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Bacharach H25-IR H25 IR Industrial Refrigerant Leak Detector
Bacharach H25-IR Industrial Refrigerant Leak Detector
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  Bacharach H25-IR Datasheet Bacharach H25-IR Datasheet
  Bacharach H25-IR Manual Bacharach H25-IR Manual
  Bacharach H25 IR Microprocessor Bacharach H25 IR Microprocessor
  Bacharach H25 IR Sensor Bacharach H25 IR Sensor
Bacharach H25-IR Industrial Refrigerant Leak Detector

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Bacharach H25-IR H25 IR Industrial Refrigerant Leak Detector

The H25-IR Refrigerant Leak Detector is for low level leak detection & quantifying the leak rate for HCFCs, HFCs, CFCs and halogen compounds used with air conditioning, refrigeration, fire suppression, and other industrial, commercial and residential apparatus.

The H25-IR refrigerant leak detection instrument can quantify and locate refrigerant leaks, log & totalize a whole group of system leaks for quality assurance compliance. Bacharach's H25 IR can detect 29 commonly used types of halogen gas and refrigerant compounds.
Gas specific units for SF6 and R-600a are available.
Bacharach H25-IR Features
  • Uses Infrared Detection Technology - Long life sensor & high accuracy 
  • Less False Alarms - Infrared technology ensures response for refrigerant leaks only 
  • Quick Response Time of < 1 second
  • Highly Sensitive - Leak detection down to 0.01 oz / yr
  • Internal Leak Source - Enables fast and easy calibrations 
  • Logging - Enables total system leak rate quantication
  • Flexible 8 Inch Probe - Allows leak checks in areas that are difficult to access
  • Sensitivity Ranges Adjustable - Nuisance leaks can be disreagarded 
  • Four Relay Outputs - Provides external alarm
  • 4 - 20 milliAmp Output - Enables remote monitoring
  • Two Year Warranty

H25-IR Specifications

Measureable Gases
N-1230, H-2402, H-1301, H-1211, R-508B, R-507, R-503, R-502, R-500, R-410A, R-409A, R-408A, R-407C, R-407A, R-404A, R-402B, R-402A, R-401A, R-236fa, R-227, R-134a, R-124, R-123, R-114, R-113, R-23, R-22, R-12, R-11
Sensor Type Infrared
Units of Measurement mL/s, g/yr, oz/yr, ppm, PaM3/s
Measurement Accuracy & Range

0 to 50 oz/yr, +/- 10 percent of reading

50 to 1000 oz/yr, +/- 25 percent of reading

Warm Up Time 2 min.
Probe 8 inch (20.3 centimeters) flexible probe w/ 6 foot (1.8 meter) hose or optional 12 foot (3.6 meter) hose
Operation Modes

Search - detects gas leak location and presence

Measure - calculate and display leak rates

Response < 1 second (w/ 6 foot hose)
Sensitivity 0.01 oz / yr most gases (min. 0.03 oz/yr all gases)
Temp. Drift +/- 0.8 percent reading per degree C
Calibration Method Internal leak source R-134a, or External with leak source supplied by customer
AC Power Input 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50 / 60 Hertz
Power Consumption 15W
Operating Temp.  32 - 122 deg. F (0 - 50 deg C)
Storage Temp -4 - 122 deg F (-20 - 50 deg. C)
Weight  18 pounds (8.2 kilograms)
Size (HxWxD) 4 x 10.75 x 15 inches (10.2cm x 27.3cm x 38.1cm)

Choose Options and Quantity
Code B -1 CFC, HFC, HCFC & Halogen Gases
-2 R-600a
-3 SF6
Code C -1 Standard Probe, 6 ft. Hose
-2 Standard Probe, 12 ft. Hose
-3 Standard Probe, LED & Button, 6 ft. Hose
-4 Standard Probe, LED & Button, 12 ft. Hose
-5 Smart Probe, 6 ft. Hose
-6 Smart Probe, 12 ft. Hose
-7 Standard Probe, 15 ft. Hose
-8 Standard Probe, 18 ft. Hose
-9 Standard Probe, LED & Button, 15 ft. Hose
-10 Standard Probe, LED & Button, 18 ft. Hose
-11 Smart Probe, 15 ft. Hose
-12 Smart Probe, 18 ft. Hose
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