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Fieldpiece SMAN4 Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer Manifold Gauge
Fieldpiece SMAN3 4 Port Digital Refrigeration Manifold with Micron Gauge
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Fieldpiece SMAN4 Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer Manifold Gauge

The SMAN4 is a 4 port, digital wireless manifold featuring a large 3/8 inch port providing faster recovery and evacuations.

The SMAN4 also features a micron gauge built in with a resolution of 50 - 9,999. In addition, the exclusive SMAN4 micron alarm enables setting of the alarm to your preferred micron level, & when the specified vacuum level is reached the alarm sounds, leaving you free to continue working while pulling a vacuum.

With 4 ports & the vacuum gauge
built-in, HVACR professionals can evacuate the system, pull vacuum, add the refrigerant & dial in a charge simultaneously, with no need to hook or unhook hoses.

The SMAN4 can wirelessly receive live
outdoor dry bulb & indoor wet bulb, then calculate automatically the real time target superheat, and displays target superheat & actual superheat onto the backlit, large display. Additionally the SMAN 4 refrigeration manifold displays the actual subcooling & superheat simultaneously.

The manifold can wirelessly send 6 measurements (
outdoor dry bulb, indoor wet bulb, suction line pressure, suction line temp., liquid line pressure, & liquid line temp.) to the Fieldpiece HVAC HG3 Guide System Analyzer. The HG3 combines the wireless measurements to wireless air flow measurements to perform a full system analysis in real time!

In addition the Fieldpiece SMAN series have the exclusive ability for performing linear pressure sensor adjustments based on the type of refrigerant, pressure, temperature & it is so easy to do in the field.

New technology combined with an easy to use, intuitive interface the SMAN 4 makes it simple to quickly maximize efficiency for any refrigeration or A/C unit. Because they are manufactured by an HVACR industry leading innovator you will know that it is packed with innovative features you need & want.

  • Thermocouples
    • Wet Bulb
    • Dry Bulb
  • Microns Vacuum Gauge
  • 2 - Pipe Clamp K-type Thermocouples
  • Protective Case
  • Operator Manual
Fieldpiece SMAN4 Refrigeration Manifold Features 4 Ports With A Micron Gauge, Alarms And Stopwatch
Fieldpiece SMAN4 Features
  • Wireless Measurement
    • Sends measurements to the HG3 for a complete system analysis
    • Receives wireless outdoor dry bulb & indoor wet bulb measurements for live charging (with wireless mode both outdoor & indoor measurements have to be relayed wirelessly to SMAN4)
  • Large Extra 4th Port
    • 3/8 inch port & 3/8 inch bore throughout provides faster evacuation
  • Target Superheat
    • Calculated automatically from your measurements
    • No manual calculations or guesswork
  • Superheat & Subcooling
    • Calculated & simultaneously displayed
  • Backlit Multiline Display
    • Extreme temperature resistant
    • Viewable to 20 feet away
  • K type Thermocouples
    • Fast reacting
    • Accurate temperature readings
    • Displays the actual temperature
  • Field Calibrations
    • Fast & easy
    • Temperature
    • 2 point pressure
  • Micron Gauge Alarm
    • Alarm will sound for specified micron level
    • 50 - 9,999 resolution
  • Vacuum Stopwatch
    • Tracks the time vacuum pump has been working
    • Time elapsed may indicate hidden problems
  • 39 Refrigerants
    • Built in PT charts
  • Carrying Case
    • Easily hung when not in use
    • Leave your hoses and clamps attached
Fieldpiece SMAN4 Compares Target To Actual Superheat In Real Time

Fieldpiece SMAN4 Specifications

PressureConnector TypeStandard 1/4" and 3/8" NPT male flare fitting
Resolution0.1 psi/inHg; 1 kPa/cmHg; 0.001MPa; 0.01bar
Accuracy29” HgV - 0” HgV +/-0.2” HgV
74 cmHgV - 0 cmHgV +/-1 cmHgV
0 - 200 Psig +/-1 Psi;
0 - 1378 KPa +/-7 KPa;
0 - 1.378MPa+/-0.007MPa;
0 - 13.78 bar +/-0.07 bar
200 - 580 Psig +/-0.3%+1 Psi;
1378 - 4000KPa +/-0.3%+7 Kpa;
1.378 - 4.000MPa +/-0.3%+0.007MPa;
13.78 - 40.00bar +/-0.3%+0.07bar
Range29” HgV - 580psig (English),
74 cmHgV - 0 - 4000KPa (Metric)
4.000MPa (Metric), and 40.00bar (Metric)
Maximum Overload
800 psig
Measurment UnitsMPa, kPa, Psig, cmHg, inHg, and bar
TemperatureSensor TypeK-Type thermocouple
Resolution0.1 deg. F/ deg. C
Accuracy+/-(1.0 deg. F) -95 deg. F - 199.9 deg. F; +/-(0.5 deg. C) -70 deg. C - 93 deg. C
+/-(2.0 deg. F) 200 deg. F - 999.9 deg. F; +/-(1.0 deg. C) 93 deg. C - 537.0 deg. C
Note All accuracies are after a field calibration.
Microns for
Connector TypeStandard 1/4" and 3/8" NPT male flare fitting
Range50 - 9999 microns of mercury
Resolution1 micron (50 - 2000 microns),
250 microns (2001 - 5000 microns),
500 microns (5001 - 8000 microns),
1000 microns (8001 - 9999 microns)
Accuracy+/-10% or +/-10 microns, whichever is greater
(50 - 1000 microns)
Maximum Overload pressure580 psig
UnitsMicrons of mercury
RefrigerantsThe P-T charts of the following 39 refrigerants come preprogrammed into your SMAN4.
In your SMAN4 the refrigerants are listed in order of most commonly used.
R11 - R114 - R113 - R124 - R123 - R125 - R134A - R13 - R23 - R22 - (MP39)R401A - R401A -
R402B - R402B - R406A - R404A -
R407C - R407A - R409A - R408A - R410A - (Hotshot)R414B
R416A - R420A - R417A - R421A - - R422A - R421B - (NU22B)R422B -
R424A - R422D - (RS-45)R434A - (M099)R438A - R500 - R503 - R502 - R507A
Operating environment32 deg. F - 122 deg. F (0 deg. C - 50 deg. C) at <75% RH
Display size5 inches (diagonal)
Battery6 x AA (Battery life below based on alkaline type)
Battery lifeApprox. 135 hours (without backlight and wireless)
Low battery indicationis displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating level
Auto Shut off30 minutes of inactivity when APO is activated

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories ATH4 - Dual temperature accessory head [+$66.56]
SRS2C - Wireless refrigerant scale [+$238.75]
HG3 - Wireless HVAC guide system analyzer [+$398.75]
AAT3 - Hot wire anemometer and psychrometer accessory head [+$176.25]
ARH5 - Psychrometer accessory head [+$144.49]
SC57 - Swivel head wireless clamp meter [+$238.75]
SRL2K7 - Infrared refrigerant leak detector [+$371.25]
SOX3 - Combustion checker w/ auto pump [+$353.75]
ABM1 - Blow molded manifold case [+$39.00]
ANC10 - Replacement drawstring padded pouch [+$18.75]
ATWB1 - K Type Wet Bulb (sock) Thermocouple w/ alligator clip replacement [+$12.50]
ATC1 - Pip clamp thermocouple replacement (3/8 to 1 3/8 inch) for air conditioning [+$46.25]
ATA1 - K Type thermocouple w/ alligator clip replacement [+$13.25]
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