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Miller SkyGrip SGS36/60FT Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems Steel
Miller SkyGrip SGS36/60FT Lifeline Systems - Steel Applications
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Miller SkyGrip SGS36/60FT Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems - Steel Applications

The Miller SGS36/60FT SkyGrip System is engineered for attaching to Steel beams which ensures worker mobility & protection.

The Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Steel Applications are manufactured using a lightweight material which along with its compact size makes this system easy to install and user friendly. It is designed in a way to ensure user safety and maximize productivity since it allows greater user mobility. This unit includes crossbar adjustment systems that make this unit functional for a wide range of steel beam sizes.
This 60 foot long system features the large base which fits beam flanges 12 - 36 inches wide & 2.25 - 3 3/8 inches thickness.


  • Steel Construction and General Maintenance
  • Bridge Maintenance, Construction, and Inspection
  • Commercial Buildings
The Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Steel Applications features Fine-Tune Adjustment that provides optimal performance by making slight adjustments. The Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Steel Applications features I-Beam Assembly that can be adjusted accordingly for a firm grip. The Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems for Steel Applications features Position Crossbar that is hooked at the end to provide a firm support. The complete stanchion installation in Miller SkyGrip Lifeline Systems for Steel Applications involve use of I-Beam Assembly and proper fine tune adjustment.

Miller SGS36/60FT Features
  • Includes
    • 2 Stanchions
    • 1 Energy Absorber
    • 2 Worker Capacity per system
  • Use of compact and lightweight material in manufacturing
  • A Patent-Pending Design allows single-person installation and dismantling
  • Quick grip above the beam adjustment allows high productivity and user safety
  • Reduced Trip Hazard with low-profile crossbar
  • A 2 base / crossbar adjustment system make it functional for wide range of steel beam sizes
  • User Friendly design that allows a person to easily install this unit
  • Stanchion also functions as a single point anchorage
  • Continuous pass through design with a 100 percent tie off connection w/ multiple span systems
  • Single span systems - with no intermediate stanchions - up to 60 feet (18.3 meters); multiple span systems to 300 feet (91.4 meters)
  • Tension indicator allows proper system tensioning to ensure accurate requirements for fall clearance 
  • Interchangeable bases for concrete and steel applications
  • Modular design increases versatility and maximizes your investment
  • Durable zinc plated steel construction provides corrosion resistance for long service life and increased durability
  • SkyGrip stainless steel energy absorber is engineered to maintain the consistency of system forces during falls helps minimize fall clearance & maintain low system force
The Miller SkyGrip Temporary HLL System Provides Increased Worker Safety And Mobility

SkyGrip SGS36/60FT Specifications

Length 60 feet
Anchorage 5000 pounds
Material Steel, zinc plated
Attachment requirements Steel I Beam Flanges from 12 - 36 inches wide & 2.25 - 3 3/8 inches thickness
2 Stanchions
1 Energy Absorber
2 Worker Capacity per system
Line tension indicator
60 feet of cable
Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories Stanchion w/standard base SGS18 [+$502.75]
Stanchion w/large base SGS36 [+$647.75]
Standard base SGSB18 [+$383.93]
Large base SGSB36 [+$443.00]
Standard ext. bar w/adjuster SGSEXT18 [+$157.50]
Large extension bar w/adjuster SGSEXT36 [+$177.18]
Stanchion post SGP [+$206.71]
Intermediate pass-through kit SGIH [+$51.07]
SkyGrip Stainless Steel Energy Absorber Kit w/tension indicator and two (2) shackles SGXK [+$263.23]
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