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AEMC OX5042 OX 5042 2150.21 Portable Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter
AEMC OX5042 2150.21 Portable Digital Oscilloscope
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  Megger OX5042 Datasheet Megger OX5042 Datasheet
  Megger OX5042 Manual Megger OX5042 Manual
  AEMC OX5042 2150.21 Portable Digital Oscilloscope

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AEMC OX5042 OX 5042 2150.21 Portable Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter

The AEMC 2150.21 OX5042 Handscope is a shockproof hand held 40MHz oscilloscope with an ergonomic design and IP54 Safety rating.

The AEMC 0X5042 features an elastomer casting with front panel control keys which are easy to access while wearing your safety gloves. A multilingual interactive menu provides immediate assistance instead of referring to a cumbersome operating manual. The color LCD screen is easily readable & the LED backlight helps limit your HANDSCOPE’s power consumption. The 0X5042 HANDSCOPE features hands free use with a bag & neck strap included with your instrument.
The OX5042 is perfect for field operations for electrical installations & also general maintenance applications. With isolated channels, you can take measurements with total safety and no special precautionary measures. The AEMC HANDSCOPE is a:
  • 40MHz Oscilloscope
  • 8000 count True RMS digital multimeter featuring power measurements
  • Harmonic Analyzer - 2 channels to the 31st order (40 - 450 Hz)

2MB of data storage is available and in multimeter operation mode you can store up to 2700 graphical recordings of your measurements from 5 minutes - 1 month. Isolated USB communications with SCPI protocol (Optional) is available. This feature makes it easy to remotely program your OX5042 with the included SX-METRO software. The 2150.21 has been designed with an Eco-Design method which reduces the environmental impact & comes with a three year warranty.

AEMC OX5042 2150.21 Features
  • 2 channels, totally isolated  
  • 2 MB Recording Capacity
  • 8 hr Battery Life
  • Multilingual Integrated Help Menu
  • 3.5 inch LCD Color Screen
  • Optional isolated USB communications (SCPI Protocol) 
  • 600 Volt CATIII Rating
Included Accessories
  • Test Probe (1/10, 1000 Volts)
  • 1 Set banana leads
  • Mains adapter
  • 1 Set 6 AA NiMH batteries
  • Hands free carry bag
  • CD ROM operation and programming manual
2 completely independent True RMS 8000 count digital multimeters in one
Measure DC, AC & AC + DC voltage and current, capacitance, continuity, resistance, frequency & power (a combination of 2 channels), temperature (infrared probe or type-K thermocouple), motor rotational speeds (optical tachometer). Also use for diode and component testing.
Storage, Communication and PC Software
The OX5042 features PC communication with an isolated optical (optional) USB interface. Use the SX-METRO (optional) software to:
  • See curves which are based on your stored data files
  • PC display of curves in real time
  • PC oscilloscope control 
  • Import curves as image files or from memory
  • Store curves as text format on PC
  • Data or curve transfer into Excel files
  • Insert a data graph from using your signal with Word 
  • Use Excel’s integrated functions for additional calculations on samples in the curve

OX5042 2150.21 Specifications

User Interface
Display 3.5 inch color LCD TFT screen, Resolution 320 x 240 LED backlit
Display modes 2500 real acquisition pts. on-screen
Curve Display on-screen 2 curves, 2 references, memory traces or math calculation
Command types
Direct front panel adjustments & on screen menu with browser
(secondary & principal with no hidden menu)
Interactive help
English, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Russian, Rumanian, Swedish, Italian,
Spanish, German, French


Deflection (Vertical)
Bandwidth 40MHertz
Bandwidth limiter 5 kHertz, 1.5MHertz
Channels 2 totally isolated
Input impedance 1 MOhms +/- 0.5 percent, approximately 17pF
Max. input voltage 600 Volts CATIII Derating -20 deciBels / decade from 100kHertz
Vertical sensitivity 5 milliVolts - 200 Volts / div
Deflection (Horizontal)
Sweep speed 25ns / div - 200 sec / div Roll Mode 100 millisecons - 200 sec./ div
Horizontal zoom factor x5, x2, x1


Modes one shot, triggered, triggered Roll, Automatic
Type Edge - pulse width (20ns - 20s)
Coupling DC or AC (depends on coupling of triggering channel) LF, HF or noise rejection
Sensitivity ≤1.2 div p-p to 40MHertz max.
Memory (digital)
Max. sample rate
2 GS / s with ETS mode
50 MS / s with 1-shot mode each channel
Resolution (Vertical) 9bits
Memory depth 2500 pts. / channel
Storage 2MB file storage - (.trc) trace, (.txt) text, (.cfg) configuration, (.bmp) image files
GLITCH mode A Duration of ≥ 20ns with 1250 Min / Max pairs
Display mode (factors 2 - 64) Averaging, (vector) XY, Envelope
Other functionality
MATH subtraction, addition, multiplication, Channel inversion & (adjustable scaling) division
Cursor measurement 2: dV, T, V, dt simult. 4 digit display res.
Automatic measurement 18 level or time & phase
2 ch., 8000 ct display plus min / max bar graph, Graphical recordings for
2700 measurements 5 minutes - 1 month
Operation modes
Aelative or Absolute display (deviation, absolute, ref percent, ref), 
Monitoring (Avg, Max, Min, instantaneous)
DC, AC & AC + DC voltage
from 600milliVolts - 600 Volts RMS, 800milliVolts - 800 VoltsDC - 
Volts DC accuracy - 1 percent of reading +20D -50 kHertz bandwidth
Resistance 80 - 32 MOhms - accuracy 2 percent R +10D -10 millisecond quick continuity testing
Capacitance 5 nF - 5 mF basic accuracy 2 percent reading  +10D
Other measurement
rotational speed, Frequency, 3.3 Volt diode testing, temp. measurements
(w/ infrared probe or K thermocouple)


Single phase & balanced 3-phase active power (w/ or w/ out neutral),
simultaneous current display 
Harmonic Analyser
Multichannel 31 orders, frequency 40 - 450 Hertz, 2 ch.
Simultaneous measurement Total VoltsRMS, THD & selected order (percent fundamental, phase, Volts RMS, frequency)
Screen shots 100 files standard .bmp format
PC communications optical USB Isolated interface - Optional SX-Metro PC software - version CK
6 AA NiMh or 6 LR6 batteries - Battery operation time 8.5 hours - Universal isolated mains adapter 
Fast charging  2.5 hrs 
EMC / Safety
IEC61010-1 Compliant Ed3 - 600Volts CATIII
EMC compliant with EN61326-1, 2006 & EN61000-3, 2001
Mechanical 214 x 110 x 57 millimeterws - 1.2 kilograms w/ batteries, IP54 protection, elastomer casing

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