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Bacharach 2020 8001 ECO 2020 Refrigerant Recovery Machine R410A R22
Bacharach 2020-8001 ECO-2020 Refrigerant Recovery Machine
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Bacharach 2020 8001 ECO 2020 Refrigerant Recovery Machine R410A R22

The Bacharach ECO-2020 is one of the quickest & most highly efficient AHRI certified refrigerant recovery units on the market.

The ECO 2020 is the preferred choice for light commercial or residential HVAC professionals looking for cost-saving, speed and reliable performance in a single easy to use machine. The 2020-8001 is manufactured to be the economical choice for environmentally concerned HVAC contractors.

With simple single knob operation efficient and intuitive refrigerant recovery is enabled. This recovery unit features an innovative purge function permitting the unit to deal with various types of refrigerants effortlessly. The powerful oil less, fan cooled compressor pumps refrigerants quickly while preventing the pollutants from entering the environment.

This newly engineered unit will easily recover all HCFC, HFC and CFC non flammable type refrigerants including (Puron) R410a & includes an easy to replaceable in line filter which prevents contaminants entering your machine. It features low / high pressure shut off, simple single knob operation, an optional 80 percent tank overfill / shut off function & purge system which prevents refrigerant cross contamination without hose changes.

The portable lightweight design allows easy transportation while the durable case gives you additional protection to your connections and gauges against the hazards of daily usage. The ECO-2020 is made to maximize costly refrigerant recovery efficiency & save money with every use.

The Bacharach ECO-2020 Is AHRI Performance Certified To Standard 740

Bacharach ECO-2020 Features

  • Single knob operation provides easy use & accessibility
  • AC motor w/ overload protection
  • Twin cylinder 1HP performance
  • Fastest R-410a & liquid recovery rate including R134a & R22 - AHRI certified
    • 6.35 pounds per minute liquid
    • 0.55 pounds per minute vapor - (R22 - AHRI 740 rating)
  • Standard in line filter & integrated inlet filter screen
  • Durable condenser gives you increased dispersion of heat for hot days which is extremely important when working with R410a
  • Integrated purge functionality minimizes cross contamination risk and refrigerant loss
  • 80% shut off cord
  • Highly visible LED indicators for complete, start, power, etc.
  • Red high visibility 'keep out' areas on the gauges deliver constant feedback for recovery status
  • Full 12 month warranty

Bacharach ECO-2020 Specifications

CategoryIIIR12, R406a, R401c, R134a, R500
CategoryIVR22, R402b, R401b, R401a, R407d, R407c, R411a, R409a, R408a,
R411b, R412a, R509, R502
CategoryVR404a, R402a, R407b, R407a, R507, R410a
Compressor2 Cylinder, Air cooled, Oilless
1450RPM at 50 Hertz
1,750 RPM at 60 Hertz
Volts Vacuum rating
15 in. Hg+
Shut off (high pressure)
558 PSI
38.5 bar
3,850 kPA
Shut off (low pressure)≥ 14 +/- 2 Hg
80 percent auto shut off
Recovery rates
R410aVapor Recovery - 0.55 pounds per min. (0.25 kg per min.)
Liquid Recovery - 5.71 pounds per min.
(2.59 kg per min.)
Liquid Push - Pull -15.85 pounds per min.
(7.19 kg per min.)
R134aVapor Recovery - 0.46 pounds per min. (0.21 kg per min.)
Liquid Recovery - 4.52 pounds per min.
(2.05 kg per min.)
Liquid Push - Pull -10.89 pounds per min.
(4.94 kg per min.)
R22Vapor Recovery - 0.55 pounds per min. (0.25 kg per min.)
Liquid Recovery - 6.35 pounds per min.
(2.88 kg per min.)
Liquid Push - Pull -11.40 pounds per min.
(5.17 kg per min.)
Operating Temp.
32 - 104 deg. F (0 - 40 deg. C)
Power110 - 120 Volts AC, 60 Hertz 10 Amps
220 - 240 Volts AC, 50 / 60 Hertz, 5 Amps
100 Volts AC, 50 / 60 Hertz, 10 A
Size16.125 x 10.25 x 13.75 inches
410 x 260 x 350 millimeters
Weight28.5 pounds (12.9 kilograms)
ApprovalCE, Recovery rates per AHRI 740
Warranty12 months for unit

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