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Cool Machines CM 1500 CM1500-2 Portable Attic Insulation Machine
Cool Machines CM 1500-2 Portable Attic Insulation Machine Dual Blowers
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Cool Machines CM1500-2 CM 1500 Portable Insulation Machine

Cool Machines CM1500 Portable Insulation Machine is an all insulation fiber blowing machine that works with Cellulose, Fiberglass and Rockwool, as well as damp recycle fiber for wall spray.

The CM1500 is a high pressure blower (4.5 p.s.i.) /airlock assembly that far exceeds the requirements needed for retrofit and dense packing sidewalls.

The CM1500 is perfect for small insulation contracting professionals who needs a portable machine with low power requirements, yet offers the higher production of large machines. The innovative ‘scalping’ augers are designed to break apart the compressed bales into smaller pieces that are shredded evenly for optimal coverage before they enter the airlock. This machine does not use long paddles that are known to wear and bend. The augers are located deep within the machine, out of arm’s reach, to provide a safe working environment.

The CM1500-2 is outfitted with a double blower system

Production Rates

Product pounds / hour
Cellulose 2200 (990 kilograms)
Fiberglass 900 (405kilograms)
Rockwool 1400 (630 kilograms)

A 1,000 square foot attic can be insulated to an R-30 value in one hour.

Technical Features

  • Large 13 cubic foot hopper capacity for fiber storage
  • Two integrally mounted 13.7A blowers w/check valves, filter protection
  • Large handles provide easy transport and handling
  • Extruded airlock ensures extended life of the airlock seal, high pressure of 4.5PSI for dense packing with the slide gate control for accurate fiber metering
  • Slide gate control enables precise fiber control
  • Quick-release hopper for fast access to airlock with easy handling and transport
  • Quick release auger provides easy access to airlock seal replacement and service
  • Nickel #40 plated chain with hardened sprockets which are corrosion resistant and rugged
  • Robust powder coating for a corrosion resistant long lasting finish
  • The modular design with a transparent access panel provides quick maintenance troubleshooting
  • Dual ‘scalping’ auger/shredders increase fiber conditioning and consistent flow
  • Magnum super blower is 8.4 inches in diameter, 13.7 amps and 140 CFM provides increased blower output with twice the air power & service life
  • TEFC high torque, thermal overload protection drive motor & high torque separate gearbox provides an extended service life & cost reduction with individual replacements of failed components such as a motor or gearbox).
  • Manual thermal overload protection of all motors and electrical components
  • 150 foot remote cord with dual function, 3 position provides operator control with convenience
  • Safety Features - kill switch and manual override controls promote increased operator control, safety, and quick hazard response - (pre-alarm buzzer optional)
  • Panel voltmeter for quick electrical diagnostics / low voltage protection of motors
  • Liquid filled, surface mounted pressure gauge enables pressure calibration for dense pack & airlock seal quality verification
  • ‘Smart' panel LED power indicator lights provide instant electrical diagnostics
  • Auxiliary and (IWS) Internal Wetting System outlets accommodate accessory devices
  • Ergonomic hose out design eliminates trip hazards while loading insulation machine

Cool Machines CM1500-2 Specifications

BlowersLarge - 140 CFM, 13.7 amps / 120 volts
Small - 104 CFM, 8 amps / 120 volts
Export - 230 / 240 volts - 50 Hertz
Large - 140 CFM, 7 amps / 230 volts
Blower Power Input
Large Single 15 / 15 amps
Large and Small 15 / 15 amps
Dual Large 15 / 20 amps
Large Single 10 amps
Large Double 10 / 10 amps
Airlock14 inches (35 centimeters) long
10 inches (25 centimeters) diameter
Volume = 1099 cubic inches
Precision extruded for high pressure
3 inch hose output tube
Hopper Capacity
13 cubic feet (.39 cubic meters)
2 to 3 bags
Generator Requirements
5,000 W or bigger - 1 blower
7,500 W or bigger - 2 blowers
Dimensions (W x D x H)
20 x 35 x 57 inches
50 x 87.5 x 142 centimeters
Weight330 pounds 1 blower
350 pounds 2 blower
  • CE Conformity for Europe
  • 13 or 8 amp blower
  • Hard rubber or H.D. air wheels
  • Wireless Remote
  • (IWS) Internal Wetting System
  • Hose and Hose Reels
  • Pumps and Spray Accessories

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories Accessory Package - Rigid wheels 150 ft. 3" hose 2 connector tube 1 reducer tube 3"-2" 1 reducer tube 1.25" or 1.5" 8 ft. of clear vinyl hose clamps [+$585.00]
C7P665 - Connector Tube 2.5" [+$9.90]
C7P736 - Connector Tube 3" [+$10.40]
C7P642 - Reducer Tube 2.5" to 2" [+$14.92]
C7P706 - Reducer Tube 3" to 2" [+$16.44]
C79718 - Reducer Tube 3" to 2.5" [+$17.80]
C7P618 - Reducer Tube 2" to 1.5" [+$18.25]
C6Q148 - Hose 1.25" I.D. x 8 ft. clear vinyl for dense packing [+$26.05]
C6Q150 - Hose 1.5" I.D. x 8 ft. clear vinyl for dense packing [+$28.64]
C7P612 - Reducer Tube 2" to 1.25" [+$33.85]
C6Q204 - Blowing Hose 2" x 50 ft. [+$93.65]
C6Q251 - Blowing Hose 2.5" x 50' ft. [+$114.45]
C6Q303 - Blowing Hose 3" x 50 ft. [+$129.05]
C6J710 - Wheel pkg. (includes two 10" rigid wheels on quick-mount attachment plates) [+$130.05]
C6J711 - Wheel pkg. (includes two 10" air wheels on quick-mount attachment plates) [+$156.09]
C6Q732 - Hose Reel (Steel 34" dia. wall mount holds 150 ft.x 3" hose) [+$390.12]
C6Q749 - Hose Reel (Steel 34" dia. with floor mount frame holds 150 ft.x 3" hose) [+$482.68]
C2D260 - Wireless Remote Control 3-function [+$579.50]
Internal Wetting System C8E1/8GG-1.0 - Spray tip #1.0 (M-3 or General 200 p.s.i. 75 bags/hr. two tips required) [+$26.80]
C8E1/8GG-1.5 - Spray tip #1.5 (tool box pump 90 p.s.i. 70 bags/hr. two tips required) [+$26.80]
C8E1/8GG-2.0 - Spray tip #2.0 (garden hose 40 p.s.i. 60 bags/hr. two tips required) [+$26.80]
C8E1/8GG-3.0 - Spray tip #3.0 (garden hose 40 p.s.i. 90 bags/hr. two tips required) [+$26.80]
C8E023 - Hold down straps (for 100 gallon tank above). [+$80.34]
C8E039 - Hold down straps (for 125 gallon tank above). [+$80.34]
C8E506 - IWS control assy. includes: solenoid shut-off quick-connect fittings 5 ft. plug in cord with 15 amp plug [+$165.65]
C8E516 - IWS control assy 120 VAC; use with supply line coming from garden hose/not pump [+$165.65]
C8E801 - Hose kit for MC-20 pump includes; quick connect fittings input bypass & 166 ft. [+$325.68]
C8E802 - Hose kit for MP-20 pump includes; quick connect fittings input bypass & 166 ft. of pressure hose garden hose adapter ball valve shut-off intake filter [+$325.68]
C8E021 - Water tank 100 gallon 43"l x 27"w x 26"h. (non-insulated) [+$374.85]
C8E020 - Water tank 125 gallon 41"l x 19"w x 36"h (non-insulated) [+$374.85]
C8E730 - IWS tube assy. includes: 4" cam-lock insert tube 4 ft. of expansion hose reducer connectons w/clamps (2) spray tips w/ball valve shut-offs [+$446.43]
C8E024 - Water tank 250 gallon 62"l x 29"w x 42"h. (non-insulated) [+$669.37]
C8E907 - Tool box pump & motor kit (0 to 100 p.s.i.) (2 g.p.m.) 120 vac. or 12vdc. [+$958.50]
C8E930 - MC-20 pump & motor kit (0 to 250 p.s.i.) (6 g.p.m.) 120 vac direct drive base [+$1,006.25]
C8E908 - M-3 pump & motor kit (0 to 500 p.s.i.) 3 g.p.m.120 vac. direct drive base mounted [+$1,849.00]
C8E910 - General pump & motor kit (0 to 500 p.s.i.) 2.1 g.p.m. 120 vac 1 hp direct drive [+$1,849.00]
C8E920 - MP-20 pump & motor kit (0 to 250 p.s.i.) 5.7 g.p.m. 120 vac 1 hp double belt drive base mounted with carrying handle [+$1,849.00]
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