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Bullard ADP20 Free Ambient Air Driven Pump Respirator Supply System
Bullard ADP20 Free Ambient Air Driven Pump Respirator Supply System
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Bullard ADP20 Free Ambient Air Driven Pump Respirator Supply System

Bullard ADP20 is an intrinsically safe free air pump for 6 half face or 4 hood style respirators.

When utilized in clean air environments, Bullard Free Air pumps give you a low cost means to supply breathable clean air to multiple respirator wearers who are working in a contaminated environment up to 300 ft. away from the ambient air pump. These pumps are oil less, so they don't output carbon monoxide, oil mist or vapor. This makes is perfect for hazardous duty or general purpose use.

The ADP20 is the perfect for personnel working in a location without a source of electrical power (but has available compressed air). It is also ideal to use in potentially explosive environments which require an expensive, explosion proof electrical motor.

Costly carbon monoxide (CO) alarms might not be needed as drive compressor air isn't transferred to workers. The pump requires a fresh, clean ambient air source that is filtered to block certain particulates & then transferred to workers. Compressed air with a minimum air volume of 85 CFM at 95 PSIG (2407 LPM at 655 kPa) is only used as the energy source.

Bullard's powerful ADP20 is versatile and allows a personal Bullard air conditioner to supply enhanced worker comfort & productivity. The pump delivers 30CFM of air at 5 PSIG (850 LPM at 34.5 kPa). The maximum output pressure is 25 PSIG (172.4 kPa).

For greater comfort, the ADP20 may supply air for 1 worker with Bullard's Frigitron 2000 (air conditioner) in conjunction with the CC20 or 88-Series hood style respirator. The Frigitron lowers the air supply temperature to the respirator's hood by 20 degrees F (11degrees C) maximum, resulting in comfortable & productive workers.

Bullard ADP20 Is An Pnuematic Free Ambient Air Pump For Up To 6 Respirators
Bullard ADP20 Features
  • Air powered
  • Oil free which eliminates OSHA required
    • Carbon monoxide monitors
    • Temperature alarms
    • Airline filters
  • Portable
  • USA made
  • Air supply capacity
    • 4 hood style respirators
    • 6 full or half face mask respirators
    • 1 worker w/ cooling tube option, with a helmet or hood style respirator
  • Air flow - 30 CFM @ 5PSIG w/ min. 85 CFM @ 95 PSI incoming
  • Maximum output pressure - 25 PSIG (1.8bar)
  • 0 to 30 PSIG pressure gauge
  • 2 -  1/2 inch Industrial Interchange quick disconnect couplers (Hansen compatible)
  • Weight 90 pounds
  • Explosive work environment friendly
  • Replaceable carbon vanes need no adjustments. Will last for 5,000 to 15,000 operational hrs. when properly maintained
  • No Belts to tighten or maintain
  • No calibration needed
  • Compressor air not transferred to workers
  • Power - Compressed air at min. 85CFM volume (2,407 LPM) @ 95 PSIG (6.7 bar)
  • Inlet for breathable air may be located 300 ft. away from pump (maximum)
  • Inlet medium efficiency filter (particulates over 25 microns are filtered out)
  • Supplied air respirators which are utilized require NIOSH approval to function at 15 PSIG or less
  • Hood style respirators need a min. of 6CFM each & 12 to 15CFM each when being used with the cool tube
  • Full and half face respirator styles require a min. of 4CFM each
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bullard ADP20 Specifications

Respirator Style
4 maximum
Full or Half Face
6 maximum
ADP20 with Frigitron 2000
One Hood or helmet style respirator
Inlet Filter
Medium efficiency
Filter out particles > 25 microns
Outlet FilterCarbofine activated carbon
Maximum Outlet Pressure
172.4 kPa
Air Motor
Requires 85CFM at 95PSIG
2407LPM at 655kPa
Size (W x L x H)
12.125 x 25 x 15 inches (41.5 in. with air intake)
31.3 x 63.5 x 38.1 centimeters (105)
90 pounds
40.8 kilograms

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories Frigitron 2000 Cool Tube Air Conditioner [+$588.00]
15922 - Pump Service Kit, Includes 4 carbon vanes, inlet filter 23611 and outlet filter cartridge S17101 [+$273.75]
17761 - Air motor service kit, Includes 4 carbon vanes, vane springs, motor bearings & seal [+$273.75]
V50IN - Remote inlet air hose kit, 50 ft. (15.2 meters) 1 per pump max. [+$242.50]
V50EX - Remote extension hose kit, 50 ft. (15.2 meters) 5 per pump max. [+$187.50]
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