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Novatek 139.3107 VSE 3B/PG Vacuum Shrouded Air Needle Scaler Chisel
Novatek 139.3107 VSE 3B/PG Vacuum Shrouded Air Needle Scaler Chisel
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Novatek 139.3107 VSE 3B/PG Vacuum Shrouded Air Needle Scaler Chisel

Novatek VSE 3B/PG needle scaler provides a thorough & effective method to remove coatings, corrosion & accumulated materials.

Novatek's legendary hitting power provides you with a state of the art scaler capable of quick coating removal without dangerous dust emissions. The 139.3107 air scaler works on virtually all surfaces including irregular one which are otherwise difficult to prepare. Some typical examples are edges, corners, rivet heads, weld seams, bridge bearings, steel window sills, steel door jams, concrete, tubing and more.

  • Adjustable / adaptable vacuum front tubes
    • Concentrates the needle coverage for improved results
    • Reduced chance of bent needles
  • Heavy duty components
    • Hardened steel parts provide greater resistance to wear
    • Moving parts are made from steel, not plastic for longer life & low maintenance
  • Flexible wear cuff
    • Provides correct surface coverage for hard to reach areas
    • Interchangeable cuffs accommodate irregular surfaces
    • Wear cuffs for efficient capture & containment for hazardous materials
  • Vacuum recovery / exhaust
    • Bottom outlet prevents exhaust air from working against the vacuum recovery
    • Various needle gun configurations enables vacuum recovery in difficult areas without interference from the vacuum hoses and air lines
Needle Scalers supplied with chisel-tip needles standard. Optional needles available. A selection of chisel scalers may be fitted using standard or spark resistant chisels.
Novatek 139.3107 VSE 3B/PG Vacuum Shrouded Air Needle Scaler Works On Irregular Surfaces
Novatek 139.3107 Includes
  • Loaded with 3 millimeter chisel tip needles
  • 3 mm chisel tip needles - 100 pack
  • 1/4 inch NPT air inlet
  • Extra Anvil
  • Extra Compression Spring
  • Extra 3 mm Needle Holder
  • Allen key
  • Flat cuff
  • Corner cuff
  • Rugged Tool Bag
Novatek Vacuum Shrouded Needle Scaler Removes Coatings And Corrosion On Flat Or Uneven Surfaces

Novatek 139.3107 Specifications

Needle Holder Capacities

28 x 3 mm

65 x 2 mm

19 x 4 mm

8.8 pounds (4 kg)
13.5 inches (342 mm)
Air Consumption
8 CFM (228 LPM)
Cylinder Bore
1.125 inches
Piston Stroke
1.54 inches

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories 731.2103 - Flat Surface- Front Cuff [+$17.51]
731.2101 - Inside Corner- Front Cuff [+$25.75]
610.2091 - Anvil [+$81.51]
601.2092 - Needle Holder 2 mm [+$155.00]
601.2093 - Needle Holder 3 mm [+$159.93]
Needles 445.2010 - Pack of 100 2mm Flat Tip Needles [+$61.00]
445.2015 - Pack of 250 2mm Flat Tip Needles [+$152.43]
445.2020 - Pack of 500 2mm Flat Tip Needles [+$304.87]
442.1107 - Bulk Case Pack of 2000 2mm Flat Tip Needles [+$396.00]
445.3040 - Pack of 100 3mm Flat Tip Needles [+$48.53]
445.3045 - Pack of 250 3mm Flat Tip Needles [+$104.00]
445.3050 - Pack of 500 3mm Flat Tip Needles [+$204.00]
443.1107 - Bulk Case Pack of 1000 3mm Flat Tip Needles [+$335.00]
445.3120 - Pack of 100 3mm Chisel Tip Needles [+$60.00]
445.3125 - Pack of 250 3mm Chisel Tip Needles [+$142.00]
445.3130 - Pack of 500 3mm Chisel Tip Needles [+$285.00]
443.2107 - Bulk Case Pack of 1000 3mm Chisel Tip Needles [+$355.00]
445.3080 - Pack of 50 3mm Beryllium Copper Needles [+$213.00]
445.3085 - Pack of 100 3mm Beryllium Copper Needles [+$422.00]
445.3090 - Pack of 250 3mm Beryllium Copper Needles [+$1,054.00]
443.1307 - Bulk Case Pack of 500 3mm Beryllium Copper Needles [+$1,890.00]
445.4010 - Pack of 100 4mm Flat Tip Needles [+$72.15]
445.4015 - Pack of 250 4mm Flat Tip Needles [+$166.50]
445.4015 - Bulk Case Pack of 500 4mm Flat Tip Needles [+$260.00]
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