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Home > Retrotec Blower Door Systems
Retrotec US1312 US 1312 Blower Door Air Leakage Test System
Retrotec US1312 Blower Door System
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Retrotec US1312 US 1312 Blower Door Air Leakage Test System

The Retrotec US 1312 features 3 calibrated Model 1000 fans, a tight fitting large cloth door panel & the DM32 gauge.

Retrotec's US1312 is the by far most economical method for blowing large volumes of air in order to test High Rise, Commercial or Multi-Family buildings.

The US1312 utilizes the DM-32 gauge which is more advanced than the competition & perfect when operating your blower door system manually or on full automatic using your computer & optional Multi FanTestic Software. When pressure testing fans are separated with a large amount of distance, the Retrotec DM32 is your best bet since it runs over Ethernet cables for practically unlimited distance. The DM32's WiFi adds a wireless feature which is not
generally required for large set-ups since wired configurations have higher dependability but it works well when the distance are line of sight.

You can also execute data logging automatically from more than one fan & control your gauge remotely from your laptop. With the new recommended five year calibration interval for the DM32 you will avoid yearly calibrations.

With a 3/4 horsepower motor Retrotec's Model 1000 produces 6300 CFM maximum through the 22 inch diameter inlet which makes it highly ideal for measuring both residential & small commercial building
air leakage. The fan also has a knob for controlling the speed at your fan manually & a convenient input port which provides automatic control with a Digital Gauge made by Retrotec. A status light located beside the input port indicates if the gauge has established a proper connection. The additional control port enables multiple fan linking so they can be operated from a single source.

The fan's shell features double riveting with gussets, an innovative design which prevents the loss of blade tips. Incredibly stable mounting with 8 points perpetuates the fan's alignment even under extremely stressful testing conditions. The attachment points are permanently
molded so nothing can become loose & the motor mounting holes won't tear out.

The fan also uses a proprietary speed controller which evens out the power distribution, reducing noise & energy loss.

Retrotec durability is backed with the industry's longest no fault warranty available - a full ten years for the fan shell.

Calibrated range configuration allows 1 fan to perform testing for wide variety of enclosures - from super tight to super leaky. The fan also includes 11 different flow ranges which provide precision results for the largest enclosure volume ranges. All of Retrotec's fans are manufactured with space age, extremely durable plastic foam making them both tough and lightweight. They are easily reversible - to switch between pressurizing and depressurizing the enclosures, simply flip your fan around inside its panel.

Simply run one Ethernet cable from your testing area to your laptop in order to control testing with no extended umbilical required.
The Retrotec US1312 Blower Door System Features 3 Model 1000 Fans

Retrotec US1312 Features
  • Touchscreen DM32 gauge provides you with instant calculations for flow, (Air Changes / Hour) ACH & (equivalent leakage area)
  • Includes the recommended 5 year gauge interval for calibration
  • Gauge can extrapolate to exact target pressures - no need for averaging manually while testing
  • Large cloth door panel fits securely in doorways of many different sizes
  • Fan with high output pressurize a broad range of different enclosure volumes
  • Fan includes 11 different flow ranges which provide accurate test results for the broadest enclosure volume ranges
Package Includes
  • 3 - DM32 Digital Gauge WiFi Packages which include
    • Android or Apple Apps
    • AC Adapter
    • Ethernet and USB cables
    • Antiskid mat with case
  • Rugged cloth door panel with aluminum frame for 3x 1000 series fans which includes
    • Extra crossbar
    • Case
    • Safety strap
    • Holder for the DM32
  • 3 - Calibrated Model 1000 fans set
    • 11 range configurations
    • Average calibration
    • Power panel is country specific & appropriate voltage
    • Fan shell 10 year warranty
    • 2 year component warranty
  • 6 - Shower cap front & back fan covers
  • 2 - Yellow speed control cables - 20 feet (7 meters)
  • FanTestic Pro 6 software provides automatic control for air leakage tests as many standards require
  • Level 1 and 2 Energy Training courses for air leakage testing in residential buildings
  • System accessories case
  • Printed color quick guides

Retrotec DM32 Manometer Has Many Innovative Features Which Other Blower Doors Don't Have
Retrotec US 1312 Air Leakage Testing System Is Capable Of Automatic Data Logging From Multiple Fans

Retrotec US1312 Specifications

3x Series 1000 Fans

 120V / 60Hz, plug style B

Part Number:


Maximum Flow:

6300 CFM (into free air)

5600 CFM (into 50 Pa)

Flow is reduced 15% for 50Hz power sources


32.8 lbs (15 kg)


26” x 25.5” x 9.5” (66 x 65 x 24 cm)


1000 Watts, 9A at 110V, 5A @ 240V (50 or 60 Hz)

Maximum Current:


Motor & Fan Blade:

0.75 HP, PSC motor w/ 8 blade fan

Minimum Flow:


Flow Accuracy:


Calibration For Flow Accuracy compliance

CGSB-149.10, ASTM E779-10, USACE, EN 13829, UK ATTMA TSL2 and TSL1, EN15004, ISO 14520, NFPA 2001

Calibration interval recommended:

Every 5 years

Choose Options and Quantity
Fan Parts FN280 - Speed Control Splitter - Includes DM205 Control Cable [+$165.00]
DM205 - 20 foot Control Cable [+$15.00]
FN313 - High Power Fan Drive - 120V / 60Hz [+$710.00]
FN214 - Range Ring A for 1000 Series Fans [+$70.00]
FN217 - Range Ring B [+$40.00]
FN218 - Range Plate C8 [+$78.00]
FN219 - Ten Range Plugs for Plate C8 [+$12.00]
PT103 - Power Cord [+$20.00]
Training & Demonstration Rig TR180 - House Simulator for blower door system residential test training [+$1,000.00]
Aluminum Frames & Parts AL268 - Cam Lever and Expander Assembly - Left Unit - Single [+$25.00]
AL269 - Cam Lever and Expander Assembly - Right Unit - Single [+$25.00]
AL251 - Standard 42 Inch Aluminum Frame Door Cloth [+$125.00]
AL261 - Standard 50 Inch Aluminum Frame Door Cloth [+$160.00]
AL256 - Double 42 Inch Aluminum Frame Fan Cloth [+$180.00]
AL265 - Standard 50 Inch Aluminum Frame Double Fan Cloth [+$200.00]
AL266 - Standard 50 Inch Aluminum Frame Triple Fan Cloth [+$240.00]
AL270 - High Pressure Cloth Fits Large 50 Inch Aluminum Frame [+$240.00]
AL215 - Aluminum Frame Extender Kit - Fits Doorway to 105 inches tall & 48 inches wide - Includes Additional Crossbar Extender Pieces velcro safety strap & Large Cloth [+$250.00]
AL250 - Standard Frame 42 Inch Red Aluminum [+$375.00]
AL250R - Frame Package 42 Inch Red Aluminum [+$535.00]
AL260 - Large 50 Inch Aluminum Frame [+$585.00]
AL260R - Red Aluminum 50 Inch Frame Package [+$795.00]
Accessories DM346 - 7 Ft. Blue Cat5 Cable [+$10.00]
DM340 - USB Cable - 6 Ft. A to MicroB - 6 Ft. A to MicroB 5-pin Gold Plated 28 / 24 awg with Ferrite [+$13.00]
AC116 - Refill - Dragon Puffer Fluid 3 Pack [+$18.00]
TU119 - Tubing Accessory Kit [+$20.00]
GA110 - Static Pressure Probe [+$20.00]
GR106 - Grill Mask Dispenser [+$30.00]
DM235 - Umbilical for 1000 Series Fan - 7 ft. [+$45.00]
GR113 - Grill Mask - 12 x 12 inches - 160 ft. - White Single Roll [+$50.00]
DM341 - Charging module for the DM32 (North America) [+$52.00]
AC110 - Smoke Pencil Dragon Puffer Kit [+$60.00]
PP101 - Small Pressure Pan 13 x 15 x 4.5 inches - Poles not included [+$60.00]
PP102 - Large Pressure Pan 24.5 x 24.5 x 8.75 inches - Poles not included [+$70.00]
GR109 - Grill Mask - 12 x 12 inches - 160 ft. - White 3 Rolls [+$150.00]
Bags & Carrying Cases FN130 - Fan Shower Cap Cover (front or back) [+$9.75]
AL262 - 50 Inch Aluminum Frame Roll Up Cloth Case [+$50.00]
TL118 - Cordura Deluxe Toolbag w/ Shoulder Strap [+$120.00]
TL133 - System Accessory Case [+$120.00]
FN211 - Fan Case Hard Sided [+$195.00]
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