10 Best Hearing Aid Dryers of 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

If your ears fail you, or you want to help someone with such a problem, the best way is to buy a proper hearing aid. But for a hearing aid to last long, you must take good care of it. Besides, they come with a budget you would not like to go to waste.

Top 5 Best Hearing Aid Dryers: Editor Recommended

Therefore, it is important to buy a dehumidifier or dryer for your hearing aids. The market today gets flooded with so many dryers, making it difficult to choose one. In this article, you shall learn the best hearing aid dryers on the market today.

Top 10 Best Hearing Aid Dryers Review:

1. EZY DOSE – Hearing Aid Dryers Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier for Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • SELF-CARE: Ezy Dose hearing aid cleaning tools are designed to maintain and protect your hearing aids - and quality of life - for years to come
  • EASY USE: Flip-top lid for easy opening and closing on all type of hearing aids
  • PROTECTIVE FOAM: Cushions device to protect hearing aids from damage
  • INCLUDES: 400 Pill Pouches with Labeling Blocks, Reusable
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation

You got to dig deep into your pockets to own a hearing aid tool. With such a significant investment, it’s important to protect and maintain it. Thanks to Ezy Dose Self-Care, it created this hearing aid dehumidifier to care for your hearing aid.

It comes as a kit of 5 pieces, each with its cleaning and maintenance function as follows;

  1. Tube and vent cleaner for protecting the hearing aid’s vents from debris and wax
  2. Wax removal brush for cleaning and removing debris and wax from the hearing aid
  3. Battery replacement magnet for removing and inserting batteries
  4. Battery door opener for opening the battery door with ease
  5. Wax removal pick for removing wax formed in the small openings of the hearing aid

The dryer also comes with battery storage as a bonus feature. While cleaning your hearing aid, your batteries stay safe in these compartments. Its lining removes all moisture and wax, keeping your hearing aid dry at all times. As a result, the sound quality of your hearing aid gets improved.

You don’t require any electricity or batteries to operate this dehumidifier. If you have open-fit, tubes, or earmolds hearing aid, this dryer will work out perfectly. Despite the 5pcs kit, this dryer also comes with two Oto-Scoop ear wax removers, one Dri- Eze dehumidifier, and a blower for optimal removal of wax and moisture.

Using this dehumidifier is like a piece of cake. You only need to flip-top its lid to open and close it with ease. It also comes with cushions to protect your hearing aid. The manufacturer embraces healthy living and environment-friendly. It is the reason this dehumidifier comes with 400 reusable pill pouches and is approved by the Arthritis Foundation.

The dryer’s cleaning and maintenance features are amazing, qualifying it as one of the best cordless hearing aid dryers today.


  • Removes moisture and wax
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a protective foam
  • Reusable pill pouches
  • Advocates for healthy living
  • Has a 5pcs cleaning kit


  • The plastic parts may break when mishandled
  • The nozzle doesn’t fit all types of hearing aids

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2. Electronic Kapak Hearing Aid Dryer

Electronic Kapak Ultra Violet C Clean Hearing Aid Dryer
  • ☑️Dry hearing amplifiers to ensure longevity and hygiene. Dries and dehumidifies the hearing device at 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ☑️Kapak hearing amplifier dryer assists with preventing ear canal problems caused by dirty hearing amplifiers
  • ☑️DRY's hearing amplifier to promote product performance. can take two hearing amplifiers of average size. Automatically clean hearing devices in 8 minutes through the use of UV-C lighting.
  • ☑️To increase versatility, the hearing amplifier dryer dehumidifier operates on both USB and mains power.Feel the light vibration as the unit turns on with the soft touch on/off function.
  • ☑️Fully automatic hearing amplifier dryers require no monitoring. With its microprocessor, it switches off automatically after 3 hours and controls its own temperature at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Just set it and forget it. Watch the time lapse through the LED lighting.

With a thermoplastic of food-grade, this hearing aid dryer will ensure your hearing aid’s safety and durability. At 122 degrees Fahrenheit, it removes all moisture and wax, boosting any hearing aid’s hygiene and life.

Are you tired of treating your ear canals? The problem is a result of dirty hearing aids. But with this dehumidifier, suffering from ear canals will be a thing of the past. The fact that this device can take two hearing aids of standard size is amazing. The dryer cleans automatically within eight minutes using UV-C lighting.

You will use a USB cable to charge and maintain its power, making it ideal to use anytime and anywhere. Operating it is easy. You only need to press the on button to switch it on and off. It vibrates slightly when switching on.

With this device, you need not control it as it operates automatically. The Electronic Kapak Ultra Violet C will switch itself off after three hours, thanks to the installed microprocessor. The temperature also gets controlled to remain at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. You only need to set it up and forget. The LED lighting will diminish as time elapses.

With this hearing aid, you give your hearing aids the care they deserve. With a 4.5 – star rating, this dehumidifier is a favorite of many users. The dryer is worth investing your hard-earned dollars.


  • Cleans for eight minutes using double UV-C
  • Comes with a soft sensor switch for putting on and off
  • Dries at 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Controls temperature and dries moisture using a micro-processor
  • Indicates working time using 5 LED lights
  • Charges using a USB, making it easy to power it with a power bank or computer
  • Saves energy


  • The dryer may not last long if poorly managed
  • Designed for the US market only

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3. Hal-Hen Super Dri Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Hal-Hen Super Dri Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
  • Compact size ideal for home, office, or travel
  • Loose pellets are reusable. Just heat them in the microwave to reactivate.
  • Cost effective way to help protect your hearing devices

Do you use behind-the-ear hearing aids? You may need to consider the Hal-Hen Super Dri Hearing Dehumidifier. The Hal-Hen Super Dri will help keep both your in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids dry. Because of their small size and lightweight, you can comfortably carry them around to your office, home, or anywhere else.

The dryer comes as a small container packed in loose reusable pellets. Using pellets is easy. You only need to put and heat them in a microwave to reactivate them. The pellets, also known as molecular sieves, should not be consumed and should therefore be kept away from the kids.

You will use the pellets for a long time since they do not come with an expiry date. When you heat them in the microwave, you remove the moisture that could have accumulated in them. When the blue pellets turn white while in the container, it is a signal to remove moisture.

Place them in a glass, pyre, or ceramic dish and heat them in a microwave preheated at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Bake them for 10 minutes intervals until they turn blue again. After cooling them, return them to their container.

For their cost, it’s such an awesome investment!


  • Easy to use
  • Reusable pellets
  • Compact size that makes it easy to carry around
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • The beads may fly everywhere and are hard to collect
  • Some users think that it should cost less

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4. PerfectDry LUX Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C Disinfecting

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Are you looking for the best drying kit for your hearing aids? The PerfectDry LUX may interest you. It not only helps dry your hearing aids but also clean and disinfect them. The dryer comes as an electronic device that maintains and store hearing aids of all types.

A forced-air fan get used to help dry your hearing aids. With the help of its lamp, this dehumidifier emits small round UV-C rays that reach the entire surfaces of your hearing aid. Any bacteria or virus reached by the UV-C rays get destroyed, ensuring you are free from itchiness and infections that occur along the ear canal.

As an awesome hearing aid drying kit, it cleans intensively at 113 degrees for around 30 minutes. The PerfectDry LUX is ergonomically made, ensuring to serve you for many years. You charge it using a USB cable, meaning it consumes less energy. The kit is compact, allowing you to carry it around.

Its amazing features qualify it as one of the best hearing aid dehumidifier. It is a real deal for your hard-earned money.


  • Comes with a forced-air fan to keep your hearing aid dry
  • Uses UV-C lamp to kill germs
  • Carry out an intense 30 minutes cleaning of your hearing aids
  • Consumes low energy
  • Comes in a classy design
  • Ideal for carrying around
  • Top-notch quality


  • Expensive for some users
  • The UV light not replaceable

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5. Global II by Dry & Store | Electric Hearing Aid Dryers

Global II by Dry & Store | Electric Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
  • EASY TO USE | After pressing POWER, Global II will run for 8 hours before automatically turning off.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DEHUMIDIFIER | Dry-Brik II desiccant captures and absorbs moisture and odors to dry your hearing aids effectively.
  • UV-C LAMP SANITIZER | Help reduce ear infections usually caused by bacteria in the ear canal.
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE | Small enough to take with you when you travel. Plug into any USB power outlet.
  • ERGONOMIC FUNCTIONALITY | Hinged lid with a rounded drying compartment for easier device removal.

If you are looking for the best cordless hearing aid dryers review, your search ends here. The Global II by Dry & Store is an electric dehumidifier that comes with sanitizer in the form of a germicidal lamp. With this dehumidifier, suffering from ear infections is a thing of the past. The UV-C Germicidal lamp sanitizer kills germs and bacteria.

Operating it is a piece of cake. You only need to press the power button. The device runs for eight hours before it automatically switches itself off. If your hearing aid contains some odor, this dryer is the best to use. The dryer absorbs all bad smells and moisture. Your hearing aids keep dry and clean at all times while using the Global II by Dry & Store.

The dehumidifier is ideal for carrying along as you travel, thanks to its small size and lightweight. You can also charge it anywhere because it comes with a USB power outlet. With this device, you don’t have to remove your hearing aids’ batteries. But it’s advisable to open the battery door for the air to circulate and dry the battery compartment space.

The lid comes hinged and has a rounded compartment to allow easy device removal. It is one of the best hearing aid dryers we have on the market today with its incredible functionalities.


  • Fully dries your hearing aids
  • Comes in small size and lightweight, making it easy to carry around
  • Protects you from ear canal infections
  • Comes with a USB port, allowing it to charge anywhere
  • You don’t have to remove the hearing aids’ batteries while using this dehumidifier
  • The dehumidifier’s rounded drying compartment and hinged lid makes it easy to remove the device
  • Cost-effective


  • The temperature it supports may not favor some hearing aids
  • Made only for rechargeable devices

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6. DryCaddy by Dry & Store | Dry Aid Kit – Protection Against

DryCaddy by Dry & Store | Dry Aid Kit – Protection Against
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DEHUMIDIFIER | Industry-leading desiccant - molecular sieve. Capable of drying devices
  • EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT | No recharging or reactivating, no batteries or electricity needed.
  • PORTABLE SIZE | Easy to take anywhere, camping, outings, travel and day trips
  • SAFE TO USE | Completely free of any hazardous chemicals or materials
  • COMPLETE KIT | Full kit includes small jar, six DryCaddy Discs, and large cylindrical container to keep everything organized

With a 4.8 – star rating on Amazon, it is one of the best-rated hearing aid dryer. But with its fantastic features, it is no shock. It comes with a molecular sieve, which is a renowned desiccant for aggressive drying devices. As a result, this device removes moisture optimally!

The dryer comes with no batteries, relieving you from the task of recharging. Because it uses no power, it helps save on your electricity bill and the money you could have invested in buying the batteries. As a result, it makes using it easy and convenient.

This hearing aid drying kit contains no chemicals or hazardous materials, making it safe to use. The package comes with a small jar, a large cylindrical container for storing everything, and six DryCaddy discs.

You can also carry it with you anywhere as it’s lightweight and small enough. The dehumidifier leaves no moisture or odor on your hearing aids. It protects your hearing aids or cochlear implants optimally. It is worth buying.


  • Removes moisture effectively
  • Reduces repairs of your hearing aids by providing everyday care
  • Improves the sound quality of your hearing aids
  • You can carry it anywhere since it’s small and lightweight
  • Absorbs bad smells
  • Requires no charging, saving you on energy bills and buying batteries
  • Contains no chemicals or hazardous materials, making it safe to use
  • Comes as a complete kit of a storage container, small jar, and six discs for optimal use


  • You will have to buy the holder or case when you run out of silicant
  • Once bought, it is not refundable

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7. Zephyr by Dry & Store Hearing Instrument Dryer

Zephyr by Dry & Store Hearing Instrument Dryer
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Reduces repairs and extends the life of your device; providing better sound quality and maintaining longer battery life
  • OVERNIGHT MAINTENANCE: Automatic shut off, 8 Hour cycle for maximum drying effectiveness
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Compact, lightweight, easy to use design; portable and convenient for travel
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Features a fan that circulates warm air and a desiccant to effectively remove moisture, dry earwax, and eliminate odor.
  • INCLUDES: 100-240V AC Adapter for worldwide use; One Dry-Brik II desiccant block; Replacement Dry-Brik II blocks sold separately; One year manufacturer warranty

You should pay attention to this awesome cordless hearing dryer review because it has some limitations. Though you require no license to operate this device, you must use it with low power for optimal results and durability. It is also designed to get used at night only.

The dryer comes as an attractive storage and maintenance device for all hearing aids types. You can also use them in your noisemakers, implant hardware, and in-ear monitors. It makes it a convenient multi-task tool for all your ear devices.

The Zephyr dryer works optimally for eight hours, where it removes moisture and keeps your hearing aids totally dry. Thanks to its drying technology that uses an effective desiccant. What’s interesting about this dehumidifier is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price despite its amazing features.

You need not worry about its quality because it meets all the requirements set by the Dryer & Store other products. You can also use the Dry-Brik II desiccants blocks, but you will have to buy them separately. The blocks have a lifetime of two years, but you should replace them every two months.


  • Designed for night use
  • Comes with an effective storage space
  • Help maintain all types of hearing devices
  • Operates every eight hours, keeping your hearing aids optimally dry
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Made with top-notch quality and lasts long
  • You can use the replaceable desiccant blocks of DRY-Brick II


  • The replaceable Dry-Brik II desiccant blocks do not come as part of the package. You will need to buy them separately
  • You will have to replace the blocks every two months

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8. Kapak Electric Hearing Aid Dryer

The Kapak Electric Hearing Aid Dryer is the easiest hearing aid dryer to operate we have on the market today. You only need to place all your hearing systems inside the compartment and put it on. The cleaning process approximately two to three hours, and the instruments come out incredibly clean.

You can go ahead and carry out other tasks while this dryer does the cleaning. When it’s through, its LED light will alert you. For effective use, place your hearing aids into the dryer when not using them. You will never live to see your hearing aids with moisture.

If you love walking in the sun, this dryer is the best. It dries all sweat that goes into your hearing aid. Despite its effective drying results, it does not come with a switch button. You need to remove the hearing aid to plug or unplug it.

Also, though the quality is top-notch, the manufacturer does not give a refund in case of a problem. Its lightness and small size make it and But for its price and amazing features, it’s worth buying.


  • You only need to put your hearing instrument inside this dryer for around three hours to clean it.
  • The dryer does an efficient job of cleaning and drying your hearing aids.
  • With its automatic switch off, you only have to switch it on. It goes off when finished.
  • Because of its small size and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere.
  • Ideal to use in hot conditions


  • Doesn’t come with an on and off switch
  • The dryer comes with no guarantee or refund in case of a problem

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9. AuriClear Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer and Dehumidifier

AuriClear Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer and Dehumidifier
  • HEARING AID DRYER AND DEHUMIDIFIER, drys hearing aids to ensure longevity and hygiene. Drys and dehumidifies hearing aid at 122 degree Fahrenheit. Suitable for battery operated hearing aids, rechargeable aides and bluetooth aids. Some smaller cochlear implant devices may also fit. Aparatos auditivos para sordos.
  • DRYER assists with preventing ear canal infections and itchy ear canals caused by dirty hearing aids, amplifiers and earbuds
  • DRY's hearing aids to promote product performance. Can take 2 hearing aids of average size. Automatically cleans hearing aids in 8 minutes through the use of special lighting
  • INCLUDES 5 in 1 CLEANING TOOL to ensure your hearing aids are maintained in the best possible condition

If your hearing aid makes your ears itchy or causes infection, you may need to consider this dehumidifier. It is the best hearing aid dryer to kill bacteria and germs and remove all moisture. The AuriClear Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer comes with special lighting that helps clean your hearing aids within eight minutes. The cleaning happens automatically, relieving you from the task of monitoring it.

With its soft sensor, you get to switch it on and off effortlessly. It produces a beep sound or vibration to indicate on or off. The dryer gets made with top-notch quality materials, meaning it will serve you for a long time. You need not worry about the amount of moisture in your hearing aids; this device will dry it all. You get to charge it using a USB. In the absence of power, you can use a power bank.

But it may not save your hearing aids if eaten by a pet like a dog or when swimming while wearing them. The moisture is too much for the device to handle. Always keep your hearing aids away from pets. Also, consider removing them before a swim.

With the AuriClear Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer, you get guaranteed value for your money. The manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee. You only need to submit it with its original packaging in case of a problem.


  • Cleans hearing aids very fast.
  • Comes with an on and off switch that alerts you through a beep sound or vibration
  • Dries hearing aids optimally through heating at 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a microprocessor that helps dry the hearing aids for three hours
  • Works automatically, with its five LED lights indicating how working time is elapsing
  • Powered using a USB, making it possible to use power bank in the absence of power


  • Not ideal to use if you have been swimming with your hearing aids on
  • Not useful if hearing aids have been in a pet’s mouth

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10. Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer & Dehumidifier – Double UV-C Light

Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer & Dehumidifier – Double UV-C Light
  • HEARING AID DRYER AND DEHUMIDIFIER - The Truedio Hearing Aid Dryer and Dehumidifier will simply and effectively remove moisture from hearing aids. Use daily to improve the lifespan of your hearing aids. Effective for storage and maintenance for all types of hearing devices, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, noise/tinnitus maskers, in-ear monitors, and standard earbuds.
  • REMOVES MOISTURE AND DEODORIZES HEARING AIDS - Hearing aid drying and cleaning is crucial, as moisture formers in hearing aids and damages internal components. By removing moisture daily, you are drastically increasing the lifespan of your hearing aids. Drying your hearing aids will also reduce the chance of ear canal infections and itchy ear canals that are caused by dirty hearing aids and amplifiers.
  • EASY TO USE AND FULLY AUTOMATIC - Simple one-touch operation starts a 3-hour cycle. Switches off automatically after 3 hours and controls its own temperature at 122 degrees. Accommodates up to 2 pairs of hearing aids or cochlear implant processors. Truedio Hearing Aid Dryer Dehumidifier is great for use at home or while on the road. Uses AC power bank or USB for use with computer (adapters included).
  • DOUBLE UV-C LIGHT CLEANING - The Truedio Hearing Aid Dryer uses double UV-C lights during the automatic 3 hour drying cycle. The double UV-C lights make it an ultimate drying and cleaning experience for your hearing aids. Consistent cleaning will help improve the longevity of your hearing aids. Drying and cleaning is vital for hearing aids to stay in prime condition for as long as possible.
  • PURCHASE INCLUDES - (1) Truedio Hearing Aid Dryer & Dehumidifier, (2) AudioWipes Cleaning Towelettes, (1) AC and USB Power Adapter, (1) Instruction Manual, 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are searching for a hearing aid dryer that will remove moisture from your hearing aids entirely, this automatic dehumidifier may interest you. For optimal results, use this dryer every day. Daily usage will also help improve your hearing aids lifespan.

The Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer also acts as excellent maintenance and storage for all hearing instruments. In case your hearing aids have a bad smell, it eliminates it. What’s amazing about this device is that it works automatically. It goes off every three hours and maintains the temperature at 122 degrees.

With its large capacity, this dryer and dehumidifier accommodate up to two hearing aids. Despite its ability to accommodate a pair of hearing aids, it comes compact in size and is lightweight. Carrying it around is no hustle.

If you have a computer, you can use a USB cable to charge it. An AC power bank is also ideal for its charging. The dryer’s cleaning and drying process are thorough, thanks to its double UV-C lights.

The package includes a USB power adapter, a 6-month warranty, the dehumidifier, an instruction manual, and two cleaning audio wipes and towelettes. It is an excellent deal for your money!


  • The dryer improves the life of your hearing aids if used daily
  • Removes moisture and bad smells
  • Ideal for storing and maintain various hearing devices like implants, noise maskers, monitors, and standard earbuds
  • Operates automatically for three hours
  • Serves up to two pairs at once
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with one-touch activation
  • You can use your computer or computer to charge it using a USB


  • May be expensive for some users
  • Replacing the UV-C lights is not possible

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With the above cordless hearing aid dryers review, you may get tempted to get one immediately. But you need not go to any shop and buy one. You should consider some factors to enjoy the best hearing aid dryer. The following are things to keep in mind before buying a dryer for your hearing aids.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Hearing Aid Dryers

a. Efficiency

Some dryers don’t eliminate moisture optimally. Consider a hearing aid dryers that do an incredible job. If you are not sure, ask for recommendations from users. You can also check authentic customer reviews for dryers that remove wax and moisture maximally.

b. Disinfectant

Most hearing aids may cause your ears to itch or attribute to your ear canal’s infection. Go for a dryer with a disinfectant to kill all germs and bacteria. Those using UV-C lighting works out great.

c. Automatic

If you are usually busy or want a device that operates easily, you may need to consider an automatic dryer. It operates without your monitoring, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks. Such dryers also maintain their temperatures, eradicating any chance of making a mistake. When well taken care of, these devices last long.

d. Durability

You wouldn’t want a hearing aid dryer that will serve you for a few months only. Hearing aids don’t come at a low price. You need a dryer that will maintain them for a long time. Consider a dryer made with quality materials.

e. Storage

If you have more than one hearing aid or require a place to store your hearing aids, it would be wise if you considered a hearing aid dryer with storage space. Hearing aids last long when stored properly.

f. Charging

Hearing aid dryers come in various types. Some use power, while others don’t. Consider what you want. If you have no energy in your home, go for those that don’t use power. Others use a USB and power bank to charge. Pick what suits you best.

g. Price

Hearing aids come at various prices based on their design, size, materials, and technology used. Go for what suits your budget as long as it meets all your needs.


As illustrated above, cordless hearing aid dryers are essential for maintaining and storing hearing aids. But not all dryers are excellent. Some hearing aids, like those discussed above, come with amazing features, making them stand out among the rest.

Consider the factors discussed in this article if you want to buy the best cordless hearing aid dryers on the market. Otherwise, if you still have no idea where to start, use the list discussed above as your starting point.


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