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Miller Honeywell M3203BULK/ M3203 EPIC ULTRA Barrier System
Miller Honeywell M3203BULK/ EPIC ULTRA Barrier System
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  Miller M3203BULK/ EPIC ULTRA Barrier System Bases, Accessories And Safety Posts EPIC ULTRA Bases, Safety Posts & Accessories
Miller Honeywell M3203BULK/ EPIC ULTRA Barrier System

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Miller Honeywell M3203BULK/ M3203 EPIC ULTRA Barrier System

The Miller M3203BULK/ Epic Barrier System is the leader for edge protection & revolutionizes fall prevention in today's construction industry.

The barrier's innovative steel mesh design addresses a wide variety of end user driven needs and is adjustable, strong, lightweight and durable.
Miller's EPIC ULTRA Barrier System consolidates guardrails, steel mesh barrier and toe board into a single product. This makes it suitable to protect workers at the edges of low sloping or horizontal surfaces for a large range of projects. The impact absorbing lightweight steel mesh is durable, strong & is engineered with a closed return which provides for increased debris containment.
The EPIC system utilizes anchored components, clamps or precast sockets for base attachments & posts for its upright supports.
The Miller barrier systems are used most commonly for building construction & other various elevated areas in which workers are around leading edges and provides reusable, durable safety solutions designed for multiple workers.
Engineered for fast & easy installations to reduce your labor costs.
Miller Epic ULTRA Barrier Box Included For Easy Storage And Transport
Ultra Barrier Box Included
Miller Epic M3203BULK/ ULTRA Barrier System Combines Guardrails, Steel Mesh Barrier And Toeboard Into One Convenient Product

Miller M3203BULK/ EPIC ULTRA Features
  • Versatile lightweight barrier system provides fast & easy installations, weighs just 42.77 pounds (19.4 kilograms) each
  • Post spacing maximum 8 feet (2.4 meters)
  • Ultra Barrier Box included
  • Grid hard mesh design with impact absorbing capacity
  • Adjustable to accommodate various requirements for height
  • Base attachments available in a wide variety to suit your specific building applications
  • Steel mesh, toe board and guardrail in a single unit
  • Closed return provides greater containment of debris
  • Reinforced edges prevent handling & transport damage

Miller M3203BULK/ EPIC ULTRA Is Lightweight And Versatile

Choose Options and Quantity
Posts & Bases Descriptions
Click Here For EPIC Bases, Safety Posts Descriptions
Posts M1102 - Safety Post -Length 47.24 inches (1200 millmeters) Weight 7.72 pounds (3.5 kilograms) [+$40.78]
M1140 - Length 59.06 inches (1500 millmeters) Weight 7.72 pounds (3.5 kilograms) [+$51.21]
Bases M1401 - Lumber Beam Base - Top flange thickness 2.36 inches (60 millimeters) - weight 6.17 pounds (2.8 kilograms) [+$51.21]
M1205 - Jamb Base for vertical surfaces - Weight 1.10 pounds (0.5 kilograms) [+$15.67]
M1560 - Verti Clamp Base - clamp to steel sheets to 5.91 inches (150 millimeters) thick, reversible jaws - Weight 10.14 pounds (4.6 kilograms) [+$102.45]
M1555 - Steel Jaw Clamp Base - for steel beam and column sizes 8 inches (203.2 millimeters) to 16 inches (406.4 millimeters) - Weight 13.23 pounds (6.0 kilograms) [+$130.68]
M1800 - Ground Support Base - Used to restrict access - NOT FOR FALL PREVENTION - 47.05 inches (1195 millimeters) x 7.64 inches (194 millimeters) Weight 6.39 pounds (2.9 kilograms) [+$62.71]
M1455 - Front Base - Anchoring methods - threaded bar, form ties, drilled & cast in sockets - Weight 3.53 pounds (1.6 kilograms) [+$47.03]
M1290 - Multi Foot Base - horizontal surface applications - Hole size diam. 0.71 inches (18 millimeters) to fasten base - Weight 2.87 pounds (1.3 kilograms) [+$26.14]
M1291 - Cast-In Tray - protects Multi Foot Base so concrete can be poured around it - Weight 0.66 pounds (0.3 kilograms) polyethylene plastic [+$13.07]
M1565 - Steel Clamp Base - Grips to steel 0.39 - 1.97 inches thick (10 - 50 millimeters) Used horizontally ro vertically - Weight 4.19 pounds (1.9 kilograms) [+$51.21]
M100359 - Cast In Sleeve - Insert into wet concrete. After slab is cured barrier system can be installed [+$13.07]
M1550 - Multi Clamp Base - clamp vertically horizontally over 0.79 - 19.96 inches (20 - 500 millimeters) thickness using reversible jaw - Weight 13.23 pounds (6.0 kilograms) [+$130.68]
M1726 - Variable Angle Base - for flat ro pitched roofs, walls, slab edges, slabs, etc. Post socket has 5 different angles to the base plate - Weight 6.83 pounds (3.1 kilograms) [+$120.45]
M1233 - Filigree Base - Preinstall barrier system onto pre-cast concrete, then lift into place. Also utilize as a sleeve - weight 1.32 pounds (0.6 kilograms) [+$12.55]
Accessories M100335 - CombiStrap Connector - webbing strap w/ locking buckle for connecting adjacent barriers [+$8.33]
M3224 - ULTRA Barrier Adjuster - allows height adjustments without dismantling your system weight 5.73 pounds (2.6 kilograms) [+$83.12]
M9542 - Multi-Box to store Posts & Bases - folding side hatch, lift with chains, sling, forklift - weight 132.28 pounds (60 kilograms) MAX. load 2204 pounds (1000 kilograms) [+$458.98]
M3225 - Barrier Hinge - for barrier connections, 76° to 284° angles [+$14.64]
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