10 Best Automotive Oscilloscope of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

It is possible to read voltage changes from car components using the finest automotive oscilloscope available. This tool is useful for troubleshooting difficulties, and it is also an essential tool for a variety of automotive repairs.

Automotive oscilloscopes are available at a variety of pricing points. The precision of their measurements and the variety of data processing possibilities will be the most important differences between them. .

Top 10 Automotive Oscilloscope: Editor Recommended

Let’s have a look at the 10 greatest alternatives available on the market in order to gain a better understanding of the characteristics they provide

The 10 Best Automotive Oscilloscope:


Autel MaxiScope MP408 + Free MaxiVideo MV108 4 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope Basic Kit Works with Maxisys for MS908P/MS906BT/MS906TS

1. Autel MaxiScope MP408 + Free MaxiVideo MV108 4 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope Basic Kit

Features :

  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE: With Free MV108, Autel MaxiScope MP408 measures and tests virtually all the electrical and electronic components and circuits in most modern vehicles. In addition, it can be used in a wide range of industries related with electronic signals.
  • 4-CHANNEL PANEL: This advanced automotive oscilloscope features color coded 4-channel control panel for fast sampling, making it a complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered unit.
  • READ & DISPLAY: Featuring one-click auto setup of the voltage scale and time base, Autel MP408 is compatible with LIN, CAN and FlexRay data bus standards to read and display electrical signals in high resolution waveforms.
  • INTUITIVE UI DESIGN: It features easy trigger point adjustment and real time scale info display that ensures you can effortlessly capture every detail of the signal. Also, it allows manual editing of measurement parameter display.
  • VERSATILE & PORTABLE: Power for the MaxiScope MP408 comes directly from the USB port of the connected PC, so no batteries or power leads are required, making the system very versatile and portable to use.

Additional Info :

Hantek 1008C 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

2. Hantek 1008C 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

Features :

Hantek 1008C PC USB 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Digital Oscilloscope/DAQ/Programmable Generator

3. Hantek 1008C PC USB 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Digital Oscilloscope

Features :

  • this auto diagnostic oscilloscope is with 8Channels, 2.4MSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate
  • EASY TO USE — Installs the PC software and start to use without any other drivers;
  • USB2.0 power supply + communication interface, plug and play, and support hot plugging.
  • Hantek 1008C provides Over 80 types of automotive diagnostic function (Ignition/Sensor/Bus detection/Performe/Starter and charging circuits etc.)​;

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.37795 Inches
Width 6.57479 Inches
Length 7.4803 Inches
Weight 0.77 Pounds
Hantek 1008B 8 Channels Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope/DAQ Card/ 8 Channels Programmable Generator…

4. Hantek 1008B 8 Channels Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

Features :

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.94 Inches
Width 9.21 Inches
Length 10.91 Inches
Weight 3.25125 Pounds
Micsig Digital Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope 100MHz 4 Channels ATO1104

5. Micsig Digital Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope 100MHz

Features :

  • [Intelligent] Under the network environment, you can operate the oscilloscope remotely via connecting the smartphone APP, which can help you observe the real-time waveform and data. If the Wi-Fi signal is stable, waveform and data transferring process make you work effectively.
  • [Applications] The ATO1104 supports the various automotive diagnostic test: ignition, sensors, actuators, networks, charging circuit, starter circuit, communication test (including CAN, LIN, FlexRay, K, etc. ), and pressure test(cylinder pressure, intake and exhaust pressure, fuel pressure, etc. )
  • [Simple to Use] Featured with an 8″ full touch capacitive screen, the operation is simple and easy.
  • [Easy Saving] The built-in 8 G memory storage makes saving and transferring waveform images, videos and data easier than ever.
  • [Various I/O port] Wi-Fi, LAN, HDMI, USB Host, USB Device, GND, DC Power.

Additional Info :

Hantek 1008C+ 8CH Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope 2.4MSa/s USB 2.0 bandwidth 100K Program Generator

6. Hantek 1008C+ 8CH Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope

Features :

  • Compliance with Windows10
  • Software supports English

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.17 Inches
Width 0.76 Inches
Length 0.89 Inches
Weight 1.3889122506 Pounds
1008C 8Channel Automotive Diagnostic PC Digital Oscilloscope/DAQ/Programmable Generator 2.4MSa/s USB 2.0 Bandwidth 100K Program Generator Automotive Diagnostic Scope

7. 1008C 8Channel Automotive Diagnostic PC Digital Oscilloscope

Features :

  • 8 channels oscilloscope, 2.4MSa/s real time sampling rate
  • 12 bits vertical resolution, spectrum analysis function
  • Bus Diagnosis: CAN bus data examine, CAN bus signal integrity, CAN bus LH long time acquisition, LIN bus
  • Sensor: Air Flow Meter, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Distributor, Lambda sensor, Throttle position
  • More than 20 types of automatic testing function, a similar interface with bench top oscilloscope, easy to use

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 3.30693393 Pounds
allsun 2 In 1 Digital Automotive Oscilloscope Handheld Lab Scope Digital Storage Multimeter Portable,25MHz Single Channel 6000-count Chip Large LCD Screen High-Speed CPU

8. allsun 2 In 1 Digital Automotive Oscilloscope Handheld Lab Scope Digital Storage

Features :

  • 【PERFORMANCE OF SCOPE&MULTIMETER】with LED Backlight,25MHz Bandwidth(-3dB),Vertical Sensitivity is 50mV/div-20V/div, Sampling Rate is Max 100M Sa/s,6000 counts chip, Real-time measurement AC/DC Voltage,Resistance,Capacitance,Diode,Continuity.
  • 【IN CONTRAST WITH ANALOG/DESKTOP OSCILLOSCOPE OR DIGITAL MULTIMETER】The handheld oscilloscope is a Portable tool for waveform measurement. It is one of the best test tool for use in teaching field.
  • 【4 CORE COMPETENCIES】Handheld oscilloscope multimeter uses a high speed AD sampler to convert the input analog signal into digital signal and displays the signal on a 128 x 64 LCD after processing the signal through a high-speed CPU and Autorange.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATION】The oscilloscope multimeter widely application in Installation and operation test,Automotive electronics,Field test job,Indoor teaching test,Electronic field work,Circuit design work and so on.
  • 【APPEARANCE&POWER SUPPLY】The handheld automotive oscilloscope with transverse-grip design is easy for operation even using one hand, and it is compact. Charging the Battery and Battery Charge Level Indication.Power supplied by 1 piece 3.7V lithium battery.(Battery included in the equipment).

Additional Info :

allsun 2 in 1 Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope Automotive Diagnostic Lab Scope Protable Digital Multimeter Color Screen Scope DMM Meter 2 Channels,25MHz

9. allsun 2 in 1 Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope Automotive Diagnostic Lab Scope

Features :

  • 【2 IN 1 COLOR SCREEN OSCILLOSCOPE】 Handheld Oscilloscope Function & Digital Multimeter Function, Digital Multimeter functions integrated multifunctional handheld instrument, ideal for field use.
  • 【DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE MAIN FUNCTION】 2-channel ,25MHz digital storage oscilloscope,6000 words True RMS, True 6000 words RMS digital multimeter, 100MSa / s real-time sampling rate, 25MHz real-time bandwidth.
  • 【HANDHELD OSCILLOSCOPE MATERIAL AND LANGAUGE SWITCH】ABS on the outside(such as BNC connector. With some metal for connection on the inside.Chinese got it back to English, step is Power on – menu – F4 – F2
  • 【EQUIPED WITH OSCILLOSCOPE & DMM FUNCTION】Equiped with oscilloscope function and DMM function. Oscilloscope— automatically capture waveform, read out, waveform display processing, single & dual cursor measurements, scanning and recorder function.
  • 【STANDARD USB INTERFACE】Through the PC software can easily communicate with a computer for data analysis and test results archive, through the USB interface and the computer connection, transmission, you can analyze and print data from the oscilloscope.

Additional Info :

Color Black&Blue
Handheld Oscilloscope Hantek2D82AUTO 4 in 1 Multifunction Tester of Automotive Diagnostic oscilloscope Signal Source and multimeter (2D82 II)

10. Handheld Oscilloscope Hantek2D82AUTO 4 in 1 Multifunction Tester

Features :

  • It continues the compact and lightweight concept but with a new generation of 4 in 1 multifunction tester: Automotive Diagnostic, oscilloscope, signal source and multimeter;
  • A small volume of the non-profit grip by a single hand; The suspendingstand was designed to support multi-angle adjustment;
  • Ultra-low-power, Type C charging interface, each 2 hours battery charge allow working one full day or standbytwo months;
  • High-definition color LCD screen display clear and delicate; Minimalist keyboard design simplifyoperation, easy to use.
  • The product is 100% brand new and high-quality. We care for every customer’s feeling. You can get in touch with customer service when you meet any question.

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Buying Guide: What To Consider When Select Automotive Oscilloscope

Prior to making the investment in an automobile oscilloscope, think about how and where you’ll put it to use: in your garage, at the customer’s home office, or on a test bench.

Automotive Oscilloscope

This issue is further complicated by the fact that there are a plethora of brands available, each with its own unique features and price points. The following are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best automotive oscilloscope on the market.

a) Number of Channels

Oscilloscopes for automobiles often have one, two, four, or even ten channels. The amount of signals that will be shown on the oscilloscope is an important consideration, however a single-channel oscilloscope frequently suffices. If you want to quickly determine whether or not there is a signal and if it falls within the normal range, this is extremely important.

Inspecting the outputs of thermistors, cam/crank correlation sensors, throttle position sensors, and many more devices using two channels of oscilloscopes is an easy task. If you need to see the ignition circuit right away, a four-channel automobile oscilloscope is your best option.

b) The Probes and Input Ranges

The greatest automotive oscilloscopes come with a variety of add-ons that let you expand the scope’s input ranges and application capabilities. When measuring high voltage or current signals, such as those from main and secondary ignitions, injectors, or other devices requiring a wide input range, you’ll need an oscilloscope with an appropriate input probe.

There are a variety of current lights, pick-up clamps (inductive and capacitive), attenuators (20:1) and (10:1), and AC coupling adapters (to name a few) on the market. It is critical that the input probes match or exceed the scope’s bandwidth.

c) Ease of Use

Automatic or memorized setup options are available on certain automobile oscilloscopes, making it even easier to get started with the device. Alternatively, some oscilloscopes have replaced the user-friendly rotary knobs with less expensive buttons commonly found on settings such as time-base speed, trigger level, vertical sensitivity, and trace position, saving you the trouble of constantly consulting the manual.

The user manuals for these devices may be downloaded, which is a great help in figuring out how sensitive they might be. So having a simple-to-use oscilloscope will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

d) Bandwidth

A signal’s spectral bandwidth is defined as the highest possible signal frequency that can be processed by a front-end amplifier. This means that the analog bandwidth of your scope must be greater than or equal to your desired measurement frequency.

If you’re in the market for an automobile oscilloscope, be sure to understand the bandwidth requirements before you make your purchase. This is due to the fact that the bandwidth must be five times greater than the highest frequency of the signal being monitored. As a result, a precise waveform representation is generated.

e) Digital Storage versus Analogue Oscilloscopes

Because consumers believe that digital storage oscilloscopes are the best option, they now account for a large share of new oscilloscope purchases. However, if you’re looking for an analog scope, you’ll have a restricted selection.

f) Select Functional Triggering

An automotive oscilloscope with functional triggering is recommended since it helps to control the signal that can be viewed by the naked eye. As a result, it’s accurate and comfortable to watch. Choosing an oscilloscope with excellent visibility and a wider border to provide a better triggering response are other important considerations when searching for an oscilloscope.


Automotive oscilloscopes come at a variety of price points, but in general, more expensive models offer more functionality and accuracy. Before making a purchase, think about what you actually need. The more advanced capabilities found in more expensive versions aren’t required by the majority of do-it-yourself mechanics.

There are ten automobile oscilloscopes on this list that are both trustworthy and convenient. It is our goal that the reviews above will help you discover the best garage door for your needs!

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