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E Instruments VT200 P VT 200 P Thermo Anemometer Air Velocity Meter
E Instruments VT200 P Thermo Anemometer
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  E Instruments VT200 P Datasheet E Instruments VT200 P Datasheet
E Instruments VT200 P Thermo Anemometer

Your Price: $1,109.00

E Instruments VT200 P VT 200 P Thermo Anemometer Air Velocity Flow Meter

The E Instruments VT200 P Thermo Anemometer can measure air velocity (0 - 5900 FPM) & temperature simultaneously.

The VT 200 P has a wide variety of measurement modules which are interchangeable, user friendly navigation interface and a large graphical display with blue backlight. You can take up to 8000 measurements & up to six simultaneous measurements, while your VT 200 P communicates wirelessly with your PC.
VT200 P Connections
The optional measurement modules provide you with many ranges and parameters so you can customize your instrument according to your needs. Wireless communication from your VT200 P to PC or VT200 P to optional probes saves you time and makes your test & measurement operations more efficient. The Smart Plus probe system automatically recognizes your test probes as soon as they are connected to the instrument.

Thermo Anemometer

  • Selection of K factor, duct or hotwire
  • Duct airflow & direct measurements with cones
  • Auto average
  • Point / point average
  • Auto point / point average
  • Min / Max values & hold function
  • Storage
  • K2 factor
  • Temperature Probes
    • Dynamic deltaT
    • Upper and lower set point audible alarm
    • Units selection 
    • Storage
    • Min / Max values & hold function
  • Thermocouple Module
    • Same as above with 4 channel storage for thermocouple T, J and K
Voltage / current module
  • Ranges adjustable
  • Min / Max values & hold function
  • Storage
E Instruments VT 200 P Features
  • SMART-Plus Ø 14 millimeter vane probe included
  • Simultaneous air velocity & temp. measurements
  • 0 - 5900 feet / min. (0 - 30 meters / sec.)
  • Large backlit display
  • Optional telescoping hot wire gooseneck probe
  • 2  - PT temp. channels
  • Current / voltage module with cable
  • 8,000 set points in memory
  • PC wireless communication
  • Accurate & rugged with high sensitivity
  • Detection of air flow
  • Optional direct air flow measurements w/ cones
  • Flow direction detection
  • Adjustable shut off
  • Hold Function - Min & Max Values - Auto Average
  • Battery life indicator
  • Calibration certificate
  • Transport case
Optional Datalogger-10 Software
  • Multi parameter recording
  • Memory with 8,000 points of measurement or 50 datasets
  • Interventions planning
  • Wireless or wired interface
  • Manual & auto storage
  • User friendly with customized report printing
  • Instruments pool management
  • Calibration period follow up

VT200 P Specifications
Sensing element
Air velocity - Thermistance w/ negative temp. coefficient
Ambient temp. - Pt100 1/3Din.
Ø 70 & 100 millimeter vane probe
Hall effect sensor
Ambient temp. - Pt100 class - A
Ø 14 millimeter vane probe
Proximity sensor
Ambient temp. - Pt100 class - A
type T, J and K class - 1
Smart plus Pt100 probes
Pt100 class 1/3Din.
VT200 P connections
2 mini DIN secured connectors for SMART Plus test probes
USB port - KIMO cable
Plug for power supply
Measurement modules - Interchangeable
Connection - 4 inputs - compensated miniature
plug thermocouple type T, J and K class - 1
(IEC 584-3 norm compliant)
Voltage / current module - Connection - 2 jacks (stereo)
Graphical 128 x 128 px.
Size - 50mm x 54mm
Blue backlit
6 measurements (incl. 4 simultaneous)
IP54 - ABS shockproof
1 joystick, metal coated, 5 keys
(NF EN61326-1 norm) Electromagnetic compatibility
4 1.5V LR6 alkaline batteries
Operation environment
Neutral - gas
Operating temp.
0 - 50 degrees C
Storage temp.
-20 - +80 degrees C
Auto shut off
0 - 120 minutes adjustable
340 grams

Choose Options and Quantity
Probes & Modules Standard hotwire probe [+$324.00]
Telescoping hotwire probe [+$419.00]
Ø 70 millimeter vane probe [+$198.00]
Ø 100 millimeter vane probe [+$212.00]
SMART-Plus Ø 14 millimeter vane probe [+$979.00]
SMART-Plus Ø 14 millimeter telescopic vane probe [+$509.00]
Thermocouple temp. module [call for price]
Wired PT100 test probe [call for price]
Wireless PT100 test probe [call for price]
Straight extension (hotwire & Ø 14 millimeter vane probe) [call for price]
Datalogger-10 Software [call for price]
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