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Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Air Light System ALS DC Portable LED Lighting
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Air Light System ALS DC Portable LED Lighting
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  Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Datasheet Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Datasheet
  Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Features Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Features
  Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Area Lighting Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Area Lighting
  Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Options Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Options
  Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Air Light System ALS DC Portable LED Lighting

Your Price: $1,414.50

Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Air Light System ALS DC Portable LED Lighting

The Air Systems AL2CUBEBP is designed for high power lighting in adverse outdoor and indoor conditions.

The portable compact design comes fully assembled to use & deploys quickly within 30 seconds.  It's highly stable platform ensures dependable lighting for rugged terrain & strong wind conditions. Using a high capacity 22 amp / hr internal DC battery & the innovative ability for switching between DC or AC power from your response vehicle, your Air-Light will perfrom flawlessly until the job is finished.
  • Emergency Response Lighting
  • Construction
  • Area Lighting
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Maintenance
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Night Time Area Lighting
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Internal AGM Battery Pack
The AGM internal battery pack (above) features dual-lamp switches & includes 3 power sources with 500+ discharge cycle ratings, 3 to 5 yr. service life
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Power Cables, 12 VDC Power Port Charges Cell Phones And Laptops Safely
DC - DC cord & 115 VAC charging cables included. 12 VDC power port operates/charges cell phones / laptops
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Easily Connects To Your Vehicle's Battery
Direct connection to vehicle battery system with jumper cables to the battery posts on the battery pack

Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Is Perfect For Emergency Response Fire & Rescue Lighting
LED LIGHT General Specifications
  • Over 50,000 hours service life LED
  • Lamp automatic shut off at 9 Volts DC
  • Color temp. 5,000 degrees Kelvin - pure white
  • Light beam diffusion - flood pattern - EURO & Spot beam pattern available
  • Dust proof, water proof, IP68 safety rating
  • Independent directional adjustments for all lamp assemblies
  • 87 inch aluminum extension mast w/ lock thumb screws
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Features Dual LED Cube Lighting
Dual Cube Specifications
  • 12 Volts DC, 1.5 Amps, 20 W
  • 1600 Lumens
  • Anodized aluminum with polycarbonate lens
  • Operation temperature -40 to 85 degrees C
  • Full Charging Run Time - Over 10 hrs

Air Systems International AL2CUBEBP Features
  • Can switch power supply from internal battery to 12 VDC external power without light operation interruption 
  • Can charge internal battery from 12 VDC or 110-240 external VAC 50/60Hz power sources
  • Power port plug for charging internal battery or to power external accessories such as cell phones, handheld lights, laptops, or any other device utilizing 12 VDC power
  • Charge/operate with jumper cables in clamp style
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Can fold to fit into integral storage case easily
  • Operational in constant full frontal 35mph winds, 65+ mph rear winds
  • Mast can extend to 30 – 87 Inch above ground 
Internal Battery
  • 12 Volts DC, 22 Amp / horr, sealed lead-acid deep cycle, (Absorptive Glass Matt) AGM battery
  • Maintenance free, non spillable, & operates in all positions
  • Safe storage / operation at -40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to 60 degrees C)
  • 6 hr. min. recharge time. 12 hrs. or over night needed to condition battery from a full discharge
  • 1 yr. replacement warranty for battery pack & charger
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Has A Mast Extension Range Of 30 to 60 Inches Above The Ground
Control Panel
  • NEMA-3 protection
  • Independent switches for light control
  • Push-to-test digital voltage meter
  • Color coded POS+ & NEG- external connection posts
  • Power port double ended cable to connect to an auxiliary power port or your vehicle cigarette lighter
  • U.S. 110 Volt AC cord standard  - available international cord sets
Air Systems AL2CUBEBP Control Panel
Interior Frame
  • Unitized stainless steel structural frame assembly & battery box
  • Drop test from one meter, 6 sides - 4 corners, with no structural, internalor electrical failure
  • Telescoping stainless steel stabilizer leg assembly
  • With stabilizer leg assembly fully deployed, stable 36 x 32 inch 3 point platform is created
  • Support legs extend to 19 or 32 inch length
  • Mast extention 30 - 87 inches above ground

Approvals / Conformances

  • Declaration of Conformity - CE council directive 2006/95/EC
  • Specifications Declared - Essential health & Safety Requirements - Annex 1 of Low Voltage Directive
  • RoHs compliant
  • Lights CE registered
  • Battery CAB, DOT, FAA, TA, & IA air transport approved

Choose Options and Quantity
Magnetic Hand-Held Single Cube LED Light ALHL25 - LED Hand Light, 800 lumen, 25ft. cord with power port male adapter [+$285.00]
Emergency Response Ventilation Kit ERVK-15DC - AL1MCBP Mini-CubeTM LED light and CVF-15DCAN fan with SB connector [+$1,150.00]
Charging Cord Sets LP-PC-DE Dual end power port connector cable, 8ft. [+$70.00]
C7-PC-USA - 7ft. DC charge cord to AC - United States [+$7.00]
C7-PC-EUR 7ft. - DC charge cord to AC - Europe [+$20.00]
C7-PC-UK 7ft. DC - charge cord to AC - United Kingdom [+$30.00]
C7-PC-AUS 7ft. DC - charge cord to AC- Australia [+$30.00]
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