10 Best Bonsai Starter Kit Of 2022

Are you looking for the best bonsai starter kit? Expert reviews rank them. We've compiled their top-ranked picks, including our top-selling bonsai starter kit.

Many people have trouble locating a good bonsai starter kit because, as the consumer, they are not sure what makes one particular product better than another. This article will give you tips and tricks for finding a great bonsai starter kit, saving you time and energy.

Top 10 Best bonsai starter kit Review:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bonsai Starter Kit - Gardening Gift for Women & Men - Bonsai Tree Growing Garden Crafts Hobby Kits for Adults, Unique DIY Hobbies for Plant Lovers - Unusual Christmas Gifts Ideas, or Gardener Mother
  • Everything you need to bring the joy of growing bonsai into your or a loved one's life - in one sleek box: Contains 4 types of seeds (Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree) stored in seed-safe packets for better germination, 4 burlap growing pots, 1 expanding-soil disc, 4 bamboo plant markers, 1 bonsai clipper and a beautiful, comprehensive and simple instruction booklet.
  • #1 growth performance: The seeds are stored in our seed-safe packets to ensure proper germination.
  • The perfect DIY gift: For mom, dad, him or her, this is the perfect gift to give on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, housewarming, or any other occasion — ideal for beginners, masters, and children alike. See the excitement in their eyes as they experience growing indoor bonsai trees.
  • No green thumb needed: Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions, and you're good to go! All 4 trees can be planted and kept both indoors and outdoors at any time of the year, and no stratification is needed for any of the seeds. The included booklet is comprehensive and beautifully designed so that you can follow along on the journey of each seed, its history, and the best way to plant it to ensure it germinates.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: Love it, or your money back! If you struggle with any aspect of the process, don't hesitate to contact us. We promise to help you out until you receive the results that you want. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the kit, we'll refund you 100% of the money, no questions asked.
Bestseller No. 2
Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit, 4 Types of Seeds, Potting Soil, Pots, Pruning Shears Scissor Tool, Plant Markers, Wood Gift Box, Indoor Garden Gardening Gifts Ideas
  • Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit: Plant your own bonsai kit — choose from seeds for Brazilian Rosewood (Jacaranda Mimosifolia), Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens Glauca San Juan), Flame Tree (Delonix Regia), or Black Spruce (Picea Mariana). Experience the joy of watching your tree grow, from the seedlings in your bonsai tree kit to a fully-formed bonsai tree.
  • Everything You Need to Succeed: Our bonsai grow kit comes with everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree — 4 varieties of mini bonsai tree seeds, 4 soil disks, 4 burlap grow bags, 4 bamboo plant markers, bonsai shears, a wood box that doubles as a planter, along with detailed instructions. No matter whether you’re searching for plant gifts for women, or a bonsai tree kit indoor beginner for your own gardening initiation, look no further than our complete bonsai starter kit.
  • Expert Growing Support: We’ve gone above and beyond to support you with your bonsai growing kit. We know many of our customers are new to bonzai kits, that is why our bonsai seed kit comes with a team of gardening experts and horticulturists available to answer questions, a Grower Help Bot through FB Messenger, detailed instructions, a private FB Grower Community, and instructional videos. Even if this is your first attempt to grow your own bonsai tree kit, we’ll make it as easy as can be.
  • Non-GMO & Heirloom: At Garden Republic, our diy kits only contain the highest quality seeds. Our bonsai tree seeds are all Non-GMO and Heirloom (when available). Rest assured your bonsai tree starter kit comes with tested seeds and a vibrant community of growers.
  • Why Garden Republic: Our goal is to make the art of growing plants simple and accessible for everyone. We started as a veteran and family-owned, small business focused on creating safe, sustainable products you can trust — a practice that continues to this day.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bonsai Tree Kit - Bonsai Tree Starter Kit with 5 Seeds Types - Unique Indoor Gardening Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers or Gardener Mom - Wooden Gift Box Packaging
  • A COMPLETE BONSAI STARTER KIT -- Contains everything you need to grow your own stunning bonsai tree live indoors. The Gardening kit comes complete with: 5 different bonsai tree seeds, 5 soil discs, 5 biodegradable burlap bonsai grow bags, 5 bamboos plant markers, 3 bonsai gardening tools, bonsai scissors, and detailed instructions for your assured success.
  • NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED -- All our seeds have a high germination rate and include: Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine), Flame tree (Delonix Regia), Red Maple, Colorado Blue Spruce, Jacaranda. We can’t guarantee that every seed will germinate, so we've added extra seeds to increase your chances for success
  • THE PERFECT INDOOR GARDENING GIFT -- This bonsai plant growing kit is Unique Indoor Gardening Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers or Gardener Mom for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, hostess, holiday. The entire bonsai trees kit comes in an impressive wooden box to place your burlap grow bags for germination. Kids, adults, beginners, and skilled gardeners will love this unusual gift.
  • MAKING LIFE INFINITELY MORE FUN -- Bonsai trees add a calm presence to a home or could feature as a centerpiece for an urban garden. The trees are the perfect size for an ever-growing urban city. It’s so important to have green spaces inside your home and a Bonsai is a perfect way to do this.
  • KIMIPAPA BRAND QUALITY COMMITMENT -- We want you to succeed and if you struggle with any aspect of the process, please feel free to contact us for advice. We also offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our Bonsai Tree Kit. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at,100% Satisfaction Guarantee for risk-free shopping!
SaleBestseller No. 4
Grow Your Own Bonsai kit | Tree Plants & Seeds | Crafts Hobby Kits | Easily Grow 4 Types of Bonsai Trees with Our Complete Beginner Friendly Kit | Christmas Gift ideas For Plant Lovers
  • BONSAI STARTER KIT - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 4 BEAUTIFUL BONSAI TREES: – Grow Buddha Grow your own Bonsai starter kit contains all the items needed to grow 4 types of beautiful Bonsai tree in one box. You will also receive seeds, pots, soil, clippers, name tags, plastic pot, booklet and even an e-book.
  • INCLUDES PREMIUM BONSAI POT – Unlike other Bonsai kits, our kits come with a Premium Bonsai pot crafted to the highest standards.
  • TOTALLY BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Our kits are ideal for beginners, masters and children alike. We make sure our Bonsai kits are totally beginner friendly whilst developing the Grow Buddha Bonsai Starter Kits.
  • HIGH GERMINATION RATES (TESTED OURSELVES): All of our Bonsai seeds are sourced from the UK from reputable nurseries. We have tested and germinated the seeds ourselves before offering the seeds in any of our Bonsai Kit batches.
  • A TRULY UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Know someone special who loves plants? Imagine their excitement when they receive this unique and thoughtfully crafted Bonsai Starter Set. A one of a kind gift for mothers day, gardeners, beginners, kids, mom, dad, grandad, grandmum, the office, and even the most seasoned botanists.
Bestseller No. 5
Bonsai Tree Kit, 5 Bonsai Tree Seeds with Complete Plant Growing Tools, Grow in Pot Indoor Live Plant Bonsai Tree Starter Kit, Great Home Gardening Potted Plants DIY Gift for Adults
  • 5 TYPES OF BONSAI TREE SEEDS: These seeds are carefully selected, and supposed to grow into Acacia, Wisteria, Sakura, Red Maple, and Black Pine. You can expect 5 beautifully colored bonsai trees, and the flaming reds, elegant purples, bright greens and romantic pink would definitely make your home some different. Seeds only, no tools.
  • 100% NON-GMO HEIRLOOM SEEDS: Our bonsai tree seeds are from plants that were traditionally and naturally grown and are fine varieties from strict choice. These heirloom seeds are unique adaptive qualities to their environment, and have higher germination rate than others. Please note that NOT all seeds will germinate.
  • WAKE SEEDS UP BEFORE PLANTING: Bonsai seeds have hard shell outside, which means they should be soaked in warm water for longer time or hidden in sand to help and accelerate the germination. When sowing, it is recommended to put 2-3 seeds per pot, and keep it wet, warm, and ventilate. The germination period varies from seeds which generally takes 2-8 weeks. Please be patient.
  • EASY TO OWN A BONSAI GARDEN: Start your planting travel with our bonsai tree seeds. You can grow the plants indoors or outdoors without room limits, such as in kitchen, balcony, or window sill. Please transplant the seedlings to larger pots or gardens in time when they grow to 2-3 inch for more space and nutrition. It's super easy to DIY yourself a unique bonsai garden.
  • GOOD CHOICE FOR YOUR LIFE: Bonsai tree growing can really cultivate patience, while at the same time make you relaxing and return you to calm. The process is greatly healing and will give you a sense of accomplishment when the tree grows. It is also an ideal small gift for house warming party - it's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.
SaleBestseller No. 6
4 Bonsai Tree Kit with Non-GMO Bonsai Seeds (USA Grown), Soil, Natural-Based Planting Pots & in-Depth Guide - DIY Beginner Bonsai Starter Kit - Outdoor & Indoor Bonsai Tree Plants for Adults & Kids
  • All-Inclusive Bonsai Kit – Natureit bonsai plant kits include everything you'll need to easily grow the following 4 bonsai trees from seed: Colorado Blue Spruce, Loblolly Pine, Siberian Elm & Black Spruce
  • Watch It Grow – Plant bonsai seeds and watch them turn into beautiful little bonsai trees. This can be a therapeutic hobby or an exciting activity for the whole family. Makes an excellent gift for any plant lover
  • 100% Non-GMO, USA-Grown Seeds – All of our bonsai seeds come from USA's most veteran seed companies, are open-pollinated & have a high germination rate
  • Nutrient-Rich Soil Pellets – Rest assured that your just-planted bonsai seeds are getting all the nutrients they need to grow strong in the germination stage with less effort and no stratification required
  • Natural Planters, Tags & Instructions – We've thought about every detail to set you up for bonsai-planting success. Our biodegradable planters can be directly replanted into the ground when needed & we've included a comprehensive growing guide
Bestseller No. 7
Bonsai Tree Kit, 5 Bonsai Tree Seeds with Complete Plant Growing Tools, Grow in Pot Indoor Live Plant Bonsai Tree Starter Kit, Great Home Gardening Potted Plants DIY Gift for Adults
  • 5 RARE BONSAI TREE SEEDS: All our bonsai seeds are non-GMO heirloom seeds. They are from plants that were traditionally grown and not easy to get, so you may find it a little bit expensive, but exactly worth it. And they'll grow into beautiful Acacia, Wisteria, Sakura, Red Maple, Black Pine. Please note that NOT all seeds will 100% germinate.
  • TIPS FOR BETTER GERMINATION: (1) Be sure that the seeds are fully soaked for over 24 hours before seeding. (2) Too many seeds may cause competition for nutrition and space, so seeding 2 to 3 seeds per pot seems the optimal. (3) Dust a thin layer of soil on the seeds and keep them warm and breathable. (4) The germination period could be 2-8 weeks, please be patient. Detailed manual booklet helps you grow bonsai trees in a more scientific way.
  • DURABLE PLASTIC BONSAI POTS: 5 self-watering pots are made of premium plastic, sturdy and not easy to fade. The mesh with small holes designed at the bottom can drain away water but prevent soil from falling. Each is 6.3"L x 4.7"W x 2" in dimension, and great ideal for seed germination and small seedling growing. But when it grows to 2-3 inch, please transplant the plant out for more space and nutrition.
  • COCONUT COIR SOIL BLEND: Our bonsai soil contains coconut coir, which is good to seeds germination and can promote the growth of seedling. It is compressed into soil discs (1.5" in thickness, each soil disc weighs 2oz) for easy package and can expand into 10 times as large as what it was after absorbing the water. 5 soil discs are sufficient enough for the beginning of the plant growing.
  • DECENT DIY GIFT: There is a complete growing kit (5 types of bonsai tree seeds, 5 plastic pots, 4 soil discs, 5 plant markers, 1 bonsai pruner, 1 water bottle and 1 manual booklet) for a beginner to start planting. With a beautiful box, the bonsai tree kit is an ideal gift presenting to your parents or friends as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays gift. It is also a wonderful gift to celebrate other's new house.
SaleBestseller No. 8
HOME GROWN Bonsai Tree Kit - Premium Bonsai Tree Starter Kit - 4 Variety of Seeds: Japanese Maple, Sacred Fig, Jap. Privet, Cotoneaster - Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees - Father's Day Gifts for Gardeners
  • EASY TO GROW BEAUTIFUL BONSAIS: When choosing a bonsai kit, it makes sense to select only the most beautiful trees wouldn?t you say? So that?s why we selected only the most color-rich trees for our Bonsai Seeds Grow Kit. Enjoy and cherish these Flaming reds, delicious purples and fragrant greens in your home.
  • NO GREEN THUMB REQUIRED: Your bonsai starter kit comes with (4) seed varieties: Delonix Regia (Flame Tree), Picea Abies (Spruce), Pinus Aristata (Bristlecone Pine) and the Jacaranda Tree (Fern Tree). Each seed is fresh and ready to germinate. And as you know sometimes seedlings have a bad day, so we include extras!
  • ALL IN ONE KIT WITH ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Your bonsai trees plant growing kit includes: (4) Durable Pots (4) Drip Trays, (4) Wood Plant Markers, (3) Soil Peats, (1) Pack of Bonsai Fertilizer and (1) Instructions. We also gift our Digital Guide to you, so you don?t have to search all over the internet for Pro Tips and Care.
  • USA GROWN SEEDS: The Home Grown indoor garden kit is Made in the USA, with Non-GMO Seeds and Peat, and Complete with Durable Pots. It?s beautiful for gifting but also serves as the perfect plant lover gifts for those concerned about the planet, and for teaching kids about nature?s raw beauty!
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Love the Home Grown mini Bonsai Tree Plant Set, its stunning beauty, colorful plant decor and ease of use or we?ll replace your entire plant kit, or refund every cent. Grow your bonsai tree family indoor or outside (follow our guide) and you?ll love the results. Try it now and see!
Bestseller No. 9
Bonsai Starter Kit - DIY Bonsai Growing Gift - Garden Hobbies for Adults, Women & Men : 4 Unique Tree Seeds, Soil, Pots, Pruning Shears, Plant Markers + Wood Gift Box
  • Complete 18 piece Bonsai Growing kit: Everything you need to bring the joy of bonsai into your or a loved one's life in one beautiful wooden gift box. It's easy – we take the guesswork out of planting bonsai trees from seeds, guiding you every step of the way. Plant on!
  • Pot it : 4 burlap pots and 2 drip trays – Perfectly sized for seedlings with ample drainage. Save and reuse. | Plant it : 4 packets of premium seeds – Featuring 4 different species: Rocky Mountain Pine, Royal Poinciana, Blue Jacaranda, and Norway Spruce. All of the seeds have been tested for the highest germination rates.
  • Feed it : Nutrient-rich pre-fertilized soil disc - Add water, and they'll expand 6-8 times their original size. . | Mark it : 4 bamboo markers – markers help you identify your seedlings as they grow. Train it : Pruning shears - Perfect for trimming excessive leaves and roots.
  • Ace it! : Includes best-selling book 'BONSAI: 101 ESSENTIAL TIPS' by bonsai expert Harry Tomlinson (DK Publishing) with 72 full color illustrated pages. Everything you need to know about bonsai care, maintenance, design, and arrangement. With clear explanations of bonsai and what it is, these 101 easy-to-grasp tips have everything you need to get the results you want.
  • Plant your way to joy : Love it, or your money back! If you struggle with any aspect of the process, don't hesitate to contact us. We promise to help you out until you receive the results that you want. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the kit, we'll refund you 100% of the money, no questions asked.
Bestseller No. 10
Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Complete Growing Kit - Grow 4 Bonsai Tree Live Indoor from Seed - Indoor Garden - Grow Your Own Live Plant - Great Gardening Gifts Idea
  • GROW YOUR OWN BONSAI TREE - There is nothing better than being able to grow your own bonsai tree. With this kit you can grow 4 beautiful bonsai trees: Blue Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii), Black Spruce (Picea mariana), and Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata).
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Loako Japanese Bonsai Tree Kit contains everything you need to grow your own bonsai trees: planter pots with water trays, nutrient enriched expandable soil pellets, 95% guaranteed germination rate bonsai tree seeds, bamboo plant markers, and a detailed instruction booklet.
  • CREATE A PERFECT ZEN SPACE - With your kit you will also get 2 wooden trays, white sand, and a rack to create Zen gardens to display your bonsai trees on. We also included a hanging banner displaying the Mount Fuji with a rising sun and a cherry blossom tree, which are the symbols of Japan.
  • NO GREEN THUMB? WE GOT YOUR BACK! - We carefully selected seeds with a minimum of 95% guaranteed germination rate. The seeds are packaged into heat sealed packets to guarantee their freshness. We also included extra seeds, so you can try again if you do not obtain success immediately. Our instruction booklet contains detailed and illustrated step by step instructions, which makes the kit very easy to use, even for beginner.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - This Bonsai Kit is the perfect gift idea for your loved ones and is great for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming party, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, baby showers, etc. Our kit comes in a nicely designed packaging, which makes it a beautiful gift to offer to your loved ones.

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