10 Best Insulation Testers of 2023 – Reviews By An Expert!

Whether you are a professional or armature DIY electrician, you will need the recommended tools for your daily projects. You need suitable tools that guarantee accuracy when testing electrical lines, circuit boards, and other electrical projects.

One of the essential gadgets for electricians is an insulation tester. People also refer to them as muggers or mega ohmmeters. Their key function is to evaluate electrical resistance in a system.

Top 5 Best Insulation Testers: Editor’s Choice

 The 10 Best Insulation Testers Reviews:

1. Klein Tools ET600 Insulation Resistance Tester

Klein Tools ET600 Megohmmeter
  • Voltage Tester tests insulation resistance up to 4000MΩ at 125V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V DC
  • Megohmmeter with test and lock buttons for simple insulation testing
  • Warning alarm and high voltage icon for detection of voltage
  • Measures up to 1000V AC/DC, resistance, and continuity
  • Automatic ranging True Root Mean Square (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy

If you are keen on overall accuracy, this is the best insulation tester to consider. Klein Tools ET600 Mega ohmmeter is a top market choice having the highest input resistance and great functionalities. Most people think that it is a standard tester for armatures. It is then a suitable choice for both the professional and armature working with automobiles and electronics.

Klein Tools ET600 insulation tester has a resistance measuring capacity of up to 4000MΩ. Its test voltage capacity lies between 125V and 1000V. Moreover, this is a user-friendly insulation tester in the market. It boasts the test and lock buttons to enable users to test insulation with ease. Furthermore, this tester features a high voltage and warning alarm to notify users when a voltage is detected in the system.

The automatic ranging TRMs technology places it in the list of accurate insulator testers in the market. This is a tester for use at any time; it has a backlit display that enables users to use it even in dark rooms and night hours. Additionally, this tester has a low battery signal icon that notifies users when batteries get depleted.


  • An affordable insulation tester
  • User-friendly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • It offers accurate readings


  • The screen might lose contrast when used in some angles
  • Not ideal for greater applications

2. Supco M500 Insulation Tester/Electronic Megohmmeter

Sipco M500 Electronic Megohmmeter
  • Measure insulation values up to 1000 me ohms at 500 VAC
  • Zone scale to indicate insulation condition
  • Hand held
  • Test Leads store in case
  • Operates on 2 C batteries (not included)

Are you looking for the most uncomplicated insulation tester? Consider the Supco M500 tester as the best option. The measuring capacity of this tester is up to 1000 me Ω 500 VAC test voltage. Unlike other insulation testers using digital displays to show readings, this model indicates the zone scale’s insulation condition.

Moreover, it is a more reliable option in the market of all. In the length of the service period, this model uses 2 C batteries to operate. Therefore, expect long term use before you recharge or replace the batteries. Additionally, it is the most affordable and durable option whose components have minimal possibilities of failing.

For its low price tag, you will get surprised by how robust the model is. The package comes with a test lead for easy and safe storage of insulation tester. Furthermore, the Sipco M500 insulation tester is lightweight. You don’t have to carry along mounting stands to use it.


  • An affordable insulation tester
  • The tester is exceptionally light
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Durable batteries


  • Batteries not included
  • Lacks an LCD screen

3. LEAGY VICTOR VC60B+ Digital Insulation Tester

LEAGY VICTOR VC60B+ Resistance Tester
  • Measure Range up to 2000MΩ 1000V with Accuracy of ±(4% of reading +2 digits)
  • Large LCD display (84.8*59.8mm), with backlight, max display "1999"
  • Data hold and auto power off
  • Over Range indication: display "1"
  • Low power consumption: Less than 300mw at unload measurement

This is another fantastic innovation that both the professional and DIY electrician has tested and proved worth their price tag. LEAGY VICTOR VC60B+ is a new invention using the latest technologies to provide precise and accurate results. The tester measures insulation of up to 2000 MΩ 1000V test voltage. The manufacturer designed it with the latest technologies to provide an accuracy range of ±4%.

This model boasts a large LCD to offer users excellent visibility of the insulation reading. Moreover, a backlight enables electrical workers to use it even in dark areas and even at night. Additionally, the model has an easy to navigate design; it makes a perfect option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

For convenience, the model boasts auto shut off and data hold features. The auto shut-off feature enables the tester to go off automatically for a few minutes when not used. This not only boosts the life of the battery but also for safety purposes. Furthermore, the data hold feature enables users to take precise and accurate readings.


  • Has a bright and large LCD
  • Offers accurate and precise measurements
  • User-friendly
  • High insulation test range


  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • Lacks a TRMs technology feature

4. BTMETER BT-6688B Megohmmeter Insulation Tester

Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, BTMETER BT-6688B
  • ✅【High Insulation Resistance Tester】Digital Autoranging Megohmeter measures high insulation resistance 0.1M~200G ohms with accuracy 3%~10% + 5 digits.
  • ✅【Wider Testing Voltage】The output testing voltage can be selected from 100V/250V/500V/1000V/2500V/5000V. This Insulation Resistance Tester comes with a non-slip and anti-fall protective case which is insulative.
  • ✅【Safe and Reliable Mega Ohmmeter】 IEC-1010 double insulation, overvoltage category Ⅱ safety standard rated. During any rated voltage measurement, if the measured resistance is less than 5M ohms, the measurement time should not exceed 10 seconds.
  • ✅【Electric Insulativity Test Checker】 This Megohm meter can also measures AC high volt 1V~750V, Frequency Range:40Hz~400Hz,with high voltage measurement LED warning.Ideal for measuring insulation resistance in high-voltage electrical equipment, electricity wiring cable
  • ✅【2 YEARS QUALITY WARRANTY】BT-6688B 1999 Counts Megameter suitable for measuring the insulation resistance of various electrical equipment and insulating materials such as transformers, motors, cables, switches, electrical appliances, etc. Backed for 1 year warranty for worry-free purchase!

If you are looking for a stylish and straightforward insulation tester, this is the best choice for you. This digital model boasts excellent features that enable it to measure the resistance of up to 200GΩ. The testing voltage of this model lies between 500V and 5000V.

The good thing about this model is its safety protection feature. It boasts IEC 61010-1 & CATIV 600V / CATIII 1000V safety overload protection feature on all ranges. Moreover, this is a high end and versatile insulation tester for electrical workers who need accurate measurements. Electricians use it in various applications, including testing high voltage, AC voltage, insulation resistance, etc.

Furthermore, the package comes with batteries included. Additionally, it boasts backlight lighting and high & low power indicator. The backlight lighting enables users to use in dark rooms and even in the late-night hours. Lastly, the data retention feature allows users to read and record accurate and precise measurements.


  • High resistance testing range
  • Comes with battery included
  • Offers accurate and precise measurement
  • Use-friendly


  • A bit expensive
  • Don’t come with extra replacement parts

5. Amprobe-2730991 AMB-25 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

Amprobe-2730991 AMB-25 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Insulation resistance meter to test insulation of wires, cables, transformers, and electrical motors
  • Digital meter with automatic range selection
  • Internal memory stores up to 9 test results
  • Measures insulation resistance from 0 to 1,000 megaohms with 250, 500, and 1,000V DC test voltage
  • Safety rated to European Standard EN 61010-1 Category III 1,000V

Following a strict budget might lead you to purchase unworthy products. If you are looking for an accurate insulation tester of value, choose this one. Amprobe-2730991 AMB-25 is a user-friendly tester equipped with excellent features for accurate and precise measurement.

This is a versatile and digital insulation tester is used to test insulation in transformers, wires, electric motors, and cables. Having a test voltage of between 250 and 1000 VDC, it can measure insulation between 0 and 1000 mega ohms.

The best part of the Amprobe-2730991 AMB-25 insulation tester is its internal memory for data storage. The memory can store up to 9 results for future reference whenever there is a need. Moreover, there is a programmable timer that is responsible for performing the dielectric ratio absorption test. Furthermore, the model has a sensitive ohmmeter that can measure the resistance of motor windings.


  • Has extra data storage memory
  • A durable and reliable model
  • Assures users maximum safety
  • Easy to use


  • A bit expensive than other budget models
  • Package not packed with enough extras

6. AP-6688B Cable Insulation Resistance Tester

Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, AP-6688B
  • ✅【Excellent Performance】Testing Voltage:500V/1000V/2500V/5000V;Insulation Resistance:1MΩ~200GΩ;AC Voltage:1V~750V;Frequency Range:40Hz~400Hz.
  • ✅【Safe and Reliable Design】The AP-6688B Insulation Resistance Tester comes with a blue protective sheath which is insulative, non-slip and anti-fall. The product design complies with the IEC-1010 double insulation, environmental pollution degree II and over-voltage category II safety standard issued by IEC.
  • ✅【Gather all the Functions That You Need】AP-6688B insulation resistance tester 1999 counts LCD display, data hold, auto ranging, low battery indication,backlight and HV red indication lamp light.
  • ✅【Ideal Electrical Test Instrument】The product is suitable for measuring the insulation resistance of various electrical equipment and insulating materials such as transformers, motors, cables, switches, electrical appliances, etc.
  • ✅【2 YEARS WARRANTY】1.5V(AA)*6 batteries are included. AOPUTTRIVER provides 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support, if you have any problems about our products, please feel free to contact us!

Everybody needs an excellent performing product of all in the market. This is the best choice for professionals and DIY electricians who are keen on general performance. This model has testing voltages of 500V/1000V/2500V/5000V. Its resistance to measuring capacity is 1MΩ~200GΩ. Apart from its use in measuring resistance, the model can evaluate both AC Voltage and frequency.

Its safe and reliable design makes it stand out even from the fluke insulation tester. The manufacturer designed it compliant with the IEC standards. The outer casing is made of a blue protective sheath to provide it excellent insulation power that cannot fall. Moreover, this is a tester in the market designed compliant with over-voltage and environmental pollution degree II IEC safety standards.

Furthermore, the model boasts excellent features for efficient and effective functioning. It boasts features including the data hold feature, low battery indicator, LCD, and backlight lighting. The data hold feature enables the users to read and record accurate and precise measurements.

The backlight lighting provides the opportunity for use in dark areas and even in the late-night hours. Additionally, the low battery indicator notifies users whenever the battery is depleted and needs replacement.


  • Backed with two tears warranty
  • Batteries included
  • Users are guaranteed lifetime technical support
  • Provide accurate and precise measurements


  • Don’t come with extra replacement parts
  • Short battery life

7. HOLDPEAK HP-6688B Digital Insulation Resistance Tester 

HOLDPEAK HP-6688B Digital Insulation Resistance Tester
  • 👉【Test voltage combinations】500V,1000V,2500V or 5000V;AC Voltage:750V.
  • 👉【Battery Included】Contain 6*1.5V (AA) Battery.Comes with a rechargeable function that lets you recycle your battery,Don't need to replace batteries frequently.
  • 👉【Insulation Resistance】1MΩ~200GΩ.A large range for you measure the insulation resistance.
  • 👉【Multi-Function】Strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function.With Auto Range,Data Hold,Low Battery Indication,Backlight,HV red indication lamp light,High voltage and short circuit input alarm.
  • 👉【Safety Protection】 IEC 61010-1 & CATIV 600V / CATIII 1000V overload protection on all ranges.HOLDPEAK come with 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support,if you have any problems with our product,pls feel free to contact us,we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Are you looking for an all-purpose insulation tester? The HOLDPEAK HP-6688B tester is worth their price tag. It is a safe and reliable model in the market employed for a variety of applications. They serve best in evaluating household appliances and automatic parts. The insulation measurement capacity of these models lies at 1MΩ~200GΩ. It offers test voltage combinations of 500V/1000V/5000V.

The manufacturer designed this model with strong anti-jamming and anti-magnetic functions to perform perfectly in different applications. Like other models, the HOLDPEAK HP-6688B tester boasts a data hold feature that allows users to read and write accurate measurements. Moreover, the model has a low battery indicator that helps notify a user when the battery is depleted and needs replacement.

Furthermore, this model also comes with IEC 61010-1 & CATIV 600V / CATIII 1000V safety protection. This helps for overload protection of all ranges. Additionally, there is a backlight lighting that enables users to use it in darker rooms and late-night hours. Lastly, the manufacturer designed a rechargeable function to allow the recycling of batteries once depleted. Therefore, you will not incur the costs of replacing batteries always.


  • Provides accurate and consistent measurements
  • Has a large LCD
  • Backed with the latest technical features
  • It is versatile


  • Short battery life
  • A bit expensive

8. REED Instruments R5600 Insulation Tester 1000V

REED Instruments R5600 Insulation Tester
  • Test voltage combinations: 250V, 500V or 1000V
  • 1mA test current for megaohm range at rated voltage
  • 200mA test current for continuity range
  • Continuity test with beeper
  • Large, easy-to-read dual display with backlight

Get home the Reed Instruments R5600 tester if you need an affordable and attractive insulation tester. This user-friendly model makes it an ideal option, especially for people who are new to insulation testers. The test voltage of this model is a combination of 250V/500/1000V. This is also one of the versatile options in the market that can test insulation resistance to about 2000 me ohms.

Unlike other models held when used, Reed Instruments R5600 tester comes with alligator clips and a hanging strap for easy mounting. Moreover, it has a hard carry casing, and test leads to safe storage. Furthermore, the model has a large display to enable users to read measurements easily. Additionally, there is a backlight lighting that allows electrical workers to use it in dark and late-night hours.


  • An affordable model
  • Comes with a storage and carry casing
  • Has a durable construction
  • You can use it even in the dark


  • Made of stiff buttons
  • The battery life is short

9. VICI VC60B+ Multimeter Insulation Tester 

VICI VC60B+ Multimeter Insulation Tester
  • An accurate, reliable and easy-to-use insulation resistance tester. High stability and reliability.
  • Strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function. Over Range and low Battery Indication.
  • Unit symbol display, easy to use. High voltage and short circuit input alarm.
  • Extra Large and Clear 3.5 inch LCD Display, easy to read.
  • Full function protection, anti high voltage circuit design.

For excellent accuracy, VICI VC60B+ Digital Insulation Resistance Tester wins big over other market models. The model has strong anti-jamming and anti-magnetic functions that make the model ideal for many applications. This is also an-easy-to use model in the market that still offers precise and accurate measurements.

The large LCD enables users to read and record measurements easily. Moreover, there is a backlight lighting that allows it for dark rooms and late-night hours. This tester offers test voltage combinations of 250V/500V/1000V and insulation test range capacity of up to 2000 mega ohm.

Furthermore, this model boasts a low battery indicator and automatic power-off features. The low battery indicator notifies users when a battery gets depleted. On the other hand, its automatic power-off feature enables the tester to shut down automatically in a few minutes inactive. The automatic shut off feature is great for energy conservation.


  • Backed with excellent features
  • A durable option
  • User-friendly
  • Offers accurate and consistent measurements


  • Batteries not included
  • Lacks extra replacement parts

10. UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester

UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester
  • 6000 display count with analog bar & PI/DAR measurements, auto resistivity calculation;
  • Comparison function & Lock/timing measurements, 6 sets of timing selectable;
  • 99-group data storage; Auto discharge to improve safety; Data hold; Auto power off ; Backlight;
  • Single hand operation through remote controlled probe;
  • Live wire testing & High voltage output alarm.

The review of the best insulation testers can’t be complete without the UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester. This is a digital model that employs the TRMs technology to provide users with precise and accurate measurements. Other than calculating the insulation resistance, it also provides information about the quality of insulation.

Moreover, this is a versatile model in the market. Electrical workers employ them to perform several precision tools like adapters, cables, electrical appliances, and many others. What will surprise you most is its display. UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester has a large 6000-word display screen. The manufacturer designed it with an analog display bar to enable users to read and record accurate and precise measurements.

Furthermore, there is a backlight that enables it for use at night and in darker rooms. Additionally, this is a user-friendly model designed compliant with the CE and UL European Community standards. This model also boasts excellent features, including the recall function and many storage sets.


  • User-friendly
  • Backed with excellent features
  • Offers accurate and precise measurements
  • A durable model


  • Short battery life
  • Not packed with extra replacement parts

Best Overall

After going through the review, UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester stands as the best insulation tester overall. The model boasts several features that guarantee users excellent performance. It also provides accurate and precise measurements. The UT505A Insulation Resistance Tester is a great model worth to invest.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Insulation Tester

When planning to buy the best mugger insulation tester for use, there are many factors that essential to consider. However, it is essential to place your priority on performance. Herein are crucial factors that will lend you the best insulation model.

consider insulation tester


a) Auto-range

Before getting a hold of any insulation tester, have an idea of the precise range of the electrical resistance you will test. Most people rush for the manual range option because they are affordable.

However, it is vital to consider an auto-range model over manual options. They locate resistance in specified zones automatically. Auto range models not only save time but also guarantee accurate measurements.

b) The Probe

This is an essential component of insulation testers. They determine the speed and efficiency the tester will take to give readings. Various insulation testers have different types of probes. Some have to get into contact with the object under test and others by contact.

The sensitivity of the probe matters a lot here. Ensure you get an idea of how to determine the sensitivity of these devices. This will help you to select best insulation cheekier that promotes fast readouts.

c) Input Impedance

This refers what you expect from your best insulation resistance tester on the circuit. Low input impedance leads to inaccurate voltage due to a drop in the device’s resistance. This will later translate to incorrect measurements.

Therefore, ensure you get best me ohmmeter for insulation testing with high impedance. They won’t affect voltage and thereby leading to accurate measurements.

d) Warranty

A warranty is a quality determinant of a product. Various manufacturers back their products with different timeframe warranties. Some offer limited warranties for a specific period and other lifetime provisions.

Warranties assure responsibility by the manufacturer if the product fails to work or comes with defects. Most insulation tester models have between 1 and 3-year warranties. However, it is vital if you get a more extensive option of all.

e) The Price

Most people overlook this factor at large. However, it is important, and you should have it as one of the primary determinants. The cost of insulation testers usually ranges between $20 and $250.

However, don’t rely on the price. Have a look at the features and set a list of five possible options that can work best for you. From the list, compare their prices and get something that is worth the price tag.

f) Convenience Features

The features of a particular insulation tester determine its performance. Insulation testers have features like the LED backlight, auto power-off, data hold, hanging straps, and many others.

All these features and many more make insulation testers perform excellent to give accurate results. Moreover, the features are price determinants of these devices. Have a comparison of a few testers and identify those with convenience features that fit your needs.


Insulation Testers Convenience Features

g) Weight

This is another deterministic factor when selecting an insulation tester that fits your needs. There are both smaller and larger insulations in the market. The larger options are usually best for commercial and industrial use.

Smaller models are for smaller DIY and residential projects. Depending on your insulation tester’s intended purpose, choose what will sustain the portion of your work area.

h) Accuracy Levels

Another essential factor to have in mind is the accuracy of your tester. Before you close the deal, ensure you understand the level of accuracy it provides. By accuracy, we mean the maximum error limit allowed in the insulation tester.

Moreover, ensure you Pay for a tester that tests both AC and DC. It is also important if you consider a versatile model. By this, we mean a model that measures insulation resistance and frequency, current, voltage, and other elements.

i) Energy Capacity

Before you settle on a particular model, get information about the capacity of the circuit you will work on. Having the idea will enable you to have a rough idea about the transitory voltage it will handle. This will prevent you from a low leveled test that might damage.

j) Durability

The list of factors to consider when selecting insulation testers is long. You need a tool that can last for even a decade and still offering an excellent service. A long service guarantees maximum protection of your loved ones and property alike. Moreover, you must get a model that requires little maintenance. Spend little to replace and repair its parts whenever they develop issues or failures.

k) Safety and Performance

We will not end the selection factors without listing safety and performance. Even if they appear at the bottom of the list, they are the primary factors in the selection process. They are also an essential requirement when dealing with electrical appliances. However, to get a tool that performs and offers maximum safety, you will have to dig deep to invest in high-end models.


Insulation testers are incredible innovations that help detect possible leaks in electric installation, transformers, motors, and other electric systems. Different environmental elements cause current leaks in systems. These might be dust, mold, and stresses due to constant expansion and contraction when starting and shutting motors repeatedly.

Regular checkups and maintenance are important to reduce problems that might cost you heavily to repair or fix them. This article will guide you to get the best insulation tester in the market worth investing in. Moreover, it is important to learn about insulation tester how it works. They will help you to carry out regular checkups to safeguard your loved ones and properties.

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