for customers.

Key Features

  • The most significant benefit for display: 1999 (3 1/2).
  • Form of measurement: Double A/D conversion integral.
  • Speed of sampling: 3 times per second
  • “Display over range: “1” at the highest digit
  • Working temperature: 0°C and 40°C,
  • Temperature for storage: -10°C to 50°C
  • Electricity: a laminated 9V battery (6F22).
  • Accessories: a handbook, a certificate, a pair of crocodile clips, and a 9V charger.


  • The high lifespan of the battery
  • Auto power off and Data Hold Function
  • High test speed
  • Easy to operate

9. Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter

Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter
  • Primary display of inductance, capacitance or resistance
  • Secondary display of Q, dissipation (1/Q) and resistance
  • Built in test fixture or use external test leads
  • Sort components using programmable Hi/Low values
  • Parallel or series equivalent circuit

Its main display contains the inductance, capacitance, and resistance indicator, and the dissipation and resistance display is the secondary one. To obtain the result, one can use the built-in test fixture or even use external test leads. The Extech LCT meter is easy to hold and allows the parallel or serial equivalent circuit to be calculated.

The Extech 380193 LCR meter, accessible with sorted parts, makes this meter easy to operate. Using programmable high and low values, the LCR meter helps perform better calculations and is suitable for larger processing systems and individual product testing requirements.

Key Features

  • Higher frequency of test accuracy
  • Compressive display with improved performance from data analysis
  • Signifies the record values; both highest and lowest
  • Real values or percentage limit returned
  • Ensuring the efficiency of components


  • Detailed display
  • Different applications
  • Precise testing
  • Simple to operate


  • Not Budget-friendly

10. AideTek DM4070 LCR Meter Multimeter Tester

AideTek DM4070 LCR Meter multimeter Tester
  • Capacitance: 200pF/2nF/20nF/200nF/2uF/20uF/200uF/2000uF (2.5%+10)
  • Inductance 200uH/2mH/20mH/200mH/2H/20H (2.5%+10)
  • Resistance 20ohm/200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/20Mohm (0.5%+3)


The AideTek DM4070 is a handy LCR measuring meter measuring component capacitance, inductance, and resistance. It works with an available feature, and the option is disabled by the short zero and is fitted with a capacitance inductance measuring multi-meter tester.

A low battery is suggested by the LCR meter. It also has an auto power-off feature such that if it is not in use for any calculation for longer than 30 minutes, it will automatically turn down the power.

For improved and reliable readings, the AideTek LCR has a digital backlit LCD. Higher test frequencies are provided by the Aidetek LCR, making it acceptable for configurable parallel or series equivalent circuit measurements.

Key Features

  • Auto power off mechanism with the feature of self-discharge
  • Appropriate for testing capacitance
  • Anti-shock safety


  • Save batteries
  • Outstanding display
  • Easy to access
  • Portable and user-friendly


  • Poor plastic casing
  • Unpredictable readings for DC

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing an LCR Meter

Below are lists of factors you take under consideration before buying an LCR meter;

  • Performance and durability: If you want your meter to last for a prolonged time, durability is essential. To find more accurate data, make sure that the meter guarantees high efficiency.
  • Accuracy: What you’re searching for is a precise, accurate, and consistent meter. Get one that, with greater frequency, will return distinct findings.
  • Mode and Function: Over one direction supports most meters. Check each meter for the patterns to execute operations and figure out your appropriate mode set.
  • Screen and display: The screen should be complete and transparent enough for a backlit LCD to allow convenient reading for users.
  • Budget: Your pocket doesn’t want to be drained, does it? There are several LCR meters currently on the market that are accessible. Be sure that if you’re looking for the best LCR meter to buy, the standard is outstanding.
  • Weight: If you want to take it around with you, get a compact meter and a heavy-duty meter if you intend to use it in a fixed position.
  • Purpose: Purchase a compact and quick to use LCR meter if you are looking to use it personally or for home purposes. If you purchase it for technical purposes, you can get a high-range, reliable, and accurate LCR meter.
  • Auto power-off and guidance on low battery: When the Auto Power feature is separated from the LCR meter, it will simply switch off if it is not in operation, protecting and extending the LCR meter’s power consumption. Verify whether you have this feature on your LCR meter or not. When the battery is down, often LCR meters instruct users so that the user can plug it into the source for charging until it is finally turned off and the job is done. These LCR meters are an appropriate choice.
  • Manual or automatic: Two types, automatic and manual LCR meters, could be available. The electronic LCR meter automatically sets a value, while the manual LCR meter allows the user to set the value manually. According to your needs, you can choose this. For improved calculation, auto LCR meters are the perfect LCR meters.


We trust that our buyers’ manual has provided you with a sound vision of what you are looking for in an LCR meter, and this article has been useful, and now you are prepared to pick the best LCR meter for yourself.



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