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Generac 5818 EcoGen Auto Standby Generator Off Grid Genset 6 kW
Generac 5818 EcoGen Standby Generator Alternative Energy Off Grid Genset 6 kW
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Your Price: $4,598.00

Generac 5818 EcoGen Auto Standby Generator Off Grid Genset 6 kW

The Generac EcoGen 5818 6 kW generator is specifically designed for interaction with off grid renewable alternative energy application standby power.

The Eco Gen is engineered to integrate easily into inverter & battery storage systems, providing you with cleaner running and lower emissions to recharge battery banks for off-grid applications.
  • Extended run time capabilities & longer lifespan provided by our premium innovative oil circulation & recovery system which virtually stops oil degradation. Your maintenance interval is extended up to 5 times above industry standards with 500 hrs. between required oil changes
  • Clean burning (LP) propane fuel improves efficiency, ensures long engine life, & significantly reduces carbon monoxide emissions compared to engines fueled with gasoline
  • The steel weather protective enclosure features our innovative RhinoCoat finish, providing you with unsurpassed protection for the enclosure and base frame
  • Backed with the unprecedented limited 3 year - 2000 hr. warranty when used off grid with alternative energy systems
  • The Digital Nexus Controller - LCD display w/ status indicators, monitoring of generator performance, & records issues for quick troubleshooting. The smart integrated charging system will only charge the battery if necessary. A 3 position switch features manual, off and automatic functions
  • Capable of 120 or 240 Volt operation - factory wired to run 6 kiloWatts at 120 Volts AC, with capabilities for reconfiguration for 6 kiloWatt output @ 240 Volts AC for accommodating larger 240 Volt inverter systems, or 2 systems that are paired together
  • Factory fitted with 2 wire starting for easy connection to inverter control wiring. This enables inverters to automatically stop and start your backup generator for charging system batteries if necessary. The low ultra quiet RPMs - a mere 52dB (A) under normal load conditions! The belt driven vertically mounted engine operates at 2600RPMs, which results in longer life & substansially quieter operation compared to other systems
When using off grid power solutions, the backup generator is a very signifigant source of power if other resources become insufficient for your demand, improving the overall system's reliability.

1 - Solar panel cells and / or wind turbines generate household DC current

2 - The current is then fed to a inverter charger & then to your battery bank

3 - The inverter then utilizes DC power taken from the system battery bank, converting it to useable AC power and sends it to AC electrical panels

4 - In the absence of wind or solar gain & your battery bank levels drop below preset thresholds, the inverter will automatically signal your generator to operate

5 - Generator feeds power (AC) to inverter which then delivers power to your electric panel & your battery bank is recharged to acceptable levels
Setup options vary depending on applications
Generac EcoGen Off Grid Alternative Energy
5818 Features
  • Innovative development and testing of prototypes are essential components in the Generac design. Commitment to component, reliability, environmental, destruction & life testing, along with testing to EGSA, NEMA, CSA & other standards, enables your power generator system to provide you with superior performance
  • Testing Criteria
    • Nema MGL-22 Evaluation
    • Prototype Tested  
    • System Torsional Test
    • Motor Starting Ability
  • Frequency Compensated Solid State Voltage Regulation. A power maximizing cutting edge regulation system which comes standard on every model. It delivers optimized Quick Response to ever changing electrical load conditions & features Maximum Motor Start Capabilities by electronically torque matching surge load to its engine. An unsurpassed +/- 1 percent voltage regulation
  • Single-source service responses by Generac's extensive network of dealers provides you with service and parts know how for your entire generator, from the smallest electronic components to the engine
  • Designed for interaction with off grid renewable energy system, Generac introduces its innovative EcoGen generator. It can tie into inverter & battery storage systems providing you with a clean running, extremely low emissions solution for re-charging residential home batteries.

EcoGen Includes
  • LCD Nexus Digital controller
  • Electronic Governor
  • Main external circuit breaker 
  • Fuel line flexible connector
  • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • Composite pad for mounting
  • LP Gas operated
  • Advanced system for  oil circulation
  • Easy connections for inverters
  • 120 Volt (240 Volt capability w/ conversion kit)
  • 3 Yr / 2000 Hour limited warranty
  • UL2200 Listed
Generac EcoGen Residential Off Grid Green Energy Generator Dimensions

EcoGen 5818 Specifications

(LP) Max. Continuous Rated Power Capacity 6000 W
Voltage rating 120 Volts AC (240 Volts AC w/ conversion kit)
Max. Continuous Rating for Load Current : 120V 50 A (25 A at 240 Volts AC)
Circuit Breaker for Main Line 50 A (25 A after 240 V conversion)
Phase Single
Rotor Poles Two
AC Frequency rating 60 Hertz
Power Factor 1
Battery - not included
12 Volts, Group 26R  
525 cold cranking Amps Min.
Weight 387 pounds / 175.5 kilos
Size (LxWxH) 48in. x 25in. x 29in. (1218mm x 638mm x 732mm)
Sound output @ 23 feet
with normal load generator operation
52 dB (A)
Cylinders Two
Displacement 530 cubic centimeters
Cylinder Block Aluminum with cast iron sleeve
Ignition Solidstate with Magneto
Governor Electronic system
Compression Ratio 9.5 to 1
Starter 12 Volt DC
Oil capacity with filter Approximately 1.7 quarts / 1.6 liters
RPMs 2600
Consumption of fuel
(LP) Liquid Propane
ft3 / hour    gallons / hour    Liters / hour
30.8                     0.85              3.22
48.2                     1.32              4.99
Fuel pressure required to generator's fuel inlet for all ranges of load - water column 11" - 14" for LP
For Btu, multiply ft3 / hr by 2520 
Plain text 2 line LCD Simple operation user interface 
Mode Switches
Manual / Test (start)
-Auto Start for utility failures - 7 day exercise mode
-Stops generator & power - Control & charger operational
-Start w/ starter control, generator stays on. Upon utility failure,
load transfer occurs
Start delay is programmable from 10 to 30 sec. Standard
Start Sequence
Cyclical cranking - 16 seconds on
7 seconds for the rest (90 seconds max. duration)
Warm up 5 sec.
Starter lock out Re-engages 5 seconds after engine stop
Smart Battery Charging Standard
Auto. voltage regulating w/ overvoltage protection
Low oil-pressure automatic shutdown
Over speed shutdown 72 Hertz Standard
High temp. shutdown Standard
Overcrank protection
Safety fused

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories 26R Wet Cell Battery [+$99.00]
Bisque Paint Kit [+$22.00]
Fascia Base Wrap Kit [+$71.00]
Scheduled maintenance kit [+$22.00]
240 Volt Conversion Kit [+$128.00]
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