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Fieldpiece HS36 True RMS Digital Multimeter DMM Ammeter Volt Meter
Fieldpiece HS36 True RMS Digital Multimeter
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Fieldpiece HS36 True RMS Digital Multimeter DMM Ammeter Volt Meter

The HS36 features functions for non contact voltage, micro amps, capacitance and temperature.

Fieldpiece's HS36 includes common ranges used everyday by HVACR service technicians, a blue bright back light & True RMS. Also included is a magnetic hanger, silicone detachable test leads & alligator clip style probe tips which provide easy 1 handed testing, and a complete set of built in safety features. The bar graph present on the display provides an analog instrument type feel. HVACR technicians who use our expandable meters have informed us that they are the best digital multimeters for field service.

The HS 36 multimeter is so innovative there are no others like it in the HVACR industry. Fieldpiece has incorporated many safety features into their meters. Additionally, it will accept modular accessory heads so you gain more capabilities for testing without having to buy expensive instruments for each task.

  • Base unit
  • ACH4 400 amp clamp accessory
  • ADLS2 silicone deluxe test leads
  • ASA2 alligator short lead extensions
  • ANC1 deluxe case
  • 9 V Battery
  • Operator manual
Fieldpiece HS36 Is Expandable With Accessory Heads For Additional Testing Capabilities
Fieldpiece HS36 Features
  • Non contact voltage
  • High voltage & continuity indicators
  • Microamps
  • Capacitance
  • MIN / MAX
  • Temperature
  • Silicone test leads w/ detachable probe tips
  • ABS Rugged case w/ rubberized bumpers
  • Built in magnetic hanger enables one handed or no hand testing
  • Lead storage is built in
  • Ergonomic design naturally fits your hand
  • Auto power off conserves battery

Fieldpiece HS36 Specifications

AC Volts (50Hz - 500Hz) Function Specifications
Ranges200mV, 200V, 600V
Accuracy±(1.2% rdg + 3 dgts)
±(2.0% rdg + 5 dgts) on 600V range
Input impedance560kΩ on V input, 10MΩ on mV input
Overload protection600VDC or AC rms, 600VDC/AC rms 15 sec on 200mV range
Transient protection6kV for 10μ sec
DC Volts Function Specifications
Ranges200mV, 2000mV, 200V
Accuracy±(0.5% rdg + 1 dgt)
Input impedance1MΩ
Overload protection600VDC or AC rms, 600VDC/AC rms 15 sec on 200mV range
Transient protection6kV for 10μ sec
Diode Test Function Specifications
Test current~1mA
Accuracy±(1.5% rdg + 3 dgts)
Open circuit volts3.0VDC typical
Overload protection500VDC or AC rms
Continuity Specifications
Audible indicationLess than 100Ω
Visual indicationGreen LED will be on continuously
Response time100ms
Overload protection500VDC or AC rms
Resistance Specifications
Ranges200Ω, 200kΩ
Accuracy±(1.0% rdg + 4 dgts)
Open circuit volts0.3VDC typical, (3.0VDC on 200Ω range)
Overload protection500VDC or AC rms
Temperature Specifications
Ranges-30 to 200 deg. F (-34 to 93 deg. C)
Resolution0.1 deg. F/ deg. C
Accuracy±1 deg. F, 32 to 120 deg. F (0 to 48 deg. C), ±1% + 1.5 deg. F, -4 to 200 deg. F (-20 to 93 deg. C), ±2% + 3 deg. F, -30 to -4 deg. F (-34 to -20 deg. C).
Sensor typeK-type thermocouple
Overload protection60 VDC or 30 VAC rms
Field deg. F calibration
For accuracies of ± deg. F, calibrate the Fieldpiece HS33 to a known temperature.
A glass of stabilized ice water is very close to 32 deg. F (0 deg. C) and is usually very
convenient but any known temperature can be used.
  • Select the 200 deg. F range.
  • Remove back case and hold the battery in place with a rubber band so terminals are touching
  • Stabilize a large cup of ice water
  • Immerse thermocouple probe & allow it to stabilize
  • Adjust the VR3 - under battery - close to 32 deg. F (0 deg. C) then adjust the VR1 - to the right of the battery - to within 0.1 deg. F (0.1 deg. C) of 32.0 deg. F (0.0 deg. C)
  • To calibrate for deg. C, close jumper just below the VR1
Physical Specifications
Display3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum reading of 1999.
Overrange"OL" mark indication.
Auto power offapprox 60 minutes
Operating environment32 to 122 deg. F (0 to 50 deg. C) at <70% R.H
Storage temperature-4 to 140 deg. F (-20 to 60 deg. C), 0 to 80% R.H. with battery removed
AccuracySpecifications good in ambient conditions of 73 deg. F ±9 deg. F (23 deg. C ±5 deg. C), <75% relative humidity.
Temperature Coefficient0.1×(specified accuracy) per deg. F/ deg. C. (32 to 64 deg. F(0 to 18 deg. C), 82 to 122 deg. F(28 to 50 deg. C))
Power1 standard 9 V battery, IEC 6F22, JIS 006P, NEDA 1604
Operation time
300 hrs. typical w/ alkaline battery
Accessories1 pr. test leads, 1 pr. alligator clips, k type thermocouple HS33,
9 Volt battery & instructions
Safety Compliance
CatIII 600 Volts, CE, UL, C Tick certified, IEC/EN61010-1, UL3111

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessory Heads AAT3 - Hot wire anemometer and psychrometer [+$176.61]
ACM4 - Carbon monoxide CO detector [+$185.49]
ADMN2 - Dual port manometer [+$114.48]
AOX2 - O2 & CO2 detector [+$181.93]
ARH5 - Psychrometer [+$114.48]
ASX14 - Superheat and subcooling [+$176.61]
ATH4 - Dual temperature [+$66.56]
AVG2 - Digital vacuum gauge [+$93.18]
Accessories DDSM1 - Draft simulator [+$185.49]
Replacement Parts ATB1 - K type thermocouple [+$10.16]
ASA2 - Alligator short lead extensions [+$2.58]
ADLS2 - Silicone deluxe test leads [+$17.98]
ANC1 - Meter case [+$12.25]
ACH4 - 400 amp clamp head [+$39.03]
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