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Schaefer VF36W-SAT-B VersaFog Wall Mount Oscillating HP Misting Fan
Schaefer VersaFog VF36W-SAT-B Wall Mount Oscillating HP Satellite Misting Fan - Black (White Shown)
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Schaefer VF36W-SAT-B VersaFog Wall Mount Oscillating HP Misting Fan 36"

Schaefer VF36W-SAT-B is a high pressure misting evaporation based cooling system.

Schaefer's industrial strength 36 inch oscillating fan features twelve high pressure misting nozzles & distributes air cooling out to 65 Ft. with a 90 degree arc.

This innovative high pressure mist system atomizes the water droplets which increases the rate of evaporation & minimizes moisture condensation as compared to low pressure misting systems.

Heat can cause major problems on job sites,
decreasing productivity, causing fatigue and lowering morale. Working in very hot conditions can present safety & health hazards including heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Misting fans are a simple & efficient means of minimizing heat stress, and
may reduce the air temperature up to 35 degrees.

  • Rental
  • Outdoor retail
  • Fire departments & rescue operations
  • Music events
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Pools
  • Construction sites
  • Patios & decks
  • Sporting events
  • Camping
  • Tent rentals
  • Resorts
Schaefer Versa Fog VF36W-SAT-B Can Reduce Air Temperature By As Much As 35 Degrees
Schaefer VF36W-SAT-B Features
  • Self contained high pressure misting evaporative air cooling satellite fan (high pressure pump assembly not included)
  • Wall mounted 36 inch fan featuring
    • A totally enclosed 1/2HP motor
    • Rugged polyethylene fan housing
    • Steel guards - Powder coated
    • 90 degrees of oscillation & 11,000 CFM
  • 36" satellite fan connects to base unit using the quick connect HP line (included)
  • Mist under high pressure evaporates quickly & cools without leaving wetness
  • 128,000 BTU / hour (10 Tons) cooling capacity
  • Cools air by 30 degrees F maximum
  • Cool a maximum of 3,000 square ft.
  • Garden hose with 15 PSI minimum water pressure required for supplied water
  • Includes a 25 foot outdoor rated power cord w/ integrated GFCI
  • Some assembly required
  • 2 yr limited warranty
  • USA Made

Schaefer VersaFog VF36W-SAT-B Is Perfect For Outdoor Summer Event Cooling

Schaefer VF36W-SAT-B Specifications

Fan Diameter
36 inches

1/2 HP - 115 / 230 Volts


Cooling in Tons


Cooling Area
3000 Sq. Ft.

Weight130 pounds

Choose Options and Quantity
Mist Rings HP-25MR12BL - High Pressure Mist Ring 25 in. OD 12 Nozzle Blue; no nozzles [+$130.00]
HP-22MR10BL - High Pressure Mist Ring 22 in. OD 10 Nozzle Blue; no nozzles [+$110.00]
HP-15.75MR8BL - High Pressure Mist Ring 15.75 in. OD 8 Nozzle Blue; no nozzles [+$80.00]
Hoses HPH16 - High Pressure Hose 16 Inches [+$50.00]
HPH57 - High Pressure Hose 57 Inches [+$62.00]
HPH360 - High Pressure Hose 30 Feet [+$130.00]
HPH720 - High Pressure Hose 60 Feet [+$225.00]
Nozzle Packs BN8-1024-4PAK - Brass Nozzle, .012 in. Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads Package of 4 [+$15.00]
BN8-1024-6PAK - Brass Nozzle, .008 in. Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads Package of 6 [+$34.00]
BN8-1224-6PAK - Brass Nozzle, .008 in. Orifice, 12 - 24 Threads Package of 6 [+$37.00]
Nozzles BNP-1224 - Brass Plug, 12 - 24 Threads [+$3.00]
BN12 - Brass Nozzle, .012 inch Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads [+$5.00]
BN16 - Brass Nozzle, .016 inch Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads [+$5.00]
BN20 - Brass Nozzle, .020 inch Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads [+$5.00]
BN8 - Brass Nozzle, .008 inch Orifice, 10 - 24 Threads [+$8.00]
BN8-1224 - Brass Nozzle, .008 inch Orifice, 12 - 24 Threads [+$9.00]
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