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Bacharach 3015 5333 HGM-MZ HGM MZ Halogen Gas Leak Monitor Multi Zone
Bacharach 3015-5333 HGM-MZ 16 Zone Halogen Gas Leak Monitor
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  Bacharach 3015 Datasheet Bacharach 3015 Datasheet
  Bacharach 3015 Manual Bacharach 3015 Manual
  Bacharach 3015 HGM300 PC Software Bacharach 3015 HGM300 PC Software
  Bacharach 3015 MZ-RD Remote Display Bacharach 3015 MZ-RD Remote Display
  Bacharach 3015 Expansion Kit Bacharach 3015 Expansion Kit
  Bacharach 3015 Metasys Adapter Bacharach 3015 Metasys Adapter
  Bacharach 3015 LonWorks Adapter Bacharach 3015 LonWorks Adapter
  Bacharach 3015-5044 HGM-MZ Datasheet Bacharach 3015-5044 HGM-MZ Datasheet
  Bacharach 3015-5333 HGM-MZ Multi-Zone (16) Halogen Gas Leak Monitor

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Bacharach 3015 5333 HGM-MZ HGM MZ Halogen Gas Leak Monitor Multi Zone (16)

The Bacharach 3015-5333 monitors low level conditions for HFC, HCFC and CFC refrigerant gases that are used in nearly all commercial refrigeration systems. 

  • 3015-5138 MZ-RD Remote Display Included
The Multi Zone Gas Leak Monitor by Bacharach offers superior performance, functionality and flexibility for continuous low level refrigerant gas monitoring for (CFC) Chlorofluorocarbons, (HCFC) Hydro chlorofluorocarbons, and (HFC) Hydro fluorocarbons. These are state of the art stationary gas monitors which lead the gas leak detection industry in integration capabilities, performance, initial cost & ownership cost. Capabilities for detecting over 38 types of refrigerants, the Multi Zone monitoring system is ASHRAE 15-2007 compliant, Energy Saving Listed ETL, meets California's Refrigerant Monitor Code Regulations & is EN14624 & CE certified.
Bacharach's Multi-Zone Halogen Gas Monitor provides continuous refrigerant gas level detection in 16 separate testing zones & can be equipped with the optional 2 channel 4 - 20 milliAmp current-loop board for connecting with remote monitoring test equipment. It retains a data log for previous readings which can easily be accessed for you to analyze. 4 relay contacts (included) are programmable to trigger an external alarm device warning of system faults, leaks (small), spills (medium) or evacuations (large) of gas that are detected, while visual and audible indicators on the front panel show fault and alarm conditions. With simple periodic maintenance, like an occasional filter replacement, & active diagnostics which continuously scan for proper system operation, HGM-MZ gas monitors enable you to maintain equipment efficiency, advocate safety & protect our environment.
Bacharach 3015-5333 Features
  • 3015-5138 MZ-RD Remote Display Included
  • Covers 16 zones
  • 120 - 240 Volts AC 50 / 60 Hertz Input Power
  • Proprietary infrared sensor technology practically eliminates the false alarm & increases sensor life
  • Calibration not required
  • Low detection limit enables early detection of gas leaks reducing refrigerant & energy consumption
  • Fastest sample rate with a 1,200 feet sampling distance - best in the industry
  • Large Graphical LCD provides easy setup & real time monitoring
  • Perfect for
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Grocery Stores
    • Chillers
    • Walk In Freezers
    • Refrigeration Racks
    • Physical Plants

 HGM-MZ 3015-5333 Specifications

Description Low level, continuous gas leak monitoring for multiple areas, monitoring of refrigerants used by most commercial refrigeration systems including - HFC, HCFC, CFC. System compliance to ANSI / BSR ASHRAE-15-1994
CFC - R-114, R-12, R-11, R-113, HFP, R-502
HFC - (HP62) R-404a, R-407a,  (AC9000) R-407c, R-134a, (AZ20) R-410a, (AZ50) R507

HCFC - R23, R22, R21, R227, R124, R123, (MP39) R401A, R503, R500, (HP80) R402A, (HP81) R402, R409A, R408A, (SUVA95) R508B, R245FA, R125, R236FA, R427A, R422D, R422A 

HALON - H1211,H2402, H1301 
OTHER - N1230, FC72, FA188, R426A, R424A, HFO1234YF, R438A, R427A
Sensitivity All gas - 1 part per million (R11 +/- 10 parts per million +/- 15 percent reading 0 to 1000 parts per million)
Measurment Range 0 - 10,000 parts per million 
Accuracy +/- 1 part per million +/- 10 percent reading from 0 to 1000 parts per million (R13, R22, R11 +/- 10 parts per million +/- 15 percent reading 0 to 1000 parts per million)
Panel Indication lights
  • Green - Monitor power on. LED shines with normal operations and flashes while in warm up mode
  • Red - Alarm, flashing LED if alarm settinghas been exceeded
  • Yellow - Fault, flashing LED if system fault arises
(H x W x D)
12.23 x 13.7 x 4.96 inches
Weight 15 pounds
Temp. Drift +/- 0.8 percent (R134A) reading per degree Centigrade between each purge cycle
Coverage 4 pt. standard - expandable to: 16 pts.,  4 pt. increment
Detector Single Pass, (NDIR) Non Dispersive
Sample Mode Auto or (hold) manual
Re Zeroing On zone changes or automatic
Responses 5 - 120 sec. – dependent on length of air line & how many total zones in the system
Noise Below 40 dB (A) at 10 ft. (3 meters)
Monitoring Span 1,200 feet max. - combined sample & exhaust tubing length (each zone)
Signal Conditioning
 (optional) Dual 4 - 20 m Adc outputs (isolated)
Channel #1 is for zone area
Channel #2 is for PPM
Alarm (SPDT) 4 alarm contacts provided (rating - 5 A @ 250 V) 3 for PPM levels, 1 for system fault
Communication Complete 2 way communications w/ correct remote display unit or building mgmt. system with RS 485 MODBUS - RTU serial interfacing RS - 232C communications port std.
Safety Mode (Power) Complete auto system resets. All pre programmed parameters saved
Operating Temperature 32 - 122 deg. F (0 - 50 deg. C)
Humidity (Ambient) 5 - 90 percent RH (non condensing)
Power - AC 100 - 240 Volts AC, 50 / 60 Hertz, 20 Watts
Certifications CE Mark, CAN / CSA 22.2 No.61010-1, UL 61010-1
Warranty 2 yrs. from shipment date
Altitude Limitation 6,562 feet (2,000 meters)
Choose Options and Quantity
Gas Verification Kits R-22 Gas Verification Kit [+$1,135.00]
R-134a Gas Verification Kit [+$1,135.00]
R-123 Gas Verification Kit [+$1,135.00]
Accessories MZ-RD Remote Display Module [+$1,438.00]
4 Zone Annual Maintenance Kit - (5 line end filters 1 charcoal filter 1 hydrophobic 3 end line water stop filters) -- [call for price]
4 Zone Solenoid Block [+$350.00]
5 Zone Solenoid Block (Zones 1-4 with purge port) [+$400.00]
4 Zone expansion kit (3 per MZ max. & must order 3015-3411 below) [+$450.00]
3015-3411 Line End filter kit (4 filters) [+$103.00]
16 Zone Standard Accessory Kit (17 line end filters & 1 charcoal filter) [+$422.00]
End line replacement filter (filter only) [+$18.00]
End line replacement water stop -- [call for price]
HGM-MZ Optical Bench Replacement Kit [+$900.00]
2 way splitter kit (incl. 2 end line filters) [+$58.00]
3 way splitter kit (incl. 2 end line filters) [+$80.00]
120 Volt AC Audio / Visual Alarm [+$350.00]
Charcoal Filter Assembly with Fittings [+$93.00]
(250 foot roll) Air Sample Tubing [+$67.00]
Filter Assembly - (filter and bracket) [+$28.00]
120 Volts AC Surge Protector [+$310.00]
4 - 20 milliAmp DC Surge Protector (2 Required) [+$206.00]
Annual Maintenance Kit (1 inline filter 1 charcoal filter assembly) [+$140.00]
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