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Honeywell North RPFP60A Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel Monitor Alarm
North by Honeywell RPFP60A Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel
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  North by Honeywell RPFP60A Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel

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Honeywell North RPFP60A Carbon Monoxide Filtration Panel Monitor Alarm

The North Safety RPFP60A Filtration Panel will produce clean air for you on demand; converting your dirty shop air into breathable clean air. 

This model will accommodate up to 4 workers (CO alarm set at 10 PPM).
The Honeywell CO Filtration Panel can transform the filthy contaminated air in your shop where pneumatic tools & equipment are used into a safe, OSHA & CSA Complaint environment. Breathe clean air while avoiding costly installations of separate systems for breathable air. The 3-stage filtration system will purify compressed air efficiently by removing particulate contaminants, oil, and water, while monitoring the level of (CO) carbon monoxide.
  • Reference OSHA 29CFR1910.134 to find Grade D air requirement
  • Reference CSA Z180.1-00 to find the Canadian quality of breathing air requirement
Honeywell also recommends using the following guidelines in addition to compliance with standards above
  • Compressors should placed in safe & clean ambient air environments
  • Properly maintain and service your compressor
  • System and area air quality must be tested routinely
  • The user must accept responsibility for following recommendations in the product manual & to be in compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • When serviced and used according to instructions Honeywell's filtration panels do meet the federal requirements
North by Honeywell RPFP60A Features
  • Red flashing light & a 90 dB (max.) audible alarm for the CO monitor is seen & heard by all workers in the area
  • Preset CO monitor according to CSA or OSHA regulations which ensures compliance & safety of employees
  • External optional CO alarm enables the alarm placement closer to the work area so workers can be alerted when CO levels become too high
  • Pressure regulator has an adjustable knob which allows the amount of pressure the respirator manufacturer recommends to be set & locked in place with a locking ring, preventing accidental adjustment
    or tampering
  • A clear window over the pressure gauge enables workers to analyze the pressure when the case is closed 

Assembly Contents

  • Rugged, sealed Pelican case protects against dust, liquids & can be locked preventing unauthorized air flow changes
  • 16 gauge, black-powder coated steel support stand
  • Plumbing is all brass with quick disconnect Hansen couplers

RPFP60A Specifications

CO Monitor
Power 115 Volts AC - 9 Volts DC adapter provides continuous power
9 Volt Alkaline battery (as primary or back up to AC adapter)
Alarm Settings 10 PPM
External Connections Opt. Remote Alarm with Strobe Light
Audible Piezo Alarm 90 dB
Visual LED light signal w/ External power
Sensor Replaceable Electrochemical
Display LCD
Keys Set & Mode
Mode Normal, calibration, battery charge & peak mode
Calibration Self-adjusting calibrations to 20 parts per million CO
1st Stage Particulate filter 5 micron element & auto mechanical drain
2nd Stage Coalescing  0.010 micron filter element & manual drain
3rd Stage Activated carbon 0.003 micron filter element & manual drain
Regulator High pressure, adjustable knob for pressure , 0 to 160 pressure gauge & relief valve (external)
Flow Meter Metering adjustable valve with a 0.0 to 1.0 LPM range
Material Composition
1st Stage Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Polycarbonate bowl with 5-micron coalescing Sintered-
Polyethylene filter element & auto mechanical drain
2nd Stage
Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Pressure indication, Polycarbonate bowl w/
0.010 micron coalescing Borosilicate Cloth filter element & manual drain
3rd Stage
Nylon bowl guard, ABS Cover, Zinc manifold, Pressure indication, Polycarbonate bowl w/ 
0.003 parts per million activated-carbon filter element & manual drain
Regulator Acetal Adjustable knob, Zinc body, High Pressure, ABS Cover, Brass / Nitrile valve, 0 to 160
pressure gauge & relief valve (external)
Flow Meter
Teflon float, Clear acrylic, w/ metering adjustable valve
0.0 to 1.0 LPM Graduations
Size (L x W x H) 21 x 6.75 x 14.5 inches (53.3 x 17 x 36.8 centimeters)
Weight 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms)
Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories CO monitor calibration kit - RPFPCK [+$580.00]
CO monitor 17 liter C gas cylinder - RPFPCO [+$108.31]
O2 monitor 17 liter C gas cylinder - RPFPO2 [+$108.31]
CO remote alarm - 50 feet - RPFPRA [+$641.62]
Pre-filter assembly - 935003N [+$548.33]
Replacement Parts 115 - 120 Volts AC adaptor - RPFP987295 [+$48.32]
Replacement filters assembly - RPFPRFK60 [+$316.67]
CO replacement sensor - RPFP987269 [+$350.00]
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