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AEMC 6290 2129.82 Micro-Ohmmeter Resistance Measurement Test Instrument
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  AEMC 6290 2129.82 Datasheet AEMC 6290 2129.82 Datasheet
AEMC 2129.82 6290 Micro-Ohmmeter Test Instrument for Resistance Measurement

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AEMC 6290 2129.82 Micro-Ohmmeter Resistance Measurement Test Instrument

The AEMC 2129.82 6290 Micro-Ohmmeter is a microprocessor controlled, portable test instrument which has optimized filters & protection for electrical substation testing and measurement.

The AEMC 6290 accurately measures extremely low contact resistance for high voltage busbars, switches, circuit breakers, etc., with testing currents of 200 Amps maximum. The 6290 Micro-Ohmmeter utilizes the 4 terminal Kelvin test method in order to prevent testing errors due to test leads & their contact resistance.
Measurement accuracy of the 6290 is guaranteed by state of the art signal amplification circuitry, offset free with long term high stability. Resistance test results are displayed with a 4 1/2 digit resolution with measurement resistances to 20 MegaOhms, & a resolution of 0.1 microOhm. 
Test current can be manually adjusted & are measured with an analog bar graph indicator & digital backlit display.
The 6290 features internal memory that stores 200 readings, and its USB interface is easily connected to PC for downloading your data. The high current generation circuitry is designed with cutting edge technology which allows for significant decreases in weight, 24.25 pounds (11 kilograms), & size. The protective case is constructed with hard plastic (IP54 with lid closed) which is highly impact resistant and withstands harsh environmental conditions. With thermal internal sensor protection in every sensitive component damage due to overheating is prevented.
AEMC 6290 2129.82 Features
  • Accurately measure low contact resistance with test current to 200 Amps
  • Measure resistance from 0 - 20 mΩ
  • 0.1µΩ Resolution
  • Analog bar graph indicator with digital backlit display
  • Stores 200 test results
  • USB interface
  • Direct printing with software (included) and a Computer
  • Water resistant, lightweight and rugged 
AEMC 6290 Applications
  • Testing contact resistance of switchgear
  • Testing contact resistance of circuit breakers
  • Airframe bonding tests
  • Rail bonding tests
  • Pipeline bonding tests

ELECTRICAL Specifications

Test Current RAnge 100 Amps, 200 Amps (True DC) - Adjustable from 0 - 100 percent
Resistance Range 0 - 1999µO (testing current: 200 Amps max)
0 - 19.99mO (testing current: 100 Amps max)
Accuracy +/-  .5 percent Reading +/-  2 counts
Resolution .1 µΩ for Resistance < 200 µΩ
1 µΩ for Resistance < 2000 µΩ
10 µΩ for Resistance < 20 mΩ
Output Voltage 3.5 Volts DC @ 200 Amps
4.5 Volts DC @ 100 Amps
5.8 Volts DC (no load)
Load Resistance Max. 10 mΩ at 200 Amps
30 mΩ at 100 Amps
Measurement Principal Kelvin type, 4 terminal
Operating Time Max. 1 min. continuous use @ 200 Amps before activation of thermal protection;
Max. 15 min. use @ 100 Amps before activation of thermal protection
Thermal Protection Protection of all sensitive components, eliminates damage from overheating
Memory Store 200 measurements max.
Interface USB
Display Analog bar graph indicator with digital backlit display
Software DataView
Power Supply 100 to 130 Volts AC, 60 Hertz

MECHANICAL Specifications

Size 7.48" x 15.51" x 19.76" (502 millimeters x 394 millimeters  x 190 millimeters)
Weight Approximately 24.25 pounds (11 kilograms)

ENVIRONMENTAL Specifications

Operating Temp. 23 to 122 deg. F (-5 to 50 deg. C)
Storage Temp. -13 to 149 deg. F (-25 to 65 deg. C)
Humidity 95 percent RH (non condensing)


Rating IEC61010-1
Protection (Environmental) IP54 with lid closed
CE Mark Pending

AEMC 2129.82 6290 Includes
  • Black 20 foot Kelvin test lead w/ integral C clamp
  • Red 20 foot Kelvin test lead w/ integral C clamp
  • Green clamp and ground lead
  • USB cable
  • Power Cord
  • IP54 Hard Case  
  • Users manual
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