10 Best Blood Tracking Flashlight of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Every hunter, whether he or she is a rookie or an experienced one, has had to deal with a wounded deer at some point. Only to discover a lack of blood trail once on the ground was it a terrific shot from your vantage point.

Other times, you have an excellent blood trail to trace, but it vanishes after a short distance. Advanced hunters may be able to retrace their steps, but for the vast majority of us, it isn’t that simple.

Top 10 Blood Tracking Flashlight: Editor Recommended

Instead of giving up, I’d rather do everything I can to find that deer. A blood light can be useful in this situation. If you don’t have this, you may leave the deer in the woods with the guilt of leaving an injured deer to die there.

The 10 Best Blood Tracking Flashlight Reviews:

Blood Tracking Light for Deer Hunting Accessories UV Green Red Flashlight with 18650 Battery Pressure Switch Weapon Tactical Flashlights Hog Predator Coyote Long-range Shooting

1. Blood Tracking Light for Deer Hunting Accessories UV Green Red Flashlight

Features :

  • ✅ UV, Red, Green colored LEDs lamp—- 1000 Lumen CREE XML- XP-G2 long throw 150 yards , 15W 365nm real black light, blood Tracker Gear specially designed for hunting whitetail deer buck elk, as the deer see the red light worst, the green light will attack the deer, but the deer see the blue light the best, so we do not use the blue light like most others multicolor flashlight
  • ✅ Special “ No clicking sound” design Pro Hunting flashlight—- Press very lightly on the tail button switch can change light from red to green to UV, so anything your hunting will not be scared away what ever is out there
  • ✅ Comes with constant on and momentary on Pressure Pad Switch for mounting option on a weapon, useful for spotting and hunting game, Powered by one 2600 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery(4 hours runtime), includes 2 set batteries for backup
  • ✅ Blood does not fluoresce by applying UV or visible blue light, need by spraying certain chemicals such as Luminol, blood will luminesce, or simply “glow in the dark”—and adding blue light is not necessary
  • ✅ Free 1-year warranty for the hunting light set, lifetime warranty for the pressure switch Great built and compact flashlight: 6.2 inch long, 1 inch body diameter, 40mm head diameter, include battery only weights 6.6 ounce, A Must have for hunters bow hunting, also Great for the colorblind
  • ✅ Gifts for hunters fathers Husband boyfriend grandfather brother hobby friends men who like hunting, Free 1-year warranty for hunting flashlight kit, lifetime warranty for pressure switch
  • ✅ Bow hunting accessories–a specialized UV light help spot blood easier,make blood almost glow with special chemicals
  • ✅ Easy carrying and water resistant multipurpose Blood Trail Lights built with a long lasting anodized aluminum body

Additional Info :

Color Blood Track Light
Item Dimensions
Height 1.73 Inches
Width 1.73 Inches
Length 6.2 Inches
Weight 0.40625 Pounds
Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

2. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Features :

  • Flat handle design for comfort and carry
  • State of the art blood tracking technology powered by intense 600 Lumen CREE XM LEDs
  • Makes blood visible in all types of terrain
  • 2 power settings – intense HD tracking and low illumination
  • Flat handle design for comfort and carry
  • Comes with Cardura holster with belt straps and 4 CR123 batteries

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3 Inches
Width 5 Inches
Length 8 Inches
Weight 0.220462262 Pounds
Bushnell TRKR 400 Lumen Flashlight

3. Bushnell TRKR 400 Lumen Flashlight

Features :

  • 400 Lumen output 2 AA batteries included
  • Blood tracking mode
  • IPX4 weather resistant
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • 1-meter impact resistant

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.2275 Pounds
Best Hunting Flashlights 2021 Rechargeable Blood Light Tracking Deer UV, Red, Green, & White Tactical Torch Trailing Elk Ultraviolet Black Light Zoomable LED Hand-Held Flashlight

4. Best Hunting Flashlights 2021 Rechargeable Blood Light Tracking Deer UV

Features :

  • Red/Green/blue UV black light/white RGBW 4 colored light in 1 USB Rechargeable camping flashlight adjustable focus zoom in wide floodlight to tight spotlight Night Hunting Flashlights
  • The red/green combo is the best colorblind hunting flashlight for deer buck whitetail wound animal blood trailing, make the blood stand out from the woods leaves
  • 365nm UV flashlights 5 watt for golf balls resin curing fluoresce UV paint ac leak id check scorpions fishing lures find arrows
  • 18650 black light flashlight Comes with 2 X 18650 batteries (2600 mAh), charger, metal clip, belt holster, and storage carry case
  • The metal clip is great for pocket-carry, Great for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Night Vision, Astronomy and Emergency
  • Free 2 year warranty, 60 days return
  • Multipurpose Flashlight A Must Have For All Campers, Hunters,Wild Traveler, Climber, Explorer
  • A fun little light cool toy Great gift for men and kids, best gift for grandkids, campers, hunters, kids, boyfriends, fathers, and grandpas
  • Small flashlight with red light option for Clear night sight without ruining the night vision,Reading maps, photography, military bunkers, submarines
  • Versatile color flashlight Black light light is ideal for trailing an injured deer in the woods, The blue UV light makes the blood stick out

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.5 Inches
Width 2.5 Inches
Length 7.5 Inches
Weight 0.3125 Pounds
VASTFIRE Zoomable Green/Red/UV Hunting Flashlight Deer Blood Tracking Light Red Night Vision Torch Green Search Lamps Hunter Flashlights for Whitetail Deer Buck Night Bow Hunting Accessories

5. VASTFIRE Zoomable Green/Red/UV Hunting Flashlight

Features :

  • ✅ Adjustable focus Red Green UV Blacklight Flashlight 100 yard spotlight to 50 yard flood light, includes 2600 mAh 18650 battery( runtime 3.5 to 6 hours), USB charger, gift carrying case and free 1-year warranty
  • ✅ Real UV light not like others which are blue light(the deer see the blue light best), Track deer down. Be it trail, campsite, or game, the ultra-bright VASTFIRE blood light 18650 with 365NM black light flashlite will help you find them all
  • ✅ No “Click” noise Specially design for hunting, will not scares animals away: Deer, Bears, Elk, Otters, Raccoons, Coyotes, wild Pigs, Skunks and other wild games, Click to turn on /off then Press lightly to change the light color noiselessly (Green-UV-Red-Green-UV-Red)
  • ✅ Quick-release metal clip is specifically designed for everyday carry flashlights to free users’ hands, it is truly utility for patrolling, hunting and other outdoor activities
  • ✅ Usage: Red and Green light Flashlight works great for spotting predators Coyote Hog Wild Pig Varmint Deer for night hunting, UV light Application: cat dog pet urine light, does great at reflecting blood trails at night and also used it to check camo clothing for deer season

Additional Info :

Color Green/Red/Uv Hunting Light
Item Dimensions
Height 1.2 Inches
Width 1.2 Inches
Length 5.2 Inches
Weight 0.2875 Pounds
iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker Light, Impact & Water-Resistant 4-in-1 LED Light with Magnetic Base, Camo, One-Size

6. iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker Light

Features :

  • IPROTEC Premium Lights: Expertly designed and meticulously crafted, iProtec lights are compact, easy to handle and lightweight
  • iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker is a rugged 4-in-1 LED light featuring a dimmable 250 lumen spotight, and 3 unique colored flood lights: Blue, Red and Blood tracker
  • Dimmable lights control both light distance and run time | Light distance reaches 113 meters with the 250 Lumen spot light mode and run time can last 6 hours on Blue Light mode
  • Unique design allows the light head to turn to a right angle with a simple twist | Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum make up and rubberized grip makes this light impact-resistant
  • Includes a steel pocket / belt clip, powerful hands-free magnetic base and (4) AAA batteries | Size: (H) 4. 825 in x (W) 1. 625 in | . 3 Lbs.
  • Sport type: Tactical & Military

Additional Info :

Color Camo
HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light for Hunting/Woods Lamp Skin Analyzer Professional Ringworm Cat Pet Urine Detector Light

7. HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light for Hunting

Features :

  • *Blood Light*Uv 20w 365nm Real Black Light, Blood Tracker Gear Specially Designed For Hunting Whitetail Deer Buck Elk, As The Deer See The Red Light Worst, The Green Light Will Attack The Deer, But The Deer See The Blue Light The Best, So We Do Not Use The Blue Light Like Most Others Multicolor Flashlight
  • *Blood Light Flashlight For Hunting*Blood Does Not Fluoresce By Applying Uv Or Visible Blue Light, Need By Spraying Certain Chemicals Such As Luminol, Blood Will Luminesce, Or Simply “Glow In The Dark”—And Adding Blue Light Is Not Necessary
  • *Blood Light For Tracking Deer*The Best Colorblind Hunting Flashlight For Deer Buck Whitetail Wound Animal Blood Trailing, Make The Blood Stand Out From The Woods Leaves
  • *Blood Tracking Light*365nm Uv Flashlights 20 Watt For Golf Balls Resin Curing Fluoresce Uv Paint Ac Leak Id Check Scorpions Fishing Lures Find Arrows,Pet Urine Detection,Skin Woods Lamp
  • *Blood Tracking Light For Hunting*Black Light Flashlight Comes With 1 X 26650 Batteries (6000 Mah), And Charger
  • *Hunting Lights*State Of The Art Blood Tracking Technology Powered By Intense 1200 Lumen Cree Xm Leds
  • *Tactical Light*Makes Blood Visible In All Types Of Terrain
  • * Hunting Light*Intense Hd Tracking And Low Illumination
  • *Hunting Flashlights*Handle Design For Comfort And Carry
  • *Hunting Accessories*Multipurpose Flashlight A Must Have For All Campers, Hunters,Wild Traveler, Climber, Explorer

Additional Info :

ALONEFIRE X004 Multicolor 4 Color in 1 LED Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable Red Green Blue White Light Flashlight Waterproof Zoomable with Battery Charger for Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting Tracking

8. ALONEFIRE X004 Multicolor 4 Color in 1 LED Tactical Flashlight

Features :

  • The RGBW 4 in 1 LED Flashlight have 4 individual LED light source(Red, Green, Blue, White), which have high brightness, beam distance up to 100~200 meters, one flashlight meets your different demands
  • The case uses high-quality aluminum alloy, which greatly enhanced its heat dissipation performance, this makes flashlights more reliable and durable
  • Come with a high capacity Li-ion battery and battery charger with battery indication, the charger has overheated and overcharge protection, let you use the flashlight more convenient, no need to buy extra accessories
  • IP6 Waterproof Level. You can use it on the rainy days and no need to worry about damage
  • Adjustable Focus. it has an adjustment so you can narrow the beam up and down/in or out

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.5 Pounds
Blue Light Flashlight Single Mode Hunting Torch Zoomable Waterproof Blood Tracker LED Light for Night Hunting Fishing

9. Blue Light Flashlight Single Mode Hunting Torch Zoomable Waterproof

Features :

  • BULE LED FLASHLIGHT: Under blue light, the bloodstains will have a fluorescent reaction and the oil will turn into a darker black. With the characteristic of blue light, hunting enthusiasts can use blue light flashlight to track the blood of injured prey, and industrial workers can also use it for inspection equipment.
  • SINGLE MODE : This Blue Light Flashlight is specially designed for night activities or emergency conditions. It is only a blue light mode so there is no switching through a white light, which is very easy and convenient to use.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCUS: You can adjust the focus from narrow beam to the wide range. Intense spotlight for long range observation( Zoom in); Circle Floodlight for large area illumination(Zoom out).
  • WATER RESISTANT: No matter it is on ordinary day or rainy day, the blue light flashlight will work well. (Not put into the water directly)
  • POWER SOURCE: 1pcs 18650 Lithium-ion Battery or 3pcs AAA Battery (Batteries are not included)

Additional Info :

Color Blue Light
Police Security 99698 Tract Tact Camo Flashlight 280 Lumens

10. Police Security 99698 Tract Tact Camo Flashlight 280 Lumens

Features :

  • Length: 6.5”
  • Lens Diameter: 1”
  • Overall Diameter: 1.25”

Additional Info :

Color Camouflage
Item Dimensions
Height 0.99999999898 Inches
Width 0.99999999898 Inches
Length 9.09842518757 Inches

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Select Blood Tracking Flashlight

To make a better informed conclusion, we need to examine the main elements of each blood-tracking lamp. However, there are a variety of products on the market that don’t have the same capabilities. It is critical for all users to keep the following points in mind.

Blood Tracking Flashlight

a) Number of colors

It’s possible to make a difference in the quantity of colors used since each color serves a distinct purpose. Blue or violet light is the most commonly employed for blood tracing, as we’ve already said.

Each of these lights is capable of highlighting blood stains in any setting. Incorporating additional hues, such as green light, is also an option.

When it comes to improving one’s night vision, the use of green light is a great option in this scenario. For hunting some species that are unable to sense the green light spectrum, green light can be a highly useful tool.

Besides that, red light may also be used in a similar way as green light in terms of usefulness. Because of this, some animals, such as coyotes, cannot see the red light.

Therefore, red light may be used during the search for coyotes to illuminate the area without alerting the target. Finally, white light is often used as part of the overall functionality of the product. Depending on how they’re used, each of these hues can appear.

b) Amount of brightness

It is important to note that the brightness of a flashlight is determined by its output lumens’ power. The greater the amount of lumens, the greater the flashlight’s power.

Many scenarios need having a flashlight with a maximum brightness output of 200 lumens or more. It is important to keep in mind that a flashlight with a high brightness level consumes more power and has a shorter run life.

Also, the quantity of lumens required for different hues varies. In comparison to red, green, and blue, white light requires the most lumens.

c) Illumination distance

Another important consideration when purchasing a flashlight is the amount of light it produces. However, the illumination range of certain flashlights is limited to just a few yards.

There are also flashlights with a luminous range of up to 100 yards or 100 meters, depending on the model. Each hue of a flashlight has a varied illumination range, as is common with flashlight lumen counts.

That being said, it’s better to have an effective flashlight for hunting purposes. Greater illumination of the hunting terrain can make it much easier to get to the prey.

d) Lifespan

Before making a final decision on a flashlight, it’s important to think about its lifespan. In certain situations, flashlights have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.

In general, the most convenient solutions may also provide a lifespan of 10,000 hours of usage.. Not having this kind of battery life in your flashlight might make it a poor choice.

Make sure you have a flashlight with a sturdy design in order to get the job done.

e) Structure and Waterproofing

Naturally, not all blood tracking lights are created with the same level of sturdiness and sturdiness in mind. In terms of the best possibilities, aluminum alloy flashlights may be found.

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloys can be found in some circumstances. For that reason, aircraft-grade aluminum must be utilized. A flashlight with this sort of construction can be more powerful in certain circumstances.

The agility of a hunter may be quite crucial during a hunt. It is possible that a flashlight might crack or tumble if it is not durable enough to withstand being dropped in the middle of the night.

Having strong waterproofing also makes it possible to operate a flashlight in the middle of a rainstorm without any problems. Even while most flashlights cannot be submerged, a high level of waterproofing protects them against rain and extreme humidity.

So this is another another key element to look for in a flashlight that is built to last.

f) Additional Features

In order to prevent the flashlight from slipping out of the user’s hands, we may add a rough grip handle to the list of additional features.

Similarly, certain flashlights may be able to be used without the user’s hands if they are attached to a helmet. Due to the increased mobility it offers, this style of flashlight may be preferred by hunters.

FAQ’s for the Best Blood Tracking Light Review

i. What color light is best for blood tracking?

ANS: For blood tracing, most experts agree on the use of two primary colors of led lights. An excellent choice for locating blood at night or in extremely dim lighting is either blue or red light.

During a hunting trip, white light is frequently used to do these kinds of investigations. In order to stand out clearly from the blood, white light is not the best solution.

On the other hand, the use of white light is limited to adding some standard illumination to a location. Blue light or UV light is the most popular choice for rapidly and readily discovering blood traces out of all the possibilities.

Blood tracing can be done using red light, although the results aren’t quite as accurate as blue or violet light. However, red light may be an excellent decoy to keep prey unaware of the hunter’s presence.

One reason is that certain animals are unable to distinguish between red and other colors due of this.

ii. Do blood tracking lights work?

When hunting at night, a blood tracking light is a useful tool for quickly locating animals. Blood can be seen on the ground or in other places with this sort of blue or violet light.

To avoid wasting valuable hunting time, experienced hunters almost universally employ this type of technology. As a multipurpose device, it may be utilized throughout the day for a variety of purposes.

Fishing and other types of industrial work often necessitate the use of a blood tracking flashlight. As for this flashlight’s specific functions, it is clear that it is a popular choice in many different situations.

iii. Will a blacklight show blood?

In most cases, a blacklight is the best tool for getting rid of various organic fluids. The blood tracing functionality, however, does not work well under a blacklight.

People who utilize a black light to highlight the blood will get subpar results here. It’s possible to produce solely dark red blood by shining a black light on a sample. A terrific choice for the finest blood tracking flashlight? Yes, please.

Luminol must be added to the blood in order to make it detectable. Exactly in this fashion, the blood becomes readily apparent to the eye. A hunting trip would be completely out of the question, of course.

As a result, when doing blood tracing, it is imperative that black light be avoided.

iv. What does blood look like under UV light?

Visible blue light or ultraviolet light on blood will reveal some surprising traits when it is applied. First and foremost, keep in mind that this liquid has no visible fluorescence.

As a result, blood cannot be seen under black light in the same way that other organic fluids can be. This is more likely to be noticed as a difference in hue between items and fluids on the ground.

So, while a glowing look is not guaranteed, the blood will have a distinct and visible appearance. Hunting prey becomes much easier when hunters can see the bloodstains that have been left behind on the ground.

v. What color light does not spook deer?

Sometimes, animals aren’t able to see the whole range of colors in the light as we can. Green and red are substantially less visible to deer in this situation. Several blood-tracking flashlights are therefore offered here, each with its own unique combination of illumination colors.

As a result, deer will only pay attention to neutral grays that do not frighten them. These hues can be included in a blood trail flashlight, making it a superior and more comprehensive choice..

vi. How can you tell where you hit a deer by blood?

If a hunter has successfully taken down a deer, the color of the blood from the wound can be used to determine where the bullet struck. Intestinal damage is indicated by brown or green blood in the bloodstream.

Blood that seems to be brilliant crimson might indicate a strike to the paw or heart. Lastly, if the blood has a dark red color, the damage may have been caused by inflammation in the liver.


Hunters who discover the greatest blood tracking flashlight will be able to improve their performance on each and every hunt. Naturally, every hunter has their own set of tools that allow them to sharpen their abilities while on the prowl for a variety of prey.

Having a great flashlight that can be customized to meet the specific demands and talents of each hunter is all that’s required. Amateur hunters, on the other hand, should have a flashlight that is appropriate for their skill level.

Hunting gear will be easier to locate for a wide variety of individuals. Even a blood tracking lamp is a necessary piece of equipment for serious hunters.

As a result, it will be much easier to come to an informed option after doing a thorough and thorough investigation. The hunter’s new blood tracking lighting skills are more suited to hunting at night.

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