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Home > Bacharach  > Combustion Analyzers > PCA3 Combustion Analyzer

Bacharach PCA3 Combustion Gas Analyzer

Bacharach 24-8440 PCA3 225 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement)
PCA3 225 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO

Bacharach 24-8441 PCA3 235 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, NO)
PCA3 235 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO NO

Bacharach 24-8442 PCA3 245 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, CO-High)
PCA3 245 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO CO-High

Bacharach 24-8443 PCA3 255 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, SO2)
PCA3 255 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO SO2

Bacharach 24-8444 PCA3 265 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, NO, NO2)
PCA3 265 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO NO NO2

Bacharach 24-8445 PCA3 275 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, NO, SO2)
PCA3 275 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO NO SO2

Bacharach 24-8446 PCA3 285 Combustion Analyzer (with O2, CO/H2-compensated measurement, NO, CO-High)
PCA3 285 Combustion Analyzer O2 CO NO CO-High
Bacharach B-Smart Combustion Gas Analyzer Sensors

Bacharach's PCA3 is perfect for busy technicians & boiler contractors that have to ensure extremely safe operating conditions, evaluate combustion efficiency & perform emissions testing. This lightweight ergonomic handheld combustion gas analyzer is the 1st advanced portable unit with a graphic full color display which provides superior visibility & a user friendly interface. Super bright back lighting, zoom display, dimming mode & the most sensor configurations in its class gives you unsurpassed instrumentation. All units include (O2) Oxygen and (CO) Carbon Monoxide sensors and the PCA3 may be configured with CO-High, (NO) Nitric Oxide, (NO2) Nitrogen Dioxide and (SO2) Sulfur Dioxide sensors. Sensors may be added to the unit in the field with no downtime using the B-Smart precalibrated sensor options.

The Bacharach PCA 3 is engineered for semi-continuous or on demand sampling of commercial, institutional, residential and light industrial furnaces, appliances and boilers. With rugged metal gas & draft connectors along with rugged construction, simple operation & maintenance the PCA3 is the HVAC industry's new workhorse.

Bacharach's innovative B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program delivers B-Smart Sensors directly to you. Simply pop out & pop in the replacement sensor, and this initiates self calibration involving no guess work or gas! Providing the fastest & easiest options for calibration available,B-Smart Sensors assure accurate performance and no downtime.



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