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Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Full Floating Linemen's Belt 23 Inch D Size
Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Full Floating Linemen's Belt 23 Inch D Size
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  Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Full Floating Linemen's Belt 23 Inch D Size

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Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Full Floating Linemen's Belt 23 Inch D Size

Miller 75N D23BK lineman belt allows lateral movement of the D saddle containing D rings while in use.

As linemen change position on poles the D rings adjust easily to movement. As a direct result the pole strap will rub the pole less frequently & receive less wear. Any pull or load doesn't bind the tools to the tool loops.

Linemen Belt Sizing

Your comfort as a lineman with a belt will depend on the belt materials and D ring location. For the best fit you must order by using a measurement known as D-size. This D-size refers to distance between D ring heels. While wearing a lineman belt, your D-rings are best when located approximately 1 in. (25 millimeters) in front of your hip bones. For proper D size make a measurement across your back, hip bone - hip bone & add an additional 2 in. (51 millimeters). This is your D-size.

Miller 75N/D23BK Features
  • 23 inch D size
  • 38 inch (965 mm) minimum length
  • 48 inch (1219 mm) maximum length
  • 5 inch (102 mm) belt width
  • MillerHyde II synthetic leather body pad w/ D saddle
  • 1 3/4 inch (44 mm) waist strap
  • Side D-rings for positioning
  • Tool loops mad with premium leather
  • Supporting belt rings
  • Tape thong
  • Accessories snap and ring
Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Fixed Linemen’s Belt Combines Superior Design With Handmade Craftsmanship

Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Specifications

 Webbing 1 3/4 in Polyester
 Back Pad 5 in
 Thread Polyester
 D-ring Clear Chromate Finished Carbon Steel
 Hardware Steel
 Grommets Brass
 Label Metal Tag
 All hardware meets ASTM fifty-hour salt spray test requirements.
 Max. Working Load 310 pounds
 Webbing Minimum Tensile 5,000 pounds (22 kiloN)
 D ring Minimum Tensile 5,000 pounds (22 kiloN)
 Buckle Minimum Tensile 4,000 pounds (18 kiloN)

  Miller Honeywell 75N/D23BK Full Floating Linemen's Belt 23 Inch D Size

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