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E Instruments BTU1100-1 BTU 1100 1 Combustion Gas Analyzer O2 CO2
E Instruments BTU1100-1 Combustion Gas Analyzer
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  E Instruments BTU1100-1 Datasheet E Instruments BTU1100-1 Datasheet
  E Instruments BTU1100-1 Quick Reference E Instruments BTU1100-1 Quick Reference
E Instruments BTU1100-1 Combustion Gas Analyzer

Your Price: $1,399.00

E Instruments BTU1100-1 BTU 1100 1 Combustion Gas Analyzer O2 CO2

The E Instruments BTU1100 1 is a commercial & residential combustion analyzer designed for complete and thorough boiler and burner set up, maintenance & service.

The BTU 1100-1 combines 5 tools in 1
  • Combustion Gas Analyzer for
    • CO, CO2, O2
    • Combustion Efficiency
    • Excess Air
  • (CO) Carbon Monoxide Leak Detector
  • Built in draft meter & manometer for differential pressure 
  • Flue, Ambient and Incoming Air Thermometer (Tgas, Tair)
  • Compact , Ergonomic, Rugged, and Economical
  • 2 year warranty
BTU1100-1 Includes
  • Non thermal built in printer
  • Ambient CO Monitor
  • 10 Different Oils & Fuels (includes Bio Fuel)
  • Incoming Temperature (Condensing & High Efficiency Boilers)
  • Rechargeable Battery w/ AC Charger 
  • Bluetooth
  • Large blue backlit LCD display
  • Real-time clock with time and date
  • 10 foot dual hose 
  • Simultaneous draft and gas measurements
  • 12 inch test probe 
  • Vinyl carry case
  • Magnetic rubber protective boot 
  • Perfect for wood, gas, bio fuel, oil & more 
E Instruments BTU1100-1 Features
  • Storage for 900 tests results 
  • CO sensor with NOx filtering
  • Zoom function
  • Immediate response
  • External trap for condensation
  • PC Software for downloading test data and customer database (store records, export and email)
  • Pre calibrated, field replaceable sensors eliminates downtime
  • Built in printer
  • Connections made from unbreakable metal (no plastic)
  • 1 button operation and 1 page operation guide
  • Calibration Certificate

BTU1100 1 Specifications

Parameters Sensors Ranges Resolutions Accuracies
O2 Electro-chemical 0 - 25 percent 0.1 percent +/-0.2 percent vol
CO with NO Filter
Built in
 H2 compenasted
Electro-chemical 0 - 8000 parts per mil. 1 part per mil.
+/-10 parts per mil. <400 parts per mil.
+/-5 percent rdg to 2000 parts per mil.
+/-10 percent rdg > 2000 parts per mil.
CO2 Calc. 0 to 99.9 percent 0.1 percent  
Tair Pt-100 -10 - 212 deg. F 0.1 deg. F +/- 1 deg. F
Tgas Tc K -10 - 1830 deg. F 0.1 deg. F +/- 2 deg. F
Calc. -10 - 1830 deg. F 0.1 deg. F  
Draft  / Pressure Semiconductor +/- 0 - 80 inH2O 0.001 in H2O
+/- 1 percent (-4.014 to 0.806 in H2O)
+/- .008 (- .802 tp 0.802 in H2O)
+/- 1 percent (0.806 to 0.292 in H2O)
Excess Air Calc. 0 - 850 percent 1 percent  
Efficiency Calc. 0 - 100 percent
0.1 percent (also for condensing
boilers with auto detection)
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