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Bacharach 0024 7221 ECA 450 Combustion Gas Efficiency Analyzer
Bacharach 0024-7221 ECA 450 Combustion Gas Efficiency & Environmental Analyzer
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  Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Datasheet Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Datasheet
  Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Brochure Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Brochure
  Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Manual Bacharach ECA 450 0024-7221 Manual
  Bacharach ECA 450 Verification Report Bacharach ECA 450 Verification Report
  Bacharach ECA 450 Verification Statement Bacharach ECA 450 Verification Statement
  Bacharach 0024-7221 ECA 450 Combustion Gas Efficiency & Environmental Analyzer

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Bacharach 0024 7221 ECA 450 Combustion Gas Efficiency & Environmental Analyzer

The Bacharach ECA450 can determine burner efficiencies of boilers, furnaces & other types of commercial combustion equipment, enabling plants to reduce fuel cost while monitoring and determining pollutant levels. 

The Bacharach 0224-7221 combustion gas analyzer features the most user friendly interface available and delivers sophisticated combustion measurements with ease. It is also ETV / EPA test verified to NOx emissions to ensure more precise measurements, while conducting accurate emissions and combustion testing. This enables you to meet strict environmental regulations & ensure that your combustion equipment burns efficiently. Bacharach's ECA 450 has the capability to measure carbon monoxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, combustibles, draft and temperature. It can also calculate combustion efficiency, NOX, carbon dioxide and excess air.
Take continuous test samples of boilers, furnaces & other combustion equipment in industrial environments for 8 hours & generate reliable, precise combustion & environmental calculations and measurements. This highly accurate, detailed test data will then allow accurate adjustments to your equipment & improve pollution level evaluation which improves combustion efficiency overall, reducing fuel costs & determines your emissions compliance.
Modular Sensors & Upgrade Capabilities - The ECA 450 has an innovative modular design which allows upgrades your instrument to include additional sensors when your measurement & testing data requirements grow. The base model includes 2 sensors, one which can measure oxygen & another can measure hydrogen-compensated carbon monoxide. Your 0224 7221 can easily & quickly be upgraded to incorporate any combination of optional sensors - (high) Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Combustibles, Nitric Oxide.
Enormous data storage capabilities – Allows tracking of 1,000 maximum test data records. This enables you to store accurate test result histories, download them to your computer, recall them to the display and / or print time & date coded records for later reference.
Microprocessor based test instrument featuring front panel control - Menu driven, and also provides you with access to all major display screens with just 1 button push on the front panel. Memory, Pressure, Fuel, Calibration and Setup have their own dedicated buttons. No matter your location in the simple menu structure, access to these features is a simple button push away. Set your instrument to be customized to your preference. Get the test data you require in the format you desire with a few easy button pushes.
Customized Setup Examples
  • Selectable temp. units (F or C)
  • Selectable units for pressure (mb, H2O, inches, hPa, Pa)
  • Selectable languages (English, Spanish, French)
  • Selectable units for pollution (ppm, Lb / Mbtu, mg / m3, g / GJ)
  • Data display ordering
  • Keypad sounds
Customer & user data can be tracked and cataloged, which allows the storing of test data records by customer to keep running histories. You can also customize your customer's data reports with your company's name, address & phone number.
Software Calibrations - Make calibration adjustments as needed, in the field, using a few easy button pushes on the front panel. Potentiometer adjustments are not needed. Calibrations are password protected, so after your password is verified, you are able to calibrate any combinations of your measurement channels. If calibration fails, the ECA 450 will alert you of the improper calibration & new settings won't be accepted. It will also automatically zero all sensor channels for ambient air as it is powered on. When a sensor remains in error while warming up, the unit automatically warns you of the problem. Calibrations are still advised every 6 months or earlier if needed.
Bacharach 0024-7221 Features
  • Measure & display CO and O2 in flue gas, Stack Temperature, Draft and Primary Air Temp.
  • Calculate - Carbon Dioxide, Excess Air, Combustion Efficiency 
  • (Optional) Measure and display SO2, NO2, HC, NO (methane equiv. combustibles) & CO - high range 4,000 - 80,000 parts per million)
  • (Optional) Calculate NOx (combination of NO2 and NO), calculate CO, NOx, and SO2 individually referenced with user-defined Oxygen level between 0 & 15 percent
  • (Optional) Displays pollution conversion for CO, NO2, NO, & SO2. Conversions include ppm, lbs. of pollutant / million BTU, mg. of pollutant / cubic meter of gas, & grams pollutant / gigajoule
  • Performance ETV - EPA test verified
  • Storage for 1,000 test records
  • 8 hrs. battery operation time
  • Sensor compartment features modular design
  • Large, easy to read fluorescent display
  • Built in printer
  • Hydrogen Compensated Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Combustibles Sensor (Optional)
  • Maximum portability
  • User-selectable fuels
  • Field replaceable sensors
  • Data logging by duration & interval
  • Downloading to PC for spreadsheet development

ECA 450 0224-7221 Specifications

Measurements and Ranges ( * = Optional)
Oxygen 0.1 - 20.9 percent
(hydrogen-compensated)Carbon Monoxide 0 - 4000 parts / million
(High) Carbon Monoxide* 4001 - 80,000 parts / million
Nitric Oxide* 0 - 3500 parts / million
Nitrogen Dioxide* 0 - 500 parts / million
Sulfur Dioxide* 0 - 4000 parts / million
Combustibles* 0 - 5 percent (application dependent)
Stack Temperature -4 - 2400 deg. F (-20 - 1315 deg. C)
Primary / Ambient Temperature -4 - 999 deg. F (-20 - 999 deg. C)
Pressure / Draft -27.7 - 27.7 in. of H2O
Ranges and Calculations
Combustion Efficiency .1 - 100.0 percent
Excess Air 1 - 250 percent
(dry basis) Carbon Dioxide 0 - fuel dependent max.
NOx 0 - 4000 parts / million
NOx (reference to percent O2) 0 to 17,000 parts / million
CO (reference to percent O2) 0 to 99,9999 parts / million
NO (reference to percent O2) 0 to 14,900 parts / million
NO2 (reference to percent O2) 0 to 2100 parts / million
SO2 (reference to percent O2) 0 to 17,000 parts / million
Oxygen                             +/-0.3 percent O2 on practical concentration of flue gas
Flue Gas or Stack Temp   +/-4 deg.F between 32 & 255 deg.F (+/-2 deg.C between 0 & 124 deg.C)
                                        +/-6 deg.F between 256 & 480 deg.F (+/-3 deg.C between 125 & 249 deg.C)
                                        +/-8 deg.F between 481 & 752 deg.F (+/-4 deg.C between 250 & 400 deg.C)
Ambient Temp / Primary air +/-2 deg.F between 32 & 212 deg.F (+/-1 deg.C between 0 & 100 deg.C)
Pressure/Draft                   +/-2 percent reading or +/-.02 in wc whichever is more
CO                +/-5 percent reading or +/-10 parts / mil. whichever is more between 0 - 2000 parts / mil.
                     +/-10 percent reading between 2001 - 40000 parts / mil.
NO                +/-5 percent reading or +/-5 parts / mil. whichever is more between 0-2000 parts / mil.
NO2              +/-5 percent reading or +/-5 parts / mil. whichever is more between 0-500 parts / mil.
SO2              +/-5 percent reading or +/-10 parts / mil. whichever is more between 0-2000 parts / mil.
HC                +/-5 percent of full scale
Selectable Fuel Oil #6, Oil #5, Oil #4, Oil #2, Propane, Natural Gas, Kerosene, Wood, Bagasse, Coal
AC Universal adapter & internal battery unit. Adapter accepts input voltage from 100 - 240 Volts. 
Charged battery unit provides min. 8 hrs. operation time
Probe & Pumps
2 pumps included. 1st pump - supplies gas samples to sensors. 2nd pump - supplies fresh-air 
for purging low range CO sensor if CO level exceeds 400 parts per million. Standard probe &
hose assembly with probe stop, particulate filter, water trap, 15 ft. hose, 12" probe tube
(H x W x D)
13.5 x 18.5 x 9 inches
(342.9mm x 467mm x 228.6mm)
Weight 25 pounds (11.34 kilograms)
Warranty 1 yr. - available extended warranty

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories, Sensors & Probes CO (high) Sensor [+$690.00]
NO Sensor [+$687.00]
Combustible Sensor [+$687.00]
NO2 Sensor [+$687.00]
SO2 Sensor (available w/ NO2 option only) [+$687.00]
20 foot hose extension [+$380.00]
24 inch probe [+$512.00]
36 inch probe [+$546.00]
24 inch high temp. probe [+$878.00]
36 inch high temp. probe [+$934.00]
48 inch high temp. probe [+$1,028.00]
Heavy-duty sample conditioner - Includes Peltier chiller unit w/ integral condensate pump heated hose 15 foot assembly w/ probe & built in temp. controller [+$9,490.00]
Compact sample conditioner - probe assembly incl. Peltier chiller - probe assembly built in filter 15 foot hose assembly & condensate pump [+$2,950.00]
10 foot Type-K Thermocouple [+$49.00]
Serial Cable DB.9M to DB.9F [+$61.00]
5 rolls printer paper [+$24.00]
Filters - package of 3 [+$28.00]
Calibration Gas Calibration Kit (gas not included) [+$277.00]
Calibration Gas - CO low (500 parts per million) [+$182.00]
Calibration Gas - CO + H2 low (500 parts per million) [+$182.00]
Calibration Gas - CO high (4000 parts per million) [+$182.00]
Calibration Gas - NO (250 parts per million) [+$424.00]
Calibration Gas - NO2 (100 parts per million) [+$424.00]
Calibration Gas - SO2 (100 parts per million) [+$191.00]
Calibration Gas - CH4 (2.5 percent) [+$250.00]
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