10 Best Conduit Bender of 2021 – Review And Buying Guide

Pipe bending has never been easy, especially if you don’t have the best conduit bender.

Whether in a residential or commercial project, you must have a hand bender for small projects, while for more significant projects, you will need a more powerful or improved bender.

The best bender should minimize or reduce the effort and time necessary for the bending process and increase accuracy.

Usually, there are four types of conduit benders, i.e., electrical benders, hydraulic benders, hand benders, and mechanical benders; I thought you should know.

Top 5 Best Conduit Bender: Editor Pick’s

Therefore, you will have to make your choice based on the kind of conduits you handle. Remember, all these tools serve the same purpose of bending the tube to a certain angle.

For better results, you require the best tool that will give you ample time when using it. More so, ensure the device you buy is long-lasting. Therefore, let us look at this conduit bender review for better understanding.

Top 10 Best Conduit Bender Reviews:

1. Conduit Bender for 1/2-Inch EMT Wide Foot Pedal

Conduit Bender for 1/2-Inch EMT Conduit with Benfield Head
  • The traditional Benfield head...
  • Lightweight, die-cast aluminum...
  • Exclusive design reduces rippling...

If you are planning to make accurate conduit bends like stub ups, offsets, saddles, and back-to-back severally, then you will have to consider this aluminum pipe bender.

What excites me more about this bender is its additional premium features; these features will enable you to bend pipes easily.

Conduit Bender for 1/2-Inch EMT Conduit is a reliable tool that can serve you for an extended period and also provides the strength you may need when working.

More so, it features a vast foot pedal to provide tremendous stability when conduit bending. It also has angled grooves responsible for extra traction, thus the best conduit bender.

It also comes with useful features like benchmark symbols, degree scales, and multiplier scales that can help you save on time.

The Conduit Bender for 1/2-Inch EMT Conduit features an interior hook and clamp to increase safety when working.

The interior surface of the curve is in charge of sticking the conduit in a stable position preventing it from rolling and twisting when bending.

Furthermore, the tool is not massive to allow you to carry and move around with it quickly. Moreover, it is full of die-cast aluminum material for longevity.

The performance of this piper is fantastic. As if that is not enough, the tool comes with markings for 10 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 60 degrees, and finally 45 degrees.

Besides, it has conduit alignment marks that you can easily see for accurate results. Above all, it has an exclusive design responsible for reducing the ovaling and rippling of a conduit.


  • Lightweight
  • Precise casting
  • Has conduit alignment marks
  • Made from durable die-cast aluminum material
  • Has markings for 10, 22.5, 60, and 45 degrees


  • 90 degrees is missing

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2. OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender
  • Capable of making 180 degree bends...
  • Just one tool works on three sizes...
  • Lifetime limited warranty

The OTC brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to high-quality DIY project tools. OTC 6515 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Tubing Bender is another best tubing bender from the same company suitable for making 180 degrees bend in either steel, brass, aluminum, or tubing.

You will not experience kink problems with these electrical benders. The most incredible feature about this best pipe bender tool is its 3-in-1 bending ability; this feature makes it ideal for 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 5/16 inch tubing.

Therefore, if you always handle such conduit sizes, there is no need for getting multiple or separate hand conduit bender. Besides, it has precise markings to ensure you don’t waste time.

More so, OTC 6515 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Tubing Bender is lightweight, weighing only about 10.5 pounds; this means that you can easily carry and move around with it. What about its performance?

This tool doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance; the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. You can address the company efficiently and quickly if issues arise with the tool.


  • It is a 3-in-1 bender
  • Lightweight
  • Using the tool is easy
  • Perfect for 180 degrees bends
  • Heavy duty


  • Short handles

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3. Gardner Bender 961 BigBen Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender

Gardner Bender 961 BigBen Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender
  • Embossed sight lines for 10°,...
  • Industry-standard markings– 30°...
  • Bigger hook with a 5x durability...

Gardener Bender is also a leading and famous brand in this category; here is their product that got my attention. The Gardner Bender 961 BigBen Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender comes with many useful features to make work easier.

This conduit bender machine has an embossed sight-line technology to enable you even to perform bending right on the floor and also see the angle while turning in the air. Another important feature with this tool is its various angle markings, i.e., 10, 22, 45, 90, 30, and 60 degrees.

Besides, it comes with industry-standard markings to allow you to make a 30 degrees bend with a straight-up handle. These markings are essential to guide you get bending of your desires quickly.

Furthermore, it features a more massive and robust foot pedal to enable you to use even boots with this best pipe bender. Thanks to the company’s great work.

More so, the tool has a patented vice-mate to hold your tube while cutting steadily. The Gardner Bender 961 BigBen Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender is suitable for ¾ inch EMT, but you can also use it to make bends on ½ inch rigid aluminum tubes.

It is also lightweight but with high-performance. Besides, its hook is larger enough and five times durable than any other low-class conduit bender.


  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Visible angle markings
  • Massive than enough foot pedal


  • You will have to buy the handle separately

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4. 1811 OFFSET Greenlee Conduit Bender

  • Makes identical offset every time...
  • Depress handle to create offset...
  • Bends offset in one easy operation,...

How do you make offset bandings without Greenlee 1811 OFFSET CONDUIT BENDER? It grabs the fourth position on our list because it is the only best pipe bender specialized for offset bending applications.

It comes with great features such as a depress-handle to make offset matching through the knockout box. Offset bending has never been easy, but with this tool, it is straightforward. All you need to do is to insert the pipe and slowly release the depress handle.

Get your conduit from the machine, and all is over. You can have your ¾ inches EMT correctly done in a matter of minutes. The entire body of the tool is full of aluminum and partially steel constructions. Therefore, don’t question its durability; it can withstand the most challenging tasks.

It has a total weight of about 8.3 pounds; this means that it is lightweight and firm. The Greenlee 1811 OFFSET CONDUIT BENDER can make a maximum of 56″ offsets making it the best tubing bender for the money.


  • Simple to operate
  • Not heavy
  • Sturdy
  • Quick, consistent offsets


  • It is not versatile

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5. Aluminum Diy Conduit Bender, 6 Degree Inside Radius

Aluminum Die Cast Conduit Bender, 6 Degree Inside Radius
  • Conduit bender have cast in-angle...
  • The bodies are aluminum die cast...
  • 6 Degree inside radius

Here is another affordable and reliable conduit bender that you can lean on. The Aluminum Die Cast Conduit Bender is lightweight due to its aluminum material but a heavy-duty tool. The bender can be your best choice for everyday conduit bending jobs because it is easy to carry and move around with it.

The exciting fact about this pipe bender is its possession of extra raised bending place of reference. This helps you perform your task without struggling. More so, it has added-cast-in angle indicators to enable you to make angles of your desires without difficulties.

Furthermore, Aluminum Die Cast Conduit Bender has a simple design making it easy to use conduit bender. Besides, its internal 6-inch radius enables you to operate it efficiently.

Apart from ¾ inches EMT bend, you can also use this pipe bender on ½-inch rigid bending. Therefore, consider choosing this best tubing bender as a handy tool to help you make standard EMT of both ¾ and ½ inches.


  • Has a cast-in angle indicators
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Not heavy
  • Handy tool
  • Using the tool is easy


  • Doesn’t come with its handle from the market

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6. Gardner Bender 931B Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender Tool

Gardner Bender 931B
  • Vise-Mate holds conduit while...
  • Built-in acrylic level gauge helps...
  • industry-standard markings - 30°...

The sixth position on our list is Gardner Bender 931B Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender Tool from Gardener Bender Company. There is a slight difference between this tool and the Gardner Bender 961 BigBen Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender.

Gardner Bender 931B comes with incredible features to aid in making work more accessible. It features an inbuilt acrylic level gauge to enable you to make precise bends faster than ever.

Also, the tool has an embossed sight-line feature that allows you to perform bending even on the floor and also check the angle while turning in the air. On top of that, the bender has various angle markings of 60, 22.5, 30, 45, 90, and 10 degrees.

The markings guide you through creating bending of your desires faster. Besides, it comes with industry-standard markings to allow you to make a 30 degrees turn with a vertically straight handle. More so, the tool features a patented vice-mate to hold your pipe when cutting firmly.

The Gardner Bender 931B Aluminum Conduit Hand Bender is compatible with BH—75 handle. You can use the tool for ¾ inch EMT but is also useful in making bends on ½-1 inch rigid aluminum tubes. It is also lightweight but a heavy-duty conduit bender, which makes it the best pipe bender.

Furthermore, the foot pedal of this tool is extensive than enough to allow you to use it with boots. This is a pipe bender that you can afford. Don’t worry about its performance, as you can use it to handle the most challenging tasks in your sector.


  • Heavy-duty
  • It is not heavy
  • Comes with Visible alignment markings
  • Massive than enough foot pedal
  • Inbuilt acrylic level gauge for precise bends


  • No handle; you will have to but it separately

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7. Greenlee 841AH BENDER,HAND-3/4″ W/HANDLE

If you are looking for another best pipe bender that comes with a lifetime warranty, then here might be your option.

Greenlee 841AH Site Rite Aluminum Hand Bender features a stable and robust hook with square design to enable you to perform the bending process without struggling.

Furthermore, it features different sized, iron, and aluminum bender heads, i.e., 1 inch, ½ and ¾ inches with a more oversized foot pedal for stability.

Also, its toe room is enlarged for greater leverage and control while working. Just like other high-class conduit benders, you can use the Greenlee 841AH Site Rite Aluminum Hand Bender to make 30 degree bends with a straight-up handle.

You will not feel uncomfortable while using this tool as it features an ergonomic design. Its handle provides a consistent diameter giving it a larger grip area to reduce fatigue.

You will not feel pains after working with this tool; it is not like any other ordinary conduit bender in the market.

Greenlee 841AH Site Rite Aluminum Hand Bender is suitable for making bends in ¾ inches EMT and a ½ inch rigid/IMC. The tool is superior with patented Site-Rite technology and comes with readable, cast-in markings on its head to you check the bending progress.

Besides, its advanced finishing enables you to view markings easily, even in low-light occasions. Therefore don’t hesitate to buy this tool because it will ensure high performance and accurate results.


  • Easy to use tool
  • Features cast-in markings
  • You can make a 30-degree bend with a vertically straight handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

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8. Greenlee 842AH BENDER,HAND-1″ W/HANDLE

If you are looking for the best tubing bender that you can use to make all kinds of bends, then the Southwire MCB 3/4-inch Conduit Hand Bender can perform better for your situation.

You can use this conduit offset bender tool to make joint angles such as saddle bends, offset, back-to-back, stub-ups, and others.

It features elevated and visible than enough bender markings, i.e., benchmark symbols, multiplier, and degree scales on both sides of its head. This feature enables you to view markings easily when bending hence, saving you time. What about its durability?

Don’t worry about the bender’s longevity because it comes with a lifetime warranty from the company.

Also, its head is made from die-cast aluminum to boost the strength you might need while bending and extend its lifespan.

Furthermore, Southwire MCB 3/4-inch Conduit offset Bender has a hook with a groove-like surface to prevent the tube/pipe from slipping off, twisting, and tolling while making bends.

More so, you will like its more enormous serrated foot-step that provides you with enough space for stability and control when you need to apply force. Therefore, if you need to make joint bends repeatedly, this tool is reliable.


  • Reliable tool
  • Suitable for repeatedly joint bends
  • Made from die-cast aluminum material
  • Visible and elevated bender markings
  • Simple to operate and use
  • More extensive than standard serrated step


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the handle

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9. Southwire MCB 3/4-inch Conduit Hand Bender

Southwire MCB 3/4-inch Conduit Hand Bender
  • Reliability and repeatedly performs...
  • Raised and highly visible BENDER...
  • Cast aluminum head is built to...

Here comes another best pipe bender from The Greenlee brand with similar features to those of Greenlee 841AH Site Rite Aluminum Hand Bender; only that Greenlee 842AH is limited to making bends in ¾ conduits.

Thanks to the company for blending iron alloy and aluminum, that is not only for the tool’s stability but also the provision of strength you may need while bending.

Moreover, it features a superior and patented site-rite technology with readable and cast-in markings near the tool’s head to allow you to see bending progress. Also, this feature will enable you to have a clear vision of the bending process even in dim light.

The Greenlee 842AH pipe bender is suitable for producing accurate stubby-ups, saddles, offset, and back-to-back bends. It also features a strong and stable square-like hook design that allows you to handle even the most rigid conduits.

The tool also comes with a powerful pedal with a more than enough foot area for more excellent stability, control, and leverage.

More so, the ¾ header has an ample toe room and an enlarged foot pedal to provide more excellent strength, power, and influence when working.

This bender also has a consistent diameter, and you can easily make a 30 degrees bend with a vertically straight handle. This is incredible. Besides that, the bender comes with a lifetime warranty from the Greenlee Company.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Superior patented site-rite technology
  • You can make a 30 degrees bend with a straight-up handle
  • Easy to use
  • Large and extended foot pedal


  • Quite heavy

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10. Klein Tools 56205 Iron Conduit Bender 1-Inch EMT

Klein Tools 56204 3/4-Inch EMT Assembled Conduit Bender
  • Exclusive design reduces rippling...
  • Traditional Benfield head design...
  • Bold cast-in symbols, degree...

Finally, on our list is a bender from the Klein Tools brand with unique features.

Just like other the so-called high-quality conduit benders, Klein Tools 56204 3/4-Inch EMT Assembled Conduit Bender features a larger foot pedal to make you stable and comfortable while working.

This is a sturdy and heavy-duty package full of steel suitable for making bends up to ¾ inches EMT. The tool makes work easy for you through its multiplier scales, center-bend marks, and degree scales for accurate results.

It also contains an internal hook responsible for holding the conduit to prevent it from rolling, slipping, or twisting. Besides, the bold cast-in technology will save you time and a visible alignment arrow to enable you to get marks quickly on the conduits.

Furthermore, Klein Tools 56204 3/4-Inch EMT Assembled Conduit Bender comes with a high-strength handle made from steel that you can insert a conduit on the other end to reduce overbends. Its handle is orange in color enabling you to spot it easily on the site. With this tool, you will work like a pro even if you are an amateur.

Because of its traditional head design, you can use this conduit bender to make consistently and accurately joint bends like offsets, stub-ups, saddle, and back-to-back angles.

The tool also features an internal clamp in charge of holding the conduit when you want to cut it.

Above all, its exclusive design aids in reducing ovaling and rippling of the tube and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It is a versatile tool
  • Comes with different scales to save you time
  • Strong and durable
  • No twisting, slipping, and rolling of pipes while working
  • Exclusive design
  • Traditional head design
  • Lightweight


  • The aluminum head is not the best
  • Not the best in the market

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Conduit Bender

when select conduit bender

Just like buying a car, clothe, or a TV, making the right decision on the best conduit bender is not an easy task. You need additional knowledge before making such a lifetime decision in this conduit bender review.

a) Durability

You can only determine the durability rate of a bender through its build material.

You need to know the material because conduit bending is not an easy task; it requires stability. Different brands produce various elements, like aluminum and steel.

Steel usually is the best material, but you will have to prepare to carry and use the tool because of the heavyweight.

Therefore, it is your choice, but I better go for die-cast aluminum because it is also the best material for both strength and lightweight.

b) Handle

Some of these tools come incomplete with their handle, while others will force you to buy the handle separately.

No one would wish to spend time and money finding the right handle for an incomplete conduit bender.

I recommend you go for a complete bender to save your time and sometimes your money.

c) Portability and weight

Companies produce benders of different shapes and sizes to meet customer’s preferences. Therefore you will meet other tools with varying weights in the market.

The best conduit bender should have a weight value ranging from 1-9; if the value is above 10, then you will strain using the tool.

Don’t forget you will be using the tool all time, and therefore, you should buy a bender that is lightweight for easy carriage and moving around with it.

But, make sure the head of the bender is strong and rigid for tough jobs. Therefore, if you always handle rigid conduits, you will have to buy a sturdy one leaving aside its weight.

Remember, the weight of the pipe bender determines its portability.

d) Markings

If you want to know if the bender is high-quality or not, don’t stress yourself; inspect if it has multiplier scales, degree scales, and so on. These markings help you to make bends easily to meet your desires and save your time.

Therefore, check if a bender possesses such features; you wish to work smoother and faster.

e) Foot pedal

Conduit benders with more than enough foot pedals will give ample time while working. You will not get this foot comfortability in tools with small-sized foot pedals; the larger the pedal, the better.

Sometimes you may want to make bends on rigid pipes, but when you don’t have stability, nothing will happen. You will strain and sweat

Remember, DIY jobs require you to put on heavy boots. Therefore, choose a bender with a more oversized foot pedal to allow you to use boots.

f) Warranty

Sometimes, a product may come with an inbuilt problem that you might fail to know. Warranty is useful for such cases. Therefore go for a bender with a lifetime, 1 or 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.

g) Design

Conduit benders with the ergonomic design are what we all wish to have. It would be best to feel comfortable while working; don’t buy a tool to give you a headache. This means that a hand conduit bender with a poor design may disappoint.

Therefore check if the tool you intent to buy posses ergonomic features that are responsible for eliminating or reducing fatigue while working. Consider those with comfortable grip handles.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Conduit Bender

1. What is the meaning of EMT?

Electrical Metal Tubing is a type of tubing for making rolls of electrical wires. Electrical tubes are always thinner, and some conduit benders can perform such tasks.

2. Is there a need to worry about my safety?

No, these tools are safe if you carefully use them because sometimes perfects tools disappoint. In short, your usage will determine your safety. But generally, they have no issues.

3. Can I bend a ½ inch rigid conduit?

Yes, but it depends on the type of bender with you. Ensure that the bender is strong enough to withstand such rigid conduits.


Whether an amateur or a professional construction worker or electrician, you need the  Conduit Bender to make end meets easily. Conduit benders reviews are useful for those people who need to create joint bends repeatedly. No way will you do, such without the best tool.

This article should help you have the best choice depending on the job sector. How can you lack a choice out of the above ten products? If you still hold questions, I have no choice but to choose on your behalf, of which it is not advisable.

But I can suggest you go with Conduit Bender for 1/2-Inch EMT Conduit or OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender. They are the best pipe benders with incredible features to make work easier.

Notably, for more information about the best conduit benders, you can get more information from our website. Our customer care members provide services all the time. Therefore, do not hesitate. Welcome to our website all the time.


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