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Kimo DS 300 Dosimeter Noise Exposure Level Sound Pressure Meter
Kimo DS 300 Noise Dosimeter
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Kimo DS 300 Dosimeter Noise Exposure Level Sound Pressure Meter

The Kimo DS 300 is a two channel individual noise level dosimeter with LDS23 software for data processing and transfer.

The Kimo DS 300 Noise Dosimeter is designed to be used at most workstations to determine sound exposure levels.

Key Features

  • Only 1 dynamic range extension - 100dB : 40 - 140dB
  • Conventional integrating - averaging mode
  • Frequency analytics by octave band from 63 to 8 kiloHertz, which makes selecting ear protection easier
  • 2 channel measurement (optional) allows optimal exposure detection for sound environment skewness (left - right ear)
  • Audio recording (optional) for thresholds exceeding, peak or short LAeq enables identification & sound source recognition
The Kimo DS 300 Features Optional 2 Channel Measurements
Kimo DS 300 Features
  • Max - Min - Peak
  • Presence & percentage of 1st stages overload, measurements duration
  • Residual battery autonomy, measurement capacity remaining
  • Instrument includes magnetic plate kit & reliable windshield to minimize microphone uncertainties
  • Screen locking, keypad & dosimeter stop
  • Sound pressure level: LAF – LAS – max-min
  • Equivalent constant level: LAeq – LCeq – LXeq
  • Octave bands - 63 Hz / 8 kHz
  • Sound exposure - Exposure points EA, T : in Pa2 h
  • Daily exposure levels (weekly) - Lex,d
  • Detection & peaks counting 135 – 137 – 140 dB
  • DOSE
  • Storage capacity: 99 event timers
  • Visual alarms
  • Includes
    • LDS23 software
    • Calibration certificate
    • USB type battery charger
    • Windshield
    • Microphone fixing kit
    • Carry case

DS 300 Dosimeter Technical Features


Lq and Lp channels

Peak channel


Class 2

Class 2

Dynamic range V1 only

40-140 dB

93-143 dB

Dynamic range V1and V2

40-120 or 60-140 dB

73-123 or 93-143 dB

Frequency weightings

A and C

C or Z


8 filters by octave bands from 63 Hz to 8 kHz



LAF, LAS, max, min, LAeq, LCeq, LXeq, max, min,
Lex, d, EAT, DOSE, exposure points

LCpk, Lzpk

Simultaneous measurement mode

LAeq – LCeq - LXeq (X : from 63 Hz to 8 kHz)

LCpk, Lzpk

Duration of integration of Lxeq

From 1s to 60 s (step of 1s)


Sound pressure sampling

48 kHz

48 kHz

Detection and peaks counting


135 dB – 137 dB – 140 dB


Type electret – diameter 9.5 mm (3/8'') – 15 mV/Pa

Memory module

Integrated type Micro SD 2 Go – Data download by USB cable

Storage capacity

99 event timers (work station)

Clock accuracy

Better than 0.01%

Power supply – battery life

Internal battery type Li-ion rechargeable – battery life > 28 hours according to configuration


from -10 °C to +50 °C / from 650 to 1080 hPa / from 0 to 95%HR


from 0 to 50°C


117 x 32 x 58 mm

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories CAL 200 - Acoustic calibrator - Class 2 [+$760.00]
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