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AEMC GX320 GX 320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator Power Supply
AEMC GX320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator
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 AEMC GX320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator

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AEMC GX320 GX 320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator Power Supply

The AEMC 2138.02 GX320 Function Generator is perfect for R & D Engineering, scientific research, and higher education.

The GX320 Features (DDS) Direct Digital Synthesis which provides greater frequency stability and accuracy than traditional generators. The AEMC GX320 can generate precision, varied signals such as triangle, sine, waveforms, square and LOGIC, TTL outputs. It also features external and internal modulation (FM, AM) with logarithmic and linear sweep functions. In addition, the Shift-K function enables frequency or phase skips.
Using the BURST functionality, you may designate the quantity of cycles in a given time period, which enables a more highly detailed analysis, and detection of extremely brief events. The GX320 can also be configured in a cascading arrangement so you can simulate more complex signals such as: Fourier synthesis, 3 phase networks, etc.
The GX320 also has an external frequency meter that ranges from 5Hertz - 100MHertz & the display is a large digital LCD screen (125 mm x 45 mm) and is very easy to read. Display backlight is adjustable & the contrast has the ability to be enhanced.
AEMC GX320 2138.02 Features
  • Frequency range 0.001 Hertz - 20 MHertz
  • DDS technology & frequency accuracy is +/- 20 ppm
  • Frequency adjustments stable to nearest digit
  • LOGIC signal function to directly adjust low and high levels
  • LOG or LIN sweep, saw tooth or triangle w/ adjustable duration 10 millisec. - 100 sec.
  • External and internal FM & AM modulation, BURST, GATE, PSK and FSK function
  • Adjustable phase synchronizations for several function generators in cascade arrangement
  • 100 MHertz freq. meter with 300 Volt CAT I rating 
  • Store 15 complete configuration settings
  • Programmable versions with USB
DDS Technology has given function generators major improvements which include
  • Exceptional stability and accuracy
  • Low-phase noise
  • Spectral purity 

The GX320 sweeps wide frequency ranges while maintaining constant phase even with frequency jumps.

GX320 Specifications

User interface
(125 x 45 millimeters) LCD with adjustable brightness
Frequency displayed with 5 digits - 20 millimeters high
Front panel commands 19 direct access commands (9 adjustable and backlit ) - One Main Out On / Off key - One digital encoding wheel
Signal parameter adjustments Continuous by encoder, auto Level and Frequency range, increment digit selection (N,P,F...)
front panel BNC terminal output Clock, Sweep, Synch and TTL outputs
front panel BNC terminals input Clock, Gate, Synch and VCG inputs
Continuous signal generation
Frequency range 0.001 Hertz - 20.000 MHertz (11 possible ranges)
Accuracy / Resolution 5 digit display with resolution 1 mHertz - 1 kHertz according to the frequency range
+/- 20ppm  F > 10 kHertz, +/- 30 ppm F < 10 kHertz
Amplitude 1 milliVolts - 20.0 Vpp wi/ open circuit - Three automatic ranges - Vrms or Three digit Vpp display
Flatness < 5 percent for 1 mHertz< F <10 MHertz & +/- 1dB to 20 MHertz  (for levels 0.1Vpp - 20Vpp)
VDC offset +/- 10 Volts DC w/ open circuit : accuracy +/- 5 percent +/- 5 milliVolts
Waveforms Sine - Triangle (maximum freq. 2 MHertz) - Square and LOGIC - TTL out
Frequency sweeps
Mode (linear) LIN or (logarithmic) LOG
INT internal sweeping Sawtooth or Triangle modes - Unlimited excursions between F Start and F Stop (256 steps)
Adjustable sweep time 10 millisec. - 100 sec.
EXT external sweeping Sweep by signals < 15 kHertz, amplitude +/- 10 V-VCF IN - input impedance approx. 10 kOhms
Internal AM modulation Modulation by a sine signal with a frequency of 1 kHertz
Modulation rate 20 percent or 80 percent
External AM modulation Modulation by a signal with a frequency < 15 kHertz
Internal FM modulation Modulation by a sine signal with a frequency of 1 kHertz
External FM modulation Modulation by a signal with a frequency < 15 kHertz
SHIFT-K FSK (External / Internal) = switching between Fstop & Fstart
PSK (External / Internal) = phase switching +/- 180deg.
BURST function
BURST Internal 1 - 65,535 impulsions
Pulse-train period 10 millisec. - 100 sec.
External BURsT 1 - 65,535 impulsions - Synch/Period by a TTL signal
w/ frequency <200 kHertz (VCG IN input)
Gate Validation of AC component  Main Out by TTL signal
w/ frequency <2 MHertz (GATE IN input)
multiple GX320s - arranged in cascade Max. frequency for generated signals 100 kHertz
Adjustment for phase-shift across +/- 180 deg. (resolution 1 deg.)
Ext. frequency meter
Range of Measurement 5 Hertz - 100 MHertz
Accuracy +/- 0.05 percent + 1 digit
Safety / Maximum voltage 300 Volts CAT I / 300 Volts RMS
Config. memories Storage / Recall for15 instrument configs.
Communication USB A / B link for programmable versions & Ethernet (GX 320-E)
power supply - Mains 230 Volts +/-10 percent (or 115 Volts +/-10 percent) - 50 / 60 Hertz - 20 VoltAmps maximum - Removable lead
EMC / Safety
Safety IEC 61010-1 (2001) compliant
EMC EN 61326-1 (2004) compliant
227 x 116 x 180 (L x H x P) millimeters
Weight 6.1 lbs. (2.8 kg)
Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories 2 BNC Banana lead set w/ rear connection - AG1066-Z [call for price]
2 BNC - BNC Lead Set - HX0106 [call for price]
2 BNC - Banana Adapters Set - HX0107 [call for price]
2 BNC Tee Adapter Set - HA2004-Z [call for price]
AEMC GX320 2138.02 Waveform Function Generator
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