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AEMC 2139.51 407 True RMS Power Clamp Meter CATIV Digital Multimeter
AEMC 407 2139.51 True RMS Power Clamp Meter
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  Megger 2139.51 407 Datasheet Megger 2139.51 407 Datasheet
  AEMC 407 2139.51 True RMS Power Clamp Meter

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AEMC 2139.51 407 True RMS Power Clamp Meter CATIV Digital Multimeter

The AEMC 407 Clamp Meter has a 1000 Volt CAT IV safety rating so it can safely to operate in any electrical environment.

The AEMC 2139.51 is durable enough to handle the harshest work environments & withstands both water spray and dust with a IP54 rating. Ergonomically designed for easy one hand use, the AEMC 407 includes function selections and easy button pushes even with gloves on. Along with the standard measurements of frequency, amps, resistance, volts, diode continuity and checking, the AEMC 407 has several innovative functions which include DC, AC & AC + DC volts, power and amps, True InRush, measurements for power, data logging, harmonic analysis and more.
  • Electrical troubleshooting (general purpose)
  • Voltage troubleshooting
  • Motor start-up analysis
  • Bond & continuity checks
  • Phase sequence checks
  • Power monitoring
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Ship board and aircraft troubleshooting 
AEMC 407 2139.51 Features
  • 1000 Volt CAT IV Rating
  • UL 94 self extinguishing, flame retardant
  • IP54 Rating
  • Backlit display (10,000 count) blue electro-luminescent
  • Measure to 1000 Volts AC (1400 Volts peak), 1000 Volts DC & AC + DC w/ resolution to 10 milliVolts
  • Measure to 1000 Amps AC & 2000 Amps DC
  • Measure single & 3 phase power (apparent, reactive and real) to 3 MWatt w/ resolution to 1 Watt
  • Measure frequency up to 20 kiloHertz w/ 0.1 Hertz resolution
  • Automatically selects DC or AC voltage for measurement
  • True InRush current measurements with 1 milliSec. capture
  • Record 1000 measurements maximum
  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • 1.89 inch jaw opening maximum
  • Leads constructed with flexible silicone 
AEMC 2139.51 407 Includes
  • 2 color coded test leads
  • Test probes & alligator clips
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • Hard carry case
  • 4 -- 1.5 Volt AA size batteries
  • DataView software
  • Users manual
  • Safety information sheet

2139.51 407 Specifications

(RMS) AC Current 1000 Amps
DC Current 1500 Amps
DC + AC Current 1500 Amps peak
(RMS) - AC Voltage 1000 Volts
DC Voltage 1000 Volts
DC + AC Voltage 1000 mVolts
Ohms (resistance) 100 kOhms
Continuity buzzer Y < 40 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion Y
Individual Harmonics to the 25th Y
Single  & 3 Phase Real cPower (DC, AC, DC + AC)
1000 kW
3000 kW
Single  & 3 Phase Reactive Power  (DC, AC, DC + AC)
1000 kvar
3000 kvar
Single  & 3 Phase Apparent Power  (DC, AC, DC + AC)
Voltage Freq. 20 kHertz
Current Freq. 2 kHertz
Power Function Y
THD-f / THD-r Y
Auto AC / DC Y (A & V)
Auto power down Y
Hold Button Y
Backlight Button Y
Max / Min Button Y
True Inrush Y
Peak +/- Y
Harmonic function Y
Recording function Y
Hertz button Y
Bluetooth wireless Y
Jaw Opening Diameter 1.89 inches
Index for Protection
IP54 housing IEC-60529 compliant
Jaws - IP40

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