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MSA Safety SRS15400 Suretyman Confined Space Rescue System 400 Ft
MSA Safety SRS15400 Suretyman Rescue Utility System 400 Ft.
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MSA Safety SRS15400 Suretyman Confined Space Rescue System 400 Ft

The MSA Suretyman is a man rated manually operated raising & lowering system.

Initially designed specifically as a rescue system, it functions equally well when used as a work positioning device. It may be used by rescuers or workers for self positioning, or for raising and lowering another worker.

The rescue utility Suretyman system is available in 2 different configurations.
  • 7/16 inch (11 millimeter) rope
  • Special order 1/2 inch (12 millimeter) rope
The system is pre rigged & ready to use right from the bag with a 4:1 mechanical advantage for raising. This provides you with the ability to raise a load efficiently and easily with minimal effort. The included storage bag makes transporting very easy.

As a load is lowered the anti reversing pullies will lock. The braking / friction action allows you to lower or hold the load easily. It only requires an approximate 10 pound (4.5 kilogram) force in order to secure a 220 pound (100 kilogram) load.

For additional safety, there is also a Suretyman Ascender included. It is attached to the system operating rope and provides the user with a more secure grip on the rope. The ascender is also secured to the operator with the attached securing rope and carabiner. If the operating rope is accidentally released, the Suretyman Ascender assembly keeps the load from falling and stops it.
MSA Safety Suretyman Rescue Utility System Has Rapid Deployment And Is Virtually Maintenance Free
MSA Safety SRS15400 Features
  • 4:1 mechanical advantage
  • 100 ft. working length
  • Lower or raise people or equipment for rescue or industrial work access
  • Perfect for confined space applications
  • Anti reversing lock pulleys
  • Rapid deployment
  • Maintenance free
  • 600 pound rated capacity (272 kilograms) personnel & materials
  • 17 pound standard system weight
  • Self or remote operation
  • Storage bag for easy transport
  • OSHA & ANSI Z359.4 compliant

 MSA Safety Suretyman Specifications

Upper & Lower Anti Reversing Double Pulley

Description - 4" (100 mm) double pulley with Patent Pending
                     anti-reversing sheaves
Material -      High grade anodized aluminum
Weight -        1.8 lb (840 g)
Strength -     11,200 lb (49 kN)

Right  handed ascender

Replacement  Part - SRP220
Description -             Rope ascender with large hand grip/handle
Material -                  High grade aluminum with steel cam assembly
Weight -                    24 oz (660 g) with securing rope
Strength -                  2500 lb (11 kN)

Anchor  Sling

Replacement  Part - SFP22674-04
Description -             4 x 1" (122 cm x 2.54 cm) tube sling with wear sleeve
Material -                  Tubular nylon
Strength -                 6048 lb (27 kN)

Personnel & materials rated capacity
600 lb. (272 kg)
Replacement  Part - SRP544000
Description -             7/16 " (11 mm) low stretch static rope
Material -                  Nylon
Weight -                    1.8 oz/ft (115 g/m)
Strength -                  6000 lbs (27 kN)
Carabiners (3)Replacement  Part - SRCA455
Description -             Pear shaped autolocking
Material -                  High strength aluminum
Weight -                    4 oz (115 g)
Strength -                  6744 lb (30 kN)
Optional  NFPA 1993-1995 class "G" CarabinersReplacement  Part - SRCC642
Description -             Pear shaped autolocking
Material -                  Carbon steel, zinc plated
Weight -                    11 oz (311 g)
Strength -                  12364 lb (55 kN)
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