10 Best High-Temperature Tapes of 2023 – Reviews By An Expert!

Taping remains a popular remedy for fixing or joining broken things together. It however gets a bit tricky when the parts to be taped naturally give off heat enough to burn or melt the tape. So, in place of the regular tapes, you have to resort to tapes that are resistant to high temperature. This article is a review of high-performance tapes and the best heat resistant tape among them recommended for you.

Before we go on, what exactly are high-temperature tapes? These tapes have some special qualities that make them categorized as such. They can withstand high heat and temperature to hold hot parts together firmly.

Top 5 Best High-Temperature Tapes: Editor Recommended

Temperature resistant tapes are conductors of heat that can function effectively over a wide range of temperature, between -30°C to 180°C. These tapes are made of heat resistant materials such as polymers, polyesters, aluminum, or glass fiber. They are suitable insulators for electrical wiring and protective shields against high temperatures.

Selecting a temperature tape largely depends on unique experience and need. The best high temp insulating tape for you might not be the best for another, except you both get it for the same purpose.

There are several kinds, dimensions, and applications of these tapes and what you need it for is what will determine which you should buy. Let’s check out these high-temperature tapes, their main features, and various applications in this sticky ride together.

Recommended Product Review

Having completed these high-temperature tapes review, our best pick, which we would recommend is MYJOR High-Temperature Kapton Tape. This is because the tape possesses excellent qualities above the rest that make it stand out.

This product can be used as an insulator, for heat-press, on electrical circuits, and can withstand temperatures of as high as 662°F! MYJOR High-Temperature Kapton Tape is no doubt, the best high temp tape you can get.

The 10 Best High-Temperature Tapes Reviews:

1. MS WGO Heat Resistant Tape

MS WGO Heat Resistant Tape
  • Heat Tape perfect for protecting sensitive printed circuit board (PCB) components such as gold fingers when wave soldering
  • Heat Resistant Tape extensive use as heat tape for transformer, motor, coil, capacitor and frequency conversion power supply in electronic industry
  • Heat transfer tape for vinyl.This heat transfer tape keep your design in place when you making shirts and hats,help to do heat transfer vinyl on a heat press
  • High Temp Tape Size: Width: about 10mm/0.39in; Length: about 33m /108ft. Heat resistance: Short period Heat Resistance:260℃(500°F)Long period Heat Resistance:220℃(428°F)
  • Heat Tape Color: mainly tawny,No residue

The MS WGO heat resistant tape is resistant to high temperature due to the Polyimide film material it is made of. The temperature tape is made with Silicone adhesive to prevent any residue when peeled. This tape has proven to be one of the best heat resistant tapes with several of its unique qualities.

This heat resistant tape is compatible and can remain effective under low temperature reaching -73°C (-99°F) and under very high temperature reaching 260°C (500°F). Under extreme heat, it can keep its quality composure of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. For this reason, the heat press tape is well suitable for heat transfer printing such as t-shirt and mug press.

When heated, the tape remains strong with no brittle or cracks. As a result, it can be applied with insulating circuit boards, high-temperature powder coating, automotive sensors, and liquid crystal.

Highlighted Feature

  • 2 Rolls of 10mm X 33m 108ft tapes
  • Substrate material thickness: 0.025mm
  • Elongation: 50%
  • Adhesive Thickness: 0.05mm
  • Breakdown voltage: Min 4KV
  • Adhesive strength: 4.5N/25MM
  • Tensile Strength: 115N/25mm
  • Temperature Range:-73°C (-99°F) – 260°C (500°F)


  • Wide temperature range
  • Leaves no residue
  • Great for heat press
  • No brittle at high temperature


  • Too thin
  • Not good with a porous surface

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2. Selizo High-Temperature Tape

Selizo High-Temperature Tape
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Selizo high temp tape comes with 5 packs heat resistant tape in 5 different size that is fit for your masking, soldering, electronic repair and other DIY project
  • VALUE PACKS: 5 rolls in variety width, 1/8”, 7/32”, 1/4”,15/32” and 25/32”. More flexible and convenient when using in different projects
  • EASY TO USE: Superior performance of the heat resistant. Strong silicone adhesive is easy to stick and no residue after peeling off
  • FIT FOR YOUR NEEDS: Wide temperature up to 280℃(536℉). Works well in protecting electronic products, electric motor, solder, painting, packing fixing, printing PCB board

The Selizo tape makes the list of best high temp tape due to its credible efficiency. The temp tape is especially great for sublimation, HTV, and heat press functions. This product leaves no residue when peeled as its adhesive is made with Silicone.

The pack comes with 5 rolls of high-temperature-resistant tapes in various sizes of width which include 1/8”, 7/32”, 1/4”,15/32”, and 25/32”. These size varieties allow this tape to be used in other heat bonding projects, although, the adhesive does not stick as effectively as it does with sublimation and HTV. But the heat resistant material does withstand the high heat given off in those projects.

The tape has a temperature resistance range of between -73℃ (99℉) and 280℃(536℉). This product can withstand a higher temperature, compared to other tapes. If you’re looking for an effective tape under extreme heat conditions, the Selizo tape is just the one for you.

Highlighted Feature

  • 5 rolls of 1/8”, 7/32”, 1/4”,15/32” and 25/32” high temp tape
  • Polyimide material with Silicone adhesive
  • Temperature range:  -73℃ (99℉) – 280℃(536℉)


  • Great for sublimation and HTV
  • Wide temperature range
  • Leaves no residue
  • Durable


  • Has an uncomfortable smell
  • Incompatible

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3. Elegoo High-Temperature Tape

Elegoo High-Temperature Tape
  • High Temp Tape, Elegoo 4 Pack Polyimide High Temperature Resistant Tape Multi-Sized Value Bundle 1/8’’, 1/4’’, 1/2’’, 1’’ with Silicone Adhesive for Masking, Soldering,
  • HN Polyimide polymers film exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range
  • With silicone adhesive for easy release and leaves no residue after peel away
  • High performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties
  • Wide range of applications for masking circuit boards, soldering ,electrical insulation and splicing wires

The Elegoo 4 pack Polyimide tape is a good choice of high-temperature heat resistant tape as the Polyimide material it is made of has a high resistance to high temperature. The tape’s adhesive is also made with Silicone for excellent masking, sealing, and soldering.

A special feature of this Silicone adhesive is that when peeled from the outer cover, the tape releases very easily and does not leave any residue behind. This makes it easy to use and highly effective in bonding broken joints prone to high temperature together without flaw.

The tape has an outstanding blend of physical, thermal, electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties across a wide range of temperatures. This blend guarantees the temperature tape’s durability and excellent quality which makes it form a long-lasting bond. It can withstand adverse temperature from the range of -73°C (99°F) to 260°C (500°F).

This tape comes in 4 multi-sized value bundles of sizes 1/8’’, 1/4’’, 1/2’’, 1’’ suitable for varying temperatures and applications such as insulation, circuit boards, and splicing wires.

Highlighted Feature

  • Adhesive thickness – 0.05mm
  • Temperature resistance range: -73°C (99°F) to 260°C (500°F)
  • Thickness of substrate – 0.025mm
  • Tensile Strength – 135N/25mm


  • Wide range of temperature
  • Leaves no residue
  • Wide range of application
  • Compatible


  • Too thin

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4. 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 3381, 1.88″ x 50 yd, 2.7 mil, Silver

3M Aluminum Foil Tape 3381, 1.88
  • COLD WEATHER: 1. 4 mil aluminum foil backing (2. 7 mil total thickness) coated with a pressure sensitive, cold-weather, acrylic adhesive system (-30F to 250F)
  • EXCELS IN HUMIDITY: Designed for cold weather conditions and excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications
  • MOISTURE BARRIER: Excellent barrier against moisture, dust, flame and certain chemicals
  • UV RESISTANT: Providing good performance and durability in various environments
  • CONFORMABLE: Malleable foil is conformable, capable of adhering to irregular surfaces

3M Aluminum foil tape 3381 is made of dead-soft aluminum foil with an acrylic adhesive coating which is very sensitive to pressure. The product is particularly made to be used in extreme cold and wet conditions, between -30F and 250F, where it effectively delivers the best performance. The foil is designed to shield out heat, reflect light, resist moisture and at the same time do a perfect job at sealing and bonding.

The foil is also malleable and can be reshaped to firmly tape irregular and rough surfaces. This tape is conformable and very easy to apply. It has superior UV and temperature resistance as well, which gives the tape its durable high strength and performance qualities.

3M Aluminum foil tape can be used for reflective insulation, sealing foam sheathing boards, and duct wraps. If you’re searching for the best tape to use in a dusty, moisturized, or cold environment, search no more because this Aluminum foil tape is just what you need.

Highlighted Feature

  • Dimensions: 1.88″ x 50 yd, 1.4 mil
  • Temperature resistance range: -30F to 250F
  • Material: Aluminum foil with acrylic adhesive


  • Great under extreme cold and humidity
  • Conformable
  • UV resistant
  • Durable


  • Too thin
  • Inadequate for very high temperature

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5. Retermit Kapton Sublimation Tape

Retermit Kapton Sublimation Tape
  • Perfect for protecting sensitive printed circuit board (PCB) components such as gold fingers when wave soldering
  • Extensive use as heat tape for transformer, motor, coil, capacitor and frequency conversion power supply in electronic industry.
  • Transfer tape for vinyl.This heat transfer tape keep your design in place when you making shirts and hats,help to do heat transfer vinyl on a heat press.
  • Size: Width: about 10mm/0.39in; Length: about 30m /100ft. Heat resistance: about 260C/500F

Retermit tape is made of Polyimide polymers film which gives it its major high-temperature resistant quality. The tape’s adhesive is also made with Silicone so that it leaves no residue when it’s peeled off. The tape has a temperature resistance range of -73°C (99°F) to 260°C (500°F).

Retermit Sublimation Tape is the tape for you if your quest is to find one that is suitable for protecting delicate electrical boards and circuits. The heat resistant tape is an effective choice of heat tape for electrical equipment such as capacitors, transformers, coil, and motors. Retermit works especially excellently for HTV and sublimation. The tape maintains your design and patterns on materials like mugs and shirts you want to style using a heat press.

Highlighted Feature

  • Substrate material: Polyimide polymers film
  • Substrate material thickness: 0.025mm
  • Adhesive Thickness: 0.05mm
  • Elongation: 35 %
  • Range of Temperature: -73°C (99°F) to 260°C (500°F).
  • Heat resistance: around 260C/500F


  • No residue
  • Wide temperature range
  • Great for sublimation and HTV
  • Great for Printed Circuit Board


  • Thin tape

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6. 3M aluminum foil tape 3340

My product name
  • VAPOR SEAL TAPE: 2. 0 mil aluminum foil backing (4. 0 mil total thickness) with a strong, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is ideal as a vapor seal tape for duct closure.
  • HOT AND COLD TEMPERATURES: Combination of a foil backing and acrylic adhesive gives this tape a superb operational temperature range of -40F-300F (-40C-149C).
  • EASY RELEASING LINER: Poly coated Kraft paper liner protects the adhesive and keeps the tape ready for use.
  • LONG LASTING: The foil backing serves as an excellent barrier against moisture, dust and many chemicals - making it strong, durable and long-lasting.
  • APPLICATIONS: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), duct closure, vapor seal on reinforced fiberglass duct board, rigid fiber glass duct board, flexible air ducts and air connectors.

When it comes to getting a tape that performs excellently in both hot and cold conditions, the 3M Aluminum foil tape 3340 is your go-to tape. The product is made of aluminum backing 2.0mil thick and a strong acrylic adhesive beer sensitive to pressure. The composition of the tape gives it an incredible temperature resistance range of between -40F (-40°C) and -300F (149°C).

The adhesive is very easy to apply by removing the liner protecting it. This liner is made of poly-coated kraft paper and it keeps the adhesive effective till it’s to be used. The foil backing also protects the tape from dust and moisture and enhances its durability. However, you may need to wear a pair of gloves when applying the foil because its edges can cut your fingers.

This aluminum foil tape is used for various purposes including for sealing ducts and in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), where both hot and cold air function. The tape is also used in industries such as electronics, construction, transportation, metalworking, and automotive.

Highlighted Feature

  • 2.0 mil thick aluminum backing
  • Temperature range of -40F (-40°C) to -300F (149°C).
  • Protective lining layer of poly-coated kraft paper.


  • Excellent for both heat and cold
  • Versatile
  • Ease of use
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Sharp foil edges, requires gloves.

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7. Automotive Wiring Harness Cloth Tape

Automotive Wiring Harness Cloth Tape
  • Wire looms in AUTO,19MM X 25M automotive wiring harness tape is widely used in automobiles;
  • High adhesive force,more than 1.5 N/cm adhesion to the backing for the harness tape;
  • High temperature resistance,-40℉-257℉ is available for applying this wire harness tape;
  • High abrasion resistance,engine harness tape provides excellent abrasion protection of wire harness;
  • ROHS & REACH Approved:high quality wiring loom harness tape with RoHs and REACH approved.

Automotive Wiring harness cloth tape is a flexible tape with high resistance to abrasion, strong adhesion, and easy to apply and use as it is tearable with the hand. The product is an anti-dirty material made from a chemical fabric with wide temperature resistance. This tape is used in automobiles and for indoor use.

The automotive wiring harness cloth tape is made with a base material of chemical fiber cloth. This fiber cloth is made of either natural or artificial polymer compounds. The cloth is resistant to light, abrasion, and worm attack.

The tape also reduces noise in automobiles by converting sound energy to heat energy through friction and vibration. The heat resistant tape has a temperature resistance range of between -40℉ to 257℉.

Highlighted Feature

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Elongation: ≥ 15%
  • Noise resistant
  • Flexible
  • Strong adhesion
  • RoHs & REACH


  • Ease of use
  • Reduces noise
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Thin material

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8. MYJOR High-Temperature Kapton Tape

MYJOR High-Temperature Kapton Tape
  • MYJOR heat transfer tape is made from polyimide film, High tensile strength
  • High temp tape that is fit for SMT high temperature protection, good stability
  • Heat tape for heat press tape work well in protecting electronic products, for 3D Printing, Soldering, Masking, etc
  • Temperature range of heat resistant tape from Long-term temperature 500 ℉(260℃) to Short-term temperature 536 ℉(280℃)
  • Capton tape size 2 in x 108 ft per roll. Any issues please find your order and click 'Contact Seller' send us Email.

MYJOR High-Temperature Kapton tape is a product of Silicone adhesive and Polyimide polymers film, which is used as an insulator for electronics and has a wide temperature resistance range. The tape is used in conductors, semiconductors, and other electrical insulation applications. This product is an excellent tape choice to use on PCB and CPU circuit boards.

The Kapton tape has high tensile strength and can withstand very high temperature, ranging from -10°F to 662°F for short term use and 536°F for long term use.

This high temperature tape is a topnotch tape for soldering, heat press work, masking, and 3D printing. The tape is also used as a protective covering for lithium batteries as it prevents short circuits.

Highlighted Feature

  • Size: 2 in x 108 ft per roll


  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent insulator
  • No residue
  • Durable


  • Thin material

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9. 3M 27-1/2″X66 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 27, 1/2 in X 66 FT.50-Inch Foot

Ths 3M high-temperature tape possesses very high tensile strength and strong adhesive. The tape has a backing made of glass cloth that is resistant to fire, rot or shrink. The heat resistant tape is also effective in serving as a fireproof on cables prone to high heat and can be used for holding Scotch 77 Arc. You can also write on it when working as you would a marking tape.

This tape is made to function in conditions that require high mechanical power and resistance to high temperature. The fireproof tape serves as a defense against wearing away by chemical actions and can withstand 600-volt dry application. If you’re looking for the perfect tape to protect against corrosion, you just found it.

Highlighted Feature

  • Glass material
  • 50-Inch x 66-Foot in size
  • Compatible with glass and rubber


  • Fireproof
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable


  • Brittles at very high temperature

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10. PTFE Coated Fiberglass Telfon Tape,high Temperature Tape

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Telfon Tape,high Temperature Tape
  • PTFE coated fiberglass fabric with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive tapes provide superior release properties and non-stick surfaces to allow machinery and equipment to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • This fiberglass tape provide the solution of hgh temperature,it is used in packaging (heat sealing, shrink wrapping) as a heat resistant release surface placed over heating elements and pressure bars
  • This tape maintains durability at high speeds and high temperatures. Frequently used in heat sealers, blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment as well as lining of guide rails, chutes and slides
  • This tape maintains high temperature resistance to 500F, The PTFE coating provides a smooth, anti-stick surface,waterproof
  • Multipurpose: Impulse Sealer, high-speed sealing machine, food packaging, hot melt machine, motor, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation protection, battery manufacturing sewing machine and so. It is high temperature resistance, ,wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-sticking

The good news fiberglass tape has a PTFE coating with an adhesive made of Silicone which is sensitive to pressure. The PTFE coating provides non-stick surfaces due to its very low friction and allows machine parts to function smoothly. It is also waterproof.

The fiberglass tape is resistant to high temperature and is used over pressure bars as a release surface when packaging food. This tape is used for heat sealing, lining guide rails and slides, shrink wrapping and blister forming. The product is highly durable and retains its composition when put under pressure. It can withstand temperatures as high as 500°F.

This tape is used for food packaging, cable as wire insulation, hot melt machinery, impulse sealer, and low and high voltage electrical appliances.

Highlighted Feature

  • Made of fiberglass
  • PTFE coating
  • Withstands temperature up to 500°F


  • Waterproof
  • Excellent for food packaging
  • Reduces friction
  • Wide temperature resistance range


  • Expensive
  • Soaks up oil

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose High-Temperature Tapes

Purchasing high-temperature resistant tapes for various functions requires that you pay close attention to the sort and quality of the tape in question. There are some qualities you should look out for before buying any tape to be used for bonding at places prone to high heat and temperature.

If you want to buy the best high-temperature electrical tape, for instance, you know it has to be made of insulating material. Let’s check out these factors to consider in deciding the best high temp tape for you.

a) Material Type

The first and most important factor in selecting a choice tape is the material it’s made of. Tapes are made of various materials ranging from rubber to Aluminum to Polyimide.

However, the material which has proved most effective for high-temperature functions is Polyimide. This is because the material has high strength and resistance to high temperature. It also has an even distribution of heat throughout its surface so heat concentration at a point, which can lead to cracks and brittles, is not an option.

b) Adhesive Type

The materials used in the formation of the adhesive are another thing to take cognizance of. Since you are dealing with high temperatures, you don’t want an adhesive that will break down easily when subjected to extreme conditions.

Adhesive options available are organic adhesives like epoxy, UV curable acrylates, cyanoacrylate, acrylic, and inorganic adhesives like Silicone and ceramic thread locker. The organic adhesives do not have the thermal strength to withstand up to 250°C – 300°C.

They are therefore not suitable for high-temperature tapes and the inorganic adhesives make better choices. Some of them, however, are strong enough to withstand extreme cold instead, and this leads us to the next thing to look out for.

c) Point of Application

Where the tape is to be applied is equally as important to ensure the right tape is purchased. As a buyer, you should be aware of the level of heat emitted from the part to be taped, and then with that information, you can select the best heat resistant tape that can withstand that temperature.

On the other hand, if you need a tape that would be exposed to extreme cold or moisture, we’ve got you covered as well. There are tapes available that attend to your need and they are made of aluminum foil, with acrylic adhesives. They are the kind of tapes you should get.

Another thing to consider about the point of application is the nature of the surface the tape is to be applied on. The best high temp tape should be flexible and conformable to adjust itself in taping irregular and rough surfaces. Both Polyimide polymers film and Aluminum foil have this quality, depending on if you need a tape for extremely high or low temperature.

d) Durability

Of course, the main point of tapes is for them to fix broken parts by bonding them together for them to function as a whole like before. If the tape can’t perform this function of keeping the broken parts together for a very long time, then it’s not worth you buying it.

What factors contribute to the durability of the tape? The adhesion value is one. A tape with a low value may keep coming off the work easily or under pressure. So you want to go for one with a high adhesion value, that will remain functional regardless of the condition it is placed in. Tapes with high adhesion are around the value of 40-60 ounces per inch.

The tensile strength of the tape is another factor that determines its durability. If the tape has to undergo stress or strain, the kind of tape you should buy should be one with a very high tensile strength so it won’t begin to get brittle with time.


Now, you should be able to identify the best high-temperature tape for you. Depending on what you need a tape for, be it for electrical insulation, for instance, the best high temperature insulating tape for you would be one that is resistant to the heat exuded from the joint to be taped, and does not conduct electricity of course. It should have a strong adhesive and should be compatible with possible irregular surfaces or shapes it might be needed to hold together. Along with other factors stated in this article, you can discover the best high-temperature electrical tape to use.

The same method of analysis goes for identifying the best high-temperature tapes for your need that would give you your money’s worth. You can cross-examine several tapes that fit your need as we have done and select one that has the best qualities and has a wider range of applications. This way, it can be applied for multiple uses and deliver excellent performance on them all.

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