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Home > FLIR Infrared Thermal Camera
Flir T420 T 420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Thermography
Flir T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Thermography
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  FLIR 2-5-10 Extended Warranty Protection
  Financing As Low As $190 Per Month

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Flir T420 T 420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Thermography

The Flir T420 Infrared Camera has 320 x 240 (76,800 pixel) Resolution and gives you maximum flexibility and efficiency for hard working professional thermographers that have demanding workloads.

Look high or low for hard to find problems very comfortably for long hours with the T420, one of thermography's most flexible and ergonomic hand-held infrared cameras. The Flir T420 features a rotatable optical block which allows you to aim the lens down or up along a 120 degree axis as it keeps the display at a comfortable eye level. You can scan any target from difficult angles with no stress to your neck and back. Also enjoy new features such as a programmable button, 2 cameras (visible light), a 60 Hertz frame rate & a much faster core processor so you can handle huge workloads.

T420 Features
  • Rotatable Optical Block
  • MSX Enhancement (T440 & T640 only)
  • Picture in Picture & Thermal Fusion
  • Manual and Autofocus
  • Continuous Autofocus (T640 only)
  • Annotation
  • Sketch on IR and Visual
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • FLIR Tools Mobile
FLIR T420 Features
  • Rotatable Optical Block - Allows you to aim the lens down or up along a 120 degree axis as it keeps the display at a comfortable eye level. 
  • MSX Enhancement is a new onboard Dynamic Multi-Spectral Imaging enhances visible light spectrum definition withreal time Infrared images for phenomenal detail & instantaneous location orientation, along with quality so high, you don�t need separate photos for your reports *(T440 & T640 only)
  • Picture in Picture & Thermal Fusion - Blend visible and thermal infrared images onscreen so you can clearly identify targets; use the fusion threshold for isolating hotspots in a particular scene
  • Manual and Autofocus - Use the manual control option or push button fast autofocus to capture accurate images
  • Continuous Autofocus - Thermography's 1st fully automatic focus keeps images extremely clear wherever you are aiming; accuracy and clarity couldn't be easier *(T640 only)
  • Annotation - Add text comments or voice to your images or utilize the touchscreen for sketching drawings and notes; automatically include extra measurements using Bluetooth w/ Extech MeterLink moisture and clamp meters  
  • Sketch on IR and Visual - Quickly draw pointers and circles on your image to highlight a special area of interest with the touchscreen  *(T440 & T640 only)
  • Compass - Add the camera's pointing direction documentation to FLIR T640 bx and T440 bx images
  • GPS - Add your location data automatically to FLIR T640 and T620 images to include in your report
  • FLIR Tools Mobile - The newest mobile application for Android and Apple connects your device to FLIR T-Series infrared cameras for quick image sharing, processing, and transfer as well as live streaming video & remote control

FLIR T-Series Comparison of IR Infrared Cameras


FLIR T420 / T420bx

FLIR T440 / T440bx

FLIR T620 / T620bx

FLIR T640 / T640bx

  FLIR T420 Infrared Camera FLIR T440 Infrared Camera FLIR T620 Infrared Camera FLIR T640 Infrared Camera
Accuracy 2% or 2C
IR Resolution - Pixels 76,800 (320 240) 307,200 (640 480)
Thermal Sensitivity < 0.045 degrees C < 0.04 degrees C < 0.035 degrees C
Temperature Range -4 to 1,202F
(-20 to 650C)
Optional to 2,192F (1,200C)
bx: -4 to 662F (-20 to 350C)
-4 to 2,192F
(-20 to 1,200C)
bx: -4 to 1202F
(-20 to 650C)
-40 to 1,202F
(-40 to 650C)
Optional: to 3,632F (2,000C) bx:
-40 to 662F (-40 to 350C)
-40 to 3,632F
(-40 to 2,000C)
bx: -40 to 1,202F
(-40 to 650C)
Display Format / Size 3.5/Landscape (Widescreen) 4.3/Landscape (Widescreen)
Viewfinder - - - x
Measurement Modes 5 modes: 5 Spotmeters, 5 Area Boxes,
Isotherm, Auto cold / hot spot, Delta T
5 modes:10 Spots, 5 Area Boxes/Circles,
Isotherm, Delta T, Auto cold / hot spot
Spot Mode 5 moveable 10 moveable
Rate (Frame) 60 Hz 30 Hz
Field of View 25 x 19
FOV Same as IR Lens x x x x
Optional Lenses 7: 6, 15 Tele, 45 Wide, 90; Close up: 100, 50 μm 6: 7 & 15 Tele, 45 Wide; Close-up: 80, 100, 50μm
Focus Manual and Automatic
Continuous Auto Focus - - - x
Min. Focus Distance 0.4 m (1.31 ft) 0.25 m (9.8 in.)
Radiometric JPEG to SD Card x x x x
MPEG4 to SD (Non-radiometric IR) x x x x
Thermal Palettes 12: Arctic, Gray, Iron, Lava, Rainbow, and Rainbow High Contrast (plus all inverted)
FLIR Tools for PC x x x x
Instant Report x x x x
Battery Operating Time >4hrs >2.5 hrs
Built-in Digital Camera 3.1 MP 5MP
Built-in Illuminator LED x x x x
Touchscreen x x x x
Digital Zoom 4x 8x 4x 8x
Insulation Alarm bx Model Only bx Model Only bx Model Only bx Model Only
Dewpoint Alarm bx Model Only bx Model Only bx Model Only bx Model Only
Meterlink® Connectivity x x x x
Pointer (Laser) x x x x
Laser Locator (on IR Image) x x x x
Compass - bx Model Only - bx Model Only
GPS - - x x
IR Window Correction x x x x
Delta T x x x x
Picture in Picture Scalable PIP   Scalable and Moveable  
Thermal / Visible Fusion x x x x
MSXTM Thermal Image Enhancement - x - x
Onscreen Sketching - x x x
Sketch on IR / Visual Image - x - x
Voice / Text Annotation x x x x
FLIR Tools Mobile app for
Apple® & Android
x x x x
FLIR App Streaming Video x x x x
FLIR App Remote Control x x x x
Weight (Including Battery) 1.94 lbs (0.88 kg) 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)

Choose Options and Quantity
Lenses T197408 - 6 degree Lens with Case & Mounting Support [+$6,250.00]
1196961 - 15 degree Lens with Case [+$1,325.00]
1196960 - 45 degree Lens with Case [+$1,050.00]
T197412 - 90 degree Lens with Case & Mounting Support [+$3,095.00]
T197215 - 4x Magnification Close Up Lens with Case [+$2,625.00]
T197214 - 2x Magnification Close Up Lens with Case [+$3,675.00]
T197000 - High Temperature Option 1200 deg. C / 2192 deg F [+$1,760.00]
Gold Plus Warranty Packages 1 YW-EXT-320 - Year 3 [+$800.00]
2 YW-EXT-320 - Year 3 & 4 [+$1,600.00]
Platinum Premier Warranty And Maintenance Packages 1 YW-PREM-320 - Year 2 [+$1,250.00]
2 YW-PREM-320 - Year 2 & 3 [+$2,500.00]
3 YW-PREM-320 - Year 2, 3 & 4 [+$3,750.00]
Infrared Thermography Training Packages 3300153 - Roofing Applications (2 days) [+$925.00]
3300152 - Electrical Applications (2 days) [+$925.00]
ITC Level I - ITC Level I Certification Training per attendee [+$1,895.00]
ITC Level II - ITC Level II Certification Training per attendee [+$1,895.00]
ITC Level III - ITC Level III Certification Training per attendee [+$1,895.00]
Infrared Camera Reporting Software T127648 - Flir Tools IR Reporting Software for PC, MAC [+$295.00]
IR Windows IRW-2C - InfraRed Window 2 Inch (O.D. - 2.87 in. / 73 mm.) [+$279.00]
IRW-3C - InfraRed Window 3 Inch (O.D. - 3.9 in. / 99 mm.) [+$379.00]
IRW-4C - InfraRed Window 4 Inch (O.D. - 5.01 in. / 127 mm.) [+$599.00]
IRW-2S - FLIR IRW Stainless Steel InfraRed Window 2" [+$249.00]
IRW-3S - FLIR IRW Stainless Steel InfraRed Window 3" [+$349.00]
IRW-4S - FLIR IRW Stainless Steel InfraRed Window 4" [+$449.00]
Accessories 1910582ACC - Video Cable [+$25.00]
T198499 - Neck Strap [+$30.00]
T198509 - Cigarette Lighter Adaptor Kit [+$40.00]
T198493 - Sun Shield [+$55.00]
T910814 - Power Supply [+$65.00]
T198495 - Pouch Case [+$70.00]
1196398 - Battery [+$100.00]
T197771ACC - Bluetooth Headset [+$130.00]
T197650 - 2 Bay Battery Charger [+$160.00]

  FLIR 2-5-10 Extended Warranty Protection
  Financing As Low As $190 Per Month
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