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Infrared Camera IR Cameras Thermography

Thermal imagers which are often referred to using the name infrared imagers, thermal cameras, or infrared cameras, can capture and document images of temperature or infrared energy.

What is infrared? The process of thermography (thermal imaging) detects patterns of heat or temperature change in various objects. These temperature changes allow you to find problems that result in costly downtime, or to monitor ongoing problems so scheduled maintenance can be performed during routine down times or when your budget allows.

Infrared radiation can't be detected with the naked eye, but all objects with a temperature above absolute zero (approx. -273 degrees Centigrade) emit some level of infrared radiation. A Thermal Imager can convert this IR radiation into an electrical signal that is then output to an LCD, so even the most minute temperature differences can be seen.

Electrical maintenance
In high, low, & medium voltage systems, IR Thermography enables an evaluation of the warming level. Images obtained via Thermography enable you to identify defective connections or components so that required preventive maintenance action can be implemented. This will minimize fire danger and help avoid wxpensive production downtime.

Mechanical Maintenance
Heat can accumulate in a specific area, especially in many mechanical components, and can present strain or wear caused by incorrect adjustment, friction, insufficient lubrication or excessive component tolerances.

Building Diagnostics
Infrared IR thermography is by far the quickest and easiest way to detect electrical issues, moisture, and energy waste in any building. A Thermal imager shows precisely the problem locations are and helps you to focus your attention allowing you to diagnose energy loss areas properly. Insufficient or poor insulation, building envelope leaks, moisture, and substandard building practices are expensive for commercial and residential building owners. An IR camera can allow you to quickly find out where your building's energy efficiency is in need if improvement.

Flir Infrared Cameras
FLIR has an entire line of IR Cameras for your Thermography applications whether it is Building Diagnostics or Mechanical/Electrical.
FLIR Thermal Imager for Building Diagnostics
Use FLIR e-Series bx, T620, or B300/B400 for
  • Energy auditing
  • Building maintenance
  • Restoration
  • Remediation
FLIR E bx Series IR Infrared Thermal Imager
FLIR T620 Thermal Imaging System
FLIR B400 IR Camera Thermal imaging
FLIR Infrared Camera for Mechanical/Electrical
Use FLIR i-Series, E Series, or T400 for
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
Extech i7 FLIR i7 Infrared Thermal Camera Building Diagnostics
FLIR E Series IR Infrared Thermal Imager
Flir T400 T 400 IR Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
FLIR E4 E5 E6 E8 Infrared Cameras

Use FLIR E Series for
  • Building Inspection
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Includes MSX Enhancement
FLIR E Series IR Infrared Thermal Imager
FLIR E5 Infrared Camera
FLIR E6 IR Camera
FLIR E8 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera

Testo Infrared Cameras
Testo Infrared Cameras save you money, energy, and time with industrial thermography, thanks to sharply focus images as well as the 32 degree lens, details are never overlooked, and the intuitive menu guarantees quick & comprehensive analysis of your image data.
The Testo Infrared Camera is perfect for
  • Building Fault Detection
  • Finding anomalies and weak spots in buildings
  • Locating Energy Leakage
  • Identifiying Roof Leaks
  • Broken, ruptured, or leaky pipes
  • Visualizing faulty insulation and cold bridges
  • Moisture Damage
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Electrical systems monitoring
  • Excessive equipment heat emissions
  • Sealed fluid tank level control
  • High temperature meausrement (881 & 882)
  • Production Monitoring
  • Utility monitoring and troubleshooting
Testo 875-2 Infrared Camera
Testo 882 Thermal Imaging Camera
Testo 876 Infrared Camera
Testo 890-2 Infrared Camera
FLIR E bx Series Thermal Imager
FLIR T620 Infrared Camera
FLIR B400 IR Camera
FLIR i-Series IR Camera
FLIR E Series Thermal Imager
FLIR T400 Infrared Camera
Testo 875-2 Thermal Imager
Testo 881-2 Infrared Camera
Testo 882 Infrared Camera
Testo 876 Thermal Imager
Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager
Testo 890-2 Thermal Imager


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