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Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Laser-Gard Barrier System Laser Safety
Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Laser-Gard Barrier System Laser Safety
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Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Laser-Gard Barrier System

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Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Laser-Gard Barrier System Laser Safety

The Honeywell Laser-Gard is an innovative system designed to securely enclose optical table laser set-ups with protection from laser radiation.

The Laser Gard System LB4x10/37-50mm provides you with a controlled environment which optimizes the conditions for your experiment by reducing interference considerably from dust, ambient light and air turbulence. Additionally, the laser protection panels provide a safer working environment by a reduction in direct exposure laser radiation risks.
Honeywell's Laser-Gard is a modular, flexible system which is easily installed & adjusts to the specific optical table size you require. The innovative modular design combines easy access with additional safety features. The panels are equipped with safety locking mechanisms that prevent unintended access & consequent laser radiation exposure. The safety lock mechanism utilizes visual indicators (lock indication label) which identifies clearly if your panels are closed properly. Optical table access remains quick & easy by flipping down the side panel, as long as it is a consciously executed.
This kit is suitable for a 4 x 8 foot optical table. Spacing of first hole from the edge of table is 1.5 inches or 2 inches.
  • Universities
  • Research & Development Laboratories
The Laser-Gard Honeywell Barrier System is designed with running cables in between the panels for providing easy access.

Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Features
  • Laser-resistant enclosed designed for optical tables that reduces any direct/indirect hazardous laser exposure
  • Enclosed design reduces interference via ambient light, dust and air turbulence.
  • Cable access on optical table parameters saves you time and effort for adjustments
  • Adjustable panel offers good fit for various table sizes
  • Modular, flexible design
  • Each panel features a locking mechanism
  • Visual locking indication for proper panel closure
  • Lightweight panels- Replaceable
Guaranteed Access
The Laser-Gard System guarantees full cable access for the perimeter of your optical table. This system securely fixes around the outside optical table edges, without table holes or using up unnecessary additional space. The full optical table length and width remains openly available for your experiment. The ingenious, innovative Laser-Gard Barrier System features make fitting new or existing experiments easy.

Honeywell's Laser-Gard also delivers many advantages as compared to standard existing curtain solutions. It enables viewing your experiments, needs no cumbersome structures for hanging the barrier, is easy to move, & if a panel becomes excessively exposed to laser radiation the panel is easily replaced at a significantly reduced cost as opposed to whole curtain replacement.
The Laser-Gard Honeywell Barrier System is equipped with individual panels that can be flipped down as and when required.

Laser-Gard LB4x10/37-50mm Specifications

Laser resistance

ANSI Z136.1 Continuous Wave Lasers

Threshold limit - exceeding 30 kilowatt / square centimeter - beam sizes ≤ .915 millimeter - exposure time ≤100 seconds @ test wavelengths  1064 nm, 10600 nm

ANSI Z136.1 Pulsed Lasers

Threshold limit - exceeding 220 joules / square centimeter - beam sizes  ≤0.925 millimeter - exposure time ≤100 seconds @ test wavelengths 
1064 nm, pulsewidth 20 ns

ANSI Z136.1 Picosecond Lasers

Threshold limit - exceeding 100 joules / square centimeter - beam sizes  ≤0.513 millimeter - exposure time ≤100 seconds @ test wavelengths 
1064 nm, pulsewidth 600 ps

Laser resistance EN 12254:

315 - 1400 D AB6 + I AB8 + RM AB9; 1400 - 11000 D AB5

Certifications Meets European EN 12254 safety standard
(laser workplace screens)
ANSI Z136.1 compliant


Aluminum w/ special coating which disperses incident light

Panel Dimensions

24 in.(61 centimeters) wide x 14 in.(35.6 centimeters) high • Height above the mounted optical table - 12 inches (30.5 centimeters)

Honeywell LB4x10/37-50mm Laser-Gard Barrier System
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