10 Best EMF Meters of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Even if we don’t notice it, we deal with radiation daily. It emanates from the most common electrical appliances or accessories, like TVs and smartphones, among many others. At low levels, radiation isn’t particularly dangerous, but it can turn into a hazard if it ever reaches high levels.

Prevention is always key, which is why identifying potential sources of radiation is the most effective way of dealing with it. To that avail, there’s no other tool as capable of doing that than the best EMF meters.

Top 5 Best EMF Meters: Editor Recommended

In our reviews, we’ll cover the many ways in which these devices can detect radiation to give users a clear understanding of their surroundings.

Want to learn what the EMF meter is capable of doing? Let’s find out!

The 10 Best EMF Meters Review:

With many options available, finding the ideal EMF meter isn’t an easy task. There’s no need to worry, though. We’ve simplified the research by picking the top ten tools that delivered the best results. Here, we’ll introduce them to you.

1. Trifield – EMF Meter Model TF2

Trifield Electric Field
  • Detects all three types of EMF...
  • Displays signal level, peak level,...
  • AC magnetic, AC electric,...

We’re starting with an EMF device that detects all three types of EMF: AC magnetic, AC electric, and finally, RF/microwave. The instrument includes an indicator bar that quickly indicates hot spots, warning users about the radiation source proximity.

Even though the device is a bit bulky, figuring out how it works is not hard. In fact, users can turn the knob to the type of field they want to measure, and the meter will be ready to pick up the EMF. Then, the large LCD included at the top guarantees you get accurate, detailed readings.

Furthermore, the device also puts up a good performance as the best EMF RF meter. The RF mode is sensitive enough to pick up EMFs from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and more. All the types of readings available make this product a versatile tool for amateurs and advanced users.

The biggest downside of this unit is noticeable when you’re trying to access the audio features. To do that, you’d have to remove the battery cover, which is not ideal. Over time, though, you get used to how the device works, which allows you to adjust faster.


  • High accuracy while measuring AC magnetic fields, electric fields, and RF
  • Features a large display that is easy to read
  • Simple layout with just a knob makes the device easy to use for everyone
  • The Peak Hold is an improvement from previous models that didn’t have it


  • Accessing the audio features is a bit complicated

2. Technology Alternatives The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

Alternative Tech Meter EMF Sensor
  • Simple one handed operation
  • Low or no light operation
  • 4 operating modes

Here, we have an extremely basic EMF reader that efficiently picks up EMFs through the high sensitivity displayed. The device is small, allowing one-handed operations for more comfort. Plus, it comes with an indicator that properly provides the strength of the signal received.

When it comes to picking up EMF readings, the device does a good job. It won’t provide super-accurate results, but the milligauss meter and the bar will give you a decent estimation of nearby EMF when it reaches 1.

It may not seem like it, but this device does offer a bunch of useful features most would enjoy. For instance, you can set it up to work with or without light, as well as adjusting the audio tone. When it detects a signal, the meter warns users with both LED lights and sound alarms.

However, using the light during the dark is almost essential. The screen doesn’t have proper lighting, meaning that it can be hard to read if there’s no illumination in the area. To get a clear view of the readings, you’d need the flashlight to be active.

Plus, the light included always comes in handy while working in the dark. It’s bright, and it covers a decent area.


  • Super easy to use design and affordable price make it ideal for beginners
  • Comes with adjustable audio tone
  • Indicates the strength of the signal detected
  • Includes a flashlight to make the readings more visible


  • The screen doesn’t have proper illumination, requiring the flashlight to be active in dark areas

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3. Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

No products found.

Tired of your old EMF detector because it’s too loud or too bright? Then this device comes as the perfect replacement. It features many functions that allow users to adjust sound alarms, lights, and even the safe value.

Though it’s most suitable for home purposes, this device doesn’t disappoint.

The device comes with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor that delivers accurate readings both indoors and outdoors. Then, users can check the radiation values via the crystal-clear LCD display, which is bright and easy to read.

Another feature that works perfectly is the data hold and max measurement functions. Since the detected digits can change from one moment to the other, these functions allow users to either freeze the readings or register the maximum measurement received.

Although the brand advertises this meter as being capable of picking up different frequencies in the EM spectrum, that’s not necessarily the case. The device won’t detect RF from accessories like mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and others.

However, if you’re looking for a tool to measure electrical emissions out of electrical wiring, magnets, speakers, and other appliances, then this device would certainly be a suitable choice.


  • A user-friendly tool that allows users to adjust sound, lights, and safe value
  • Triggers an alarm to let users know when results exceed safe values
  • Offers options to freeze and lock max radiation values
  • Large, easy to read LCD display


  • Doesn’t detect RF from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and other accessories

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4. ENV RD-10 3-Mode EMF Meter For Power lines

ENV RD-10 3-Mode Compact EMF Meter
  • 3 EMF meters in 1 - Measuring RF...
  • Wide frequency range RF up to 8GHz,...
  • Visual and Sound Alarm...

This device could easily be the best electromagnetic radiation detector for users that need a compact, reliable device. Its mini design makes it portable, and in no way does that mean it loses power. On the contrary, you’ll find the indicators at the front to be fully informative.

What’s most surprising about this device is its high sampling rate. The wide frequency range measures RF up to 8GHz, LFE up to 50KHz, and LFM up to 15 KHz. Plus, the sensor included detects the EMFs incredibly fast, providing users with accurate readings at all times.

The technology behind the meter is also remarkable. It features a USB output that connects to PCs, Mac, or Android devices. Through this function, users can view real-time values, record data, save/export readings for analysis, among other things.

Besides being efficient, the device is good-looking as well. The white color looks impeccable, and the lights included allow you to have proper visual reading. Additionally, the meter also has sound alarm notifications.

What’s something customers may not like? Ironically, the tiny design of the meter can be inconvenient at first. You don’t fully get a hold of it, which could be awkward. Luckily, getting a firm grip becomes easier over time.


  • Offers three functions in one device, including RF measurement
  • Easy to use, with plenty of indicators depending on the signal detected
  • Includes visual and sound alarm notifications
  • Comes with a USB port to save/export data for analysis


  • The device may be awkward to grab due to its tiny design

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5. GQ EMF-390 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMF Meter

GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation 3-in-1 EMF ELF RF meter
  • Multiple high sensitivity sensors...
  • Identify/recognize the common...
  • Safety suggestion lets you...

Looking for the best professional EMF meter? Then take a look at this one!

This device features multiple sensors that provide high sensitivity. At home, you can use it to detect power lines, cellphones, microwaves, and more. The blue backlit screen, although not the best, manages to give users full detailed information about the EMFs nearby.

Once it’s active, the meter can detect 5G networks and RF up to 10GHz. After it picks up the EMF, the built-in RF spectrum analyzer delivers real-time RF monitoring along with the GQ RF Browser.

This device doesn’t have one, but multiple sensors installed that ensure maximum scale/range measurement. Other than being good at what they do, those sensors provide high accuracy for better readings.

For more convenience, the meter features a USB port that works for communication and recharging purposes.

One minor flaw you’ll encounter while using this tool is how it detects the EMFs. It mostly picks up the EMF when you point the device directly to the source. This issue does take a few points from the meter’s overall rating, but truthfully it doesn’t affect its performance significantly.

After all, most EMF meters work that way.


  • Includes several sensors with high sensitivity to detect EMF
  • Quickly identifies possible sources causing the EMF
  • Capable of detecting 5G network and RF
  • Allows users to have real-time RF monitoring


  • Mostly detects frequencies when pointed at the source directly

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6. KKmoon Digital EMF Meter

No products found.

This device may be a single unit, but it can operate as two. Besides testing electric fields, this handheld meter detects magnetic field radiation simultaneously. Since the tool has a compact design, users can operate it using a single hand while having the other one free to do other tasks.

The device is capable of measuring radiation of high voltage power lines, including electrical appliances, wires, and more. For a better reading, the unit senses environmental temperature using two units, be it °C or °F. You can adjust the metrics to the one that feels more convenient for your tasks.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, the electromagnetic radiation sensor included in the device works well. It can quickly pick up radiation values nearby, which then proceeds to show via the LCD digital display accurately.

Other features we enjoyed are the sound alarm that warns users about radiation proximity, the low battery indicator, and the auto power off system to save energy.

For the most part, figuring out how this device works is fairly easy. Nonetheless, the lack of directions leaves users to do a lot of guesswork. More often than not, you’ll end up learning about the many features of this tool via trial and error.


  • Convenient tool to test electric field and magnetic field radiation
  • Suitable to test high voltage power lines, electrical wires, and more
  • Two temperature measurement units available, °C and °F
  • The backlit LCD display is easy to read, even at dark


  • Lacks proper directions about the capacities of the meter

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7. Gupgi LED EMF Meter Ghost Hunting

Gupgi LED EMF Meter Magnetic Field Detector
  • The EMF meter range used for ghost...
  • Easy-to-read :The colored led...
  • EMF levels are measured to prevent...

Thanks to its simple yet effective design, this EMF measures electromagnetic fields to help users identify high radiation sources. It can detect frequencies between 50Hz to 20,000Hz – enough to register a phone less than two feet away.

The interface has a large, multi-section, easy-to-read LED display to make this device easy to use for everyone. Each section comes with a color that indicates the milligauss (mG) detected, going from green for 1.5 milligauss (mG) to an intense red for 20+ mG.

Irrespective of the radiation level, be it low or high, the unit is capable of picking them up due to its high sensitivity. The data is also quite accurate, allowing users to prevent long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The meter’s simple build also means it’s easier to carry around. It’s a portable unit that fits easily in pockets, bags, or with the rest of the equipment, which is ideal when you’re doing outdoor tasks.

While we appreciate how simple this unit is, advanced users may find it disappointing because it won’t provide accurate measurements. However, if you want it for home purposes or don’t want too detailed data, then this device is right up your alley.


  • Detects EMF and the source generating it
  • Features a multi-colored screen with different sections that illuminate depending on EMF levels
  • Works in a wide frequency between 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Compact build for portability and simple layout


  • This device doesn’t provide detailed measurements, which isn’t ideal for advanced users and professional use

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8. Cambridge The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

This device may not look like what we often envision as an EMF meter, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, its sleek build makes it easy to carry around, allowing users to have a ready-to-use tool with them wherever they go.

There are many features to like about this device. For one, it offers dual readings, detecting magnetic field radiation as well as electric field radiation. Once it picks up the EMF, the meter provides easy data reading through a backlit LCD screen.

Even if it isn’t the most intuitive tool, the meter requires a bit of time before you get used to its functions. Both beginners and advanced users can use this product to detect high EMF fields.

For more convenience, the meter includes LED indicators and an alarm system to warn you about EMF proximity. Additionally, the self-calibration feature will help you keep this device working properly.

Sporadically, the device gives random readings even when there’s no EMF source. Still, that’s not a common occurrence. Who knows? Maybe the tool does pick up an actual EMF signal from an invisible source. Perhaps it’s a clear indication that these products do work for detecting ghosts.

Either that, or it’s just a minor flaw.


  • Includes LED indicators and sound alarms for EMF detection
  • LCD screen is easy to read, and it provides precise measurements
  • Comes with a self-calibration function for optimal performance
  • Compact design allows one-hand operation and improves portability


  • Gives random readings sporadically

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9. LATNEX AF-5000 5G EMF Field Meter

Tacklife EMF Meter

If you’re looking for a highly efficient tool, then this device should get your attention. It offers more purposes than just a simple tester, as it can detect magnetic field radiation with high accuracy to give you the location of the source.

One particular feature everyone will appreciate about this tool is its convenient build. Not only is it portable thanks to its compact size, but it’s also comfortable to hold. If you’re doing many tasks around the house, holding this device for a prolonged time won’t create any fatigue or stress.

Once active, the unit detects magnetic field radiation and electric field frequencies accurately. Additionally, it senses the temperature level in the room to guarantee users get the full picture of their surroundings. After that, the data shows in a large, clear, easy-to-read LCD display.

Mostly used for testing appliances such as TVs, computers, wires, and more, this tool is highly efficient for low-frequency tasks. After detecting radiation, the antenna of the meter lights up, showing multiple colors depending on the mG level picked.

Despite all of its benefits, the sensitivity of the device behaves oddly at times. In some cases, it feels like it isn’t enough, requiring users to get very close to the electrical appliances for a precise reading. Fortunately, this issue doesn’t happen regularly.


  • Features an easy-to-use layout for both professionals and beginners
  • Includes both visual and audio alarms
  • The comfortable rubber case is also durable
  • Provides detailed readings


  • Sensitivity of the device behaves oddly sometimes

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10. KKmeter EMF Meter Detector

KKmeter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Handheld Detector
  • Two Uses of One EMF Meter: Testing...
  • Safe Range: 0-0.4μT or 0-4mG.when...
  • Multifunction: Data Hold & Max...

Though this device isn’t as good-looking as the previous products, it still earns a place in our list due to its efficiency. It manages to test a bunch of home appliances such as the refrigerator, computer, television, and many others.

The device comes with a large, clear display to keep you informed on the radiation proximity. Its screen is easy to read, especially if you’re using the tool at night with barely any vision. You can turn the backlight function on and off depending on vision levels.

Besides detecting magnetic fields, the meter flashes a red light and emits an alert sound to let the user know once the radiation data exceeds the safety limits.

Also, operating this EMF meter is intuitive thanks to its easy-to-understand layout. Below the screen, you’ll find a well-organized set of buttons to control power, temperature units, and modes. These buttons respond quickly, allowing users to adjust the settings as they see fit.

Similar to the previous device, this meter often requires you to get really close to the appliance to get a proper reading. Even though it’s a small issue, everything else about this device compensates for that. To this day, it remains one of the best EMF meters out there.


  • Capable of detecting EMF and temperature simultaneously
  • Bright light and sound alarm when it detects radiation
  • A backlit screen allows users to read data in dark spaces
  • Convenient size makes the meter portable


  • Sometimes, the device requires users to get really close to the appliance to get a clear reading

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing EMF Meter

After reading our EMF meters review section, let’s briefly talk about the main features that customers must consider before finally picking a device.

EMF Meter Capacities

a) Detection Capacities

Before picking a device, you must figure out what kind of radiation you want the device to detect. While some EMF meters are capable of picking AC magnetic fields, electric fields, and RF, not all of them have the same capacity.

Do you want to measure magnetic fields from appliances or radio frequencies? Knowing what you want to do beforehand will allow you to narrow down the list of options to only a few devices worth considering.

b) Sensitivity

Depending on what you want to test, more or less sensitivity could play a huge role in the device’s readings. Of course, super-high sensitivity could also be a disadvantage because it may make it harder to identify the source emanating the radiation if there are other appliances nearby.

Naturally, you don’t want a device with ultra-low sensitivity either. Detecting the EMFs would be much harder in this case.

What you’ll need for your activities is simple: a device with adjustable sensitivity. There are several included in our list, meaning you get to buy a tool that actually adapts to your needs.

c) Interface

The EMF meter is a tool that doesn’t take much thought to figure out. You turn it on, point the sensor at the appliance you want to test, and the device detects radiation if there’s any. It sounds so simple, and yet, many manufacturers don’t get it right.

While purchasing one of these devices, make sure the user interface doesn’t make things harder for you. Ideally, you want a backlit screen with enough indicators, measurement settings, and an analog/digital display.

The button placement is another feature customers have to consider. Although not many, detectors with buttons for on/off, safe value, temperature adjustment, and changing modes will make your tasks much easier.

d) Notifications

A device featuring lights or warning sounds will keep users informed about the proximity to the radiation source. Now, even though most EMF detectors have this type of notification, not all devices use them correctly.

In many cases, you’ll find detectors that go crazy over nothing, provide false readings, or just can’t locate the source.

Pay special attention to devices that offer options to either disable or adjust the sound alarm, as it may come in handy for specific situations.

e) Portability

Testing electrical appliances may take us to different rooms in the house, which is why a compact EMF meter would come in handy. You can keep it in your pocket, ready to use as soon as you encounter a potential source of radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions: About EMF Meter

i) What does EMF mean?

The term refers to electric and magnetic fields, which are invisible energy areas, often called radiation. EMFs associate with the regular use of electrical appliances, though many people believe supernatural entities also produce them.

ii) What does the EMF meter measure?

The best EMF detector measures AC electromagnetic fields, often produced by electrical appliances found around the household. You can use the EMF meter to test wires, phones, microwaves, TVs, and Wi-Fi connections, among many more.

iii) Are EMF meters safe?

The EMF meter allows you to detect radiation emanating from particular or multiple electrical appliances. By including safe values, you can adjust the device to guarantee you don’t get too near the source in case it gets dangerous.

iv) How to use EMF meters?

Using the EMF detector is as easy as turning on the device and pointing at the suspected source emanating the radiation. Some models allow you to set a turning knob at a specific angle to change the type of radiation received, which makes it easy to test a variety of appliances.

v) How to read EMF meters?

The detectors commonly feature an LCD screen that displays detailed information about the EMF detected. In the user’s interface, you’ll find the frequency picked in milligauss.

This screen also provides other easy to read information, such as battery life or temperature.

Final Words

Once you get one of the best EMF meters, potential radiation issues belong to the past. The devices reviewed here detect EMFs both quickly and efficiently, providing homeowners with the right tool to test all of the electrical appliances in the household.

Alternatively, you can use these tools for other activities as well. Due to their incredible capacity, there’s a new world of opportunities and adventures out there.


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