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IgCC 2012 International Green Construction Code Green Building

IgCC 2012 International Green Construction Code Green Building

The development of the IgCC code occurred because there was a clear need stipulated by regulators & other professionals in the construction as well as the enforcement community. 


As pertians to the IgCC, there has been a rising demand for a green building code that ensures sustainable and safe building design and construction techniques. The IgCC provides this with an enforceable and practical regulatory framework system that will ultimately reduce the environmental impacts of commercial and residential construction. Most buildings use approximately 40% of the energy generated & produce around the same quantity of the USA's carbon emissions.
The IgCC governing jurisdictions have a specific plan for ensuring compliance with the criteria that has been established by the most recent sustainable science, performance, safety, & policy considerations. The IgCC goes way beyond a traditional “checklist,” as it becomes integrated with the existing I-Code family, which will be the most secure method that contractors, building designers, inspectors, and owners can work from as a common platform. Furthermore, adopting the Innovative IgCC will create an effective method that governing jurisdictions can utilize to make sure that sustainable and safe green construction is followed “by the book.”
Jurisdictions using the IgCC include
  • North Carolina - The NC Building Code Council decided to adopt the Rainwater Collection & Distribution Systems portion of the Public Version 1 IgCC with amendments, that will enhance North Carolina's Plumbing Code Appendix concerning Rainwater.
  • Oregon - The 2011 Oregon Commercial Reach Code features energy-related provisions of the IgCC Version 2.0 with amendments.
  • Phoenix, Az - The City Council in Phoenix unanimously agreed to adopt the National Green Building Standard ICC 700 and the IgCC, becoming effective on July 1.
  • In Scottsdale, AZ the IgCC will update and replace their commercial voluntary green building program so as to encourage the developers of multifamily and commercial buildings to pursue new green construction projects. The IgCC code will also take the place of Scottsdale’s former commercial voluntary green building checklist program.
  • Boynton Beach, FL is the first city in Florida to adopt the IgCC as the core of its local voluntary green code that went into effect in April.
  • Richland, Washington adopted the new International Green Building Code as a voluntary commercial buildings document.
  • In Kayenta Township, Arizona, Public Version Number 2.0 was voluntarily adopted and may be utilized with their Zoning Ordinance.
  • In Keene, New Hampshire, the IgCC acts as an “Allowable Green Building System” for the Sustainable Energy Efficient Development zone, which is an urban incentive based section that advocates redevelopment and green building downtown.
  • In Fort Collins, Colorado the City Council approved important extractions from the new IgCC as well as the the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard, for amendments to the existing city building codes, becoming effective in January 2012.
  • The Green Buildings Act in Rhode Island aknowledges the IgCC as an equal standard which complies with requirements that every major public facility projects are to be designed & constructed with the new green building codes. It includes ASHRAE / ANSI / IES / USGBC Standard 189.1 as a jurisdictional compliance option.
  • The state of Maryland adopted the IgCC to apply to all commercial buildings as well as residential properties more than three stories high.


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